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Emotion-Packed Imagery

June 30, 2017 11 min read

The Secret to Manifestation

The Gentle Art of Self-Healing

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Emotion-Packed Imagery 

Session Overview

The Session Overview below is provided as a courtesy to those who prefer to read than listen, yet on each call additional insights are given which round out the subject. 

Time Well Spent Changes Lives

Every soul on earth is given 24 hours each day to play with. What we do with our 24 hours is a choice. With our allotment of time, we will imagine a future and move toward it. We will adopt a set of beliefs and expect them to be so. We will choose to do our own bidding, or that of another. We will act upon our desires, or let the tide of other people's choices determine our destiny.

These choices are ours and ours alone to decide. If we give up personal responsibility for our choices and let others decide, our destinies will follow that course. If instead, we assume proper responsibility, and decide for ourselves, our destinies will follow that course.


The Images We Choose to Focus On Will Direct the Course of Our Lives

Having come this far as a human race, letting others decide our fates, we now have a lot of work ahead of us to clean up the mess caused by this choice to give away our freewill. Tough choices lie before us. Resistance to "letting the people go" has escalated in recent years, yet the resistance itself is accelerating its own demise. The power centers of the world are rapidly losing their ability to control the masses.

Why? Because people like you and me are catching a new vision. We are desiring a new earth. We are searching out ways to improve life on earth. We are changing our habits from the old programmed ways to new, more fulfilling ways. We are recognizing the lies and empty promises of the old. We are allowing ourselves to be inspired from within. We are becoming passionate about these inspirations, and we are acting on these inspirations - with both courage and passion alike.


Images and Emotion

Images are the beginning of manifestation. They are the mental blueprint. Coupled with emotion, the female component of giving birth to an idea, the dream is empowered and drawn into manifestation.

The vision we see is of a free earth, a happy people, a flourishing global community. All pursuing their dreams, making a difference, living with abandon - living in joy. This vision is guiding our destinies. The old ways, no longer believed in, are crumbling like sand castles before a tidal wave, soon to be erased in the sands of oblivion - and forgotten. A new earth and a new humanity is arising from the ashes of the old.

More experienced, yes. Wiser than before, certainly. More committed to taking responsibility for our own choices. Less willing to give our power to another. More willing to question everything. More willing to draw our needs directly from the One Source of all supply, rather than from another. More willing to learn the Laws of Nature and work within these laws to co-manifest our dreams.


Clarity and Intensity

What causes some dreams to manifest and not others? Two things. Clarity and Intensity. You see, Nature responds to both acceptance and resistance alike. If we hold both an acceptance of our vision, and a resistance to it, Nature will give us both - and our dream will be restrained. So 100% clarity brings about 100% freedom to imagine and create.

But what happens if we have 100% clarity - but lack passion? There is no intensity without passion. Nature listens carefully to intensity. The more intense the desire, the faster the dream is drawn into manifestation.

So clarity and intensity rule the course that destinies end up following.


How to use a simple martial arts exercise & Qi Gong to increase emotional intensity surrounding an image

Hold you image in mind. Now, as if you were going to strike a blow in the air Karate style, punch the air forward or downward making the traditional "huh!" sound. This movement raises the life force, charging the image you are holding in mind with intensity. 

Performing a simple Qi Gong movement will do the same. Raise your arms straight up in the air over your head. With palms facing out, elbows straightened, take a deep breath, then exhale sharply as you quickly bring them down both sides of your body simultaneously.

Then bring your hands up the center of your body front to the full extended position over your head as before, take a deep breath, palms facing outward, and exhale sharply as you rapidly lower your arms on your left & right sides as before.

Repeat this same motion a few times until your energy levels have risen several notches while holding the image you desire to create in mind. This exercise adds momentum and magnetic (emotional) energy to the image, giving it the attractive forces needed for any dream to materialize.



If we are to live our dreams, manifest our purposes, fulfill our desires, what are we going to be clear and intense about? Visions, dreams and desires are ultimately focused on one thing - an experience. The goal is to have an experience (joy, freedom, peace, happiness, fulfillment, etc.). Experience is an inner thing, regardless the external props involved.

All inner experiences are based on one inner cause - an image. An image comes in many shapes and sizes - an idea, an expectation, a belief, a definition, a perception. Fundamentally these are all outgrowths of an image that we hold inside.

An image can be suggested to us, or we can come up with one of our own. We can agree with someone else's image, or design an image to suit our own preferences. The point here is - the images we accept are the result of choices that we make. We can buy someone else's song and dance, or we can create one of our own. The images that we choose are of utmost importance.

The images that we choose serve to form the blueprint for our future experiences.



The image sets the pattern. Clarity puts definition to the image. Clarity fills in the details. A vague image results in a vague experience. A crisp and clear image results in a well defined experience. 

A well defined image is essential to overall success.

A well defined image does not come from the mind. It comes from the soul. It bubbles up as an inspiration from the innermost depths of your heart. An image that is conjured up in the mind is destined for failure. An image that is allowed to bubble forth as an inspiration from soul is destined for manifestation. The bugs have already been worked out. It already fits in with the Grand Plan of Life. Everyone's good has already been taken into account. Support for the vision is part of the design. 

Success is inevitable - providing clarity and intensity are also chosen by the one being inspired.



Passion drives the actions of the soul. Passion is the sensual mate to inspiration. Emotion is at the seat of passion. Emotion is the generator that fuels the willingness to act. Emotion fleshes out an experience with feelings, providing the sensual aspects of the experience. The multitude of emotions correspond to the multitude of details defined into the image.


Feelings Foretell the Future

An inspiration from soul is not limited by time. It encompasses both past and future in one present moment. This is why emotions can feel the future outcome of a given option, should it be chosen. Our feelings foretell the future. They also reveal unspoken details about the past. Do not deny your feelings, or override them if they do not feel good - they are educating you as to what has been, and what may come about if you go forward with a particular choice. 

Listen carefully to your feelings as you consider many options - they provide insights that the mind will not understand by itself, for quite some time. 

Changing your course of action based on what feels best to you in the moment can save you from an untold number of failed attempts.


How to Know When A Course of Action is Best for You

Your heart knows. Your body does not. 

Your body consists of the past genetic codes and the programs that you have given it. It is an excellent reflector, but by itself, your body is not an accurate guide. For this reason muscle testing is a highly subjective science, requiring extreme discipline of mind and right focus to gain reliable insights.

There is a way to use body signals, but it is not to be done with the mind. It is done through the heart. It must be done in a state of communion with the soul. In this instance, the body becomes a true reflector of answers from your soul.

When wanting to know if a course of action is the right one for you, listen to your heart. When your heart says "yes", your countenance shines, your eyes light up, your heart opens up, you feel expanded and inspired. There is a quiet, confident knowing that comes over you.

When your heart says "no", energies either descend or scatter in fragmented directions (either extreme away from the centered, life-giving "yes" sensations). You may feel overly excited (to override the "no" from soul), or depressed. You may feel troubled or uncertain, but not know why. The option may make sense, but not feel good. This is a clear "no" from soul, at least with respect to the plans as you are now envisioning them. Modifications are in order, or possibly a whole new direction would be better.


Define and Redefine Your Image.

As you consider each option that presents itself, listen to the "yes" or "no" feelings in your heart. Consider every option possible, and learn all you can about your options from the feelings inside. Revisit these options from time to time to be certain you are choosing the best course of action - before you act. As you discover the possibilities that surround your image of what you prefer to see happen, add new details to your image. Shape and reshape your image until it feels totally clear and deeply appealing.

If you see inner resistances or states of doubt, fear or unclarity show up, transform them with love until they have revealed to you their gifts of wisdom. To discover more on how to do this go to: The Gentle Art of Self Healing.


The Real Purpose

Keep in mind here that this is not a mental game. This is not about deciding upon an image based on your latest fantasy. This is actually an exercise in letting the visions from your soul bubble up from the innermost depths of your being. This is about gaining mental clarity regarding the inspirations from your soul.

As you develop your skill at listening to soul, this process will become second nature. It will become a flow of creative energy. Self-importance will subside into the background, as your True Self (soul) rises into its right place within the community of souls on Earth. Harmony will prevail. A return to our original state similar to the Garden of Eden will soon follow.


Cocreation with the Rest of Humanity

The images you choose (regardless of how you derive them) will naturally blend with the images of all others living on Earth. The net mosaic of images will determine the pattern of the progress that life on Earth may take on. It will set the stage for progress, or provide the blueprints, but this image alone will not guarantee that things on Earth will unfold accordingly.

One essential factor remains - intensity. Commitment, passion, joy, enthusiasm, positive anticipation, and the subsequent actions motivated by a love of life is what remains to be fulfilled in order to guarantee the placement of your image on Earth.


Why Darkness Has Prevailed on Earth - Until Now

Life listens to intensity from both the positive side and the negative side - and hands them both the manifestation of their images equally - no respecter of persons, no bias, no judgment, no blame - just the loving act of giving each the content of their choice of images that they are most intensely committed to manifesting. Anger, fear, hate, pride, revenge, self-serving, anticipation of the demise of another, etc. are levels of intensity that Nature responds to - both in ourselves and in any other living being on Earth.

The reason darkness appears to be more powerful at creating their images is because they have successfully watered down your positive emotions with some of their own negative emotions. Therefore your levels of intensity are confused, while theirs are wholeheartedly committed to the path of self-service. Nature simply gives to each the images containing a sufficient amount of intensity to compel the Laws of Life to coalesce their image into manifested form on Earth.

There is another Natural Law in effect here which insures that all that we give to another is given back to us in greater measure. This is an act of love from the Universe. If everyone comes from love, love abounds for all.

It is also for this reason that all negativity eventually falls in upon itself in ultimate failure. Its very nature is self-destructive because it is self-serving. The limitations it imposes on others become limiting forces acting against itself.


Emotion-Packed Imagery - Secrets to Manifesting Dreams and Desires

The First Secret:

The first secret to manifesting a positive outcome on Earth for the entire human race is in the focus and clarity of the images within the souls committed to the Common Good. Each soul is responsible for their own part of the cocreation. The full network of positively-oriented souls on Earth will synergistically contribute to the ultimate outcome.

For each soul to be successful, he or she must hold inside a clearly defined image of the positive outcome desired. If the image arises from the heart along with still, quiet knowings, then it is from the soul, and holds the greatest chance of success. All else comes from another source and will be temporary at best.

Focus on your heart, and on this still, quiet, confident inner knowing.


The Second Secret:

For ultimate success, this image must be coupled with intensely-felt emotions inspired from the contemplation of the image. If the image is felt in the heart arising from the depths of the soul, naturally and without effort, these emotions will also come naturally. The emotions, if allowed to grow and intensify into a peaceful, knowing joy, will generate a magnetic field around the image of good.

This magnetism is the second secret to successful fulfillment.

The intensity of your emotions will generate a magnetic field that serves to attract the necessary events and provisions for the fulfillment of your image. This is the power that catapults your image into manifestation. Magnetism, the result of emotion, is the female component of your manifestation process. The image is the male, mental component. To conceive an earthly manifestation, the male blueprint (sperm) must join with the female magnetism (egg), or house, for the idea. Once joined, the child (physical form) is conceived. 

The dark side of life uses the emotion of fear to manifest dark agendas (the real reason why newscasts focus on fear-mongering). The gullible public plays along not understanding how they are being manipulated. 

The light side of life uses love, compassion, joy, aspiration and gratitude to envelop their dreams and desires. These emotions are more enjoyable to work with and more powerful at bringing about the materialization of one's imagery.

Nurtured with love, emotion, wisdom and joy, the child will be born in the physical plane to begin its journey to a dreams complete fulfillment. Without magnetism, the female component, no image will be able to enter into form.

Clear and focused emotions are essential to the successful manifestation of your dream.


The Choice

If you wish to manifest a positive outcome in your life, the image must be clear and the feelings must be intense. You must be single-focused on the positive. You must be wholehearted in your endeavor. The most successful, long term dreams are those that bubble up from the depths of your soul as quiet inspirations, without effort or training. Just clear the path so they can bubble!

The choice is to discern the best image for your purposes by listening to your soul, clarify your inner resistances, and commit yourself to the enthusiastic fulfillment of your dreams. 

Your health matters. Your attitudes matter. Your choices and actions make the difference.

Pay attention to the details. Apply yourself to the development of new skills. Use the 24 hours each day you are given - wisely.

Listen to your heart, and cultivate the ability to commune with your soul, so you can fully express your soul's desires on Earth - now.

Many blessings of health and success,
Enjoy the simple gifts from Life!

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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