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Life Chats: The Dissolution of Society As We Know It. Questions, Answers, and Solutions.

April 12, 2020 19 min read

So, What Can We Do Now at This Late Stage to Turn This Around?

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on the obvious life-altering effects of this planned event, how it is setting the stage for a transition into New Era lifestyles, and what you can do now to prepare for the inevitable changes.

April 5 thru April 12, 2020

The Planned-Demic

Michael: It has become clear now that the “pandemic” is a long-planned and orchestrated event; that the virus is not as deadly as they had hoped, so the media has been employed to inflate death tolls and affected cases, use crisis actors, mannequins, and news footage from other countries to fake US news reports, and to justify the remainder of “the plan”.

This “plan” includes:

1) The implementation of increased electronic stresses on the body and the environment (thus weakening the powers of the human immune system to fight off a pathogen of any kind, while reducing oxygen exchange at the cellular level, and decimating the environment)

2) The reduction of the flow of wealth and resources worldwide resulting in massive layoffs and foreclosures

3) The destruction of lower, middle, and some upper class businesses (currently being bought up by China and big corporations for pennies on the dollar), thereby increasing their influence over the economy

4) The martial law-like quarantine of the people under the guise of “social distancing”

5) The promotion of a “cure” with which to kill or physically disable millions among the gullible public willing to go along with this eugenicidal scheme

6) The use of digital identification to restrict travel, purchases, and jobs unless one is current with all required pharmaceutical “cures or protective measures”.

Meanwhile, the massive disability and loss of life from the “cure” itself would then be played up as another “pandemic” to justify further stringent controls on basic human freedoms.

It looks like there will be such massive changes throughout the world, even by the end of this year, that there will be no going back to ‘business as usual’.

Seems as though turning this around would be a mammoth task, given the decades of planning that has gone into its implementation.

What can be done now to cause these events to turn around for the benefit of all humanity? It is clear there is little political will to stop the insanity.

What can the people do to make a real difference now?

Oversoul:  The circumstances are spinning out of control in the minds of both the people and those who first implemented these plans. The implementors recognize that their days have also been shortened by these very events. Their hope was to destroy humanity if they themselves would not be the ones to ‘inherit the earth’.

Yet, intentions have reflective energy built in. Each soul becomes the recipient of that which is intended for another. This is an inviolable Law of Nature. This foundational principle is drawn from the most central Natural Law that reveals the oneness of all.  

For instance, to intend health for another results in the improvement of health for the one choosing the intention. To intend to deprive health from another results in the death of the soul to the same degree of the one choosing the dark intention.

As a soul declines in health, can the body still live? For awhile, yes, yet the quality of life degrades proportionally with the decline in benevolent intent for others.

Eventually the body breaks down irreparably and the damaged soul exits the body, only to face itself again in the afterlife. This is where the healing of that soul begins, or its dissolution if the will of the soul is sufficiently damaged, such that the disintegration of this soul becomes the kindest option for its ultimate restoration and illumination.   

Remember that no particle of life is left out of the One. No one is rejected forever (though it may seem that way to some who choose the more wayward path, or hoped for by some who do not understand the central theme of unity within all life everywhere), for all are moving toward the realization of the oneness of all, which is the final destination for every soul, regardless of the paths chosen along the way.

Now the question remains, what do you do in the meanwhile when faced with a wayward soul that intends to harm you and those you love?

Understand, if you approach this soul with malice and vengeance you will get lost in a vicious circle of harm and be harmed.

If you rise above this and choose to end the cause of the discord, (which is the absence of love), then you will end the harm to your own soul and lessen the burden of the one lost on the darker soul path.

This in no way implies that you must love a dark soul by submitting to their dark agendas. Your stance of love must face the darkness with light, and thereby eliminate the existence of darkness with simple illumination.

Keep in mind that the soul of a dark one will never die, and this soul will ultimately conclude its path in a state of full illumination, as will ultimately be the case for all life everywhere.

You can hasten a dark soul’s illumination (and your own) by holding to your truth, standing for your principles grounded in light, and shine your illumination with power and the revelation of truth, regardless the pressures upon your own soul to darken your light for their sake, in that they fear the illumination of truth more than any other event.

Bear in mind that if you approach this sharing of truth with malice toward the dark side, you will become like them. You can only win this battle with the strength of love in the face of dark agendas.

If you want to gain the upperhand, you have no choice but to approach them with compassionate non-attachment and forthright determination to illuminate the darkness, even in the face of the potential loss of your own life.

Do not think you will save yourself if your truth is not spoken.

Do not think that your truth will be accurate if it fails to be spoken with love.

When you discipline a wayward child, is the discipline not most effective when you hold the long term best interest of the child in your heart and measure that discipline wisely so as to match what will most effectively motivate the child toward a more fulfilling life?  

So it is with every unevolved soul, and therefore, with every soul on the path of darkness. You must see in your own mind’s eye their ultimate awakening to illumination, and measure your response to match their need in the moment in a way that will ultimately motivate them to choose a higher path.

This cannot be done if your intent is simply to destroy them, for you will then lose the opportunity to upgrade both yourself and them in the process of circular vengeance.

On the other hand, you will also lose the opportunity to affect change if you leave the real situation unaddressed (the absence of love); or if you hide your light and fail to speak your truth with love.

Punishment? Or is There a Better Way?

Do you need to punish another for their behavior? This question is central to the true need of the moment to correct the direction of society onto a stronger and better path.  

There are several ways to bring an effective correction, but punishment is not one of them. A proper reflection, on the other hand, is.

Therefore, casting a reflection of their choice equal to the magnitude of their own intentions or actions, is appropriate, providing it is done so with a pure heart.

What does this mean? It means one who causes harm to another learns best by facing the recipients of their harmful actions and coming to grips with the effects of such actions on these recipients, and more importantly, upon oneself.

Truth & Reconciliation, and More

You call it Truth & Reconciliation, but I want to share with you how this can be done in a way that results in the greatest of healing on both sides of the experience.

All life, all existence, if you will, is structured around one central theme stated in this manner: all distinctions express aspects of the One; that the One remains in balance (which is essential for eternity to express fluently), and that all opposing opposites mirror internal aspects of themselves.

This means, in the experience of duality, a swing to one side causes an internal equal and opposite swing to the other side, and initiates a dance of opposites in which a switching of roles become inevitable. The victim and the perpetrator each become the other.

As a function of the Laws of Nature, this role reversal happens automatically and is central to the maintenance of balance within the whole.

The purpose of this explanation is to point out the inescapable attractive forces at play within every event where one side dominates the other resulting in harm to the other, and therefore to oneself.

The reflection becomes fractal on two fronts simultaneously. This means the harm imposed was caused by both parties equally; by the perpetrator though action, and by the victim through inaction, meaning, through the failure to speak truth to power, or more specifically, the failure to speak truth to power from an inner place of love, thus perpetrating the dance in which roles are then reversed.

The solution then becomes obvious when both parties in the dance take responsibility for their personal roles in the co-creation of the events.

Bearing full responsibility for their individual roles, the matter is understood as a joint creation and forgiveness of the grudge becomes possible, thus ending the former dance while escalating it to a more positive and fulfilling dance where both sides integrate with their opposite in fulfillment of their own oneness.

Love is then born between the two, and light envelops their future co-creations. Darkness ceases to play a role at all.


April 11, 2020

Shine a Light Into the Darkness

Michael: So this brings us back full circle within our own selves, where apparently there is no room that I can see for entertaining victim status or blaming others for the outcome.

It sounds like one solution can be implemented inside ourselves, or at least we must do so initially in order to prepare ourselves to shine a light on the darkness in our outer world.

Oversoul: Shining a light into the path of darkness can only be successful where purity of intent is central. This means that the darkness is illuminated, not to punish, but to bring to light and correct a wrong – while owning the complicit aspects within one’s own being.

This discussion of the truth that shines a light into darkness becomes the act that corrects the first mistake of not addressing a dark agenda when the first signs of it began to appear.

Of course secrecy is the attempt to unilluminate the dark agenda during its formative stages, then force and manipulation is required to keep its revelation suppressed as the dark agenda grows in scope.

Illumination of the truth frees those captured by its talons and sets the stage for a correction on both sides of the experience, both those that perpetrate and those that fall prey.

Darkness is more readily illuminated where punishment is eliminated and replaced with reconciliation, which shines a light on both complicit parties.

Fear of illumination is replaced with relief among those in the dark seeking to be free of its stronghold, for the dark ways are unpleasantly rigid, laboriously ritualistic, and steeped in ignorance of the true ways of Life.

Balance is no where to be found on this path, for the reflective effects on oneself of one’s dark deeds are deliberately avoided or denied, resulting in the illusion that the only way out is to grow increasingly dark, isolated, separate from the whole.

Illumination with the intent to heal, and correct both complicit sides until balance and wholeness is restored, is the only way to resolve a degrading social order.

The intent has to be pure, untainted by vengeance.

Illumination of the Darkness and Complicity in Its Formation

Michael: There appears to be such a large percentage of gullible public, not wanting to see the darkness in the current social order, while denying that anyone could be so dark as to actually plan the demise of our way of life decades in advance.  

How is such illumination of the dark carried out effectively, especially within a society where the main dish of media is bent on hiding the truth of such activities?

Oversoul: It begins with the willingness to see the complicity in oneself.

A society is just that, a social grouping of souls on a variety of paths designed to compel evolution.

Both dark and light agendas must, of necessity, be among the variables in order to give each soul the choice as to which path they are willing to walk down in order to gain evolutionary experiences.

Do not think that there is no darkness within the forces of light now living on the earth. Unillumination exists within all until such becomes illuminated.

The seed within the ground lives in darkness until it begins to break the surface and expose itself to the light.

You call this innocence. Is it wrong to begin one’s life in darkness? Of course not. It is simply part of educating a soul through the freewill to choose future experiences.

Darkness is no more “evil” than light, in this respect. Unilluminated also means unaware, simply not conscious of certain truths of life. This in no way implies guilt.

The solution is to have experiences which compel the desire to seek understanding. Sometimes this requires a dark experience, particularly when complacency is commonplace.

The greater the complacency, the greater the chance for darkness to creep in beneath the social layering of souls, from dark to light.

So, a “light” individual can have good intent, yet reveal his or her darkness through the quantity of complacency, denial, and avoidance in place within their character.

If this darkness is not recognized and addressed, they become complicit in the growth of the more sinister darkness growing beneath the social layers.

In a universe in which oneness is central to the formation of Life, all life everywhere becomes complicit in the development of darkness wherever or however it expresses itself.

Owning this complicity is the beginning of the healing process.

Beyond that, illumination of the darker deeds brings unity among those threatened by the increasing darkness. This unity sheds some of the complacency, as hope in the joining together of awakening numbers inspires actions to promote greater levels of illumination.

As this illumination courses through the awakening populace, it becomes more and more difficult to keep the dark activities hidden from the masses.

The Toppling Effect

A toppling effect begins when the numbers are able to apply enough pressure on the political elements to break through the level of complacency ingrained in the political machine (which is a reflection of the level of complacency among the people).

Do you see here how the connections between both dark and light paths on the planet are intimately intertwined? This intertwining is present in all life everywhere. There are no exceptions.

Michael: Yes, that much is clear, yet the pervasive nature of this intertwining reaching to the highest levels of Life, seems unfathomable.

The Greater Laws at Play

Oversoul: At levels where the unity of all Life is more fully recognized and embraced, this does not represent a dichotomy.

The Greater Plan which provides for freewill to express itself, is also recognized there, so it is not troublesome, just a motivation for greater contemplation on the True Nature of Life in order to grasp its purpose and affect a change where possible.

There are greater Laws at play here that govern the interaction of other civilizations in the affairs of life on Earth or elsewhere, and provide much more to contemplate with respect to higher civilization involvement so as to best promote the evolution of the souls on Earth, both advanced and less so.

Having foreknowledge of your future does not imply they can rightfully interfere with your choices as a whole. But they can get involved when the dark side oversteps their bounds in the performance of their rituals and agendas.

The dark side’s fundamental ignorance of the greater Laws of Life causes them to push some boundaries, which then triggers protective measures able to be instituted by the greater beings of light.

Through this oversight, the dark side of evolution discovers new aspects of the greater Laws of Life and develops a respect for them at deeper levels.

Eventually this leads to changes in their own governing and educational structures that eventually draw their society through levels of illumination until they free themselves from their self-imposed limitations (integral to all dark evolutionary paths).

Ultimately every evolutionary path leads to full illumination. It is the inevitable result known by all who have awakened to certain degrees and found peace with the evolutionary process itself, in spite of the length of time it may take to achieve this illumination, which could span millions of lifetimes in the process.

Michael: Certainly causes me to question the wisdom of such a lengthy process with all of its potential unpleasantness.

So, What Can We Do Now to Turn This Around?

Getting back to what we, the people on Earth, can do to advance through these difficult transitionary times with the most grace and effectiveness; how can we best protect ourselves while promoting the greatest illumination for all, and thereby reduce the dark agendas that are currently seeking to eliminate most all who live on the Earth’s surface today?

I am particularly interested in the wisdom of employing a surprisingly effective method used by Jesus, as described in Baird Spalding’s, “The Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” Volume 3, where Jesus uses his positive emotional energy to construct a reflective wall that magnifies the dark intent of 3,000+ bandits on horseback attacking a small village in the Gobi Dessert area back in the late 1800’s.

They were attacking a small mountain village to steal what they thought would be treasures stored somewhere in the village.

As they advanced, their negative intent was magnified by Jesus and directed back to them as lightening bolts from the wall, creating such a shock among the horses and men that the horses bolted resulting in the men and horses piling up in a huge mass, putting an end to the attack.

Tremendous loss of life took place that day and those that survived were nursed back to health over the next several months, followed by a group of the men converting to follow the higher ways taught by Jesus and several others on this path of light.

The former bandits spent their remaining days protecting travelers from other bandit groups traveling through the desert area there.

Is this reflective technique something practical for all of the people needlessly quarantined to their homes with very little to do as they watch their jobs and lives disintegrate before their eyes?

How else does our growing audience of awakening souls on Earth, finally realizing the dark agendas at play now for hundreds, if not thousands of years, put an end to the horrific crimes of this group of psychopathic individuals bent on destroying the global economic system and billions of Earth’s current residents?

The Surprising Answer For Our World Today
(What better use of our time at home?)

Oversoul: You would be better off employing the same volume of intentional energy from millions to imagine the transformation of your global cultures into a unified people committed to the care and upliftment of every soul, while continuing to expose the dark plan, for which all of humanity has played a role in supporting, even hiding their dark deeds out of fear of reprisal.

Remember, if your intent is tainted with malice, you will be caught up in the game and destroyed along with them as they become more and more desperate in their attempt to escape the wrath of an awakening public.

How many among your people would be clear enough of malice to project a reflective field of strength toward your adversary without magnifying their own anger and vengeance, which would then work against the very individuals projecting the reflective shield?

Jesus’ projection was one of pure love. If the bandits had come toward the village with love, it would have been their own love that was magnified that day. A great celebration would have resulted from the aftermath instead of their own destruction.

The day will come when you will give the dark ones no mind, even if they stand before you, for your inner sight will only see their ultimate illumination. Their actions will then have no effect upon you, for you will have overcome that similar darkness within your own soul.

When you illuminate the darkness of your own soul, darkness ceases to have a hold on you. Therein lies the answer to your world today.

Michael: This is deep and to the point. Yet, how many prefer to blame others for their own problems rather than take responsibility to first correct the darkness within themselves?

Is such an act of bearing personal responsibility for what is seen external to ourselves really able to turn this situation back around in time to stop this global demise?

Do We Really Want to Go Back to Business As Usual?

Oversoul: Do not think this situation can be turned around, nor would you find it desirable to do so, once you see the greater purpose to the dissolution of the world the way it once was.

You are on the verge of a complete reordering of your society. How this comes about is a collective decision to be made each day by humanity at large throughout the period of transformation.

You can drag this out over several years or decades, or band together sooner and transform your society consciously and deliberately by enacting new bylaws of living and orchestrating measures to preclude the possibility of returning to the former control system with all of its diabolical machinations.

Do you really want life to continue as it once was? Are you unable to imagine a better world and make that one a reality instead, a reality of your own choosing?

Do you really believe a new reality can be created out of the former way of life with all of its suppression and limits on your freedom? You were once headed toward complete annihilation. That was where your former society was taking you.

Would this task of transformation not be easier to create once the former way of life is no longer viable with nothing to return to, and partly because you have overcome the dark agendas both within yourselves as well as within your society?

How many would have been motivated to participate in the change had they not been given a clean slate to start with? Comfortable jobs, families, entertainment; where is the motivation to completely restructure one’s way of life?

You can look at this transformation as a disruption to your former unaware life, or as the gift that motivated you to seek out the revelations that are now exposing the darker elements on the planet, and compelling you to prepare for the changes ahead.

What will you do once society ceases to control your every move, dictate your social behavior, and incessantly tell you how to think and act?

Will you willingly take up the task of building communities that work together for the good of all concerned, respect the environment even to the point of living in close daily communion with the Earth along with the plant and animal life, and make new bylaws for working together based on new understandings of the greater connection you share with all life everywhere?  

Would you have done so if the former system, inbred with such corruption, had not fallen away?

This is your opportunity. Those that recognize this and seize the opportunity to form the new paradigm will find a role in its construction.

Those that cannot imagine such a possibility will simply struggle and pass away, or find themselves in a similar place where controls over their daily lives are mechanically installed rather than be drawn from new understandings of timeless Universal Principles.

The Dissolution of Society As We Know It

Michael: I am observing a strong concerted effort to implement toxic shots known to disable and kill, along with injectable digital tracking methods to further restrict our freedom of movement and access to business.

Is there really hope that these diabolical measures will fail to be implemented as the social order crumbles, or are we to see these more diabolical controls as just more motivation for the awakening part of our society to separate themselves into self-reliant communities?  

Oversoul: Both. The transformation will be taking place as institutions crumble due to their inherent corruption being exposed, coupled with the loss of financial support to the governments from the diminishing wage earning workforce.

Individuals of like mind will see the need to congregate in mutually supportive communities, or isolate themselves from main society to avoid the mayhem that will be forming in the metropolitan areas.

Naturally this will take place gradually, yet motivated by the enactment of more suppressive laws. Governments will decline in influence due to the awakening among the people and among those who currently hold posts in civil service.

Sickness will affect everyone receiving the mandated shots, leaving fewer people available for enforcement actions. Loss of life will be proportional to the inoculation programs, greater than any pandemic of prior years.

Populations will decline rapidly, and those that survive will be less of sound mind than those that refuse “the cure”.

More and more people will be looking for ways to isolate themselves from the degenerating public and governmental controls.

The Principle of Reflection at Work

Due to the Principle of Reflection mentioned previously, those pushing such stringent controls on the public will find themselves at the mercy of their own form of derangement. The sickness that they create for others will cause mutations in their own bodies that are worse than that of the public, for the reflection will live inside them in unimaginable ways.

Their self-serving lifestyle and behavior will take its toll. They have no antidote for what is coming their way. Chaos will erupt among their ranks and very few will survive.

Find Your Role in the Transformation of Society
and Construction of the New Era

Meanwhile, the awakening masses will find solace in their communities and attempt to construct models of human interaction that mimic what they know so far about harmonious living.

Much trial and error will refine community standards and workable systems will form.

I know you would prefer to not see the mandated chemical “cures” implemented, and if society were to wake up sooner such would not be necessary.

But at the moment it appears the awakening is not happening fast enough to prevent its implementation.

So it will be used to transition some of the public that will find it too cumbersome to change their ways or take on more of a self-responsible lifestyle.

These souls know they will merely be a burden to the pioneers of the next era, so they are orchestrating their own exit to alleviate this concern.

Geological events will accomplish further population reductions and institutional dissolution.

Those that prepare for survival through these events now will be better off than those that wait until it’s too late.

Be wise. The change is now inevitable.

Prepare to find your role in this transformation of society, for every soul who desires to construct the New Era will surely have a place in its formation.

To be continued...

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