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Life Chats: Change Is In The Wind. Battle for Control Over the Human Mind is Heating Up.

July 23, 2020 13 min read

Mass Exodus From Big Cities Ahead, the Breakup of America, Chaos That Triggers Awakening, Cooperative Systems Replace Control Systems, and the Nature of Truth That Sets Us Free

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on a few of the significant changes our world is on the verge of experiencing and how to navigate these changes with a new perspective on how and why they are ultimately working toward our global best interest. 


July 21-22, 2020

Quiet Before the Storm

Michael: Feels as though we are in a phase of quiet consolidation with a sense of impending intense and steady activity ahead. The air of immense change is in the wind, but not yet here, like the sense of an approaching storm with a few raindrops falling in advance.

The heat of summer is upon us. Fires are showing up in several places on the West Coast. Questions linger, wondering how many fires this summer will bring, and whether it may affect us personally. Preparations are being made to be ready for an evacuation, if it comes to that: what is most important to bring, where to go, how to manage life from that perspective.

Hopefully this will not be necessary, but for those that have been through it already in past years, wisdom now prevails.

National Guard Troops have been sent in to quell the constant violence and destruction of property in several major cities. Many directly involved in property destruction are being arrested now.

Peaceful protests are seldom peaceful. Instigators of violence seem always present to push the envelope. Clearly an orchestrated agenda is at play here.

Peaceful demonstrations to voice an opinion is one thing. Destruction of businesses and provocation of violence is a clear sign of hidden hands paying players to act out in specific ways inconsistent with the “peaceful voice of concerned citizens”.

Local governments supporting the destructive actions are showing their hands, revealing who they work for, and what agenda they are promoting.

Clearly change is in the wind, yet it appears as though this era of change is actually leading us to the complete dissolution of the old corrupt system of controls, while paving the way, by necessity, for a more self-responsible, autonomous living approach among those wise enough to pursue that path.

Those with benevolent aspirations and a self-reliant bent are finding each other, pooling their ideas, and looking for ways to build a new way of life independent of government and big corporations.

They are developing or acquiring self-sustaining technologies, beginning to grow their own food, school their own children, and provide their own necessities wherever possible.

It appears as though the dissolution of the old ways of life that you spoke of previously are taking place now in visible ways across the globe.

To repeat your comments on April 11th:

“Oversoul: Do not think this situation can be turned around, nor would you find it desirable to do so, once you see the greater purpose to the dissolution of the world the way it once was.

You are on the verge of a complete reordering of your society. How this comes about is a collective decision to be made each day by humanity at large throughout the period of transformation.”

Then further on:

“How many would have been motivated to participate in the change had they not been given a clean slate to start with? Comfortable jobs, families, entertainment; where is the motivation to completely restructure one’s way of life?

You can look at this transformation as a disruption to your former unaware life, or as the gift that motivated you to seek out the revelations that are now exposing the darker elements on the planet, and compelling you to prepare for the changes ahead.

What will you do once society ceases to control your every move, dictate your social behavior, and incessantly tell you how to think and act?

Will you willingly take up the task of building communities that work together for the good of all concerned, respect the environment even to the point of living in close daily communion with the Earth along with the plant and animal life, and make new bylaws for working together based on new understandings of the greater connection you share with all life everywhere? 

Would you have done so if the former system, inbred with such corruption, had not fallen away?

This is your opportunity. Those that recognize this and seize the opportunity to form the new paradigm will find a role in its construction.

Those that cannot imagine such a possibility will simply struggle and pass away, or find themselves in a similar place where controls over their daily lives are mechanically installed rather than be drawn from new understandings of timeless Universal Principles.”

Public revelations of the dark underbelly of global society appear to be surfacing little by little, yet I sense the tide will swell and not stop until the whole world is finally, and unmistakably, aware of the control mechanisms and rituals that have been present beneath the surface for thousands of years.

New information channels are popping up that sidestep the controlled media and its censorship. Citizen reporters are being given a voice once again to report the truth as they see it happening.

More and more people everyday are questioning the mainstream narrative by using simple common sense and their personal scrutiny of the reported “science” of the official positions.   

The true agenda is becoming blatantly obvious to a growing number, especially among those that have lost their livelihood due to the slowdown of business, and for some now, their homes.

Vast numbers have seen their health destroyed by “proper medical treatment”. Many have seen their loved ones suffer and die needlessly after putting their faith in the current medical system and the official recommendations.

As a result, the movement toward natural food and therapies is rapidly accelerating.

I am also meeting more and more people who have stepped away from religious control structures. They claim that they are finding greater peace and solace in a direct and personal connection to the Natural Order of Life, often found within a close connection to Nature which provides them a rich and fulfilling peace from that connection; one that appears to be accessible to all who are willing to feel the depths of their own heart.

Clearly the physical worlds exist as a natural expression of Love from the Original Source of All Life, designed to be of greatest benefit to us both physically and spiritually, providing, of course, that we live in harmony with this Natural Order. 

Life on earth is changing for sure, and current events are simply catalyzing that change by destroying our complacency and our trust in the status quo; by capturing our attention as we watch events unfold that we never believed would happen; by finally grasping the magnitude of the seedy underbelly upon which our whole social order has been built.

I see now why it must be exposed and the system dissolved so as to make way for a more compassionate, connected, and benevolent social order to emerge out of it.

My concern has to do with the fallout as the old system crumbles away. Many lives will be drastically altered or lost in the chaos to come.

The Mass Exodus from Metropolitan Cities
and Extensive Loss of Life

The current system has entrenched the vast, vast majority, if not all of humanity, in control systems that have dictated our lives.

How can that be undone and a new approach installed without massive suffering and loss of life, especially among those living in the major metropolitan areas that will soon see the exodus of hundreds of thousands (the ones that are financially capable of leaving the big cities for smaller cities and countryside), leaving behind a growing number of empty stores, warehouses, and homes, along with the job opportunities they once provided?

We are already seeing the beginning of this exodus today due to many companies now working remotely, coupled with the loss of businesses and jobs as a result of the “social distancing” measures kept in place by those whose intent has been all along to destroy the worldwide economy using a concocted “pandemic” as an excuse.

Oversoul: The loss of life is inevitable. The soul path of many souls is not to gain enlightenment in this lifetime, but to support the effort of those who strive in that direction by playing the role of an antagonist to the light, or to be led to their next higher level of consciousness by those who have advanced before them.

Many intend to exit this plane during geological disasters or civil unrest, or through disease or mismanagement by professional healthcare systems, so as to further the awakening process of others that can play a role in affecting change in those areas.

There are countless other reasons why a soul enters and engages in a social condition with probabilities that bring a shortened lifespan.

The loss of a life is not an end to that soul’s expression as a living being. It is merely the end of one chapter in that soul’s eternal development.

The population will thin for a variety of reasons. This will then concentrate the will and the character of the population along the lines of what allows a more advanced population of beings to continue the evolution of humanity as a whole.

Cultures worldwide will become intertwined in a more cooperative spirit of assistance to all others, serving to support the ideals of a global civilization that lives and works in harmony with one another, as well as with your soul families from other star systems.

The Process of Change

The process of change is commonly one of chaos at first, followed by a period of assessment and redirection; then one of consolidation of efforts along a chosen line, yet more as one people, rather than directed from a singular controlling source, as it was before.

Now is the time to decide on the general direction you want to go over the course of this next stage of your evolution as a species. You will not decide this in meetings of all people on earth, but by the cumulation of intentions, drives, desires, hopes, and dreams.

Your intent to progress along a certain path, or arrive at a desired destination is what matters in this decision-making process. Your vote counts, but it is the synergistic effect of all intentions and actions that determine the outcome.


July 22, 2020

The Breakup of America and the
Resurrection of a New System of Cooperation

Michael: There is evidence that the orchestrated social disruptions we see today have been applied to other countries successfully in the past and present (like the description of how Yugoslavia, also linked above, was torn apart and broken up into ethnic countries, Venezuela today, the Soviet Union of the past, and now the immigrant invasions of Europe and America that are playing a role in today’s unrest).

How successful are these disruptive efforts expected to be here in the US? Penny Kelly in her book "Robes" has seen the breakup of America, now estimated to begin in the not too distant future. I recall others have predicted this as well in the past. I find it to be a heartbreaking thought. Is this a realistic possibility? 

Oversoul: There are many outcomes possible. None are cast in stone until the collective consolidates its actions along a line that insures the outcome. In some cases the only way to move forward is to break apart the institutions that mean the most to those stuck in complacent, yet unfulfilling lifestyles.

Remember, humanity has been living within an ingrained control system for thousands of years. America was born within that control system, for it was quite alive and well at the birth of this nation.

While America still holds a beacon of hope for people the world over, it is the transformed people of America, not those still held within the control system, that will pave the way for the people of other nations to follow.

It is understood that America holds a key to the unlocking of that control system because it was so central to its influence throughout the world, until today.

It is not the leadership of America that will take you to that destiny, it is the awakened members of your society, and those within other countries of the world, that will enact the change and show the way for others to follow.

This movement will come from within the people of these nations working together to tear down the control system of enslavement and resurrect a new system of cooperation for the good of all the earth, both above and below the surface.

As the populace awakens, new systems of sharing technology, distributing goods, trade and finance will replace the old system. Borders will hold less and less meaning, and eventually dissolve altogether.

This is many years down the road, but the early stages of this ultimate objective involve the diminishing influence of a once mighty and cohesive nation.

Remember, this nation is still enmeshed within the control system. The chaos playing out today is part of the change that frees the people from attitudes and beliefs that make the control system possible.

Chaos that Accelerates the Awakening

Will those who are evoking the chaos win in their stated objectives, which is basically an effort to increase their control over those now freeing themselves from the enslavement tactics?

No, such is no longer possible. Every effort made today to further enslave will result in a greater awakening, thus the speedy freeing of the very minds needed to maintain the controls.

This is a war of the mind. Your mind. The minds of each and every player in the game of control, both the submissive and the slave masters. If you agree with their motives, or their lies, you become part of their system.

If you step out of that system and live from your soul, the New Era dawns within you and sets you free.

New Strains Released During the Winter Months

Michael: There is some talk about the potential of releasing a more virulent strain during the winter months later this year to complement the release of the non-virulent strain released in China last year.

This is part of the ongoing psyops program to get people talking about how this strain is no more lethal than the common flu, then release a stronger version in the fall to turn the tables on those now posting the truth. 

This potential certainly reveals the importance of building a strong immune system today and maintain that throughout the winter and spring seasons next year.

However, what are the possibilities of such events happening this fall, and what can we the people do today to thwart such efforts?

Oversoul: There is a distinct effort ongoing to concoct strains of disease, whether of virus, or bacteria, or other origin, to release upon the public so as to maintain the momentum of this year.

Such efforts will be far less successful than they have hoped, yet the effort will be made for sure.

Your Influence Upon The Whole

First, the outcome of any effort by those seeking more control over your life is strongly influenced by the collective mind of all souls on earth.

You, as one person, can accomplish good within your personal sphere of influence. Yet, it will take the momentum of a mass worldwide awakening to put an end to these enslavement mechanisms.

Do not think you can do this alone, for the process of evolution is always a cooperative one. Each one plays a role, a part in the construction of the overall transformation. It is not done by one person, but by all.

The influence you can have the greatest effect upon, is on yourself first, then on a growing audience that shares your vision.

The collective will add their unique parts to this vision and it will morph over time into its final portrayal.

A beautiful sight to behold from this perspective during the making of such a dream!

The War for Control Over Your Mind

Remember, the battle is one of control over the mind. You can win that war by knowing the truth. That is how this war is won. No lie will stand its ground. The truth becomes known and is clearly felt by those who live close to their hearts.

This is what you have to “do”: Know the truth. As ugly as it may seem in the moment, know the truth. As impossible as it may seem to you, feel if it is true or not. Look deeper if need be, but know the truth so you will know how to act from that point forward.

The Many Layers of Truth

It has been said that “the truth will set you free”, yet there are many layers to the truth:

  1. There are foundational truths that deal with the facts and circumstances.

  2. Then there are higher truths that deal with the consequences or benefits, all based on the Natural Laws of Life.

  3. Then there are more expansive ways of looking at the facts, like the evolutionary benefit to the participants, by both those affected and those that perpetrate or evoke an action. 

Your “truth” will constantly evolve and expand. That is the point of this message.

You do not “know” the whole truth when you see only the facts. You will know the “truth” fully when you fully see the good derived from even the most ugly of facts.

That is all that is needed in the moment. Contemplate the potentials of this “truth”, for your next several months will challenge even the strongest of souls.

The facts that will come to the surface will rock the soul more so than anything experienced thus far in many people’s lives.

Yet, this will be needed to set them free.

Set Yourself Free

There is more to the story of humanity than is known publicly – a rich and beautiful part of human history that preceded the control system.

To see and believe in such a time, you will first need to walk back through the many layers of degradation that led you to this point you are facing today.

Know that ultimate freedom is assured. How you get there from here, and how fast, is up to humanity as a whole.

You each have a role to play in this awakening process. Play your part well, for that is how each one will set themselves free.

To be continued...


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Michael King

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