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Candida - What Causes It and How to Manage It

September 20, 2017 7 min read

A Few Surprising Facts about the Most Rampant Health Condition on the Planet!


Q: Is the candida albicans fungus in the body good or bad for us?

A: Good. It is the indicator that our body is still toxic and improperly fed. Candida itself is part of a healthy biological terrain. It is "candida overgrowth" that is behind the majority of health complaints known today. Candida overgrowth stems from a condition in the body whereby:

1. The probiotics are in short supply (from the use of antibiotics, dental fillings, chemical & radiation therapies, etc.)

2. The body still carries heavy metal and chemical toxins (food sources for the candida) 

3. The food being consumed feeds the candida more than the probiotics (certain foods and mostgranular & liquid sweeteners, especially when combined with an oil or fat, rapidly climb the candida population) 


Q: Should we seek to eradicate 100% of the candida albicans from the body?

A: No. Candida serves a valuable function in the body by consuming:

1. Undigested food (toxic waste in the gut)

2. Heavy metals

3. Excessive sugar levels

4. Chemicals, processed food and other poisons


Q: What are the signs of candida overgrowth in the body?

A:  1. Poor digestion, bloated stomach after a meal

2. Acid reflux

3. Heartburn

4. Cycling between constipation and diarrhea

5. Pop belly

6. Red nose and facial blotches

7. Light colored splotches on the skin

8. Dry scaly rashes

9. Hormone imbalances

10. Yeast infections

11. Sluggish energy, especially upon rising and after a meal

12. Kidney and adrenal stresses

13. Brain fog

14. Loss of memory

15. Spaciness

16. Prostate dysfunction

17. Loss of sexual drive and difficulty during performance

18. Many other symptoms

Q: What are the primary causes of candida overgrowth?

A: Reduced probiotic count in the body from:

a. The first use of antibiotics (even as an infant). It only takes one dose to set you up for a life with a candida overgrowth predisposition. Choose clay & herbal immune system builders in place of antibiotics. (Immune Power)

b. Drinking and bathing in chlorinated/fluoridated water (add Sacred Clay to your drinking and bath water to absorb the chlorine/fluorine. The clay locks onto it as it passes through your system and out of the body)

c. A diet high in sweets & oils (especially if consumed together), acid food & drink, breads made of grain flour, nuts, meat & other hard to digest foods (due to slow passage times and weakened digestive powers)

d. Silver/Mercury amalgam dental fillings (acts like a continuous antibiotic)

e. Radiation from medical tests and the environment (radiation is a heavy metal)

f.  Birth control pills (increases yeast populations)

g. Plastics that increase the estrogen counts in the body

h. All soy products (because they also increase estrogen in the body)

i.  Health supplements that are not Whole Earthen Resources causing nutrient and hormonal imbalances in the body (isolated vitamins and minerals disrupt the body's biological terrain)

j.  Non-organic foods and processed, chemical-laden foods (chemicals on/in the food kills friendly gut flora and disrupts hormones)

k. Microwaved food and liquids (microwaves destroy the nutritional value in food, water & beverages and turn them into toxins which become a food source for candida and other pathogens)

k. Low bile function – therefore undigested fats interfering with sugar metabolism (insulin resistance) (Digestive Bitters)

l. Low production of digestive enzymes (from the pancreas, stomach, liver & intestines – therefore food putrefying in the gut (Digestive Bitters, Herbal C)


Q: What are the best herbs or clays for reducing candida overgrowth in my body?

A: Sacred Clay or Mineral Manna, Soil-based probiotics (SBO's) (Friendly Flora), along with bitter herbs and digestive spices (Digestive Bitters and Herbal C) which increase digestive enzymes (produced by your own pancreas, stomach, liver, and intestines) and assist in the removal or digestion of heavy metals or toxins, thereby reducing the food sources for candida in the body.

It goes without saying that the diet must be improved in order to obtain the best results (even the best of the "health food diets" tend to contain candida promoting food choices or combinations). See "OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?" for a few surprising tips.


Q: If I still have silver-mercury amalgam dental fillings can I ever get rid of candida overgrowth?

A: No, for two reasons:

1. Candida feeds on the mercury vapors being released every time you chew something.
2. Mercury residues kill off your friendly flora necessary for proper digestion.

Note:  Having mercury fillings in your mouth will prevent you from ever having total health, and is one reason our society has noticed a severe decline in overall health levels in the last 100 years, yet getting amalgams out, even safely, will cause a more serious degeneration to your health than having them in – unless the removal procedure is immediately followed by an aggressive program of clay baths, clay facials, clay mouth swishes, head packs with clay and regular consumption of green superfoods with seaweeds like the Earth & Sea Greens, Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, and Sea Vegetable Blend (which are powerful detoxifiers of heavy metals).

Q: Are yeast infections caused by eating yeast?

A: No. Some yeasts are essential to good digestion. Yeast infections are caused by eating things that the candida yeast feeds on:

1. Sugar

2. Pastries

3. Sweetened chocolate often made with soy or dairy

4. Nuts & oils combined with sweets or starches (i.e.fruits and nuts together, almond butter on a rice cracker, french fries, corn chips, etc.)

5. Fruit juices (better to eat the fruit than drink the juice due to the sugar rush that feeds the yeast and weakens the spleen)

6. Cokes, energy drinks & coffee (the acids lower the intestinal pH killing probiotics, and the concentrated sugars feed the yeast) 

6. Alcohol (grain/yeast ferments compete with probiotics, alcohol and the sugars blow out the spleen) (Spleen Builder)

7. Birth control pills (chemical estrogen increases yeast growth)

8. Grains, starches, yeasted breads (including Ezekiel Sprouted Bread), especially when combined with a concentrated sweetener (like jelly) and/or an oil (like butter). This oil and sugar combination results in insulin resistance followed by high sugar levels which become a food source for the yeast.


breads without oils or concentrated sugars are better, though most American grains are either too hybridized or contain herbicide overspray from neighboring fields causing hormone disruptions. This is less true for grains grown in countries that have outlawed RoundUp (which kills the friendly bacteria in the gut and disrupts hormones in the body).

Conventional and most organic breads made from grains grown in America will cause the yeast population to exceed the normal desirable levels for the body (largely due to the herbicide chemicals that were sprayed on the grain to hasten a uniform harvest). Pop bellies, bloating, inflamed joints, and digestive disturbances are sign of this happening.

The least reactive grains in this way are Einkorn & Emmer wheat. They are gluten grains, but less reactive with gluten sensitive people due to the fact that they are some of the oldest of grains. 

Q: What about Brewer's Yeast or Nutritional Yeast?

A: Sari Foods Company Non-Fortified Yeast Flakes is the brand I enjoy and feel safe with. It is a good source of nutrients and does NOT promote candida, being a completely different species. 

Q: I am not ready to give up coffee. How can I reduce the harmful effects of coffee?

A: Add some Mineral Manna, (or a combination of Sacred Clay and Ancient Mineral Blend) to each cup or pot of coffee to absorb farm chemicals, reduce acidity and provide minerals to nourish & restore the nervous and hormonal systems affected most by coffee.

Q: What will Mineral Manna do to the coffee that makes it less harmful?

A: Several benefits are derived from adding Mineral Manna to the coffee:

1. Reduces its acidity
2. Absorbs the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemical poisons common to the growing & processing of non-organic coffee (which also kill friendly bacteria in the gut) (choose only organic from now on)
3. Replaces minerals that are depleted from coffee's over-stimulation of the nervous system
4. Stabilizes energy levels as the caffeine wears off (reduces the 2 hour drop syndrome from adrenal overstimulation)
5. Helps stabilize blood sugar levels disturbed by caffeine
6. Helps your body manage the hormonal imbalances from adrenal overstimulation. Caffeine activates higher than normal levels of cortisol, the fight or flight hormone. If not consumed with extreme activity, this hormone acts as a poison in the system and becomes a food source for  viruses and mycoplasma that feed on lipids (fats). (Cortisol is constructed of cholesterol, a lipid)  

Q: Will eating mushrooms cause candida overgrowth?

A: No. Some mushrooms are anti-fungal. Yeasts are in a different class from mushrooms. Mushrooms boost immune powers and assist in detoxification. But, eating non-organic mushrooms will increase candida due to the pesticides in them. Eat mushrooms in either their dried state or in a cooked state, but not raw.

Q: What can I do to manage my candida?

A:  1. Reduce toxic loads in the body:
a. Take Clay Baths & All Night Foot Poultices with Sacred Clay & Black Beauty (Bath kit)
b. Eat more clay, fiber and chlorophyll-rich superfoods (Earth & Sea GreensVital Cleanse & Nutrify)
c. Get your amalgams removed safely (use clay immediately after the removal)
d. Put at least some clay in your bath and drinking water, especially in your cooking water to absorb chemicals
e. Do a Shower Slurry with clay during your shower (if you do not have a bathtub)
f.  Eliminate the use of chemicals wherever possible
g. Improve the diet and eat more alkaline foods

h. Eat bitter foods and bitter herbs (Digestive Bitters and Herbal C) (Bitter foods and herbs activate bile production which is used by the liver to encapsulate toxins and pathogens and eliminate them through the bowels)

2. Improve the diet and food combining practices:
a.  Reduce your health supplements to nothing but whole earthen sources
b.  Separate your oils and your fruits, sweets or starches with bitter herbs and bitter foods to insure the oils/fats are fully digested before introducing a sugar  (Digestive Bitters)
c. Reduce the acid drinks and foods in the diet
e.  Increase the alkaline foods and superfoods in the diet  (Earth & Sea GreensVital Cleanse & Nutrify)
f. Eat less meat, nuts, cheese, and eggs, and eat more avocados, nutritional mushrooms (shiitake, portobello, maitake, morel, chanterelle, etc.), vegetables and superfoods.
g. Consume Soil Based Organism probiotics derived from humic/fulvic acid. (Friendly Flora)

3. Build a stronger immune system (Immune Power).

4. Grow your own food chemical free.

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy the simple gifts of Nature!

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Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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