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The “Summer of Change” — 75+ Prophecies for 2024

May 22, 2024 22 min read

A Year of Transformation, Revelation, Transition, Dissolution, Prosperity, and the Joining Together of Bright Souls Who Are Here to Usher In the New Earth! 

(A written outline of the predictions given by Penny Kelly, Joe (JSnip), and Richard (WooWoo Dude) on May 7th are provided below, preceded by my explanation of how we each can help improve the outcome.  Key speakers are timestamped within the outline so you can easily find the points within the 2 hour video (link provided below) to gain additional clarity on each set of prophecies, of which there are over 75, that are soon to change the course of human history.)

Everyone has a role to play in the events taking place now and soon to unfold. In spite of the predictions spelled out within the outline below, we, as a human unity, still hold the power to improve on the outcome. 

We Will Shape Our Own Destiny

We are the ones who will shape the destiny of humanity in the years to come. The old ways of life will continue to crumble, yet the final outcome is in our own hands to decide. 

We each must learn to not give our decision-making powers away to “saviors” and “hidden hands”.  If we want our personal world to improve, it is imperative that we each take personal responsibility for our own destiny.

There are events described among these prophecies below that are catalytic, cataclysmic, and transformative, and that are already set in motion to come about only if we, as a collective of humanity, and personally for each one of us, do not make a drastic inner shift in our actions, expectations, and images of the near future.  

A Short Window of Time Left

We have a short window of time left to alter the content within the framework of these prophecies.  Yet, humanity has a habit of turning the tide of events at the last minute. Some events are already in motion, yet how we each respond to these events can alter their final outcome.

You may find this surprising, yet the most effective way for the timeline to be improved upon is through a change of heart (see a quote by Jesus to this effect at the end) within a sufficient number of the collective.  I explain why this works, how effective it can be, and offer one simple, yet powerful way to accomplish this. 

An Outline of the Prophecies Below

I have combed through this 2 hour video of prophecies to extract a brief summary of each key prophecy in the written outline further below. 

Many of them are not pleasant, yet these prophecies are not designed to increase fear, they are designed to forewarn of the potentials—if we do not put enough force of both image and action behind a more positive outcome.   

Prophecies are not cast in stone, they are warnings or insights designed to help us make choices to either maintain or change course. 

Your Choice Will Affect Both You and The Outcome for the Whole

We can withdraw in a spirit of helplessness and fear, or we can take action doing what we can to draw well-meaning souls together in a spirit of unity to make the difference.

We can sit back and wait for some “savior” to do it all for us, or we can take action, prepare for the inevitable, lose attachment to the old, and use our innate powers to design the future that we choose to participate in, and then play our parts to make it happen.

The Power Is In Your Hands to Improve Your Own Destiny

Even if you are not in a position to give much, do much, or speak the truth on behalf of humanity, there is one thing that anyone can do, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or feeble. 

Here’s what you can do to help humanity improve the prophesied outcomes:

You can quietly bless the events as they happen, envision the best, most transformative outcome possible, and craft a better reality with the most powerful tool that you have within you to make a positive change—your own imagination!

With each imagination, good, bad, healthy or unhealthy, we have co-created the reality we now experience. By improving your own image of what you expect, desire, and choose to come about, you give instructions to the Infinite Powers of Life to come to your aide to help you build that very image.

There is more power in one’s own imagination than many realize. 

Imagination, creativity, inspiration, and expectation are among the many Creative Forces of Life! They interact instantly with the Unified Field of Unmanifest Potential compelling this undergirding Power of Life to give physical shape to the images we create daily. 

Our current world is the product of the combined images of each member within humanity throughout its entire existence.

Advertising media and the entertainment industry know this and have used this invisible power to compel the masses to help create the very images that they put forth. 

The destiny of humanity has been guided by these images that we let take hold in our subconscious and conscious minds. The events now unfolding on Earth are the product of our combined images.

Your Destiny Is In Your Own Hands

You can take hold of the steering wheel of your own life by discarding images you no longer want to manifest in favor of the images that you do want to form around you.

In this manner you can also support every bright soul on this planet—of which there are millions upon millions upon millions already doing their part to usher in the Golden Age today! 

How to Change Your Personal World and Thereby Affect the Collective World for the Better

If you are not sure how you can change the outcomes seen by these gifted intuitives below, I offer a special set of images that are designed specifically to help you set in place the Magnetic Forces of Life to attract the wisdom, resources, skills, and events necessary to make any dream manifest into the reality of your own preference.

It is accomplished by simply focusing your thoughts on specific areas of your life, from the personal to the universal, and blessing them.

A blessing, regardless of the event, person, or condition, sets in motion the Powers of Life to cause something good to reflect back to you from those very circumstances.

It is quite simple, and it costs nothing but your time and focus of attention on a positive expectation of something good being derived from the circumstances, regardless of their nature. 

Why? Because the world that we see is reflective. What we put forth is given back to us in greater measure.

The Natural Law of Reflection

This is simply the Law of Reflection doing what it has always done—given us the ability to experience all that we hold inside.

If we want to see a better outcome, then we must make a change of heart.

You can change your personal outcome in relationship to the events prophesied below by simply blessing the events and every effect that they might have in your personal reality. 

It is your own destiny that you are crafting here. Your transformation adds to the personal transformation of each soul on Earth to build a new reality for all of us. 

Your Present Contribution Is Already Affecting the Outcome

It is a joint effort, and your personal images, choices, and expectations are altering the global outcome to some degree, whether for the negative or the positive.

More importantly, it is your personal outcome that will be affected the most by the images you choose.

A One Page Written Guide

Provided herein is a series of blessings that can help guide the process of blessing key areas of your life from the personal to the universal, and in this manner change your personal experience for the better.

There is no cost and there is no list to sign up for. There is no group to join. This is an individual work. Your improvements improve the outcome for everyone to some degree. 

Everyone has a part to play, and everyone can make a difference.

The purpose for sharing this freely is because we are at the 11th hour of drastic changes on the horizon, more so than has ever taken place in human history—because this time WE WILL SUCCEED!!!

The final outcome is already shaping up to be gloriously beautiful, yet we will, of necessity encounter some rough spots to go through first.

Be prepared. Be wise. Bless the outcome of each circumstance so it can reveal to you the ultimate good that will come from the events, regardless of how they seem to be in the moment.

The Blessing Transformation Meditation

Just download the 1 page Blessing Transformation Meditation below, spend just a few minutes everyday (even three minutes can make a difference), on one our more areas of focus, and watch how you begin to feel better, even in that short amount of time. 

Then you can expect circumstances in your life to begin to improve, slightly at first, yet the more this practice is done, the outcomes get better and better, and come back to you sooner and sooner. It’s about practice. 

This is how it has been for me, and for those that know my personal story, the change has been drastic from where I began doing this 30 years ago. No need to go into that now, those who are part of the Great Upliftment that we are all experiencing right now, already know of the power of a simple blessing made with depth and feeling.

Unexpected chance encounters start taking place, new opportunities or ideas show up leading to desired outcomes, relationships improve, personal wealth increases, healing powers increase, intuition is refined. The list of benefits are endless!

Images with Feeling Determine the Outcome

This is how the world has always changed. The combined images of each participant affects the overall outcome to some degree, especially when the image is accompanied with a deep clarity—and with feelings that match the desired end resulting experience. 

Then, as the light gets brighter and brighter due to a growing collective agreement on a brighter future, the world events begin to shift from dark to light. 

It is inevitable—and we are on the winning side! The optimistic outcome is already on the horizon. 

We are stepping through the adjustment phase right now. It has some rough spots, yet these are necessary, just as a good detox program requires some cleansing effects to start feeling better.

Your part CAN make a difference. Mostly for yourself, but also for the whole of humanity.

Download your copy here and help us change the world.

How to Heal Your Life and Change the World

(producing personal results within minutes)

What follows now are the predictions of three gifted intuitives who regularly receive visions, dreams, and wisdom from Spirit of great accuracy, describing what events we, the collective of humanity, have already set in motion that may take place during 2024 and beyond.

Understand that none of these events are cast in stone, yet they reflect the combined images, expectations, and actions of the collective of all humanity at the time of each prophecy.

Any one of us can alter the outcome of these predictions with our blessings and images of an ultimate good derived from these potential events of the near future (currently in motion to happen within days, weeks, and months).   

The QUALITY of our future destiny lies in the choices we make between now and then.


Brief notes on this 2 hour event:

2 min: 42 sec - Penny Kelly ( In reference to her recent conference: She physically witnessed a “Shroud of Turin” type of event recently along with 80 other people after an individual was levitated off the bed and though the ceiling with the help of positive non-terrestrial beings. A high energy imprint was left on the ceiling and sheets. Scientifically examined, it looked like an image of the body was burnt into them, similar to the imprint on the Shroud of Turin.

6:37 - JSnip (Patreon-Realistnews/JSnip4): Commenting on Cliff High’s findings from internet language predicting the future: Secrets revealed, food riots breaking into gov food storage buildings and the Vatican’s food storage banks. A map of food storage banks across the world was discovered and shared.

In the Vatican people also find other secret vaults with info and artifacts about taboo topics which get released to the public.

UFO sightings increase this summer.

10:13 - Richard (


1) Prior to the eclipse Spirit says it is time to come off of the Jonah/Nineva timeline of the last 3 years and onto the Noah 40 days and nights timeline. Significant storms/flooding in places around the world follows for 40 days , which takes us to the 18th of May, 2024.

2) He previously saw symbols of the attack on Israel 3 days prior to the event.

3) Waiting for the Russian Bear to standup (part of another vision). We’re there. The bear has an F-16 in his mouth and 3 different types of missiles in his hand.

Financial system:

13: 35 - Cliff High’s written comments described on May 7 about the next 10-12 months:

Death of the Fed within 10-12 months. Slow attrition of the criminals in charge. Not an audit of the Fed, but bringing people to justice. The Fed continues to die off slowly for several months following this.

Also the death of the dollar. Potential CBDC’s and decentralized finance options emerging.

16:32 - Jean Claude: Commenting on Cliff High’s findings from internet language predicting the future: “Don’t expect real estate values returning to normal in your lifetime. So if you are buying, do so for any reason other than as a store of wealth.”

16:50 - JSnip:  Dream: “Markets drop in April”. Many altcoins lost 50-60% of value. But it is not over yet.

Relayed that the Future Forecasting Group remote viewers saw BTC lose value in May. 

Also the words “bailout, bailout” is coming up again in the remote view.

Also saw the “Russian Bear” all out attack on Ukraine.

“The dollar is already dead, we have just not had the funeral yet.”

22:00 - More insights spoken by Jean-Claude:  Bank of America silver shorts—silver goes up causing the banks to be in big trouble. 48 hrs later the dollar is seriously affected.  [Silver recently jumped past $32 from its mid 20's level]

Economic disaster worldwide.

Will be difficult for those unprepared, but less so for those that are prepared - growing their own food, working together.

Downward pressure on gold, silver, crypto, real estate, etc.

23:10 - Penny Kelly:  Saw a slow bank collapse, one bank at a time (to avoid a public backlash against the banks).

Did not see the Fed anywhere, bankrupt, obvious by election time. Followed by big trouble for major corporations. Recognized as a “setup”.

Looked like everyone was a clone in gov.

Saw a vision that lasted a whole day sometime in the future: “We made it.” The world was a beautiful place to live, relaxing, positive, everyone was working together. 

The obvious sense was that this is not a sure thing, if we want that, we are going to have to make that happen.

The broken economy will affect everyone, yet those prepared, less so. Those less prepared, more so. 

Most of the difficulty came from people still clinging to old systems, old institutions.

Something really big is getting very close—and its going to last for several months.

29:45 - Jean Claude on the Financial System:  Janine (psychic) predicts 5 weeks to 5 months before stabilizing the economy.

Cliff High notes: This summer a lot of downward pressure on gold, silver, BTC, which we have seen recently. (Not yet down to the $6 silver seen previously)

Several psychics seeing the same thing: Big bank collapses caused by silver getting out of its normal range causing bank investments in silver shorts to fail when silver rises, thus triggering bank failures. [Silver just broke $30 on 5-17 after ranging in the 20’s traditionally.]

32:40 - Richard: Woo Woo Dude:  “The Summer of Change”

Something is happening on May 18th—big event (based on the Noah timeline of 40 days post-eclipse).

2 years before the Ukraine war began Spirit showed him “2222”. Turns out America's involvement in the the Ukraine war escalates on 2-2-22.  "The US announces it will send an additional 2,000 soldiers to Europe and reposition a further 1,000 from Germany to Romania, to ensure the “robust defence” of European NATO members amid the ongoing impasse between Russia and Ukraine."  (Conflict in Ukraine: A timeline (2014 - eve of 2022 invasion)

Vision prior to the Ukraine war: He saw fighting in a boxing ring between Russia and America, with a lot of people in one corner (representing NATO). “Oh my God, Russia is going after NATO.” Well here we are today, now coming about.

In the ring the man representing Russia punched the man representing America in the face so hard that his face turned into a toaster. (“We’re toast”)

Then saw an ATM machine shooting out dollars all over the sidewalk and everyone paid no attention, no one was picking it up. (The dollar was worthless).

Richard and his audience have been watching the crypto market go up and down. It goes up 30%, he takes out 20% of his holdings, then it drops, he puts it back in. Working out like a champ.

His psychic client asks, “so where are you now?” He says he is 2/3rds out—sitting in part cash and part USD coins.

He says “I have a bad feeling. I have a bad feeling”. “The Russian bear is about to stand up”. Russian bear is about to “take out the Crimea bridge, and shit is going to hit the fan.” Ukraine is going to see how powerful Putin’s army really is and they are going to shit themselves”. “The day of the bully”.

Another vision a week and a half ago from May 7 with another psychic: Brought to a hillside, she is holding his hand and they are overlooking NY City. (Indicating that their psychic powers are joined together for this vision).

A tall building with black goo coming out the bottom of the building. The building looked perfect, but the black goo was coming out the bottom, and the inside of the building was rotting out.  (Utter corruption in the large corporate America)

Then he sees himself alone: Statue of liberty holding a sword instead of a light (as a beacon to the world), then the head falls off. “We lost our head and now only supporting war.”

Then taken to Mount Rushmore, earthquake, faces fall off. Then sees a newspaper, “The face of our nation has changed forever”.

Every psychic vision has duality to it. Two levels of insight, symbolic and real life events.

Reminder, JSnip’ prediction of the crypto market going down (XRP to $0.20). Is there another drop coming? “Yes”.

2222 prediction years previous was connected to Jonah and the whale. 

Apartment complex collapse in FL: They pulled a man named ‘Jonah’ out of the complex. Complex Represents the US. Jonah gave a 40 day warning to Nineva.

A change in symbols: Spirit then says: “Follow Noah’s timeline” (beginning with the May 8 eclipse)—40 days/nights. Weather has gone wild lately. Towns getting wiped out with floods.

40 days out from the eclipse = May 18th. What happens on that day changes the world. Has something to do with the Russian Bear and NATO.

[Transcriber:  Only significant current event I could find: Iranian President presumably dies in helicopter crash May 19.  Accidental, deliberate, or faked?  Is this to be a further cause to escalate war in the Middle East?]

Zelinski—not around in 6 months.

17, 18, 19th of May same day, but different time zones around the world.

Cliff High, previously said he feels “40 days out”. This is around the 18th of May.

Next vision: Going down a stairwell, and pause on each landing between floors, repeat. The Russian Bear will cause this. A worldwide panic getting out of the dollar. The dollar goes down in stages.  [Recent reports indicate that both China and Russia now have only 10% of their holdings in US Treasury bonds.  Have been getting out of US debt for many years.]

Numerous predictions from several sources is saying the same thing—US dollar going down.

Vision 7 years ago: “Blue hats” (UN troops): Walmart, guy paying with a card, does not work. Then the doors knocked in. Immigrants break in bringing havoc. 

Authorities say : “We have been hacked” and EBT cards do not work at this time. Purposely done. Happening in a limited number of cities.

Lots of havoc all over. “Summer of Change.”

Another vision: Senators all standing up with hands over their groin, in boxer shorts, sexually oriented. Revelations of deep corruption comes out.  [Recent news, a former Lt. Col. Green Beret and current attorney, has files on 350 high level people, all publicly available, and is committed to take action in lawful, but unpredictable ways.]

55:55 - Cliff High notes:  Emotional spike in July called “the great leaving”, many die, suicide, kids displaced, 3-5 years from the vax. Whole new world by December. Sadness mixed with elation, new sci fi tech coming out to help heal…

56:10 - Richard:  “Lot of cool shit coming out!! Just have to get through this little bit of roughness.”

Back in Jan this year Spirit said: “Millions upon millions upon millions of people will be leaving in 2024.”

57:00 - Jean Claude: Quoting Cliff High: Healthcare researchers are doing tests now on accelerated cancers, heart disease, and all of the side effects of the jab, and they came up with an algorithm that suggests that most people who had several vaccines would have 1) severe immune deficiency from it, and 2) that it would be cumulative to the point that 3-5 years from the first shot is when we would see a huge wave of people exiting the stage.

Downward pressure on real estate, all these deaths, people not buying houses, people getting out of their retirement funds in panic, all this stuff here could bring us to that $8 (actually $6) silver kind of crash, as a result of investors dying off, thus not adding investment money to the markets.

The investor class disappearing is also going to add to the financial crash that everybody is forecasting. Cash flows into the brokers are already 40% down in terms of Cliff’s computer models.

Gov and medical will attempt to hide the numbers of dying, fail to notify relatives, dispose of bodies, people will simply vanish. Called a “National security issue”, so will refuse to notify relatives.

1:00:20 - JSnip: Dream: Dad passed away, Mom calls to tell him. He knows that day is coming. Took the shots. They’re on their own path. Freewill.

Dream: Gold is at $1800 then goes down to under $1000. Then flashes to silver shown immediately the price: $6. That was it. How could that be? Paper markets are rigged. If the banks get into trouble they’ll do one giant ‘Hail Mary’. “I think that what’s going to happen.”

Dream: In a bank. Trying to get money out, near safety deposit boxes, going in to them to steal, (thinking “I would never do that”, but its a symbolic dream), opened them and got precious metals, someone comes up offering cash for the metals. 

“How much do you want?” “Can I get $10,000?” “No, I can only give you $50.” then JSnip sees 3 clear balloons filled with cash, floating in the lobby. Balloons all pop and the cash disappears with the balloons.

Numbers are electronic, not real money. At some point $50/day from ATM machines.

1:06:54 - Jean Claude: All goes down then rises, except for some things like real estate, which will stay down, possibly $600 silver, not available in physical from dealers anymore - “unobtainium”.

Banks would use this crash to force people into Central Bank Digital Currencies (where they have full control over those who do so and can shut the accounts down at will if one steps outside the box). Already in Australia, deposits are being converted to these CBDC’s, since digital ID did not work.

1:08:00 - Penny Kelly:  Seen in her monthly ‘Look See’ for the last few years: Confirms “The big leaving”

Armstrong Economics: “big dieoff”. War model.

For 2 years in her visions, have been seeing people disappear in large numbers at some point in the future. We would know they are dying, but not notified when they die. 

In her book “Robes”, 90% of population dies. [Transcriber’s note:  It appears that we are today in an improved timeline from when the book was written (1980), and humanity has been known to pull off inner changes that affect an outcome at the last minute!  Many more people are awake now and taking positive steps to be responsible for their own future.  It appears that many more than just 10% will survive to create the New Earth paradigm.]

Lots of hungry people, over the next 2 years, transportation issues, serious fighting. 

Over the summer—its crazy; Fall—quiet. Winter, quiet. Next spring/summer ’25—it gets volatile, like we are going to war against somebody.  Looks like everybody is fighting everything.

Price of gold gets volatile after the gov sets a price on gold at a low level (like JSnip’s “below $1000” dream) to back our money, and can’t keep it there.

Silver is unavailable. Crypto goes up and down, many crypto coins disappear, yet the bigger ones continue on.

Getting employees to hire becomes quite difficult, as there is nobody there to hire. Where’s all the people? Fighting between immigrants and gov. Lots of arrests, hidden at first, then blatant. “Looks like a free for all.” 

1:13:00 - Jean Claude: Cliff high notes: Financial crash would lead into disclosure of corruption and perversion at high levels, leading to military lock down that would lead to all of these arrests. 

1:13:18 - Penny Kelly: Seeing that the lockdowns were designed as a distraction so we could not react to something happening elsewhere (revelations of high level corruption).

3-4 day window around the 18th she saw an attempt to shut everything down so people could not react to revelations about what was happening behind the scenes.

[Nothing obvious took place during that time.  It is quite possible the funds were not there to make such a big operation happen, or public exposure has caused the DS players to delay these plans (which have also been seen by other intuitives).]

1:15:15 - Jean Claude: Reading notes from Cliff High: “You might want to accelerate purchasing and storing of stuff. The supply chains will drop to zilch. Available by the end of June. Part of the ‘normie’ awakening will happen from May 15 onwards.” (similar to the May 18 date)

He expected it had something to do with the economy, but we don’t know. “Moving forward there will be this really tight squeeze on consumers. Data is predicting a few months: June through October with dominating language about supply shortages.”

1:17:18 - Richard:  Millions of deaths for lots of reasons, not just the vax—geological, geographical, atmospheric, shots, and war, (Jean Claude interjects “suicide”). It’s the combination of everything.

“From the bottom of my heart, I know we will have natural ways to heal from this, that has happened to us.” His cup is half full, not half empty. We will recover from this.

"It’s about the children." Their DNA is changing. We are evolving in ways that we do not understand. And it is going to be sped up. It has to do with all of the energies coming off the sun, and everything else.

Many that are leaving are doing so because they do not want to be here for the revelations, “the revealing of all humanity.” The old souls are staying. We are going to bring this light in, and “it’s about the children.”

“It is all about the children.”

Plans in the works to place everyone in lockdown prior to the election in order to go to mail-in ballots. It’s a last ditch effort. It’s not going to work.

The Russian Bear standing up.

Richard explains JSnip’s vision of the 3 balloons filled with money that popped and the money was nowhere to be seen—was because the dollar was created out of air, when they popped there was nothing ever there. 

This is all orchestrated to put mail in ballots in place. They are going to pick certain cities to do this to try and create the need for a lockdown. “That’s what this is all about.”

Silver is likely to go up in August. Doesn’t see a big drop in silver. The medical need for silver will hold its value while gold fluctuates.

The July era is about the Summer of Change. Shortages. “Get your shit together.”

1:23:34 - Jean Claude and Penny:

Many revelations coming out about religion, angels, the bible, ET’s, etc. that will cause everyone to question the gov and religion overall.

1:37:00. Richard:

“This ain’t the end of the world!” When he was out of body during a near death experience, he asked the Creator several specific questions:

Richard: “What do they call you over here? 

Creator: Well, they call me Creator and they call me the Source.

Richard: “Why do they do that?

Creator: Because everything comes from the Source.

Richard: “What is the difference between Source and the gods of antiquity (Elohim)?”

Creator: “They create with technology. I create with My breath”. 

Richard: “God” means "ruler," not Creator. This is why I refer to ‘Creator’ and ‘Source’.

The Creator lives through us symbiotically, as we live through the Creator.

We are all part of the creation, of the breath, of the creation, and we are all interconnected. The Creator gave us freewill. Even with the technologies of AI and what we were going to face as humanity, that we are dealing with a [technological] structure that has incredible powers. “But humanity—right at the very last second can change its mind.”

So Creator gets to live through us and all of our experiences and we are connected together. Our soul is tethered to the Creator. Our soul is connected to our spirit. Our spirit is the energizer bunny that runs this physical body here. And they are all interconnected. And it’s a beautiful symbiotical relationship. And we are here to end everything that’s going on. “We are going to evolve.”

There is no death. We evolve. Humanity’s going to evolve. Right now it’s all about the children. It’s all about the children. Take care of them—every moment that we have.

Nobody ever promised you tomorrow. I look out and the squirrels are doing their thing, the birds are doing their thing, and everybody is having a good time. 

“Live every moment, but understand that there is always a winter. So, live for the moment, right?” 

Creation is so beautiful. It’s so incredible. When you look at the gorgeous flowers or the birds or this and that—get into that! “Feel that vibration— because its a vibration of love!”

And we light one candle at at a time. Everybody you meet, make them smile, make them laugh. Bring joy, because they’ll do it to somebody else. One candle at a time. It works!

“It’s an honor to be here for this incredible change of humanity. And we’re the foot soldiers.”

------   ——

As Jesus says in Glenda Green’s Book: Love Without End, Jesus Speaks (pg. 215-216): 

“A person can know a great deal about future possibilities by examining the patterns of cause and effect. An intelligent person, armed with information, can observe the patterns of cause and effect and logically predict the consequences of long-range tendencies.

“Nevertheless, if you really want to know where your life is going, look in your heart. Any prediction is valid only so long as the heart will support it. After a change of heart, there is a whole new scenario. 

“Remember the example I gave you earlier of the postman that forgave the biting dogs. After that there were no more dog bites. Therefore the future was changed.

“Every time the heart truly changes, the future will change as well.

“Emphasis has always been too heavily placed on external change. Don’t misunderstand; the pursuit of external improvements is a worthy endeavor. 

“For example, cleaning house is a worthy endeavor. However, a clean house does not make a home. 

“Many people are in a state of burnout today because they are trying frantically to change life by doing, thinking, and working! A simple change of heart would handle the problem.

“A powerful change of heart, especially when it is experienced by many, can alter all former predictions.”

------   ------

There is one simple way to affect a change of heart in a given situation—bless the circumstances and those involved!

Doing so reduces the resistance inside that is perpetuating a repeat of the experience. “What we resist, persists.”

A blessing changes the heart from cold to warm. It seeks the greater value from the circumstances and allows lessons from them to be more easily learned. It opens the door for something good to be derived from the events.

It is not too late to shift the tide of events further in our favor. We can lessen the violence, increase the food supply, thwart the plans of those who seek our demise, and pull together, as we have always done in a crisis, to meet the need, save lives, and build a new future together.

We can bless this day and recognize the situation as an opportunity, and thereby, dissolve the fear, take appropriation action, and work together as a powerful team to turn this opportunity into a stepping stone to a brighter future for all!

Download your copy here and help us change the world!

The Blessing Transformation Meditation

How to Heal Your Life and Change the World

(producing personal results within minutes)

This is a one page written guide. Provided therein is a series of blessings that can help guide the process of blessing key areas of your life from the personal to the universal, and in this manner change your personal experience for the better.

There is no cost and there is no list to sign up for. There is no group to join. This is an individual work. Your improvements improve on the outcome for everyone to some degree. 

Everyone has a part to play, and everyone can make a difference.

------  --- ------

More confirmations and revelations of the above described potential near future events, along with solutions and how we can apply ‘the Art of Light’ to affect positive changes and protect ourselves during the times of change, are contained in my own book: The Perilous Future of Humanity and the Dawning of the Great Upliftment.

A blessing on our evolution of souls during this great time of change and transformation. 

The New Earth is drawing near!


Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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