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Life Chats: The Effects of COVID-19 and What Steps You Need to Take to Survive a Pandemic

March 04, 2020 18 min read

Lifestyle Changes, Dietary Adjustments, and Attitudinal Shifts that Provide the Greatest Protections

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

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Today's chat focuses on the nature of the coronavirus and several modifications to our lifestyle that will provide us with a greater capacity to develop an immunity to it and survive any potential exposure.

March 2, 2020

Seriousness of the Pandemic and How It Might Affect Us

Michael: We are getting conflicting reports about the seriousness of this pandemic and how it may affect someone that is exposed to the virus. What do we need to be aware of about this and how it might affect us?

Oversoul: There are several factors involved with this condition affecting the results with respect to how it is experienced. For some with prior disabilities or systemic weaknesses, they will be more likely to fall prey to any invading pathogen and manifest symptoms related to what is currently being termed the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Yet this does not imply that the specific pathogen at play here is what they have fallen prey to, because symptoms to many pathogens can be similar.

However, there are numerous individuals whose systems have been affected by life stresses and electronic apparatus that will manifest the array of symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19. Yet, these symptoms are also unrelated to the coronavirus virus itself.

Then there are those that clearly have symptoms that associate directly to the COVID-19 virus, which are mild at first, then will get progressively worse if other factors are also associated, such as strain on the body from faulty foods, or excessive labor and fatigue. Add the extra strain of electronic influences and an additional array of symptoms will begin to manifest.

Death is not caused by the virus itself, but by the combination of influences that cause organ failures. The weaker one’s system is from other factors, the worse the manifestation of additional conditions that destroy body functionality.

Michael: Characteristic of most any health condition, I’d say.

Will a Vaccine Help Resolve This Crisis?

So, there is a concerted effort today to develop a vaccine to counter this virus, yet this seems like it will merely add additional burdens to the immune system resulting in more people developing life threatening conditions or disabilities that would not have surfaced otherwise, being caused by the vaccine itself, as we see ubiquitously associated to other vaccines.

OS: Yes, it can be openly stated now that the intent of this engineered setup was to reduce population growth and accomplish political goals that consolidate power in the hands of the few that have commonly been behind global pandemics.

The vaccine itself, as with all vaccines of this day, is not to prevent, but to spread disease and disability. Those caught off guard by this underhanded agenda will suffer the most.

Trust in organizations that are set up to solve health issues for the populace will rapidly disintegrate as more and more people realize they have been detrimentally affected by the “treatment”.

Many will become disabled or diseased from these so called treatments. Many will die from them, lending many others to avoid and distrust the promoters.

Purpose to the Death & Disease?

M: Where is this leading us?

OS: To self-reliance and a deeper trust in the natural ways.

M: Do you see a protection from the supposed pandemic?

OS: Yes, as stated before, it is imperative that one lose their association to the fear of the loss of everything they hold dear: such as their homes, their children, their partners, their jobs, and the things that relate them to the current social order that provide prestige or acceptance, or power and influence. 

This must go as far as losing attachment to their very lives as well, as such attachments will merely slow down the progress that one needs to succeed at in order to survive the coming changes intact.


M: What changes are you referring to here?

OS: The shifting of the order of life from an old paradigm to a new one.

Everything held dear in this current paradigm will be shaken to its core and shown for what it is in truth. If it follows a Universal Standard of what works to support the common good for all life everywhere, then it will merely be cleansed of its self-serving aspects and what remains will be intact for use in the next era.

But if it has no value in a society focused on the good of every soul, then it will dissolve into the dust that it was made of.

What remains will set the standards for the New Era. This will include improvements in how societies treat differences and new ideas, how the families will operate more like that of a close-knit community serving the interests of all.

Jobs will take on a whole new meaning, one that sees how and where each soul fits in with their unique skills, abilities, and offerings to the whole of life everywhere.

You Have Always Made a Difference

You might think one soul can hardly make a difference to life elsewhere, but the relationship we each share in connection to all others is by design, like pieces of a mosaic.

There is purpose and there is synergy. Your part in the synergistic interplay of all life changes the whole to a small degree, yet it is the ripple effects of that impact that ripple to the farthest ends of life everywhere.

Do not think your part can simply be done away with. You are here to fulfill it for deeper reasons than you know. If you fail to fulfill it, or fail to fulfill it perfectly, another will fill in, but in a different way. Then, when your time comes around again, in this life or another, you will have another chance to express your unique place in the Grand Mosaic of All Life.

Ultimately you will find your greatest satisfaction in the fulfillment of that very expression, unique to yourself.

We Are In the Midst of Radical Change

The changes that the earth is slated to go though now will involve geological shifts, attitudinal shifts, and economic changes in how business is performed and carried out. The ways in which society will govern itself will have to undergo extensive shifts for the better.

When it is all said and done, nothing will look the same as it once did. Governance will shift toward a decentralized way of managing life affairs.

Each one will be responsible for finding a role in community life that supports the needs of all, not just oneself or one’s own family group, thus the importance of knowing who you are and why you have chosen to show up here in participation of the reshaping of this social order.

The disasters and pandemics, along with the slow-to-change world institutions, will all work together to eradicate individual resistance to making these stated changes internally first, then externally in societal groupings.

As institutions crumble, those that hold tightly to them will fall by the wayside and disappear from the earth. Only those that see a new vision, and apply themselves to its making, will find security in a whole new way of life built around solidarity of purpose in the support of the needs that can be addressed for all working toward the same ends.

Those who resist internal transformations and new ideas will fall away to fend for themselves until such time that they realize their true role in this life and take part in the worldwide transformations.

Everyone’s contribution is of value, but for those that resist, only heartache and pain await them until they too see purpose in their existence beyond just survival and petty pursuits.


March 3, 2020

Lifestyle Changes That Protect Us

Michael: What kind of lifestyle changes will have the greatest benefit toward protecting us from the effects of this and any future pandemic attempts, as well as the pathogens that develop from natural disaster sites?

Oversoul: This, and any situation like it, is designed to foster greater unity in the populace. Keep this in mind when deciding how to approach this situation and what changes to make.

The changes in lifestyle, diet, and community/national actions are best made with this one overriding intention in mind – what will promote the most harmony and provide the greatest amount of benefit to the greatest number of people, regardless their background.

Tough Decisions

There will be times when you will have to make a decision to save this person and let another go. This is where the forethought about how best to contemplate an outcome will serve you well.

First consideration will always be relative to one’s soul purpose, and is it “their time” or not. Keep in mind that those sensing they do not want to endure the hardships or changes the New Era will place on them will subconsciously gravitate to lifestyle habits and choices of location that will take them out sooner than later.

Be sensitive to the overarching intention of those around you as revealed by the way they talk about unfamiliar concepts related to the New Era of oneness, unity, cooperation, meditation, growing your own food, building a community spirit, etc.

If a person scoffs at such concepts and clearly prefers the self-indulgent, self-preservation-at-all-cost-to-others approach, they are going to create a path to a more rapid self-destruction. There is nothing you will be able to do to spare that one from their own demise.

Focus your attention on those that recognize the importance of changing community attitudes and actions toward one that genuinely promotes the common good, even at the expense of political correctness or favors, following orders “from above”, holding onto personal possessions, or saving “our tribe, but not yours”, mentality.

In the New Era you will be surrounded by open-hearted souls whose main objective is to find a niche of contribution to the whole that best serves that soul’s own purpose and unique set of skills or knowledge.

Do you see the difference here? Self-consideration is important, yet only as it relates to the good of all concerned.

Self-interest is essential if you are to survive the movement into your next phase of life on earth. You must “know yourself” and discover how you can best fit in to serve the community of souls focused on common objectives.

Fail to have a perspective in place from this self-assessment, and you will find yourself pulled in directions that drain your energy and ultimately take your life before “your time”.

Second, it is also important that you find a way to settle with the idea that not all of your close friends and family will survive the next several years. In fact, many will find it is their time to exit and pursue a new endeavor.

Some will simply recognize that this new lifestyle is not for them and choose to go to one that is.

Such things will be arranged, by the way, for freewill is respected and appreciated by a far greater portion of the universe than you see here on earth.

Some will choose to alter their former path to adjust to the New Era and its ways of living, communicating, sharing, loving, and working.

Watch for signs of this nature, for these souls are going with you into the New Era just ahead. Their skills are required, and inwardly they know it and desire to be of service there, as they were here where you are now.

Dimensional Shifts

M: Are you saying that the New Era is not here where we are now?

OS: Yes, there are dimensions within dimensions. You are translating gradually from one dimension to another. What is not realized, even among those you relate to here on present day earth, is that the phrase “they live in a different world”, or “we live in a bubble”, means just that. Even though you see and relate to each other daily, there is a slight paradigm difference in your vibration, and only when you connect do both vibrations become altered so as to meet somewhere in the middle.

Still, what you see in the other person is not what is there. What you see in them is what still resonates in you that is similar to what they hold inside.

Relationships are based on misperceptions of this nature always, yet still they serve us by assisting us to get to know ourselves better. Thus the unity of all life in and among the differences we think we see in others.

When you have made a sufficient shift upward or downward in frequency to the point of being out of reach (invisible) to each other, you will have achieved what is commonly referred to as “the dimensional shift”.

You are each heading in that direction, and some will get there before others, yet you are always making steps forward and backward to the degree that your thoughts and behavior align compatibly with the New Era mentality.

Life in the New Era

M: So, what other lifestyle choices will help us to survive the coming changes effectively?

OS: To take your role in the New Era seriously.

This means to consider adjustments in all areas of human existence, diet, home life, work, friendships, love relationships, business, community, and in many other areas.

What is most important to consider when approaching the fear of pandemics, or geological disasters, or war efforts, is where your heart will be when this is over (for it will not last forever, and you will get to the other side intact as a human people).

Some of humanity will survive and establish a whole new paradigm on earth that will last for years to come. What is likely to happen, though, if you do not band together as one unit for the common good, is that the time it takes to get to that greater way of life will result in great hardships experienced by many who simply find it too difficult to make the necessary adjustments.

Society will slowly whittle itself down to the few remaining souls who successfully dealt with the changes and carved out a lifestyle with a beneficial function that fulfills the needs of both the soul and the community.

You want to decide today which group of souls you desire to be a part of, those that leave for other places, those that stay and resist change, or those that stay and progress to a more synchronized way of life with all souls remaining both on the planet and below the surface, as well as those visiting from the stars.

With this fundamental decision made in advance, the choices you will be faced with when disaster strikes, or pandemics hit (for more than one is still ahead), or war enters your homeland, whether domestically or from afar, will be easier navigated with speed and efficiency in the moment.

Get Prepared

It is best to be prepared for all of the above potentials. Decide in advance whether you will stay or go, where you might reside next, what will you bring with you, who will make the journey with you or separately.

You will want to prepare stockpiles of food, water, coin, and goods with which to barter for future supplies.

You will want to develop some skills at managing the cold without sources of heat, or with those you make yourself. You will need some knowledge of survival herbs for first aid purposes, recognize plants in the wild that are edible, and those that are not.

You will want to be sure to grow your own food wherever you land, so bring seeds of the plants that are important to you. These will also become valuable assets for bartering.

You will need additional stores of non-perishable foods, canned goods (that you make yourself, so as to have that skill in place if needed), and stores of other things that you may find useful that also do not take up lots of space or are too heavy to carry out in a hurry, like sewing kits, a ready made set of clothes sufficient to last for a week or so, or until a washing system is arranged at a new location, or in the one you are still in, yet may not have electricity.

Contemplate necessities vs. nonessentials. Decide in advance, because you will have plenty to focus on in the event that an immediate departure is deemed necessary.

Plan what you will take in various circumstances (a fire, an earthquake that damages your home beyond repair, a pandemic in the neighborhood, or contaminated water source, etc.).

Get a trailer, if appropriate, now.

Such things need to be thought through now in order to be prepared so as not to be caught off guard, and if it is not needed, the day may come when another will need what you leave behind.

Think community, and what you can contribute to the community that also serves your own best interests.

These are recommendations that can be made while situations are stable, that will become very difficult to arrange, if not impossible, in the midst of the need for fast action.

Be wise, not fearful. Think community. Remember, self-interest is compatible with community service, in fact it is essential in order to maintain the balance of life common to the Universal Design for All Life Everywhere.

Fear of the Virus and Its Impact

M: What role is fear of the virus having on the way the virus affects us, and what health measures are best to implement in order to be sure to survive this if we get exposed to it?

OS: As you know, fear attracts the soul to the source of the fear. Wisdom intuitively navigates around the obstacles to safety.

M: Is fear increasing the harmful effects of the virus once exposed?

OS: Fear lends one to see things that are not there and magnify those that are, yet in negative ways.

I am referring to fear based on panic, not a fear that is drawn from wise discernment. There is a difference. One destroys, the other builds wisdom in how best to manage life events.

One is caused by mental imaginings, the other is based on factual evidence and intuitive insights.

A sense of foreboding is more akin to the type of fear that guides a soul around an obstacle. This is intuitive, like sensing that a car is coming around the corner and pausing instinctively in a way that avoids an accident.

The other type of fear leads to irrational phobias that restrict mobility, or sets one up to attack others without justification, except for that which is merely imagined.

Fear of a pandemic will interfere with sound judgement in preparation. It will cause one to overreact out of character with the true need of the individual, such as sweep the shelves of desirable store items to the point of excess that leaves others without, and in the process, depletes one’s bank account of funds needed for more important purposes.

Wisdom listens to the intuitive voice inside that guides each and every decision while keeping an eye to the future and a hand on the present needs of the moment.

The same applies to diet and medical treatment. Fear drives one to consume foods that will lead to medical interventions being necessary, whereas wisdom will inspire common sense with respect to dietary choices and make a calculated improvement in the manner in which food is consumed, the assortment of foods chosen, and the quality of the foods purchased or grown.

Wisdom will take time to “learn the ropes” of food choices and their effects on human physiology, quality growing practices that eliminate chemical additions to the food or soil, and “know your farmer” practices to select the wisest use of your money with the greatest benefit to strengthening your body’s immune system – which is key to having the physical strength needed to fight an invading pathogen of any kind.

Wisdom will avoid food and drink like alcohol, non-whole food based sweeteners, genetically modified produce, processed foods and institutional fast foods (whose focus on their profits at your expense has led to the rampant health crisis your world is in today).

The Wisdom Built Into Creation

Wisdom will understand instinctively that Creation was originally designed to support the greatest of health, as well as a vast array of life experiences, and that this has not changed in the trillions of years of experience that has led up to the present moment in your time.

When you understand the symbiotic quality of Nature and the human body, that one is designed to support the other, both ways, then you may understand the wisdom of utilizing natural whole food sources in the repair and upkeep of the human body, as Nature was intended to be used from the beginning.

As trust builds in the Natural Order to the point of recognizing its strength over that of chemically-based alternatives from the more recent advent of allopathic medicine (mostly invented in the last 300 years or so), diseases on the planet will subside as innate immune systems are properly supported with natural remedies, light, sound, and energy medicine.

You will find these far more compatible with the human body, and certain to give strength where strength is needed most, yet calm focus where serenity is required.

The designs of Nature are symbiotic with body systems and are wisely chosen as the first effort when something seems out of balance in the human form or psychological makeup.

The brainwashing through media and schools have led you to believe the opposite, yet how has this worked out over the last 300 years?

Is the world in greater states of health overall, or have there been epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, coronary conditions, and progressively weaker immune systems ever since? And now a growing number of pandemics.

Are things getting better or worse as of recent?

Truth is, it is getting better for those that pursue the paths of natural healing and quality whole food diets, yet worse for those that continue to pursue the “cheaper” alternatives among the processed food world, fast foods, and genetically modified foods.

In addition, the side effects of chemical medicines have taken an extraordinary toll on human life and functionality.

The Decision You Are Faced With

Now you will have to decide which side of the fence you want to be on, the side that goes against the grain of the Natural Order of Life, or the side that improves its biological form by finding a fruitful and harmonious relationship with Nature’s provisions for health maintenance and healing.

The choice you make in this regard will decide your fate when the pressures intensify upon exposure to an assortment of pathogens or life stresses that would naturally take its toll on the average person, kill the weak, and provide immunity to the wise.


March 4, 2020

Vitamin C & Oxygen

Michael: Several sources are indicating that Vitamin C in large amounts is a longstanding solution for pathogenic compromises of all kinds. What is your take on this?

Oversoul: There are a number of longstanding protocols for pathogenic contamination. They all have one thing in common, they are drawn from Nature, or mimic natural frequencies found in Nature.

Vitamin C has several advantages if drawn from natural sources, and even more so if in the whole plant form.

One, it has an affinity to certain bonds with immune regulating hormones that boost their functionality and effectiveness when destroying an undesirable invader.

Second, pathogens are not able to develop a resistance to it. They are universal in their application against all forms of pathogenic structures.

Vitamin C does not have just one chemical structure, there are several, and each plant has its own. So, it is easy for one to derive its benefits by simply listening to their intuitive voice, and consume the plant or fruit they are drawn to most when feeling the need to build resistance.

Having some foreknowledge of herbs will help provide a basis of understanding for contemplating a plant or fruit.

There are more potent sources in the plant kingdom than the most commonly known (such as oranges), which also contain additional compounds that boost immune functions more powerfully than even the C itself. Most of your pine trees are one example. The needles and resins from the sap provide formidable resistance to pathogenic invasions.

M: And oxygen?

OS: Oxygen, in and of itself, serves multiple functions in the body, several of which affect immune responses. But your scientists have yet to understand their full implications.

Oxygen derived from the air you breath needs to be infused with ionic energy, again derived from Nature. Artificial ions may be helpful, but they do not have the wide range of potentials of freshly ionized air, similar to that which follows a storm, or found in an evergreen forest.

Natural ionization is a vitalizing property with multiple dimensional qualities attached to it. It can be drawn from sunlight as well, and has the property of transferring life essence to every cell of the body that is reachable (apart from excessively polluted areas of the body).

The vital properties of ionized air transfers its life energy to your cells, providing its multidimensional benefits to each one. The vital properties of the cell are raised giving it added resistance to pathogenic invasion electrically.

Life Energy

Understand that every organism possesses vital life energy based on electrical and magnetic potentials. Disturb or deplete these potentials and the life form dies. Increase them to its ideal range of electrical potential, and it thrives.

So it is with the human body. Yet consciousness plays a role here. Consciousness congregates electrical and magnetic potentials into material form, then sustains or modifies that form with every thought.

Material matter is not the part that gives life. Life is derived from the sustaining core essence within all living beings expressed as Love, then as consciousness, followed by material form. Electrical and magnetic qualities form the basis of both consciousness and material form.

Disturb an electromagnetic matrix with thoughts that exceed the parameters of the life form’s range of potentials and it transforms into a higher life form or disintegrates.

Such is the case with pathogens encountering an electromagnetic potential that exceeds the life range of the pathogen, such as highly ionized and oxygenated air, or a cell with a high electrical potential.

As the pathogen and the higher potential intersect, both are modified, and the one with the stronger core essence determines the outcome.

This is why love will ultimately determine the outcome in any situation. Its core essence is drawn from the originating Love, that gave rise to the consciousness, that gave form to material events.

The strongest core essence determines the outcome.

Apply this principle to your approach toward any pathogenic invasion and you will discover how quickly your body will rid itself of disease.

To be continued...


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Michael King

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