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Life Chats: The Turning Point for Humanity Is Upon Us

May 23, 2020 15 min read

Our Moment of Decision

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on the crossroads facing us, and how the decision humanity makes in the next few days and weeks will set the stage for how events unfold over the next two years of societal transformation.


May 20, 2020

Michael: It appears that the months of May and June 2020 hold a critical turning point for humanity. We are arriving at a fork in the road and I am wanting to understand the dynamics behind this moment of decision. 

A few current events that may be pointing to this point of decision being presented to humanity include:

Suicide rates in some places over the loss of jobs, isolation, and foreclosure of businesses now exceed death rates related to the virus. 

Washington State is paving the way now for statewide contact tracing and mandatory forced quarantine measures which include separating children from their parents and mandatory vaccines (even though their reported/inflated death rate from the virus is merely 0.012% of their population).

House Bill 6666 (not yet passed) is an attempt to authorize this same kind of draconian action nationwide. The bill number is not just a coincidence. 

I am seeing a growing number of people, including doctors, nurses, police, and military, in the streets worldwide protesting the lockdown measures that are sacrificing businesses and personal lives daily to suicide, domestic violence, loss of jobs, child abuse, and in several other ways.

Public exposure of humanity’s dark underbelly is increasing by the day.

The spread of information about the true science vs. media spin is growing exponentially.

People are becoming more aware and are sharing their views. Meanwhile censorship appears to be growing in scope and desperation.

“The players” are being exposed and are resorting to more draconian measures and media spin to clamp down on this exposure. Their attempts to control the narrative are failing. The news media and social media sites are appearing frantic to curb these revelations.

The awakening public are seeing past the spin to the truth.

Rampant censorship itself speaks volumes about who is trying desperately to hide something. 

You have said from the beginning that no one will remain untouched by these events, and that the virus was manufactured with a specific agenda in mind. We are seeing this “plan” being exposed as it unfolds before our very eyes today.

What is the Cause of the Turning Point?

I am wanting to know if this awakening among the people is the true cause of the turning point during the months of May and June, or is there a greater event on the horizon that will cause events to go right or left, and what are the options before us that will decide our future course?

Oversoul: These are trying times for the whole of humanity. Never has the need for greater unity among the people been seen or experienced. The changes that lay ahead for you are many and will encompass the very fabric of society all the way down to how you bathe and care for your young.

No detail in your life will remain quite the same, for as the truth becomes exposed in greater and greater measure, no part of your former life will be seen in the same way as before.

There are several areas of influence that will play a role in the turning point that you have questions about. Some of these will not be made known for years to come, yet they are still playing a role in the events of today. Others will become quite obvious once mentioned.

To begin with, the turning point in question will have its impact on most of human society, but not all. For others whose domain exists within the earth, this shift will be detected more readily, yet they will not be surprised by its advent for they are generally in tune with geomagnetic shifts of the earth and its impact on their civilizations. 

Conscious Shifts and "The Wave"

The consciousness of the earth, the members of the underground civilizations, and that of humanity on the surface are playing leading roles in the formation of this turning point. Consciousness (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, personal definitions added to experiences) have always played a central role in paving the way forward through shifts and changes related to daily life.

Now is the time to pay close attention to your neighboring star systems as well, for they are experiencing shifts of this magnitude along side those of the earth.

The magnitude of light in the visible spectrum is increasing in measure throughout this sector of your galaxy for reasons that may be difficult to fully describe, yet, it is enough to know that this effect is the result of two basic factors, your personal awakening frequencies and the lifting in consciousness of the galaxy as a whole in this sector (formerly steeped in lower evolutionary states).  

“The rising tide lifts all ships”, and so this effect is lifting humanity along with all other beings in this sector, both dark and light. So, yes, opportunities will exist for both those on the dark path and the path of light to ascend to their next level, assuming proper steps are taken in unison with this galactic wave event.

This wave has been long awaited for and will affect generations to come as it continues to rise and fall in frequency, lifting, then descending, so as to provide a “second chance” for those that failed to achieve the levels required to ride this wave upward to their next level of conscious experience.

So, this is the “help from the sun” that you were asking about in our previous dialog. The wave energy will peak more than once in the next two months of your time, then descend for a longer time, allowing for an adjustment phase for those “rattled” by the wave itself.


May 21, 2020

A Turning Point on May 27, 2020

Michael: Will we recognize this wave when it arrives? What will the experience feel like?

Oversoul: Some will recognize the wave for what it is, others will simply feel lighter and more awake. Others still, will merely notice an oddity in how they feel, but attribute it to something else.

This set of waves will not be as strong as the waves to come, yet the awakening of the people worldwide will be accelerated by global events associated to the wave. Many will sense that they are seeing more than ever before about the nature of life on earth, and wonder why did they not see these things before.

Michael: Penny Kelly has seen via remote viewing the dates of May 22nd and May 27th as significant turning point dates, but unable to see past them to their significance.

I'm aware of a few significant global events taking place this month that may be playing a role:

A worldwide meditation is planned for today (21st) that is hoping to involve over 1 billion people. 

There are political efforts to curtail more and more of our freedoms almost by the day, and the House of Representatives are off until the 27th for two days, to then vote on who knows what.  

Digital ID, tracking and tracing measures are on a frantic fast track, as preparations are being made to manufacture pre-filled syringes for 1-4 worldwide mandatory vaccines per person as we speak. 

We are anticipating some major public disclosures regarding the underbelly of human existence at some point in the near future.

Are any of these related to the May 27th “turning point” date?

Oversoul: Yes, all are related, each in their own way. You cannot have an acceleration of consciousness without physical events correlating to the shifts, though neither one of these are solely responsible for the change that is about to take place.

Michael: There is the suggestion that the direction humanity moves at the “turning point” will be dependent on a decision humanity will make by the 27th. The nature of that decision was not revealed, but suspected to be related to whether or not to press forward with disclosures now or later, and how humanity may respond to possible public disclosures of the hidden life of wealthy elitists.

Are you at liberty to discuss the decision humanity is facing today with respect to this turning point?

Oversoul: I am. Queries to one’s oversoul are universally welcomed and embraced. If you are ready for the information, you may ask. You may not like the answer, and each answer is commonly tailored to the needs of each individual soul, yet when insight is sought with sincerity, the answers are willingly given. There is no limit to the possibilities of what can be known, just to the ability of the soul to grasp the fullness of the answer with all of its complexities.

The Combined Voice of Humanity Is The Deciding Factor

The crossroads you speak of is related to the diligence of the people to the task of stepping up as a greater unified whole to insist that governing bodies do the “right thing”, that which is in the best interest of the whole of humanity, rather than for just a few of the “chosen elite”. 

The combined voice of humanity is, and has always been, the deciding factor with respect to change. If humanity does not address their own fear and laxity with respect to global agendas being perpetrated against the masses, they will lose an increasing measure of personal freedom.

The 27th of May is a turning point energetically, after which darkness will be given greater opportunity to bring forward their personal agendas, thus breaking the stride of human groundswell toward the positive.

If you fail to increase your positive momentum now, the circumstances created by this loss will, on one hand, insure that a greater measure of the human race has more time to become informed of hidden agendas now coming to light, thus consolidating their combined voices with the previous, yet this will also mean your voice will be made less relevant to the encroaching agendas. 

The suppression of human will, will then gather a momentum it was previously losing. The outcome of this pass through the dark cycle will mean that the consolidation of human resistance to dark soul agendas will be more difficult to achieve.

To be clear, the system around you, as you know it to be today, will eventually crumble in a variety of ways and become unrecognizable in the not so distant future.

The loss of human life will become unimaginable to most, yet certain to take place if human efforts to curtail the dark agendas are not consolidated during the current phase of light, in which the natural cyclical energetic swing of support empowers first the light, then the dark, and back again in the cyclical movement forward of human evolution overall.

Natural Cycles of Light and Dark

You are in a light cycle and are approaching a dark cycle, during which time there is an advancement of the dark path, and a further consolidation among those of the light path.

During a dark cycle, the light is given an opportunity to practice all that was learned during the previous phase of light. Essentially, your wisdom is put to the test.

All will not be lost, because those remaining will be all the more aware and committed to change.

Your voice will once again become unified, and as a cycle swings back toward the cycle of light, your momentum will then become unstoppable. The cleansing will have purified and intensified the will of humanity.

Seeing that all former ways have eroded, the clarity and commitment toward positive change will consolidate even further. A threshold will eventually be crossed, leaving no return to former ways of dependency on social norms and trust in political leadership.

You will ultimately achieve levels of autonomy never seen before among humanity as a single group. Not all will follow this way, but for those that do, there will be no turning back. The joy and freedom given to oneself will outweigh any desire to restrict oneself to the care and provision of an outside source.

You will co-create your own future in ways unimaginable in the moment, but certain to be more fulfilling than your current existence.

Actions That Will Make a Difference Now

Michael: What actions can we take that will make a difference now? What choices are we to make that will keep the positive momentum going throughout the next cycle of darkness?

Oversoul: First and foremost, every soul will want to get quiet and listen to their own inner guidance. Listen to your heart.

For those unfamiliar with what this means, you will want to step away from all electronic instruments, walk outside or look out of your window to the closest piece of nature you have access to.

Study the leaves on the tree, get close to the flowers. If possible take your shoes off and walk on the grass.

Feel yourself energetically rooted to the earth like the roots of the trees. Then focus on the center of your chest, the energetic heart, and remember someone you love dearly. Someone that opens your heart with feelings of love and acceptance.

Now you are ready to listen to your heart.

Ask your own oversoul what is the most important thing you can do now to further the movement of life on earth toward a positive, fulfilling way of life.

Listen to your gut responses, to your feelings, to a sense of knowing that comes to you with a quiet sense of confidence, and gentle, yet strong peace; with a certainty, whether it makes total sense now or not.

This is your heart speaking. This is your soul. This is your own oversoul guidance. 

Listen carefully. Take note of the feelings and insights.

Second, ask your oversoul for an image of life across the earth that expresses the world’s highest good.

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

How do nations interact?

How do the many different cultures interact?

What role do you see yourself playing amongst the many roles of all others on earth.

How do you fit in to help make this beautiful vision possible, one tiny part among the 7 billion parts playing roles in this unity?

With everyone playing their own role, what happens to the corruption on earth? How is that addressed? What about poverty? Hunger? Politics? Governance? Health? The building of communities? 

How does life change from where you are today to where your beautiful vision is taking you? What role do you see yourself playing that fits perfectly in the Grand Mosaic of all efforts to bring about this beautiful vision?

Take careful notes regarding your unique role and purpose. Review this often and see to it that your part is played as well as you possibly can.

Let all other parts take care of their own roles. Be diligent about your own.

If We Succeed Today, What Will Be the Future Outcome?

Michael: I can see how this practice will ultimately lead to specific group efforts in unique areas of influence working together with other groups to bring about this unified vision.

Yet, I also see the resistance from the dark side to such a vision that is void of their controls, and the need from humanity to address that resistance en masse.

At the same time, it is clear that many today would still rather not know the truth about the underbelly of humanity. "Surely those in charge would not allow such things to happen", is a common sentiment expressed by the uninformed.

The thought that such things have been going on for thousands of years is just too much to fathom. "Why haven't I seen this on mainstream TV? Surely it can't be happening."

This lack of comprehension of the depth of the control system, now eroding around us, is one of the greatest challenges we face, even among those who are here to promote the light.

So public disclosure is central to our success at transforming our world into the greater vision. Seems we have a responsibility to share what we see and know.

It is also clear we have a ways to go to achieve unity as a people. We also have a ways to go to clean up the corruption, both high and low.

I assume there are those with specific soul purposes to play major roles in the disclosure and cleanup. Not everyone is equipped to manage the most difficult tasks, yet some are.

Succeeding at this in the next 6 days appears impractical, though we can certainly take steps in that direction.

If we choose to consolidate our voices now as one people, prior to the 27th, what will be the potential outcome?

Oversoul: Surprising events can materialize when the hearts of many are synchronized toward the accomplishment of a single purpose. This can happen in a single day, as has just happened today in a synchronized meditation.

Depending on your perspective, when enough voices unite for or against a single cause, a joining of minds takes place with its power to change outward events, convince leadership to make a change in course, and awaken those sitting on the sidelines, thus consolidating even more momentum.

The universe of light is poised to come to your aid, simply waiting for your voice to become single minded.

As the awakening occurs and commitment to positive change congeals among the people, dark agendas are delayed, because they are no longer required to further human evolution in the same ways as before.

Human evolution is inevitable, regardless the path taken. But what is at stake here has to do with how the evolution takes place.

This can be easy or difficult. Your choice. Blend together as one voice now and all the powers of life come to your aid to assist in your progress toward the light.

One voice is strengthened by another. New dreams become possible in the minds of the former sleepers.

Now there is the hope for real change, but the obstacle-makers will still have to be removed from action in order to build a New Era World with a foundation based on a new set of principles.

Disintegration of the Old to Make Way for the New

The old systems of support will still have to crumble. Forgiveness and reconciliation will have to take center stage. Are you prepared for this? 

If so, you will band together in unison prepared to not only remove the power structure, but roll up your sleeves and go to work reforming the old into the new.

This will require the voluntary refusal to support all aspects of your current society bent on control, to be replaced with systems based on autonomy, respect for human dignity, and the furtherance of all that is good for human evolution. 

The function of the dark cycle is entropic – disorder, disintegration, destruction, and decline.

The function of the light cycle is extropian – orderly, expansive, progressive, and evolutionary.

If the light path souls do not let the current system disintegrate, nothing will truly be replaced, just modified.

Destruction is accomplished effectively by dark path souls. This is their fundamental role, thus the reason why they are so few in number. Their focus insures self-destruction along with all else they destroy.

Yet in Nature, the disintegration of former life is part of all cycles that ultimately birth new life, whether in the soil (as compost), in the heavens (as supernovae), or in the body (as in digestion).

So, if you find it difficult to promote the disintegration of familiar systems, the dark cycle souls have this function as a natural course of their evolution. They serve the greater good in this manner.

Yes, many of them will disintegrate in the process, but this is merely a known part of their cycle, from which new life will be birthed as the light cycle again emerges.

So, a cycle through the darkness is not to be feared, for it will bring to light what is necessary for future life to be shaped into existence. 

It will also cast the shadows aside through disintegration, like leaves falling to the earth to become fresh soil, clearing the way for new life and new ideas to be born in the light.

The cleansing purifies the soul and consolidates the will to move forward in life.

The Wisest Path For the Future of Humanity?

Michael: How long before the next cycle of light returns to the earth?

Oversoul: There are cycles within cycles to infinity. With respect to the nature of this conversation, you are currently in a cycle of light, and the next minor cycle of light will arrive within two weeks from the 27th, after which a cycle of darkness will again arrive well within 30 days, then the cycles will be spaced out by approximately 30-60 day rhythms for a period of 2 years.

By this time much of the most significant changes associated to humanity’s evolutionary path will have been decided upon and there will be steady progress established along that path. 

Now is a period of decision, a crossroad, that will determine the context in which the next two years will challenge humanity and compel deep soul searching, followed by the need to regroup along one path or another.

Michael: What form of guidance would you suggest as to how best to decide upon the wisest path for the future of humanity?

Oversoul: The same as we have been suggesting all along. What form of social structure will compel the most unity, provide the most opportunity for evolutionary growth for individual souls, and set the stage for the most desirable future for your future generations?

These decisions are not to be spelled out for you. They are best born from the hearts and minds of each individual soul.

There is no one answer, but there is a cohesive fabric of differences within humanity, that when woven together reveal a most beautiful picture of tragedy and triumph, the overcoming of a dark era, and the emergence of souls living in communion with the earth, as well as with all life elsewhere; only this time with greater wisdom, a great compassion for other worlds encountering a similar journey, and the certainty of success in the healing of both the dark and the light path souls in the end.

You must find your answers within before you share them with other worlds.

To be continued...


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