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"There Is a Solution, and I Know What It Is"

November 11, 2016 8 min read

How to Solve the Dilemmas We Face - No Matter How Big or How Small

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There Is a Solution, and I Know What It Is

Session Overview

The Session Overview below is provided as a courtesy to those who prefer to read than listen, yet on each call additional insights are given which round out the subject.

From Problem to Solution

The problem seems bigger than us. The matter is urgent. How do we find a solution?

When the answers are not consciously known, there is a simple, powerful way to access the answers desired. It begins with the understanding that among the infinite possibilities in Life, an answer already exists. We may not see it yet  - but then, that is why we are asking the question. 

Bottom line, true answers simply bubble up as a sense of knowing from the innermost depths of our being. 

There are Laws of Nature, Laws of Life, which govern the way answers, that already exist, move toward us or away from us. In order to access these answers we must meet the conditions that Nature requires for an answer to be known.

Then, in order for us to see the answers successfully applied, we must continue to hold this vision of effective fulfillment as we willingly do our part in the fulfillment process.

This is a forward motion process all the way, regardless the obstacles along the way. Anything less than this will merely result in a delay, or a partial answer applied.


"There Is a Solution, and I Know What It Is"

The best time to affirm this is when we don't have a clue as to what the answer would be.Make this statement several times when confronted with a personal dilemma and watch how quickly solutions become known. They just bubble up from within. The fog clears and the answers become obvious.

To draw a solution into our conscious mind, we must first choose to know that the answers already exist, and then prepare to allow for their details to flow into our minds. This is accomplished with an attitude that is purely expectant, without doubt or hesitation. It is approached from a state of confident knowing. 

It is not accomplished in the head, as some may think at first (working out scientific details, formulas and parameters). Instead, we relax and allow inspirations and insights to gently rise from the innermost depths of our being. We listen with clear expectancy. The answers, or the way to discover the answers, simply become known. Then the formulas become obvious.

To doubt the solution's existence is to say that Life does not have access to infinite possibility; that we are limited and incapable; that all we can do is complain and wait for someone else to solve this for us.

Yet to complain and affirm that the situation is hopeless and only getting worse, is to reinforce the walls between us and the true answers. The Laws of Nature cause negative expectations to build walls that prevent us from recognizing solutions. Negative attitudes also prevent us from seeing the role we have to play in the implementation of a solution.

This does not mean to ignore or gloss over problem areas. It means to be realistic, include all of the conditions involved (including the resistance of others), and still be open to the answers that already exist. 

You will learn how to turn obstacles around to your benefit.


The Greatest Gift The Gulf Oil Spill is Providing to Humanity

When BP and the others involved in the Gulf cleanup process delayed in implementing natural cleanup methods, they caused the creative spirits of the world to focus on developing safe, natural bioremediation methods that will now save, not only the Gulf, but every other polluted spot on the planet as well! 

It is not as though these answers did not already exist, they have been here for several decades. Humanity at large was simply not compelled to mandate that they be used to clean up global pollution. We needed a close call to wake us up from our slumber. Now we have it. 

The attention of the world has been captivated by the possibility of everyone's homeland being affected by this single event. Over the next 10 years we will find even governments of the world, previously invested in continuing pollution, now fully behind safe, natural forms of energy and the cleanup of pollution worldwide.

The people are now demanding it! This shift within the hearts and minds of the global populace is causing a permanent shift in global events.

This spill has already done more to shift the commitment of the human race away from oil as an energy source, and toward safe, natural methods of energy creation, than any other event in history. Today, we are witnessing the end of the oil era. BP and the Gulf Oil Spill is literally catapulting the human race toward the age of free energy.


Our Complicit Role

If we are seeing the problem, then we are partly responsible for its solution. Perception implies complicity (we somehow helped make this problem show up). 

To understand this relationship of complicity requires a deeper grasp of Natural Law and how our thoughts give form to material events. It is really tied to the natural connection of everything to everything else. If it is "out there" then it also lives inside me. (See two previous conference calls: Emotion Packed Imagery June 15, '10 and The Blessing TransformationMay 25, '10).

At this juncture, we can be hurtful or helpful. We can complain and criticize, or we can hold the best expectations of those close to the center. Even if they fail to live up to to our expectations 100%, our supportive thoughts will have a definite influence on how free they feel to do their job.

Every critical or negative thought places a weight on their shoulders which pulls them in the direction of the negative. They now must work extra hard, having to cope with the additional psychic burden we place on them when our expectations are low. Even their positive intentions will become more difficult to manifest when our expectations are low.

Our own negative words, filled with fear and hopelessness, cause us to become more deeply complicit in the creation of unhappy events. 


Positive Expectation

A positive expectation, on the other hand, even if another's true intention is less than noble, will pull them in the direction of the positive. If this positive expectation comes from enough people, or from a few who are very clear inside,those at the center of the problem will be powerfully compelled to make decisions to fulfill these positive expectations. They may not even understand why.  

In addition, circumstances of life will naturally arrange themselves in such a manner that there is little choice but to do the right thing. All efforts to the contrary will merely fall flat, or work so powerfully against them that they will be compelled to reverse their decisions. It is already happening regarding the events surrounding the Gulf.


Public Persuasion

The inner world of group thoughts and expectations have always compelled events into being. This is why certain people prefer to control the media, it gives them influence over the thoughts and expectations of large groups of people. These media moguls know full well the power of group energy, and work this Natural Law to their own advantage. It is the unsuspecting public, ignorant of these Laws, that fall prey to such use of the media, and the people's energy, to manipulate  global events. 

Nature's role is to give each of us the content of our own beliefs and expectations, both individually and collectively. Nature is no respecter of persons - positive and negative images alike are given form by Nature. Nature listens carefully to Image andIntensity. (SeeEmotion Packed ImageryJune 15, '10)

Numbers do count in this matter, but the power of even one person's image, if it is clear enough, can turn the tide of human events.The books about Anastasia ( are one powerful example of how the clarity and dreams of one individual are impacting global events of today in a powerfully positive way.


Supportive or Primary

To solve a problem it is helpful to discern whether your role is supportive, contributory or primary (or all).

1) If it is primary, then personal actions will be in order.

2) If it is contributory, then supportive outer actions that lead up to the primary actions are in order.

3) If our role is purely supportive with only indirect inner actions, then an abundance of optimistic images, progress affirming discussions, and positive expectations are in order - always affirming the successful outcome of the situation.

Begin with the End Result in Mind

Here's an example: You are feeling hungry. You want to pick up fresh veggies from the grocery store for dinner. You briefly see yourself walking into the store and checking out veggies. You see the veggies on your kitchen counter ready to be chopped and made into a meal. You anticipate the veggies being part of the meal and imagine what it will taste like.

Without first deciding on this series of images, would you have found yourself in the store looking for veggies?

The same principle applies to big issues (like the Gulf Oil Spill) and small ones alike. Always begin with the end result in mind. Doing so opens the channels for wisdom and insight to flow toward us.


The "Show Me First, Then I'll Believe" Obstacle

Needing to understand how and why before believing a solution exists is one of the biggest obstacles to creating true solutions. If you don't believe it exists, your answer will never show up. These are the "show me first, then I'll believe" people. Yet, even when shown, you probably know of those that continue not to believe.

To "see", we must ask, or affirm, with an open mind and a confident spirit.


Ask, Affirm, then Listen

Asking for an answer alone does not meet all of the requirements for success. The inner channels must be open and the mind receptive.

A confident expectation of a positive outcome makes the mind a fertile ground for new ideas. 

Feeling the image of what your experience will be like after your desires have been fulfilled, is a prerequisite to moving effectively in the direction of your dreams.

A willingness to take action, in the right time and way, opens the door for success to follow.

Gratitude and thanksgiving, before any answer is even given, is a powerful attractive force paving the way for the answers we seek to flow into our minds.


Now Apply this to the Gulf Oil Spill

1) Affirm "There Is a Solution, and I Know What It Is". 

2) Get quiet, and begin to listen for a still, quiet, confident, inner knowing to rise up from the depths of your being.

3) Listen to this inner knowing with a welcoming attitude. 

4) Begin to form an image of the end result desired - clean waters, vibrantly healthy marine habitat, pristine coastline, beneficial marine industries back to work, and happy people on board!

5) Feel this image as if it is already manifested. Enjoy the wind, the sun, the peace, the jumping dolphins, the children on the beach...

6) Discern how your inner guidance compels you to be part of the solution (one or more may apply:

a) Primary (prepare to take action)

b) Contributory with outward action (prepare to take supportive action)

c) Supportive with inward action (prepare to speak positively, see only fulfillment, and feel the images of success deeply).

7) Develop your parts of the solution by listening to your soul bubble up from within.

8) Implement!

Many blessings of success as you co-create
with God and Nature to implement your soul's inspirations!
Enjoy the simple gifts from Life!

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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