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Life Chats: The Coronavirus and Its True Antidote

February 22, 2020 10 min read

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on the purpose of this potential worldwide pandemic and its solution. 

February 17, 2020

The Nature of the Pathogen and Its Solution

Michael: It appears as though the pathogen released in China is more serious than just an extremely contagious flu virus with a higher than normal death rate.

Can you comment on this and discuss the nature of this pathogen with its resulting condition?

I am open to counsel through my Oversoul from the benevolent Planetary Guardians and Guides whose focus is on the common good of all life everywhere. Only absolute truth, accuracy, precision, grounded, practical, usable information.

Oversoul: The pathogen you speak of is a bioengineered weapon designed to limit the mobility of those areas infected. It was released without an antidote being developed. So the fear of its spread includes every government head and highest level bureaucrats.

Now all who promoted the pathogen’s development are also susceptible. No one will be spared its fate or influence until unconditional love for all life is embraced.

Yes, there are many who will survive this, as with prior pathogens developed and released upon the unassuming public.

There Are Those That Are Already Immune To Its Effect

Yet, there are also many who today are able to not be affected by it, although these are few and far between, for they are those that have devoted their lives fully to the service of others for the good of all and have no concern for their personal welfare at times like this. They see the bigger picture and welcome any change for the better, even if such a change means the loss of their own life.

So to say there is no danger to you or others near you, would be in error. The danger does exist, yet only for those who value their lives more than what it would take to follow the path of clear and certain progression to total harmony with all impending dangers.

M: Did I get this right? I found this difficult to put into words.

OS: You have this sufficient for me to continue with that line of thinking and complete the passage.

The Path of Each Soul Fits Within A Grand Design

You are not alone in this, nor has anyone’s considerations been removed from our thoughts and careful deliberations.

Yet each soul is on a different path, and the sum total of all paths merge together to support a much larger benefit to the whole not readily seen from the smaller viewpoint while in the “trenches”, so to speak.

So the loss of one experiencing the tragedy awakens many more to the seriousness of the situation, and the importance of its correction.

The loss of many awakens many more, and yet each transition is cared for with the same degree of loving attention as if only one had passed over.

Each soul fulfilling his or her destiny in that moment of passing over satisfies an experience required by that soul in its own evolution. [Souls have no gender, only a leaning based on the predominance of life experiences with either gender, and a goal to become equally balanced with respect to both.]

Once on the other side, the compassionate care, healing, and counsel is afforded both those traumatized by the events, as well as those who perpetrated the events, or triggered their unfoldment.

None are to be found guilty and judged, unless the individual soul judges itself, and therefore treats itself as if some punishment or reward is in order.

From the viewpoint of the Grand Design, in which every soul has freewill to choose its paths taken, there is order and harmony, regardless the chaos presented to any soul during an incarnation.

Returning “home” to the Soul Plane brings peace and an opportunity to reflect on the life just accomplished. From there new decisions are made and new life settings chosen, again all of which remain within the Grand Design Blueprint for life everywhere.

The question remains with each soul, “Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish during your sojourn into physical, and is there a better route you would prefer to take from this vantage point of recent accomplishment?”

Did you notice that there is no judgement here on the experiences had during an incarnation?

Notice also that the intent behind all life experience is about freewill choice and the progression of soul evolution from one state of consciousness to one that is greater than before.

How does that fit in with the Grand Mosaic being assembled with all life everywhere? You are one piece, yet loved wholly and cared for with immense and careful consideration.

To lose one’s life at the end of an incarnation is not the end of a road, it is the beginning of a period of reflection followed by an opportunity to make another choice.

Yet each soul is, in one sense, an island unto itself, (its path is its own), and at the same time, an integral part of a Grand Design.

Service to the whole comes in many shapes and sizes. It is necessary to fulfill the many objectives and preferences of each soul incarnating to gain experience, and therefore a greater understanding of Life’s True Nature.

Periods of chaos are part of that design, formed out of the preferences of each soul participant. So do not think that all is lost in the moments you are now immersed in. They are just as much a part of the Grand Design as the times of plenty and peaceful pursuit of the common good.

You are saying it is unpleasant and undesirable, so why cause such things to exist?

They exist to fulfill the wishes of the summation of humanity.

The Grand Design does not place these unpleasant experiences into the Mosaic, humanity does. The Grand Design supports your choice and holds the knowing of complete wholeness in the end, again by your own design.

The important message here is to understand that life on Earth is fragile by design, and empowered with Universal Life. That means you have the option of transforming a situation into a better, more desirable one – if you are willing to do the work to make it so.

Unity – The True Function of the Pandemic

So, to say that the chaos in China today is not part of the plan, and is unhealable, is to misunderstand the power of humanity to join forces against a common threat and work together as one people to conquer this threat.

If the threat did not exist would you be looking for a way to unify?

Some have tried to bring unity among the people. What has come of it so far?

A bigger threat was needed to pull the energies of the unawakened into the mix of souls unifying to make a difference. Now everyone is required to pay attention and make a choice.

So what kind of choice are you making?

That is the big question. Is it a choice to fear and therefore withdraw into self-preservation at all cost? Or a choice to find your role in serving the common good of all life and get actively involved in its fulfillment?

What if doing so takes your life? Is this life on earth worth saving? For how long?

If you know that you will be cared for following the completion of this incarnation, in a space of total love, which life is the one worth saving the most, this one or your next place of residence?

Your true self, the soul, never dies, yet relishes incarnational experiences, just like this one you are now having.

Why? If it was to develop a new characteristic in the soul character, what characteristic might it have been that your soul is seeking to develop through your participation in these events?

Love, compassion, strength, fortitude, honesty, service to the common good, even at the loss of your own life?

Not all will choose to go to that extent, but will it matter if you did?

Would you grow from the experience? Would those you left behind grow from your experience?

The Cause is Fear, The Solution is Unity

What will it take for you to release your attachment to fear? More fearful circumstances? The loss of your life?

What formed the fearful events in the first place? How are they reflecting the sum total of human thought?

Circumstances always reflect such causative powers (such as your thoughts).

What can you do today, what measure can you take, what role can you play to further the evolution of human thought away from fear and onto unity?

The power of human thought can dissolve a threat, a pathogen, a fear-provoking event, into nothing at all.

If one is not clear enough to do so, more than one will be able to conquer the threat.

How many will it take? That is determined by the scale of the event and the mass of fear to be overcome embedded in the formation of the event.

How much fear created the circumstances? That is how much energy will be needed to conquer it.

How many fed fear into the circumstances to cause them to come about? These are the ones most capable of transforming the events back into harmlessness.

But if these who helped cause the events are unwilling, or too attached to their fear, others may step to the fore and pave the way for more to follow.

It begins with the fearless willingness to serve the common good, each playing the role most suited to their talents and skills.

It becomes contagious, just like a pathogen, only by setting people free of their fearful stance in life, recognizing that if they do not do their part, things could get worse, for themselves, if for no other.

Would you later regret not having spoken up for unity in the face of fear? Would you feel as though you lost an opportunity to grow to your next level in soul evolution?

If humanity stands together as one to address the cause of this issue, formed of fear and further strengthened by fear, the issue will be seen for what it is – an opportunity to drop the divisive plays over petty differences, then combine the strengths and skills of each and every human soul to solve this by first, knowing a solution exists, and second, pooling resources and skills together to meet the needs of everyone affected now and in the future.

Universal Support

When you do this one simple act, rising up as one being in harmony and unity, you become the attractive force that draws wisdom, power, and transformative strength to bear on the issues in ways never before seen on Earth prior to this.

You draw the Universal forces of Light to your side, who have been waiting for you to do this very thing, join together, so they can openly share this burden with you.

But they cannot (by Universal Principle) until you pave the way by taking the lead.

Understand that Love in sufficient measure will annihilate any pathogen. Getting to that measure may require greater numbers combining their individual powers of love until a threshold has been surpassed sufficient to neutralize the threat.

This cannot be done in states of fear. Only love has that power.

If you fear for your life, will you achieve the threshold needed within your own body to conquer the pathogens (for there are more than one pathogen here causing these events and other similar events around the world)?

Loose attachment to life, pick up your role in the transformation, and you will succeed, first for yourself, then for the whole.

The Antidote

M: Then how does one combat the various pathogens involved? How would unconditional love surround them and break them apart to a state of harmlessness?

OS: In much the same manner in which your emotions dissolve if you apply the correct amount of attention and acceptance to them.

Keep in mind that the material world is held together by such a thin substance as thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts can dissolve a solid tumor if concentrated enough for a sufficient length of time, depending on the skill of the practitioner at concentrating Love.

You could say that the world you are living in today is imaginary, yet it is the world that you fully experience. There is no denial of that, it is just that it is constructed of your imaginings.

You believe it is real, so it remains that way for you. You once thought you were young, then at some point you began to believe you aged, or were supposed to, so you did.

Imagining your youth again brings a spark of life back into your aged body, for as long as you hold it there.

M: Well, it is likely that I have slowed down my aging with herbs, lifestyle, and forgiveness, but clearly not eliminated it, so how am I to rise to point of eliminating an engineered pathogen of such virulence with only partial success in other areas of my life?

The Lesson Here Is One of Unity

OS: This is why you need the combined force of a unity of minds applied to this. The lesson here is one of unity. It was a unity of minds focused on fear that created the opportunity for the pathogen to form in the first place, then get released.

It will take a unity of minds, focused on love directed toward the fear-borne creation to return it back to its elemental state, disband the molecular structures back to their singular harmless elements.

Nature does this all the time. Leaves become compost. Compost becomes soil. Soil develops humus and other nutrients.

Nutrients are then utilized or broken down further by microbes, some of which return to their single elemental state, like potassium, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, and so forth to be taken up again by plants to add nutrients to your produce, or utilized in other capacities, like exchange with elements within the air to eventually form rainfall.

You already know that certain microbes, like archaea, are able to break molecular compounds down into some of their elemental states.

Love, in sufficient fearless quantities, is able to do the same thing.

Love is composed of unity at its foundation. Remember that when you are seeking to grasp how to grow Love within the center of your being.


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