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Life Chats: Deteriorating Conditions – The Good, The Bad, and The Extraordinary

March 16, 2020 20 min read

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on concerns around the serious downturn of businesses and potential loss of jobs by millions across the globe, and how this shift is moving us more rapidly toward New Era ways of life.

March 16, 2020

How to Navigate the Immense Changes Now Reshaping the World We Live In

Michael: I had a sobering and heartbreaking conversation with a coffee shop owner and a restaurant employee about the downturn in business that began just this week in our area.

We have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our area, yet people are now concerned about catching the flu of unknown origin and more reluctant to sit in a coffee shop or restaurant, or go where several are gathered together in an enclosed space.

The owners, stuck with leases and facing such a rapid decline in business revenue, are having to seriously consider closing their doors; the potential fallout being massive layoffs with a chain reaction effect reaching even to the online businesses, all due to a diminishing audience with paying jobs.

Homelessness may well go off the charts shortly if we fail to implement a wise solution as a unified people.

Topping this off were some shocking revelations I received yesterday about the insanity in some of the landlords of these business properties who still are simply focused only on their personal bottomline, regardless the suffering of others at a time like this.

The slowdown is already affecting airlines in a serious way. Schools statewide here are extending the Spring Break an extra week. Several restaurants locally are now closing until April 1st.

Healthcare workers, being exposed the most to the sick, disabled, and dying are under extremely stressful conditions, not so much from COVID, but from their usual rounds of colds, flu, pneumonia, etc., yet are having to take exceptional precautions due to the unknown potential that one of their patients might have COVID-19.

It is obvious that games are being played at the CDC level with respect to numbers being tested, unreliable tests, and test results, so nothing reported can be truly trusted. Most of any local cases are likely just a normal flu blamed on the COVID, just because symptoms are similar, referred to as "presumed" positive.

Iran and Italy though, may be an exception, where this is more serious. So I understand the importance of precautions. Likely a different strain than elsewhere, (which raises the question of how it got there).

Cities today who have caved in to the latest push to set up cell towers on every lamppost are already experiencing higher rates of flu, given that the symptoms of electromagnetic radiation are similar to the COVID symptoms, while further weakening the body’s immune system, making it more susceptible to any pathogen floating around. 

Tourism, entertainment businesses, sports gatherings, restaurants, and every business dependent on parts from China are being affected now.

Flights and freight coming from Europe are being discontinued as of last Friday. Restaurants and bars have been closed except for takeout as of today in Oregon. People are panic buying stockpiles of food and essentials across the country.

Very few people know how to grow their own food. A large percentage of our population would not even be able to withstand the physically rigorous tasks of daily farm life, even if they did have the land for it.

Even though there is a surge of interest in herbal therapies and natural remedies, when a crisis hits, the fear inside still drives some back into the destructive arms of poisonous chemicals and needless surgeries, rather than a change in diet, improvements in lifestyle, and a trust in whole herbs, foods, and Nature’s infinite array of frequency-based solutions.

These individuals will not survive well in the coming changes that are clearly depicted in Penny Kelly’s incredibly accurate book “Robes”, foretelling these very events and where we are heading in the future if humanity fails to work together as one unit to solve our global problems.

The solution obviously involves each person taking personal responsibility for their own inner & outer changes, as will be demanded by the upcoming geological and political landscape changes clearly now on the horizon.

It appears that the real epidemic is not the virus, (which a strong immune system is able to conquer), it is the “official” version supported by media hype being built up around this situation causing the world to withdraw in fear and panic without sharing simple ways to combat this pathogen, and any other pathogen that might show its face. 

At this point, from what I can see, this is a manufactured “pandemic” with an underhanded objective to destroy the world economy.

With the potential loss of so many jobs, the chance of severe malnutrition causing further disease is of greater importance here than a pathogen that is readily defeated with vitamin C, oxygen, and other obvious herbal or frequency-based solutions.

Simon Parkes is revealing that the death toll in Iran and Italy is now up to 8% of those infected, so this is higher than the typical flu by 4 times or better, and understandably a cause for concern, although the toll on the families around the world reliant upon service jobs for their living is heartbreaking.

I have some questions about Penny Kelly’s work that I want to ask at another time, but first, what insights do you have regarding the escalating fear in our population and the downturn of a growing number of businesses around the world?

Is this really a virus to be concerned about, or is this just a scare tactic designed to collapse the global economy?

Oversoul: I would like to say first that the ultimate result of the “pandemic” as you call it, is to draw humanity together toward a final goal of working together toward the benefit of all on earth.

This does not mean just the human population, but the environment, the animals, and the non-human residents, both within the earth and above.

All forms of life on earth will find a place in this reconstruction if they desire to participate. 

The Original Purpose of the Virus

The virus itself was designed to pose the greatest threat possible, and outdo the previous engineered bioweapons in terms of its destructive capacity, but more importantly, to engender greater levels of fear across the global populations so as to pave the way for the enactment of steeper controls on the people who are waking up now in large numbers and resisting governmental agendas.

The design of the virus was flawed and incomplete in its design, yet still intended to be released upon the populace due to the urgency in their minds of the escalating awakening taking place across the globe among the people.

Growing discontent and demonstrations were on the verge of toppling several governments or governmental controls, so timing was pushed up, even though the ideal design was not in place.

A Flaw in the Design of the Virus

The flaw in the design was due to its artificial makeup. A natural hybridization has the strength of Nature behind it. Artificial inserts, similar to genetic modifications of plants, hold inherent weaknesses that are easily defeated by natural influences.

Love, for instance, sets up a resonating field that brings all into harmony while disbanding and disintegrating the incoherent qualities of genetic manipulation.

Plants and herbal resources are drawn from the Love within Nature and hold powers far beyond that of the weak laboratory concoctions, which weaken further with the introduction of healing plants and frequencies characteristic of Love.

Natural resources bring harmonious resonances into the body to uphold its innate immune activity, while disbanding, at the molecular level, discordant qualities in pathogenic constructs, such as these strains of viruses and other pathogens (for there are several that have been introduced as of recent, not just the one getting all of the attention lately.)

Lacking the Natural powers of Love in their genetic makeup, they are easily destroyed, much like a plant weakened by genetic manipulation is far more susceptible to destruction by insects (Nature’s decomposition force).


This is Nature’s way of destroying the imbalance while supporting the Love within the more wholesome plants. Once broken down, the weaker plant becomes compost and converts to soil to provide a basis for new growth and stronger plants in the future.

Nature learns from the mistake and builds an immunity of sorts to it, thus building resistant strength into new growth.

Your body does the same thing, by developing immunity from the exposure. The wisdom of Love within your body knows how to build the correct counter force to any invading pathogen, thus strengthening the body’s ability to withstand future attacks of this sort.

If the body is weak from a life of artificial foods and a lifestyle discordant with Natural Law, the body will be taken down, just like the genetically modified plant referenced before, and converted into soil, thus bringing all of its memories and experiences back to Mother Earth for inclusion in the development of more life, both plant and human, for example.

This is how Earth develops and evolves. Your life, whether positive or negative, contributes to the bank of information and experience that assists in its reformation of matter to support more souls along their evolutionary path.

Origin of the “Pandemic” and Its Use to Awaken More of the Populace

Michael: So how did this “pandemic” come about? And how much concern do we need to place on being affected by one of these viruses that have been released?

Oversoul: There were some craftily designed plans behind this series of events, not all of which were benevolently minded, though some involved believed it could be made so in the end.

The truth is, a number of influential people, terrestrial and non, were behind its original orchestration and planning, and a number of others involved in the direction and orchestration of these plans, not all of which were able to foresee its true ultimate outcome.

What was unexpected was the effectiveness of outside benevolent influences capable of making sure that the ultimate outcome works against the designer’s original plans and in favor of the greater life on earth as a result of the necessary economic and lifestyle changes. 

As stated before, no one will be left untouched. You are on the verge of a permanent reordering of life on earth as you know it today.

This reordering is for the better. It will destroy the former ways of life, yet compel social interactions to move toward methods that more closely resemble how advanced societies elsewhere structure their lifestyles.

A Population Reduction and an Extraordinary Movement Toward Communities

There will still be a reduction of the populace base, this is seen as a valuable aspect of the original detrimental scheme, yet not in the ways first imagined by the nefarious souls who concocted the original designs of the plans.

The population will see the need to congregate its “working body” of souls who share the intent to save humanity from total disaster. These communities will form the greatest movement toward societal changes consistent with the New Era.

The virus itself, as well as any of the additional strains that have been released elsewhere in the world, will continue to be of concern to those that live a discordant life apart from the Laws of Life built into the formation of all physical matter.

This includes most of your population, by the way, so the concern remains in place, yet it is also driving greater segments of the population to consider alternatives to lifestyle, diet, and medical treatment beyond the roads established by the medical bureaucracy.

These are the improvements that will draw like-minded souls together to build communities capable of starting on the path toward ways of life characteristic of the New Era.

Not all will survive to make the New Era possible, but those that do will become the pioneers of change that will form the new way of interacting with life, both on and beyond this world.

Free Will and Earth Changes

We must allow a certain amount of free will play here, as is necessary in accordance with the Laws of Nature that govern situations like this. Yet, the earth changes that will take lives have been in the works now for thousands of years. They are necessary adjustments of the tectonic plates and resultant volcanic eruptions.

It has been known for a long time that adjustments of this nature come with a shift of the ages, as per Universal design. It is simply part of the curriculum for evolving souls and shifts of consciousness, no different than the physical reaction you might experience if there were less activity in your life followed by a period of intense workout. The sore muscles and the possible joints needing realignment are similar in nature.

However, this is something new that is being formed, so the “realignment” is a permanent reshaping of not just land masses, but, among the populace, ways of looking at life as well.

Yes, there will be massive loss of life, homes destroyed, and significant changes in the way people interact with each other compared to how they treat each other today.

Kindness will be front and center in the minds of those oriented to benevolence. The opposite will be true for those oriented toward service to self at the expense of others.

It is for this reason that I mentioned previously that you may be faced with a decision to save some and let others go, for the New Era will eventually be populated by souls working for the common good of most, if not all.

The rest will simply not survive, partly by their own negligence toward the natural Laws of Life, and partly due to their personal actions in which the defensive measures of others will take their lives.

Some will need to be abandoned to their own fate, for this is the final way that some souls choose to learn.

Wisdom and discretion will need to be cultivated in the times of the Great Separation now forming on the horizon.

The Great Separation

It will become obvious that you will not be able to save everyone, nor would those who have come to the end of their usefulness, in terms of evolution in this life, desire to be saved.

Some will simply have preplanned this point for their natural departure from this plane of existence.

Do not concern yourselves with the paths of others in this case. Their own souls are in control of the departure time and life experiences up to that point in their lives.

Busy yourself with those that resonate with your inner approach toward life and your goals for the near future.

How the Negative Serves the Purpose of the Positive

Now, to address your concerns about the purpose and intention of those that orchestrated such life altering changes on the earth.

There were both small and large groups in attendance of several planning sessions deciding the sequence of events that would serve their interests the best. What was not thought of to bring into the deliberations was the impact that negative agendas have on the positively oriented population.

All actions of a negative nature can be swerved to fit a perfectly positive outcome. When darkness descends, do you not tend to congregate with your families and meet needs at home, then retire together?

The Great Separation across the globe will work a similar pattern. As darkness descends to fulfill their undesirable agendas, you will find yourselves banding together with souls of like mind to form your own kind of support.

You will find ways to work together, assist each other with the fulfillment of your needs, and eventually congregate into groups, just like the materials you have been led to read indicate is part of the transition into a New Era of peace and plenty.

Not as you might have thought it to be, due to all the work that will be required of you to implement this change in lifestyle, but certainly a congregation of like-minded souls working together toward the common objective of building a community of mutually supportive partners.

So if it were not for the darkness, would you be looking for ways to congregate in a more peaceful, intimate setting than the sprawling, high-rise neighborhoods of today?

There will be less of you to choose from, yet this is to your benefit, for those choosing to leave will be those whose usefulness in creating the New Era will have come to an end. You will have plenty to work with without carrying forward dead weight to manage, am I right?

Not only that, but you will have centered yourselves on such lofty objectives that only those seeking to climb to their next level in spiritual development will even understand the importance of such goals.

Diminishing Populations

So do not concern yourselves with the diminishing population. It is all for a reason, and in the end, you will find yourselves planting similar seeds for your future generations who will be addressing the next level of advancements that you are not ready for today.

So it is of value to recognize your right placement in going forward, and the right placement of others that will be leaving in their right time shortly.

Prepare yourselves mentally and emotionally, for the intent you establish for yourself now will guide you to your destiny with groups of like mind.

The Ultimate Effect of the Quarantines

Michael: I see that if this quarantine mentality continues, millions of people will soon lose their jobs. Money that now supports billions of lives will dwindle rapidly with the few remaining bucks going to survival purposes only. 

The chaos that can be generated by this massive downsizing of businesses will have worldwide ramifications, with the potential for loss of homes, and countless homeless.

How is this going to free the people to accomplish what you have just said, “the congregation of like-minded souls working together toward the common objective of building a community of mutually supportive partners”?

Oversoul: This is to be seen by how humanity responds to the demands of society at that point.

Understand transitions do not have to be so chaotic. Humanity has believed such things must happen this way because they are not used to taking the initiative by planning far in advance to settle what starts out as just an intuitive feeling of what might happen.

It has been the choice of humanity to leave such planning to government and legislatures, who, by-the-way, have proven to take advantage of your absence and serve their personal short term interests instead, regardless the plight it brings upon you and your families.

So this now, is the aftermath of where you have driven yourselves. How many reading this today will still get the importance of becoming self-reliant? How many will know in full what that really means?

Allow me to paint a picture.

Becoming Self-Reliant

As your institutions disintegrate, you will find yourselves wanting to build a community to share the enormous tasks of establishing enough land and housing to support several members of your personal households, along with friends and extended families. This is the typical first response.

Then you will begin to think just how can this be accomplished, and who among the family and friends have the skills needed to build the homes, structure the garden and greenhouses, supply the necessary machinery to get started, fund the operation, and be the kind of people that work together well.

How will decisions be made as to where to build, how to construct, what bylaws of community interaction to establish, and the numerous decisions that will surface and need to be made on a daily basis?

What prior family experiences do you recall that says you are all suited to live in such close quarters and remain harmonious?

Is this the group you intend to build a New Era mini-reality with? Will it work if you try to do so?

Heart strings will tug and pull you in numerous directions at once, one toward your soul purpose goals, and one to save your family and friends that are a part of your lives, even if from a distance.

Do not think these decisions will be easy, or that you will survive well if you bring in disharmonious energy into a group interaction. There is a time and a place for everything.

Decide these fine points now so they will not be made under extreme duress later when you have fewer options in front of you.

Your economy will recover to a degree, then falter again, and experience fits and starts as one institution after another disintegrates. Religions, financial institutions, sectors of trade and commerce, entertainment industries, and the like will find great difficulty surviving, then collapse.

Michael: What time frame are we talking about here?

Oversoul: It has already begun and will continue for several more decades and into the next century.

Geological disasters will take their toll on civil society, driving many to escape altogether from the system and become more self-reliant. This is just the beginning.

Even though your time is short as we speak, there is still enough time to contemplate your goals, and then construct in your mind the faceless team of like-minded souls that will work together harmoniously and successfully to those ends.

What skills will you need among the group? What leadership qualities? What resources?

Seems overwhelming doesn’t it? It will be worse than that if you are not prepared to make changes at the time and have not already decided some of these things in advance.

If you do so, by envisioning the ideal arrangement, the rest will come to you through magnetic attraction. It is essential that you first set your personal initial parameters.

Life just works this way. Set your intention, knowing all is possible. Then let Natural Law swing into motion to bring you to your destination – as you commit yourself to fulfill the physical aspect of the tasks.

Do you think it works any other way? Try to assemble a building without a set of plans. You will soon find the need to disassemble the work you just performed to make room for something that was not planned for.

Now Is The Time

Now is the time to draw up your mental plans for how you wish to live out the remainder of your days on earth.

If this is not enticing to you, is it possible you are planning to transition before the need exists to “go to work” on a whole new way of life?

There is no wrong answer here, simply decide on your preferences and know that Life will accommodate you.

The “whole new way of life” part is inevitable. What has just been initiated on earth cannot be put back in the bottle, so to speak.

At least not with the mentality of your current institutional leadership. The will is not there yet, but the day will come when they will wish this “plan” had not been hatched, for it is the very reason their own profits will dry up and their personal lives will be exposed for their participation in these affairs. These institutions will not rebuild.

The world will know and the fallout will take its toll on them in the same manner that they had planned for the people.

Geological Transformations

It is not too late to turn some of this around enough to ease the transition into the New Era. But the geological transformations are almost cast in stone at this point, though some can be lessened.

The loss of lives will be extensive and this will continue until the past energetic disturbances to the environment and human suffering has been cleansed from the people’s inner nature.

As it looks, this may take a few hundred years unless more is done by humanity to correct this field of disturbance in the planetary psyche. As you heal the planet, the human psyche will heal simultaneously.

It does not matter whether it is your generation or the next several that does this. It will take as long as is necessary to balance the experiences inwardly, then the planet will return to a peaceful positioning. Harmony will prevail again, as it once did millions of years ago.

What It Will Take to Heal the Planetary Psyche and That of Humanity

Michael: What will it take for humanity to heal the psyche of the planet and thereby heal ourselves of the same?

Oversoul: The damage done to the planetary body is extensive. From the elimination of the ancient forests, to the chemical pollution of the waterways, both beneath the surface and on the surface, to the decimation of the ozone layer with radiation, metallic particulate, and chemical evaporation, to the covering of the surface with acres of asphalt and concrete, to the disregard for the sanctity of life, both within the animal kingdom and the plant makeup through experimentations and genetic alterations, to the extraction of ores without meaningful purpose other than profit.

Compound this with the same level of disregard for human life on the planet, the abuse of the vulnerable, the lack of care for every species and culture, the endless wars, and profit driven waste through industrial duplication, and you have a situation that is bereft of civility, common sense, and a foundational understanding of the Laws of Life.

Pursuit of self-interest at the expense of others has taken its toll on the planet and has diminished evolution across the full span of conscious life.

To turn this around and heal the scars, restore the ecosystem, and correct the wrongs – by unifying with that singular purpose, will take a massive effort on the part of the whole of human life, in that every soul that has inhabited this planet has played a role in its decimation, whether by action or indecision.

The imprint left upon the psyche of both the planet and the human species is deeply ingrained. It will not heal apart from a reliving of aspects that were perpetrated on her surface and recognizing the complicit role of each and every soul who has ever lived within her environment.

Such an imprint is buried deep within the DNA and does not originate only here on earth. Many star systems have been co-creators with you in the process of the earth’s destruction and human disability.

The beginning of this mutual healing process is to recognize the intrinsic complicity of each and every soul that takes on a human form. 

This Is Not About Guilt, It Is About Correcting Complicity

This does not imply guilt. It merely recognizes the undeniable truth that to be human is to express inbuilt tendencies inherited from generations past, and that to heal these tendencies one must first recognize complicity, even if such is not consciously deliberate.


Correcting the psyche is a matter of perceiving the error and setting about with its deliberate physical correction.

This would mean restoring the habitat to its original pristine and abundant nature while living harmoniously within its shelter.

It would mean balancing the former interactions that destroyed human life with the reparation of minds and bodies to the place of complete wholeness, until all remaining on earth are whole once more. This can only be done where each participant, both victim and perpetrator, recognize their codependent co-creations.

To heal one human form containing a soul is to heal all former and future forms to that degree, yet must be done in a way that seals the healing permanently – by correcting the physical actions that constructed the harm in the first place.

This means reversing the damage done to the physical habitat, while providing the animals the safety they desire to enjoy their stay on earth, much the same way you yourself would want to feel and know.

This also means correcting the harm inflicted on the geomagnetics of the earth with your frequency generators set to discordant frequencies designed to disrupt and harm. Frequencies set to heal and balance are essential here now to correct this.

Body & Soul, A Joint Endeavor

It also means caring for the body that houses you as a soul in ways that mimic a most harmonious relationship with Nature. Chemical poisons and artificial food sources will be replaced with Nature’s own.

A greater wisdom will need to be developed with respect to the true purpose of the symbiotic relationship between the human form and soul inhabitant. It will need to be recognized that the soul is the master and the body is its co-creator in the deeds of life on earth.

The two must find a balance in their joint endeavor here, one that is mutually respectful and supportive.

Same with the animal kingdom. Your co-inhabitance is not by accident. It is by design. You must correct the discord of enmity between animal and human caused by the disdainful slaughter and housing of the animals left in your care.

Why We Remain Enslaved to Institutions and Governments

Your treatment of the animal kingdom in general is the epitome of why you are unable to break free from the imprisonment by your institutional and governmental guards.

Everything is connected. You will not evolve until you evolve the way you treat your animals. In like manner, those that mistreat the human family will remain stuck in their evolution until they assist you to break free of the chains they placed upon you, then help you to make that next step toward New Era thinking and personal freedom. 

You see, this is a tall order, and everyone is complicit, so every living soul upon the planet will need to participate in their own way in the healing of both the planet and humanity at large.

If this can only be done by reducing the population to only those willing to undertake the task, then this will be your path. You have a choice. Now or over time. How long is up to you.

Those that fail to participate now will find themselves faced with the same dilemma when they arrive at their new choice of residence.

The earth will heal with a few remaining souls assisting and participating in the process, yet where the non-participants go, the challenge and the opportunity to do the same will remain a part of their personal evolution.

This reveals the infinite connection that everyone shares with all life everywhere. Doing your part now frees you to take that next crucial step in your own evolution as a soul, and thereby heal a part of the planet and the remainder of all humanity in the process.

To be continued...

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Michael King

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