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The Year-Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program

September 06, 2018 15 min read

A Simple Health Building & Weight Management Program that Breaks All Dieting Rules

OK, we want simple, easy, tastes good, and we want it to work. We don't want to give up our present comfort foods. We also want it to cost almost nothing. 

Well, the good news is, the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program will accomplish the first four (simple, easy, tastes good, and it works) for most people.

For most people this Program will also put money back in your pocket (above its cost) based on what you are now spending money on that you will no longer require, or no longer desire. 

Giving up comfort foods is NOT a requirement to start the Program. Why? Because this Program meets the body's essential needs in 5 ways:

  1. Provides a maximum supply of superfood nutrients (literally hundreds of phytonutrients per tablespoonful)

  2. Improves the digestive powers of the body (improving nutrient assimilation)

  3. Supplies a broad spectrum of electrolytes, macro minerals, trace minerals, and ormus elements (essential to thousands of chemical processes in the body)

  4. Promotes a gradual and natural detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals, and pathogens (essential for proper functioning of the major systems of the body – immune, cardiovascular, joints & bones, lymphatic, etc.)

  5. Boosts the powers of the body's innate immune system (to tackle the tough job of reducing viral, fungal, and parasitical pathogen loads behind numerous health complaints)

So, with your basic nutritional and biophysical needs being met from the Program, your body is now able to begin to:

1) clean house

2) rebuild

3) restore a normal weight

4) and regain health in numerous areas at the same time.

You will also notice a gradual change in your interest in certain foods that have been destroying your health. You will crave them less and less over time while on this Program. (A natural result of a cleaner body and the daily intake of high vibration nutrition.)

Cost Almost Nothing?
Based on what the Program saves you in terms of being a comprehensive replacement for:

1) that cabinet full of supplements

2) reduced food and snack bills

3) fewer down days from work

4) reduced health care costs

even the "cost almost nothing" part will apply to most as well (in fact, it will put money back in the pocket for most people).

How can a single Program accomplish all this: simple, easy, tastes good, it works, the diet does not have to change, and I can save money in the process?

There is no faster, nor more effective way to accomplish this than to initiate a Year-Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program, first at maintenance levels year-round, then at briefly accelerated levels around celebrations and seasonal turns.

To accomplish this you need simply to increase these four nourishing-cleansing modalities:

1) superfood nutrition
2) earth-born mineral sources
3) herbal restorative formulas
4) clay baths, shower slurries, or foot baths

The whole Program consists of a unique superfood drink once or twice a day, coupled with 4-8 capsules each of two different herbal formulas taken over the course of a day, and the use of clay in the bath, shower, or foot soaks.
This simple Program combines: 

  • comprehensive, bioavailable cellular nourishment
  • hundreds of plant-based & mineral nutrients 
  • increased body alkalinity 
  • detoxification of heavy metals, radiation, and chemicals 
  • digestive & laxative assistance 
  • a gradual strengthening of the immune system (responsible for destroying viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.)
  • a gradual restoration of the hormonal system (responsible for energy levels, sleep, mood, mental acuity, etc.)
  • increased probiotic proliferation in the digestive tract

So, by just adding the Year-Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program to your current diet you can to obtain these very benefits in growing measures over time. Most will be able to feel noticeable improvements in energy and well being from day one.
I don't have to give up my comfort foods???
No. (This is one reason why the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program breaks all dieting rules.) If you simply want to add massive nutritional benefits to your current diet, there is no need to change your diet. You will definitely be able to get some benefits without changing your current diet, like better alkalinity, more energy, better sleep, a clearer head, etc. (see more below), although even greater benefits can be achieved by improving the diet, even if this is done gradually over time. 

It is OK to start slow on dietary & lifestyle changes, since many benefits can be derived from just adding the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program to your current diet, unchanged. 

It is also true, that by simply adding the Program to your present diet, the motivation to drop harmful foods happens naturally and easily over time. 
How is that, you say? Dietary changes come naturally & easily over time???
Well, if you knew that a single serving of the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program was also packed with more nutritional compounds than a typical meal, and therefore makes you less hungry, and satisfies the real reason you are craving a snack (malnutrition), wouldn't this daily experience of calming the appetite inspire you to reach for the the Program more often in place of that nut butter sandwich, or bowl of cereal, or bag of chips, or handful of nuts, or energy drink, or energy bar, or some other snacky item?  

We have also observed that the gradual cleansing & comprehensive nourishing effects of the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program prompts a natural reprogramming of our taste buds. So, gradually over time, giving up the comfort foods that negatively impact health happens with little effort, replaced with a natural desire for more healthful foods. 

In due course the "bad foods" will simply not taste as good as the food that "feels good" (more vitality, better sleep, improved mental acuity, better sex life, greater sense of well being, etc.). 

Isn't this the ultimate solution anyway, when food that is good for us begins to taste so good that the "good food" becomes our new "comfort food"?

The Year-Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program accomplishes this for us naturally over a span of weeks, months and years (or as long as we prefer to take). 
Put Money Back in My Pocket?
At some point, even the "cost almost nothing" bit is possible for the active health enthusiast, in that, once you calculate all the snacks, junk food, drinks and supplements that you will no longer need, nor desire to buy in the future, you will discover, in most cases, that you will actually put money back into your pocket with this program before the month is over. 
What are the true costs of these kinds of snacks on both your pocket book and your health?
Add up the costs of the conventional, or even the "healthy", chips, nuts, colas, lattes, pizzas, energy drinks, health bars or candy bars (usually the same thing in a different wrapper), and/or health supplements that sound good but are not working, etc., and ask yourself: 

"If I converted the costs of all the foods and supplements in my diet that are currently lowering my health, into a truly nutritious, tasty superfood green drink and specific herbal formulas (that now build my health & vitalize my body), how much money each month would I save?"  

If you are not as hungry prior to a full meal, and therefore prefer to eat less during meals, how much money would you save on your current food bill?

A single 2 tablespoon serving of the Vital Cleanse & Nutrify Superfood Blend, contains literally hundreds more mineral and plant-based nutrients than the average veggie or meat dish.

Tablespoon for tablespoon, dollar for dollar, the nutrient and health benefits of the Vital Cleanse & Nutrify is off the charts compared to the typical "good health food diet".  

Then consider the "feel good" advantages you will gain from converting the $3-4 bag of chips, nuts, latte, etc. into $3-4 worth of superfoods and herbs. How much better might you feel afterwards? Tomorrow? Three days from now? (Fungal overgrowth generally takes 2-3 days to reach peak levels after consuming a fungal/viral promoting food.) (More on this below.)

If you are already spending an average of $8 or more per day on snacks, health bars, pastries, nuts, trail mix, meat, colas, energy drinks, and nutritional supplements you will appreciate the simplicity and health benefits of this Program all the more. 

When you factor in the benefits of improved health, more energy, improved mood, rekindled relationships, better sex, better sleep, better work performance, fewer sick days, fewer doctor visits, and lower medical bills – well, the profits from this protocol begin to rise exponentially!
The Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program also comes with another advantage: you get your complete vitamin and mineral needs met in great abundance as well! Thus, the ability to eliminate other supplements, putting more cash back into your pocket.

The entire program contains over 100 herbs, spices and superfoods in their natural forms. Each earth-born plant, sea vegetable, or mineral source contains 20-400+ nutritional compounds (phytonutrients) designed by Nature to support your tissues, bone, organs, and glands in just the right way. 

By providing the body with a daily storehouse of nutrition of this magnitude (literally thousands of phytonutrients), the body will have what it needs to clean house and rebuild itself.As the body regains its original design over time, it simply heals itself, regardless the prior imbalance.  
The Program's Advantage When Taken During Holiday Celebrations
The Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program is especially helpful during the holidays when dietary compromises are at their peak. 

More people end up with physical health crises and depression during, and the month or two following, the four end-of-year holidays than during any other time of year.There is a reason for this. 

Halloween, Thanksgiving, December celebrations, and the New Year hammer the body with sugar swings, depression, digestive disturbances, joint pains, and the flaring up of old conditions or injuries, etc. Add Valentine's Day, family celebrations, religious holidays, snacky junk foods, desserts, etc. and the cycle is prolonged.

All of this is primarily due to the sugar, alcohol, and food excesses, or poor food combining practices common during the holidays.  

While a good cleansing program after the fact can help reverse these health disturbances, consider the benefits of reducing or preventing the problems in the first place with a Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program

Simply adding the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program to your holiday diet will help you to survive the holidays with greater ease. 

In time, the desire for even holiday compromises will diminish. At the same time the Program will help you to better tolerate occasional compromises throughout the year as well. 

After all, life is about more than just what we eat. The enjoyment of social gatherings is good for the soul. The Program helps to more quickly set things right again physically.
The "Feel Good Effect"
Another way the Program inspires changes in the diet naturally has to do with its "feel good effect"

Once you have been on the Program for awhile, you will start to feel better than usual, which inspires times where a cleaner diet is actually preferred just to get more of that "good feeling energy"

Then, after going back to an old dietary habit, the sluggish energy & mental fog will commonly return, thus allowing you to draw a direct association between the food you ate and the bad feelings they cause. 

A little exposure to this one time low mental & physical state causes one to appreciate the "feel good effect" from the Program more and more, making the Program an easy habit to adopt in place of the bad food choices. Changes come natural over time.
Will the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program help improve my elimination?
Yes! Most between meal snacks (especially nuts, cheese, sugar, chips, jerky & other meat snacks), and many meat/cheese/eggs/sugar-based meals are hard for the body to digest, thus a major cause of constipation. 

So we designed a fix to this near universal problem into the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program

There are four parts to the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program that support improved elimination:

  • Program alkalizes the body (an essential prerequisite for good bile production (the #1 promoter of laxative effects)

  • The Program supports improved spleen function (a little known about organ that plays a central role in normalizing laxative effects to neither too much nor too little). The spleen is also intimately involved in nutrient assimilation at the cellular level

  • Program provides for the body's critical fiber needs – Everyone knows fiber promotes smooth movements

  • Program empowers the body's own production of digestive juices. Built into the Program's formulas are the world's most effective activators of natural liver bile production (the body's natural laxative) and pancreatic digestive enzyme production (so, yes, you can stop buying those expensive digestive enzymes, HCL Acid & Ox Bile supplements, since you won't need them anymore)

Will the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program help me detoxify radiation, heavy metals, fungus, and other pathogens or pollutants from the body?
Yes, in a roundabout way. The Program provides the body with specialized nutrients and energetic influences that build the body's own natural detoxification & immune defense mechanisms to higher levels. The body then heals & cleanses itself - naturally. An effective, gradual detoxification of pollutants & pathogens of all kinds takes place naturally over time.
Will I lose weight on this program?
Yes! Where excess or unhealthy fat exists on the body, a natural slimming down is very common (actually, universal).

The program also assists the body to build muscle mass beneath the cellulite layers. It is now known that muscle wasting is a common side effect of obesity.

Muscle wasting is also the cause of most excessively thin bodies. Balancing hormone levels throughout the body enhances pituitary function, the gland responsible for producing Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

The overall Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program nourishes the body in specific ways to support enhanced hormone functioning throughout the entire endocrine system at once. An increase in muscle mass is a natural occurrence over time, as is a reduction in excess cellulite.
There are eight basic reasons the body stores fat:

  1. To isolate toxins from the environment and our food (holding them in isolation until the correct nutrients are consumed to support the detox of the toxins).

  2. To store the acid waste that the body is unable to process out or convert to an alkaline state (also due to an impoverishment of the plant-based & mineral nutrients required to do so).

  3. To encapsulate indigestible oils & fats (due to insufficient bile production required to digest oils and fats in the intestinal tract).

  4. To store fats and sugars that can later be used to burn for energy. This fat storage response is often caused by malnutrition from a low calorie diet or fast foods. It is one way the body preserves energy for future starvation rescue.

  5. Insufficient minerals in the diet, or unavailable minerals due to taking isolated mineral supplements (like magnesium, cal-mag, zinc, copper, etc.) rather than earth-born minerals (like clay, nettle leaf, sea veggies, etc.). Minerals are required to build the fat burning hormones and other metabolic compounds required for every major body system.

  6. As a response to yeast/fungal overgrowth (that is triggered by high sugar levels, insulin resistance, oil/sugar combinations in the diet, and the storage of excess sugars/fats in fat cells).

  7. Organ and gland disfunction, commonly the direct result of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, vaccinations, medications, food additives, cell phones, wireless technology, microwaved foods, household and industrial chemicals, environmental radiation and toxins, etc. Clay minerals & superfoods are essential to the removal of toxins from the body.

  8. Fat cells often house the pathogens and parasites in the body. They are there to consume toxins and excesses of all kinds. 

Did you notice how many of the reasons mentioned above are related to insufficient or unavailable nutrients in the body?

The fat cells that store toxins, acid wastes, fungus, parasites, and the fat cells that the body stores when it is in malnutrition mode (which is everyone on the Standard American diet), will gradually be shed by the body's natural fat burning mechanisms when consuming the high levels of nutrients, minerals, and alkalizing influences in the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program.

The Program shifts fat burning into high gear! 

Drawing toxins out of the blood, lymph and skin through clay baths accelerates this fat burning process even more. 

Everyone who has weight to lose, loses some or all of it on this Program. For many, the last few, most stubborn pounds will not go away until a few dietary changes have been made. For most this will mean eliminating the breads, corn, sugar, alcohol and starch/oil combinations from the diet. 

However, it is not uncommon for some people to get back to their High School weight days (if they were thin back then).
Benefits to the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program
The Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program is:

  • Simple

  • Cost effective (replaces vitamin & mineral supplements, and lowers the food bill)

  • Tastes good by itself in water. May also be combined with fruit or vegetable juices, raw milk, or preferred spices

  • Flexible – fits into any schedule

  • Portable – just add water or juice

  • More nutritious than a standard meal, just not as bulky

  • Easier on the digestive tract then most bulky foods

  • Provides for all of your vitamin and mineral requirements in one program

  • Reduces the need for most of what's in your supplement cabinet

  • You will get some positive results, even without changing your current diet

  • Beneficial dietary changes come natural and easier over time

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Helps the body detoxify heavy metals, radiation, chemicals and pathogens

  • Helps the body trim the fat while building muscle mass

  • Builds probiotic presence in the gut

So, what does the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program consist of?
Five basic products: 
  • Vital Cleanse & Nutrify Superfood Blend (powder) (This is a preblended combination of our Earth & Sea GreensFiber Blend, Alfalfa-Nettle Combo, Herbal C, & Friendly Flora)
  • Mineral Manna
  • Digestive Bitters
  • Friendly Flora
  • Bath Kit (includes Sacred Clay & Black Beauty powders)
How do I take the Program?
Anytime between, prior to, or with your regular meals, consume the following once or twice per day:
Part A) Superfoods – In water, or blended fruits, or blended veggies, or blended into a salad dressing, or added to a soup, or some other creative recipe, add: 
  • 2 tablespoons of Vital Cleanse & Nutrify Superfood Blend per day
Part B) MineralsConsume as much as desired first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and just before bed:
  • 1 tablespoon of Mineral Manna in a quart of purified water
Part C) Digestion – Anytime between, prior to, or with your regular meals, and again just before bed, take:
  • 2-4 Digestive Bitters capsules per meal (or as required for ideal digestive and laxative effects) (net 2-4 times a day)
Part D) Friendly Flora Anytime between, prior to, or with your regular meals, or just before bed take:
  • 4-8 Friendly Flora capsules (net 4+4 or 8 at once)
Part E) Detoxification2 or more times per week take a clay bath, shower slurry, or foot bath:
  • Bath Kit – 1/4 cup of Sacred Clay & 1/8 cup of Black Beauty per bath. Soak for 30-45 minutes. Follow instructions on the containers for additional optional applications. 
More benefits of the Year Round Cleanse & Revitalize Program Program:
  • Notice how you become less hungry, therefore consume fewer snacks and less food during a meal 

  • Notice an improvement in your energy levels throughout the day 

  • Notice fewer mood swings

  • Notice improvements in relationships of all kinds (because you simply feel better about yourself)

  • Notice an increase in mental concentration powers, a sharper mind, and better memory 

  • Notice the improved digestion, an emptier stomach before the next meal, and less sleepiness after a meal 

  • Notice regular and easy elimination

  • Notice better sleep at night 

  • Notice an improved resistance to bugs going around

  • Notice a natural slimming down 

Will changing the diet improve the results? 
Of course, but such changes are not immediately necessary to begin the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Programunless you are desiring such changes out of pure love for a more vibrant life! 

The Program helps to reduce the side effects of a bad diet. It allows time for the desire to change the diet to build at a pace that is acceptable to you.

If you are already poised for big changes, however, such changes would first include reducing or eliminating the primary fungal overgrowth promoters:

  • concentrated sugars

  • breads

  • nuts (constipating and feeds the herpes/shingles viruses)

  • liquid extracted oils (except for coconut oil) (replace with oil-laden whole foods like avocados, olives, chia seed, etc. Most veggies contain beneficial oils & fats as well.) If a liquid oil like olive oil is used, mix first with lemon or lime to emulsify (predigest) the oil.

  • pasteurized, homogenized, or low fat milk, butter, ghee, or cheese (also remember not to combine oils or fats with a starch, grain or something sweet). Processed dairy is congesting and toxic to the body.

  • margarine of all kinds

  • alcohol (including kombucha, jun, & honey mead - they harm the spleen)

  • soy products of all kinds (even the fermented ones)

  • energy drinks & sodas

  • processed, boxed, packaged foods

  • genetically modified foods (canola oil, most beets, corn, grains, etc.)


    While this is not a complete list of foods to avoid for the best results, they are the first ones to begin to look at as the possible culprit behind why you are not feeling as well as you would like to feel.

    It is also important to observe wise food combining rules (something that is typically learned gradually over time).

    Also, wherever possible, go with foods that are consciously grown, wildcrafted or certified organic. Why ingest chemical pesticides and herbicides with your food which are known hormone disruptors and destroyers of friendly bacteria in the gut (essential for complete digestion)?

    Sadly today, even "organic" does not mean "chemical free", yet organic is still a step in the right direction if you are unable to grow all of your own food.So, you can accelerate your progress by sticking with organic or consciously grown foods (preferably from one of your local farmers).
    What products will be needed for the Year Round Superfood Cleanse & Revitalize Program? 
    Download the Free Expanded Program Guide PDF below and study the program details.

    System Builder Options are listed in this Guide also, yet they are optional based on individual needs.

    The most important first products to consider include:

    For a one month program:

    • Vital Cleanse & Nutrify 1 lb. or Earth & Sea Greens 1 lb.

    • Mineral Manna 14 oz.

    • Digestive Bitters 240 caps

    • Friendly Flora 240 or 480 caps (based on desired intensity)

    • Bath Kit which contains Sacred Clay and Black Beauty, each in separate containers. 

      • Sacred Clay 1.5 lbs. or 3 lbs. based on desired frequency of baths, clay packs, facials, and body wraps (Sacred Clay can also be used internally with Ancient Mineral Blend if the Himalayan Salt in Mineral Manna is a concern).

      • Black Beauty Half as much (1/8 cup) may be added optionally to Sacred Clay (1/4 cup) in the bath to enhance electrolytes in the bathwater which speed the movement of toxins from the body into the clay.

    Black Beauty is not for internal use, but Sacred Clay can be used for both.

    Sacred Clay and Ancient Mineral Blend are already included in the Mineral Manna blend.

    Go to the Products Section (listed by alphabet) to learn more about each formula.
    Download the Free Expanded Program Guide PDF
    Year Round Cleanse & RevitalizeProgram Guide

    Michael King
    Michael King

    Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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