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How to Transform Fear, Regain Your Power, and Speak Truth in the Moment with Love

May 20, 2019 27 min read

Any human being, young or old, can inspire, and successfully affect, an improvement in the world – without leaving home.

Topics in this article include: 

Diet, Medicine, Environment, and the Subconscious Mind – Their Influence on Emotional Expression
The Deep Level Subconscious Influences
The Power of Self-Healing
To Change Our Personal Outer World, We Must First Change Our Personal Inner World
The Law of Reflection at Work 
Fear is Transformed with Love
The Self-Healing Process that Transforms Fear and Restores Your Personal Power
Immediate Results

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Diet, Medicine, Environment, and the Subconscious Mind – Their Influence on Emotional Expression

Three areas of serious concern within modern living involve the influence of diet, medical treatments, and environmental toxins that affect our health and predispose us to emotional states uncharacteristic of our normal healthful state of being.

What has been given less attention, yet likely to be more foundational to the unique set of emotional states that tend to surface during periods of high physiological stress, is the hidden effect of the subconscious mind.

There is no question that diet, medical treatments, and environment play a role in the promotion of discordant emotions like fear, anxiety, depression, despair, anger, timidity, confusion, the loss of drive to get things done, and similar other states. 

Toxins in the diet, in medications or medical imaging tests, and toxins in our water, food, air, and soil have both known and unknown influences on organs and glands of the body that either build them up, tear them down, or disrupt their normal functioning.

Toxins in the organs and glands lead to a variety of toxic emotions:

  • For example, a toxic liver increases anger (as will coffee).

  • An overstressed spleen, being the central lymphatic organ responsible for moving toxins to eliminative channels, leads to anxiety, lack of concentration, depression, timidity, and loss of drive.

  • Recreational herbs can lead to the loss of kidney jing essence increasing the aging process, lethargy, memory loss, and paranoia.

  • Chemically altered or contaminated food like GMO’s, glyphosate, artificial food additives, and chemical sweeteners are found to decimate the gut microbiome and disrupt brain function leading to anxiety, panic attacks, hyperactivity, depression, memory loss, dementia, and other neurological conditions.

The findings from studies in these areas are further proven by the reduction of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, timidity, and so forth, when sugar, caffeine, alcohol, food colors, recreational herbs, medical treatments, processed foods, GMO foods, and certain animal products are removed from the diet, whether individually or together. 

These same kinds of improvements can also be experienced during times of cell phone and computer abstinence, distancing from cell towers, WIFI, microwave ovens, and other toxic influences like moldy or chemical laden food & environments, perfumes and colognes, hormone-disrupting fragrances in laundry soaps and dryer sheets, living near fast food restaurants (that vent deep fry fumes from estrogen treated animals), and other chemical intrusions into our living environment. 

Over 80,000 chemicals are known to exist. 1,500 new chemicals enter production every year. Over 3,000 of these chemicals are imported to America at over 1 million pounds per year.

Fetal cord blood in newborns have been found to contain 287 different chemicals, most of which are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, or promoters of birth defects. 

Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests. The dangers of pre- or post-natal exposure to this complex mixture of carcinogens, developmental toxins and neurotoxins have never been studied.

We live in a toxic soup, is there any wonder that our moods are being pushed in wild directions at times? Depression, anxiety, and fear are well known side effects of heavy metal, chemical, parasite, and mold toxins in the body.

Depression, anxiety, and fear are also the little known side effects of an overwhelmed spleen whose function it is to produce the antibodies to counter these same toxins.

While all of this provides motivation to engage in a serious herbal and clay detoxification program, periodic cleansing fasts, a possible change in diet, and changes in how we use our cell phones, or where we live, there are deeper factors that influence our outward expressions as well. 

Our subconscious minds are imprinted with past experiences, belief patterns, interpretations, expectations, and an untold number of subtle impressions that miss the conscious mind altogether, yet influence how we respond to a stressful life episode.

The focus of this article is on how to transform subconscious influences in a way that empowers your decision making process to take action steps to resolve the inner issues as they arise.

You will learn how (even with food, medicine, and environmental toxins triggering undesirable emotional responses), to quickly and easily replace layer after layer of fear-based responses with a more powerful love-based approach.

The Deep Level Subconscious Influences

Issues buried within the subconscious mind play a pivotal role in the uniqueness of each individual's inner response to outer world influences. 

Due to the uniqueness of each one's subconscious holdings, the emotions that surface in the process of experiencing disrupting biological, chemical, medical, and electromagnetic intrusions are therefore unique to each individual. Each one's response is driven by a unique set of subconscious impulses.

Some respond aggressively, some passively, some withdraw in anxiety, others enter into deep depression, others experience a variety of phobias (not wanting to leave home, fear of flying, etc.), others experience manic-depressive tendencies, some choose to be inspired by life's challenges, while others choose to feel victimized by them, and the list goes on. 

The unique response triggered within each individual under dietary or environmental stress is related more to these deeper subconscious imprints than just the physical, biological, or environmental triggers themselves.  

For example, these same deeply rooted issues might subconsciously compel decisions to:

  • habitually consume certain food or drink that diminish health & vitality,

  • or entertain other types of disrupting influences, like spend endless hours playing violent video games,

  • or unconsciously carry a cell phone in the pocket, or leave it on at night next to the bed (even under the pillow!) that later results in a serious medical condition,

  • or promote a tendency to explode in a fit of rage or despair over a misunderstood comment made by a loved one,

  • or compel the unconscious choice to move into a home that has hidden mold,

  • or accept an abusive or unfulfilling relationship, and so forth. The list is endless. 

The Natural Law of Reflection (the inner world gives form to the outer world) governs what shows up for us materially and through circumstances. Yet, we have a friend to guide us in the directions of our true intentions, or prevent us from going where it may not fulfill our highest aims. This friend is our innate intuition.

Intuition is constantly guiding us. Subconscious imprints either support or block us from paying attention to intuition's subtle guidance to act in beneficial ways.

While a change of diet and environment help to improve our intuitive senses, as well as how we might respond to stress, there is a way to resolve the underlying mental-emotional subconscious root causes pushing us from within

There is also a way to energetically overpower the dietary and toxic influences of both food and the environment so they affect us less than before. The power to do so works on the basis of sympathetic resonance, whereby your vibration gets so clear and so much stronger than the outside influence that your vibration transforms the toxic influence. 

This principle is similar to how prayer, blessings, and meditation in a state of love, compassion, and gratitude (528 hz) can clear polluted water of its toxic condition (beginning with the water in your own body). 

For most of us, both inner healing meditations, and physical detox programs, along with an improvement in lifestyle choices, will be required to create the physical & psychic strength to withstand the toxic onslaught of our current environment better than before (and at the same time support improved decision-making that results in beneficial life changes).

The subject of this article is about how to achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity to support physical healing through a simple transformational process.

The Power of Self-Healing

There is a process that holds the power to clear the mind and reduce physical/emotional symptoms in a matter of minutes

It also holds the power to completely heal any physical or emotional discomfort – if applied intensively for the period of time needed to get down to the deep level causes and resolve them.

At that point, even instantaneous healings become possible. 

Is there any more important life mission than this? I will let you decide that.

If it will help you fulfill your personal goals and aspirations in life – beginning with the first 5 minutes of serious application – might it be worth a try?   

To Change Our Personal Outer World, We Must First Change Our Personal Inner World

An Example of Two Transformed Lives

Several years ago, Silvia sought a way to heal the constant conflict that she was still experiencing between her and her eldest son, Rob, and had since he was a young child. He was 35 at the time she came to visit me. 

Practically every conversation between them ended in a bitter verbal fight. One or the other would typically just leave the room and avoid the conversation. 

In spite of this, she still loved her son and wanted desperately to have a peaceful, loving relationship with him. She asked what she could do to improve their relationship. 

I asked her what emotions she felt when she thought of Rob. The response was "intense anger". 

I shared with her the earlier version of the process outlined below. We went step by step. Within the first 60 seconds the hard shell of anger began to soften. Within 5 minutes of repetition, a major release was felt that left her for a time in tearful sobs. A deep level release took place and peace came over her face. 

I asked her again how she felt toward her son. "The anger is gone. I just feel compassion for him."

She had recalled that about 6 weeks after he was born they both contracted the Hong Kong Flu. Life was miserable for the two of them for several weeks involving more than one round of the flu.

As a single mom, with the dad no where to be found, and with her parents having both passed away just a few short years prior, you can imagine how difficult this situation was, yet she was determined to keep this child. 

From that day forward the discord between mother and child grew. With the birth of her second child, and a new marriage, the conflict between them only increased. He was now having to share his mother's love and attention with others. He began to make life a living nightmare for each of the new additions to the family, of which there were 6 more.

Eventually Rob left home early, got into drugs, and lived with a dark cloud around him. Conversations always resulted in arguments.

A few years later Silvia took Rob's child in as well, once the child's mother had disappeared, a by-product of the drugs and having to live with Rob's temperament. 

Silvia continued to apply the healing process to other layers of this issue with Rob. She quickly developed a skill at applying it on a daily basis as soon as uncomfortable thoughts arose or when facing difficult financial or family decisions. 

Two to three weeks after Silvia's first healing experience with Rob, he shows up at her house. "Hi Mama" he said with a soft, loving tone in his voice. "Can I do something for you around the house? Chop wood, mow the yard?"

It became obvious that this was not just a ploy to get something from her. He was genuinely looking to reestablish a more loving relationship with his mom, and wanted to give something back to her for all she had given him over the years.

This was the first conversation with Rob that she had experienced since her inner healing event. He had gone through an inner change himself as a result of Silvia's inner change toward him.

Because of her inner healing, unbeknownst to Rob, they now reflected a different set of patterns to each other. 

With each new conversation, what typically would have resulted in another argument, just bounced off of her. She felt the energy hitting her heart and simply bouncing off. The conversations often ended in laughter instead of argument. 

Silvia continued with the inner work, applying the same basic process. The relationship between the two of them continued to grow closer. Rob eventually developed a disability leaving him in need of daily care, which also forced him to consider his ways. 

It took another 12 years before Rob came to the realization that his anger and mistreatment of his siblings were directly associated to the competition they posed for his mother's love and attention. He began to make efforts to apologize to them for the way he treated them.

Today Silvia and Rob are closer than they have ever been. She is regularly involved in his life, being there for him when she can and letting him figure it out on his own when necessary.

She has grown herself through the healing process, learning when to keep her distance and simply hold a vision for his growth, and when to show up and offer motherly love, or directed advice.  

The healing process continues, yet with each minute of applying the following steps her life improves to that degree.

She has experienced numerous healings, both physical and emotional, to the point that it is commonplace and expected with the right amount of inner work.

Now the process is central to her daily meditations and has been the source of her greater composure, wisdom, and loving, yet compassionate non-attachment to other's choices. 

The Law of Reflection at Work 

This is a self-healing process that empowers you to make subtle to significant changes in the world that you experience without the need to convince anyone else to change, and without the need to even speak to a single person for it to be effective (although the outgrowth of this inner work will empower you to speak your truth with love at the right time, and in the right way, offering the kind of communication that addresses the root cause of an issue with skill and honesty).

The self-healing process is based on one of the most central Laws of Nature - the Law of Reflection - the inner gives form to the outer. The world we see around us is drawn from the subconscious imprints of our own inner selves.

The process frees up, from inside of us, a power able to affect changes in current events, (even just before they may happen), by simply addressing an equal (or equal & opposite) pattern living inside of us.

This applies equally to current events within your own home as it does to current events within the world, each to the degree of your personal contribution to the events themselves.  

Herein lies the pivotal change in perspective that places the power to change an outcome back into your own hands.  

The mechanism behind the process is in the recognition of our personal genetic relationship to all humanity, and therefore our complicity in the co-creation of current events of all kinds, whether in subtle ways or more obvious.

A simple quiet agreement or disagreement while observing a newscast is like voting for your preferred outcome. Collectively, the sum total of impressions rules the day in terms of the actual turn of events.

How can this be true?

The Law of Reflection is in constant motion revealing to us through physical events what we consciously or subconsciously believe to be true. 

The world we see around us is drawn from the subconscious imprints of our own inner selves. If it does not somewhere live inside of us, it is not perceived in our external world.

It may be there for others, but will not be perceived by you, or you will simply perceive the events in a different way than the majority.

For example, while most others may see a certain disastrous event as a terrible victimization of those involved (destructive sympathy), you may see the same event as an opportunity to develop global compassion, or a unified action in ways never deemed possible before (compassionate empowerment)

This self-healing process reaches deep to the core level of an issue and heals its discord or unhappiness first inside of you. This in turn, disempowers a portion of the collective energy behind the formation of the current unhappy event, causing it to turn out a degree better than if your inner work had not been performed.

With a sufficient number doing this kind of inner work on the same current event, the outcome can be radically altered - even on the same day.

The process can be applied to current home events, business, social, and national events alike.

Applied to events in your personal life, inner changes made successfully will often produce visible, outer improvements with the very next conversation.

With global or national events, one man, woman, or child will have a softening effect to a degree, yet the inner work of 10, or 100, or 1,000 can produce a significant turn of events.

Fear is Transformed with Love

Fear is clearly the kingpin of negative emotions in the same way that love is the kingpin of positive emotions. So, in the process of transforming fear, several other varieties of negative emotions tend to surface to be looked at to be transformed as well.

Perspectives and emotions like guilt, hopelessness, dismay, self-pity, grief, anger, judgment, condemnation, punishment, etc., are outgrowths of fear, and ultimately, its extreme condition, terror.

Here is the pivotal point about fear and terror: both are composed from the "substance" of Unconditional Love (which is at the foundation of all creation), yet containing less Unconditional Love than the most wholesome state of Love. 

In other words, fear is composed of Life Substance, yet minus some degree of Unconditional Love. Terror is simply fear with even less Love than what makes fear.

Fear is drawn from simply not seeing the bigger picture of Love/Life in its totality (an ignorance of the True Nature of Life). Adding your personal loving presence back to your feelings of fear begins the process of restoring fear back to its original right place in Life/Love. 

"What place could fear have in Life/Love?", you might ask. When a greater understanding of the big picture of Life is perceived, what once was fear develops into discernment, and ultimately, wisdom. When fear is combined with a sufficient amount of Love, wise restraint and right timing in speech and action are developed (discernment).

You will no longer suppress the expression of your truth (for fear of retribution, or out of a selfish deception that to tell the truth would "hurt someone"). You will discern the wisest timing of your speech to coincide with when it will produce the greatest healing benefit. 

Anger, and its ultimate state of rage, are also born of fear, most commonly the "fear of loss". Add Love back to anger and it transforms back into its original positive characteristic. 

"And what is that?", you might ask. Anger and rage compel us to take action. Absent of Love, the actions taken tend to be judgmental and self-destructive. This self-destruction is often projected out in the form of harm to others (as a reflection of the harm being done to self). It is personally meting out a punishment mistakenly believed to be deserving of the offender. 

As compassion, understanding, and Love are restored within anger, it naturally transforms its action-oriented nature into a more benevolent form of action. It becomes the willingness to speak and act with greater degrees of Love and compassion (the opposite of 'suppression', or fear of expression, that formed itself into resentment and anger by voiding Love).  

As Love incorporates itself back into fear and anger, these two negative choices become mutual balancing partners in a wholesome expression of one's truth, spoken with discernment at the right time, with the greatest benefit to others.

You simply and naturally speak your truth in the ideal moment with Love.

"How is Love incorporated back into fear and anger?  

Through simply giving a few moments of your loving presence as a detached observer to the experience of fear or anger.

Remember attachment is sympathetic, therefore disempowering.

Compassionate non-attachment, on the other hand, empowers the other to develop wisdom and skills in their own timing and way.

As the negative patterns or experiences within are closely examined, the self-healing process enlists the positive emotions of Love (compassion, understanding, acceptance, kindness, personal responsibility, innocence, peace, joy, gratitude, etc.), which simultaneously upgrade the fear-based emotions over time until only positive feelings remain.

From this position of greater inner clarity, and therefore greater love, you regain the personal power necessary to make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others.

The power to speak both wisdom and truth with love grow inside of you with each transformation of an inner negative to a positive. 

With that being said, what follows is an effective process through which this can be accomplished, beginning within the first few minutes of practicing these steps.

The Self-Healing Process that Transforms Fear and Restores Your Personal Power

1. Create an Image of Your Ideal Self

This first step is absolutely essential for ultimate success to be achieved. Without it you will likely stop your inner process before complete inner success is achieved, thus leaving room for some degree of a repeat of prior difficulties. 

For this reason, to be most successful it is important to begin with the end result in mind, then go about the process to become inwardly equal to your desired ideal outcome.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!" Bashar

Here is how this is done:

Create an image of the Ideal Self you desire to become once your inner work is completeDo not be concerned about how to get there. Just focus on how you will feel, how you will carry yourself, what your new lifestyle will be like, and so forth.

You will simply begin with the end result in mind.

Your Ideal Self will hold the characteristics that you deem most essential and desirable to your ultimate success.

List these characteristics on paper, or first in your mind, later to be transferred to paper so you can review and update them from time to time.

At the top of the page draw a large circle. In the center of the circle write two letters, I and S (for Ideal Self). Then, below the circle describe with words and/or symbols each of the characteristics of your new self.

It is important to detail the character of your Ideal Self in words that describe a state of being more so than a state of action. Use words like "I am compassion, strength, wholeness, innocence, honesty, truth, wisdom, success, accuracy, energy, clarity, heartfulness, joy, peace, self-forgiveness, certainty, balance, beauty, understanding, vibrant health, strength, integrity, etc.; or "I am poise, lightness, vibrance as I walk."; or "I am clarity, organization, compassion, and joy as I speak."; or "I am enjoyment, peace, and fulfillment in my new spacious home.".

Now feel the full experience of your Ideal Self to every degree possible in the moment. As you are feeling the character of your New Self in a heightened way, touch the "IS" inside the circle on the page with the intent to impart the elevated feelings of your Ideal Self to the diagram. 

In the future you will be able to simply touch this diagram to reenter this elevated feeling instantly.

But, my physical energy is so low, I cannot feel positive emotions. How do I get around that?

If your physical energy is too low to be able to imagine and feel these states, you are not alone. Often this is the result of an excessively toxic body that has given rise to an overgrowth of pathogens that thrive on these toxins.

A quality immune system enhancement program will assist you to recapture lost energy and the ability to feel higher emotional states like compassion, gratitude, joy, peace, etc. 

Still, this self-healing program will also help you peel away the layers of consciousness associated to the lost energy. Simply go forward to the next steps where you will transform pain and lethargy one layer at a time. As your energy climbs, feelings will be felt in a more full fashion, allowing for a more expansive feeling of your Ideal Self.

Begin where you are today, and simply take your very next step forward.

In other instances the traumas of the past may have been so impacting that positive feelings have simply been shut down. Again, simply go forward to the next steps where you will transform the memory of these traumas one layer at a time. Eventually positive emotions will bubble up from within again naturally. 

At times you may encounter an inner resistance to being like your Ideal Self (which is the real reason you have not been living in this ideal state up to now). This resistance will be the subject of your next issue to address.

Simply address each inner issue that surfaces preventing you from being your Ideal Self perpetually.

Whatever your block, trauma, or resistance is, just begin with the very first thought or feeling of resistance that surfaces in your mind or felt in your body.

For example, the first thought may show up as, "But, I don't have time."; or "But, my situation is impossible."; "But, I can't afford to follow my dreams."; "But, he was so mean to me."; "But, I have a family to support and 10 kids in the house."; "But, you don't understand, I can't do this because.....".

Whatever your resistance is, that is your first subject to apply this process to. Give that part of you a single minute of your welcoming, loving presence as a simple observer without judgement, and watch how the reluctance begins to soften and simply flow out of you. 

2. Choose a response of unconditional loving presence toward the issue(s) at hand 

This means open your heart rather than close it (a most typical former response) when contemplating an undesirable issue. Unconditional means just that – no conditions.

No one, (especially yourself), needs to earn your love by first "being good enough". Love is. Regardless of circumstance. No judgement. No guilt. No punishment (just Natural Cause & Effect).

Be the Cause of your freedom.

Denial and avoidance are two foundational causes of limitation, illness, pain, and failure in life. They are both only possible when the heart is absent. They are both based on fear. 

Love, on the other hand, heals. 

Do the opposite of denial and avoidance. Open your heart instead toward these same inner issues.

Opening your heart means to give each feeling/thought/memory a few moments of your welcoming presence. Simply spend time noticing and feeling as an observer, not as a critic, and your first healing will begin to be felt within just a few more seconds

After spending 10 or 15 seconds of quiet observation of the issues in a welcoming manner, you may notice a softening of the feelings inside about the issues at hand. This is the beginning of the transformation. 

If you are too angry or dismayed to want to open your heart to these memories, then refocus your loving presence on the anger or dismay. 

As the inner feelings begin to soften, it helps to ask yourself a few life-changing, pivotal questions.

3. Ask yourself one or more of the following questions: 

    • Do I have to be this way?
    • Is this who I choose to be?
    • Is this the life I choose to live?
    • What would Love choose to be in moments like this?

Asking yourself a question about your lifelong choice to be a certain way, opens the door for an inner change to occur.

A question develops curiosity and triggers previously "locked down tight" receptive centers inside to crack open.  

By questioning your former choice, new insights, "new light", is finally able to filter into these dark areas, thus softening their nature within the comfort of your loving presence.  

At the same time a subconscious realization may begin to dawn: being a certain way, or not being a certain way, is not mandatory, as one might have previously thought. It is a choiceone that only you can change.

You are not required to be judgmentally angry (and thereby give away your power) when someone mistreats you. You have the option of choosing to feel 'compassionate empowerment' toward them ( I see the pain and misery you have chosen for yourself, and I also see your inner strength capable of working this out in a better way).

Then, from this empathetic (but non-sympathetic) place, and at the right time with intent to promote growth, speak your truth to them with love.

Sympathy is destructive. It agrees with the powerlessness of the "victim". It is laced with guilt and judgement. The net result is zero progress and more bondage. 

Compassionate empowerment expresses confidence in the individual to find the resources within themselves to manage their situation, and from doing so, develop an important life skill. 

Mistakes pave the road to ultimate success. Something good can be drawn from every bad choice. Life is about learning through experience, thus making choices, observing the outcome, good or bad, then improve the choice-making until the desired outcome is fully achieved. 

Guilt and self-condemnation are counterproductive to this evolution of one's choice-making. 

Taking personal responsibility for your own past choices (and giving responsibility to others to make their own choices) acknowledges that as the chooser of the old state of being, you hold the power in your own hands to change your state of being to something new

You created the old emotional constructs within. You can change them at will.

This puts you in the driver's seat. You are the master of your past, and of your future destiny. Physical circumstances of the past will be what they are, but how you create your future now belongs to you! 

What you learn from your chosen path in life opens the door for the wisdom you gained from your past mistakes to be shared with others, thus possibly accelerating their own growth and personal fulfillment in life. (Thus the reason why I am sharing these points of insight here, for they are the points of wisdom drawn from my own life of much trial and error!)

The truth is, what counts most is not where we have been or the mistakes we have made that have put us where we are today. What counts is the wisdom gained from both positive and negative choices, and where we are committed to go from here.

In other words, what is the best lemonade that can be made from where we find ourselves today?

Now is the time to dissolve all resistance to owning responsibility for choosing the old responses, and dissolve all resistance to owning responsibility for the new choices you are about to make.

This is easily accomplished with a simple blessing.  

4. Bless your past choices and experiences 

"I bless all of these reflections of my inner self"

To bless something is to "give goodness to it". The Natural Law of Reflection states that what we give away with an attitude of abundance and love, must come back to us with a similar measure of goodness, only multiplied. 

This means that the pain and misery of the past have a gift to give you, one that you will only be able to receive when your barriers of resistance, denial, avoidance, anger, fear, and feelings of victimhood are transformed. 

Blessing something has a way of freeing you from the chains of negative, limiting expectations.

Now is the time to make your new choice, choose your future destiny, and pave the way for ultimate success – the success of your personally defined Ideal Self. 

5. Make a new choice  

"Throughout the whole space of my being, I choose to be... (compassion, understanding, self-forgiveness, innocence, or my Ideal Self, etc.) here, in all of these moments, now." (Focus on your new state of being.)

With the specific intent to upgrade your response to the issue at hand with one or more of the characteristics of your Ideal Self, you may notice the influx of greater energy. The transformation of the former response is about to take place. 

Energy will need to be released that is related to the former response. New energy related to the new response will need to be drawn in. 

This is accomplished with a series of deep breaths. 

6. Take several deep breaths (or perform the Deep Level Breathing Technique described in the full course related to this Self-Healing Process to be announced later).

Take 3 or more deep breaths (even as many as 12 to 20) as needed to enter into a place of deep stillness and peace (signifying your successful transformation of that level or layer of the issue you are working on). 

Yes, it is possible to experience greater peace and stillness within 20 breaths, if you can feel deeply, reaching to the bottom of an issue. Otherwise, there will be movement in that direction with a permanent increase in peace and composure to some degree with respect to that issue, even with the first attempt. 

It is actually helpful to pause for a few deep breaths after each one of the 5 steps above. But when you are first exploring these steps the analytical mind is typically more involved, thus preventing deeper feelings of the issues at hand, so the amount of energy building up from each step, and needing release, is less at first.

But as you become accustomed with the process, it will take you into deeper and deeper regions of the soul, thus releasing volumes of formerly stuck energy from inside with just a few minutes of contemplation. 

The deep breathing following each step helps this energy to flow through you more fluidly.

You may also notice the need to yawn frequently. This is normal. It is a sign that you are accomplishing deep level healing. 

You will also begin to experience a tingling in the hands, feet, and head, or cool rushing feelings in areas where deep core issues are released. These are all signs of successful healing. 

This entire process of the first 6 steps can take as little as 1-2 minutes, after which you may notice you are already feeling calmer and more detached from the old issues, with greater compassion and acceptance for having gone through the experience. 

New insights and perspectives will naturally replace the old ones. Eventually gifts of insight and wisdom dawn on you, rising from deep levels within. You will have a quiet, confident knowing about this wisdom. It will bring peace and acceptance for what you have been through. 

You may need to go on to process several more levels of the issues at hand to discover this degree of peace and acceptance. In some cases, many levels. In some cases, hundreds of levels.

Be patient. It is time well spent. For every level successfully transformed brings a permanent change to your personality. A slight more peace and composure, less anger or resentment, the ability to speak your truth more freely without judgement or criticism. 

These changes are immediately permanent, though associated layers will often lie beneath these that will need to become the subject of your next healing focus in order to fully transform the depth of an issue. 

In order to accelerate your progress, and enlist the assistance of the entire Universe toward becoming your Ideal Self, or resolving challenging circumstances in your present life, one more step can be accomplished to bring the focus of your attention into the Infinite Stream of Creative Potential where unlimited possibilities are formed, then employed in unexpected ways in your present circumstances. 

Simply ask yourself one more pivotal question.

7. Ask this One Question (but don't answer it with the intellect)

"What is the True Nature of Life in moments like this?"

Just feel the answer as a highly expanded state of being permeating the space throughout all existence.

This one question draws your attention to the Source of Creative Potential that is expressed through the Formless Stream of Infinite Possibilities. Here you are accessing the manifesting power of God, the Source of Life. 

Masters of time and space know this and have been utilizing it since time immemorial.

By focusing your attention on the True Nature of Life in the grandest, Universal sense, you will begin to sense at a subtle level the Laws of Nature that govern creative expressions. 

In a moment you will consciously imprint your new focused intention (your new choice) upon the Infinite Stream of Creative Potential. This act will compel the Law of Reflection to move into action on your behalf.

Your new ideal will be co-creating with the Infinite Source of Creative Potential. Your new ideal (as thought) is the blueprint providing a shape for the Formless Stream of Infinite Possibilities to fill. 

Soon thereafter, new ideas and perspectives will be spawned within you solving your most complex issues. New circumstances may be born from within the Stream, and then, with your continued focused intent, condensed into physical, thereby bringing your well-defined intention into material form.

As you feel/sense/experience this place of Infinite Potential, bring your ideal end result to mind as the blueprint of your desire, then visually, and with feeling, imprint this intent upon the Formless Stream of Creative Potential.

The Stream itself is electrically neutral. Your intention creates an electromagnetic charge that draws the fulfilled image of your intention out of the Stream equal in design to your defined intent.

Your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and desires have always been accessing the Stream in this manner giving rise to a reflection of your thoughts in material form or emotional experience.

The Stream is everywhere. Your thoughts are forming themselves from the Stream continuously. Now you know why life is as miserable as our thoughts make it out to be.

Solutions to your most complex situations can be drawn from the Stream in this same fashion. The details of "how" it will be formed in material events is not important to see. Just feel the end result as if it has already taken place.

Answers will be born from within you, or the answers will be drawn to you through surprising means.

If you cannot believe, or feel, the end result, then repeat the above 6 steps in the areas of difficulty until you feel more free to "know" the solutions to your situation do exist and are available to you now. 

Know that your solution will come to you, either as an inspiration "out of the blue", so to speak, or through an unexpected series of circumstances, or "chance" meetings, gifts, etc. that resolve the obstacles to your success. 

You may need to develop a new skill, process several limiting beliefs, get guidance from others who have already accomplished what you desire to accomplish, etc.

What you are doing with this process is clearing the inner self and incorporating the qualities you will need to be successful. 

Of course, you will still be responsible to continue with any and all facets of the inner work needed for you to be entirely clear and receptive to the answers as they show up. Continuing this work daily is critical to your success.

Eventually this will become second nature and will be able to be performed in moments throughout the day as a thought or issue arises within.

It is also important to spend time in the Infinite Stream of Creative Potential as often as possible during and after your personal inner healing sessions, as this takes you into the place of creation where your intent can be refined and imprinted, and thus give form to your ideal in terms of physical events and material objects. Here you can more powerfully dis-create the old and create the new as desired.

Immediate Results

This simple healing process begins to produce inner results within the first 60 seconds when applied properly. Deeper healings will require digging down through the layers, being ever conscious of your Ideal Self and your intent to manifest your Ideal State of Being. 

Through this process your inner world calms down, increasing your composure, and clearing your mind. You begin to regain your personal power and presence.

Thoughts about the matter at hand and the words from your mouth take on a new character. Actions and answers are more focused, deliberate, and backed by your newly developed personal presence.

As you grow in inner clarity, more and more free from fear, your words, even those spoken alone at home, will impact external events in more and more powerful ways. The world will change for the better before your eyes. The Law of Reflection insures this. 

Your mental input produces a physical/emotional mirror image of the input. That is the Law. 

The more this inner work is done, the more impacting the change. Personal inner clarity is the secret here.

Now, more than ever in human history, is the time for each of us to do our own inner work. The motivation to address what we fear is now high given the state of current events.

This is good, because once surfaced, it can be addressed and healed at very deep levels.

The events at hand are not out of your control, they are there to help you regain your personal powers. Use them as a catalyst, as a reason to address what's missing inside - your inner success at this will fill up what's missing "out there".

As you regain your inner presence, you will know how and when to speak your truth - only this time you will not refrain. You will speak your truth, only this time you will speak in a different way. This time you will speak your truth, not to judge or destroy, but to promote growth.

You will speak your truth with love.

You will intuitively know what actions to take and what words to say that will produce the most powerful effect - and the world will be changed by them.

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Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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