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9 Best (and Worst) Ways to Alkalize Your Body

October 02, 2019 13 min read

Earthen Resources that Help Keep You at an Ideal 7.4 pH.  

An Outline of Alkalizing Sources from Worst to Best

1. Baking Soda (the worst way to alkalize)

Basic requirement:

1/4-1/2 teaspoon 1-2 times per day (or up to 7, according to some, but I do not advise such a routine).

How is Baking Soda made?

Soda Ash, mined in the form of the naturally-occurring ore called Trona, is first dissolved in water, then Carbon Dioxide is bubbled up through the liquid causing Sodium Bicarbonate to precipitate as a solid. Underground mineral waters are formed naturally in a similar way. Baking Soda has an approximate pH of 8.3.


a. Taste (for some, though mild for most).

b. Lowest nutritional profile compared to the below earthen resources. Made only of sodium, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, Sodium Bicarbonate does not provide much in the way of mineral nutrition (like an earth-sourced 70+ minerals clay will provide).

c. Potential serious side effects under certain circumstances (mentioned further below).

d. Long term use disrupts the digestive powers of the body.


a. Very low cost.

b. Moderately fast alkalinity (can be too fast for some with extreme acidosis, which needs to be raised gradually).

c. Reduce lactic acid buildup during and following an intense workout (although superior methods exist that also improve workout efficiency in greater ways, see below).

d. Some chelation power. 

e. Brushing with a small amount of baking soda may remove some light stains on the teeth.

Potential side effects with excessive or long term use:

(Regularly check pH of both saliva and urine in order to know when to stop taking Baking Soda.)

a. The body can become excessively alkaline from regular use, interfering with normal body chemistry that relies on a blood pH of 7.35-7.45. 

b. Alkalosis (a blood pH over 7.43) can result in the destruction of red blood cells, a common cause of strokes. A delicate balance in the blood must be maintained.

c. Can result in insufficient stomach acid if taken too close to a meal (causing acid reflux).

d. Disruption of probiotic presence in the intestines as a result of ingesting an alkaline concentrate.

e. Edema due to sodium overload.

f. Congestive heart failure (another form of edema).

g. High blood pressure from excess sodium.

h. Increased formation of calcium deposits throughout the body among those that consume calcium supplements, antacids, or dairy products.

i. Excess sodium (especially after a meal or alcohol consumption) can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting (to purge the poisonous excess), bloating, gas, stomach pain or stomach rupture (from rapid gas buildup), and thirst (from the body wanting to draw in water to offset the high sodium).

j. High sodium concentrations can also cause headaches, dehydration, frequent urination (in an effort to quickly eliminate the excess), seizures, chronic fatigue, and kidney failure (due to ph imbalance).

k. Daily use as a tooth powder can erode tooth enamel due to its high alkalinity and detrimental effect on friendly mouth bacteria. 

l. An excessively high pH can result in difficulty breathing (when the breathing becomes naturally depressed as a way of building up carbon dioxide to lower the pH of the body).

2. Alkaline Water (the second worst way to alkalize)

Basic requirement:

8-64 oz. per day.


a. An improvement over the high sodium baking soda, yet the machines used commonly rely on platinum coated electrolysis plates that wear thin over time and contaminate the water with heavy metals. 

b. Alkaline water machines tend to be costly. 

c. Important not to mix alkaline water with digestive juices prior to or after a meal, so as not to reduce the digestive power of essential stomach acids. 

d. Neutral 7.0 pH water is superior to 8.0-9.5 pH alkaline water, as the body can more readily utilize 7.0 water to meet both acid and alkaline needs of the body.

e. The human body is able to perform the same operation that the machine does by splitting the neutral water into both acid and alkaline components, only the body is able to do this with greater precision with respect to the true needs of each organ or cell of the body at that moment in time.

f. This is especially true if the water is derived directly from a natural spring containing an abundance of minerals in the water, since the body can use those minerals to create its own desired pH in different organs and cells.


a. I can't think of any since far superior sources of water can be formed with water structuring and hydrogen/oxygenation devices like Quantum Age Water, Way Back Water, Hydrogen Water, John Ellis Water, and Brown's Gas Water.

Discussion About the Real Cause of Body Acidity 

The real cause of body acidity is the food and beverages consumed, EMF pollution, worry, stress, anxiety, and fear-based thoughts/emotions.

Coffee, colas, sugar, meat, dairy, nuts, tomatoes, citrus, etc. are the true primary culprits in the diet.

Excessive insulin production triggered by high fat diets (especially when fats are combined with starches or sugars) is a major contributor to an acidic body constitution (insulin is an acidic hormone). 

Viruses feeding on fats, toxins, and fat-based hormones (like the stress hormone cortisol) consume and release an acidic toxic waste of heavy metal and chemical neurotoxins.

This toxic sludge from viral excretion and die off sits behind many of the most difficult to correct acidic constitutions (explaining why an alkaline diet alone will not immediately correct body acidity).

This is one reason why clay detoxification baths and clay consumption have become critical components of any serious health building program today. 

Water, if it is 5 or 6 pH (as many bottled water sources fall within this range) adds to the burden, but most filtered tap water sources will be close to 7.0 pH.

The solution is to reduce the acidic components of the diet and consume more alkaline food, green drinks, sea vegetables, and mineral sources. Then consume filtered and structured mineral-rich water sources from the best spring source possible. 

3. Seawater Soley from Sea Salt

Basic requirement:

1 or more teaspoons per day


a. Some are sensitive to the high quantities of sodium.

b. Due to the limitations that its sodium content has, its capacity for upgrading alkalinity is limited, yet works in a minor way to help maintain an alkaline state.

c. Will not work as a stand alone approach to body alkalinity. Other approaches are essential, yet seawater soley has some advantages when incorporated into a broader health building program. 


a. Less than 1 cent in cost per day.

b. Provides comprehensive blend of mineral/trace elements needed for numerous metabolic functions in the body, and is relatively high in amorphous silica (essential for collagen development).

c. Highest concentration of electrolytes per teaspoon (mostly sodium).

d. Mild chelation power.

e. Extremely bioavailable.

f. Possesses antimicrobial properties.

Watch this YouTube video to learn How to Make Himalayan Salt Soley   

4. Naturally-Occurring, Electrolyte-Rich Mineral Blends

Basic requirement:

1 Tablespoon per day


a. Taste & texture (for some), although it can be taken in capsules. 

b. Is not a stand alone therapy for body alkalinity, but serves as a critical component of any health building program by providing a broad range of minerals and electrolytes critical to achieving constitutional balance, including body alkalinity. 


a. Cost effective way to obtain a broad spectrum of macro minerals and trace minerals created and balanced by Nature.

b. Relatively high concentration of both acid and alkaline electrolytes per teaspoon.

c. Provides a broad spectrum of health benefits essential to any quality health building program. In some cultures minerals and clay are consumed during pregnancy to increase the strength of the fetus.

d. Heavy metal chelation power.

e. Radiation detoxification power.

f. Provides the foundational building blocks for all biochemical processes of the body – minerals.

g. As a companion to the superfoods mentioned above, earthen minerals improve workout efficiency by reducing lactic acid buildup, while providing a storehouse of electrolytes and macro/trace minerals for maximizing muscle performance and stamina.

Here are a few earth-based mineral sources for this purpose:

a. Ancient Mineral Blend (an alkalizing mineral source containing significant amounts of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium)

b. Mineral Manna (a blend of several naturally occurring mineral/electrolyte resources)

c. Sacred Clay (increases beneficial stomach acids for improved digestion. Serves as a central component of any detoxification program)

d. Ormalite Clay (ormus effects, enhances meditation, meridian flow, vivid dreams, pineal function, etc.)

e. Vitallite Clay (especially effective for providing that "second wind" during intense workouts. Also provides ormus effects)

f. Himalayan Salt (alkalizing sea minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements, high in sodium) 

5. Watermelon

Alkalizes the body quickly and safely. Is historically used to reverse diabetic acidosis, providing fats (the real culprit in diabetes) are removed from the diet temporarily so as not to combine a sweet with a fat, nut, meat, dairy, or oil (which results in insulin resistance, the prime cause of diabetic acidosis to begin with).  

Basic requirement:

Consume a 1 inch slice of an average sized seeded watermelon once or twice a day.

(Seedless watermelons are a senseless aberration of Nature, the result of using a pharmaceutical chemical colchicine (with potential adverse effects of damage to bone marrow and death in humans), coupled with hand pollination and breeding that causes an interference in the melon's seed development process). 


a. Watermelon needs to be consumed alone, and especially in the absence of fats or oils in the stomach or bloodstream. 

b. The sugar in any fruit when combined with a fat, an oil, a nut, an avocado, or seeds, will result in insulin resistance, bloat, or gas, and set the stage for numerous health complaints. 

c. There is a limit to how much watermelon can be consumed at one time before it causes stomach discomfort, even when eaten alone first thing in the morning.

d. This is a seasonal food, and not practical on cold days or toward the evening, due to the "cold" nature of watermelon energetically, meaning it drops the body temperature.

e. Watermelon is not a stand alone alkalizing approach but can be used therapeutically in an emergency, or for a quick boost of energy and oxygenation of the body.


a. Watermelon is an effective body/liver cleanser, alkalizer, and quality source of glucose for brain and cellular function. 

b. Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that converts to arginine and, ultimately, nitric oxide within the body. 

c. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels to promote proper blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and increase capillary circulation.  Nitric oxide improves exercise performance (by improving muscle oxygenation), increases cellular energy, and accelerates brain function.

(Although diets high in animal saturated fats tend to reduce endothelial (vascular) production of nitric oxide, likely due to the fat coating on inside vascular walls preventing electromagnetic stimulation of nitric oxide by the moving blood and the endothelial membrane.)

6. A Diet High in Alkaline Foods, Low in Acid Foods

Considered to be only moderately effective overall because the vegetable approach to getting alkaline takes several months (in part, due to the low electrolyte/mineral content in our food from depleted soils), but still a necessary component of staying alkaline.

Basic requirement:

High quantities of alkalizing vegetables - several cups per day, Varies per person

Alkaline foods include:

Grass juices




Dark leafy greens



Acid foods to minimize or avoid:

Granulated sugar, (colas (contains phosphoric acid), pastries, candies, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.)

Animal meats of all kinds

Most grains and breads



Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)

Coffee (especially when sweetened)


a. The most time consuming (requires time to acquire, prepare, serve, and clean up after).

b. Not always available.

c. Relatively low nutritional benefit per teaspoon.

d. Only mild chelation power compared to clay, humic/fulvic substances, sea vegetables, and nutrient dense herbs (like nettle leaf, alfalfa, etc.).

e. Dietary or lifestyle changes required for most.

f. Food combining rules apply making traditional combinations risky.

g. More likely to be contaminated by GMO or chemical influences.

h. Highest net cost overall per nutritional benefit (in terms of time, money and potential health risks).


a. Fills the belly while delivering moderate, tasty nutrition.

7. Sunlight Through the Eyes - Increases calcium assimilation throughout the body, plus many other benefits that increase alkalinity.

Basic requirement:

5-45 minutes per day while facing the sun (with eyes closed if the sun is too bright). Sunrise and sunset are ideal, though any time of day works if eyes remain closed when too bright.


a. Requires learning a simple technique and scheduling time in the day to practice.


a. Zero cost.

b. Provides almost 1 million additional beneficial frequencies resulting in a broad spectrum of health benefits essential to a good health building program (including the manufacture of minerals, vitamins, and metabolic compounds within the body). 

c. Provides energetic properties and light frequencies required for the synthesis of minerals, vitamins, and metabolic compounds within the body (yes, light is the source of mineral formation).

d. Heavy metal chelation power.

e. Makes an excellent nutrient addition to diets today devoid of proper nutrition due to chemical farming practices.

f. Increases calcium utilization and Vitamin D synthesis within the body.

8. Deep Breathing

Oxygenation of the body through slow, but steady, deep breathing, with pauses following the complete exhale before the next in-breath, does wonders for increasing alkalinity. 

Fresh oxygen taken in is alkalizing. Holding your in-breath or delaying the in-breath after exhaling causes carbon dioxide from within the body to build up in the lungs, therefore the blood. 

A balance between these two is our normal breathing pattern that helps us to maintain an ideal pH.  However, life stress, worry, anger, fear, sugar, tomatoes, coffee, animal products, and other food and beverage that are highly acidic tend to place a greater demand on the body to bring in more oxygen to re-alkalize the blood. 

This is one reason why, when feeling under the weather from a cold or flu, you may find yourself naturally breathing a more rapid shallow breathing pattern.  By extending the in-breath to a full deep breath more oxygen will enter the blood to alkalize it.

The artificial pause after exhale is to insure that hyperventilation is prevented, as this is not the ultimate goal, although for a short period of time, hyperventilation can kickstart the alkalizing process. 

Oxygen is naturally anti-pathogenic.  So, extended deep breathing is one way of clearing the body of viruses and bacteria.

This process is a slight modification to the Wim Hof Method.  The best way to use this as a therapy is to lie down comfortably, then get into a deep, full breathing cycle with pauses of 5-10 seconds or more after exhale before breathing in again. 

Repeat this breathing cycle for 30-40 breaths, then exhale completely. Delay the in-breath until you get the "jerk response" of needing to breathe, then take two full breaths followed by holding the breath with fully expanded lungs for 10-20 seconds, or as desired.

Repeat this entire breathing cycle 2-4 times for a remarkable alkalizing, invigorating, tingling experience. 

Basic requirement:

A comfortable place to sit or lie down and 10-30 minutes of free time.


a. Excessive hyperventilation, without pauses to hold the breath and let carbon dioxide build up briefly, can result in alkalosis (too much alkalinity), which comes with its own set of health dangers. 

b. Like anything new, setting aside time to focus just on deep breathing requires some discipline and effort.  Yet, taking time to walk up a hill in a natural setting where negative ions from plants are abundant will accomplish the same goal if performed regularly.


a. Costs nothing but time and effort. 

b. Can be performed almost anywhere and requires no equipment. 

c. Air is readily available, although access to fresh, outdoor air adjacent to trees or plants is ideal for the ionization plants provide.

d. Alkalizing oxygen can also be drawn in while simply walking uphill or exercising, although the breath holding aspects are not easily incorporated during these times (and not necessary to gain the benefits).

e. Can be incorporated into most any qigong or yoga exercise.

f. The movement of energy through the breath is a universal way of cleansing the aura, the meridians, the organs, glands, and cells. 

g. Deep breathing is a natural way of clearing stuck emotions and healing traumas.

h. Oxygenating the blood facilitates detoxification, kills pathogens, and raises cellular voltage, thus eliminating three of the prime causes of disease – toxins, pathogen overgrowth, and low cellular voltage.

9. Sea Vegetables and Green Superfoods

Considered to be the most beneficial overall due to multiple benefits derived from the thousands of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in a comprehensive superfood blend that supply the body with a storehouse of building blocks needed to make its own medicines and metabolic compounds, and thereby heal itself.

Basic requirement:

1-2 Tablespoons of powdered seaweeds, algae, and herbal superfoods (like nettle leaf, alfalfa, grass juices, etc.) in 1-2 beverages per day

Here are three comprehensive herbal blends for this purpose:

Earth & Sea GreensVital Cleanse & Nutrify, and/or Sea Vegetable Blend (1-2 Tbsp. per day of the first two, and 1/2 to 1 Tbsp. of the third). 


a. Higher cost.

b. Taste (for some), yet can be blended into a green drink or smoothie, or with Harmless brand unpasteurized Coconut Water for a more enjoyable flavor.

Sea Vegetable Blend is the exception. Very strong flavor, so best to start with capsules, then open up one or more to add to a green drink and test whether the flavor will work for you. Most prefer this formula in capsules.

Earth & Sea Greens and Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, tend to blend easily into a tasty beverage with very few additives. 


a. Extremely abundant, comprehensive nutrition of both mineral and phytonutrients (plant-based nutrition). The above superfood blends contain whole herbs, mineral sources, and sea vegetables, and are not diluted with powdered vegetables or isolated nutrients.  

b. Provides the safest and greatest measure of health benefits overall.

c. Excellent track record of success worldwide, both ancient & modern.

d. An efficient and safe way to alkalize the body (regulates both high and low pH to 7.4) without pushing the pH too high when consumed in larger quantities.

e. Provides a quick meal delay or meal replacement. Can be assembled with a suitable liquid (like Harmless brand Coconut Water) in less than 1 minute. Other formula can be added to the mix (with Herbal C being my favorite). Blends easily into any green drink or fruit smoothie.

f. Excellent chelation power.

g. Radiation detoxification power.

h. Nourishes the entire hormonal system back to health.

i. Readily bioavailable.

j. Improves workout efficiency by reducing lactic acid buildup, while providing a storehouse of electrolytes and phytonutrients for maximizing muscle performance and stamina.

k. Naturally raises cellular voltage, thus improves cellular replication, life extension, oxygenation of the cells, energy production from within the cells, pathogen reduction, and detoxification of the whole body.

l. Herbal superfood blends provide the most comprehensive set of nutritive and alkalizing benefits with the ability to obtain those benefits year round on a daily basis with a simple mix and go. 

m. Superfood blends provide dense nutrition unavailable in most vegetables, meat, or dairy.  

n. Cellular electricity and nutrients for energy production at the cellular level are readily abundant. 

o. The alkalizing benefits are abundant and adaptogenic, meaning the inherent natural balance of energetic and nutritional properties move the pH to a perfect 7.4 regardless the amount consumed. 

p. Coupled with a high quality water source, a low fat, plant-based diet, sun gazing, deep breathing within a few simple qigong or yoga exercises, and a set of comprehensive earthen mineral sources, a steady movement toward overall health can be achieved, although alkalinity tends to happen within hours or days (with the right diet). 



The most profound alkalizing effects are derived from sea vegetables (algae and seaweeds), herbal superfoods (like nettle leaf, alfalfa, grass juices, etc.). The best superfood blends do not contain vegetables (you are better off getting those fresh) or isolated nutritional compounds.

Sunlight and deep breathing exercises offer a wide range of health benefits, including body alkalinity, if practiced daily or regularly, and are truly essential to any serious health building program. 

Naturally occurring mineral blends (including unaltered clays and salts) produce excellent health benefits due to their support of all metabolic functions and detoxification powers, serving as a support measure behind all other protocols. 

A filtered, structured, or hydrogen/oxygenated water source is a critical component of overall health as well, as quality water is necessary to cleanse toxins, dilute poisons on their way out of the body, reduce pathogens, and generate cellular energy. So the best water source you are able to obtain is another essential component of any health building protocol.

The above, in combination with a thoughtful, well combined diet composed of a carefully constructed balance between the intake of acid and alkaline foods, your body will naturally stay at the optimal 7.4 pH daily.

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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