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6 Tips on Surviving the 5 Major Holiday Seasons (from Halloween to Valentines Day)

November 12, 2018 14 min read

How to Guard Your Health & Emotional Well Being as You Celebrate

Tips on how to minimize the effects of celebration foods & seasonal blues (article & audio)

The web audio holds the fine points related to the outline below and is worth listening to in order to hear the details and personal experiences expressed during the conference call.

Web Audio: Click on the title below to listen to this call, or right click the link, then "Save link as", to save the MP3 file to your computer:

CC - Celebration Foods and Seasonal Blues

(The following article has been updated and may vary from the audio version.)

While it is more important that we celebrate, indulge a bit, and spend time with loved ones, how can we also maintain our health and happiness throughout the holidays and after?

During the months of January, February, and March I receive more calls from people who find themselves in a progressively deteriorating health condition or depression than any other months of the year.

The five major holiday seasons (Halloween, Thanksgiving, the religious holidays of December, New Years, and Valentine's Day) are are filled with celebration foods and dietary excesses or compromises, from which the body fails to fully recover between each holiday before facing another one, then struggles to regain balance during the months of January, February, and March.

In some cases, the cumulative effect of this series of celebratory foods results in old health conditions and/or bouts of depression returning with a vengeance.

A sudden cold, flu, digestive distress, heartburn, a flare up of old conditions, joint pains, skin rashes & outbreaks, acid stomach, insomnia, a worsening of existing conditions like low or high blood sugar/pressure, or other ailment, including moderate to suicidal depression, are common complaints during those months.

This drop in well-being catches many by surprise, not being aware of the direct connection between traditional holiday meals and their effect on one's health or mood.

One of my goals in presenting the following information is to reduce, if possible, the number people who struggle with their physical & emotional health during and after the holiday seasons.

Why does one's health and mood deteriorate during the holidays and after?

In most instances it is due to the cumulative effect of a multitude of dietary compromises that are common to holiday celebrations, including an abundance of sugar, nuts, chips (or other fried foods), rich foods, candy, desserts, alcohol, and typical food combining mistakes traditionally bred into our celebration of the holidays (see below).

Some of the most common worst offenders are nuts, sweets, breads, and alcohol, especially when combined into the same dish, or in the same meal, like pecan pie (deadly at triggering herpes, shingles, or a flu bug), raw fruit pies (nut crust with sweet fruits can promote bloat & digestive disturbances), or fruit cake (again, a food combining mistake consisting of nuts, fruits, grains, and sometimes alcohol, producing fungal overgrowth, while feeding the herpes strain of viruses).

A little known secret about nuts is that they feed the herpes/shingles strains of viruses more powerfully than most other foods due to their difficulty in being digested, plus the fact that they turn into a thick paste and stick to the intestinal sidewalls, then ferment into rancidity (if they weren't there already). A perfect setup for certain viruses that love to feast on rancid fats in the body. 

Who doesn't love to munch on handfuls of nuts commonly set out during our favorite celebrations?

Add an innocent dish of split peas (the second most prevalent trigger for a herpes/shingles attack) and the likelihood increases further.  

Add coffee and sugar or pastries to the day's routine and your chances climb even higher due to the acidity created by both (a necessary precondition) coupled with the higher than normal cortisol levels in the blood from the caffeine.

Eat a piece of pecan pie (nuts and sugar) with the above and you are sure to show signs of deteriorated health within 1-3 days (it typically takes 2-3 days following a compromise before the pathogens multiply to a level that create a noticeable crisis). 

Sluggish mornings, brain fog, loss of motivation, depression, or swings between hyperactivity and chronic fatigue are signs that the viruses have pushed your immune response powers beyond their limits.

Skin problems of all kinds are indicative of an overloaded liver struggling to keep up.

By the time the third holiday rolls around in December, and especially by early to mid January & February, more people call who are in a serious health crisis, or in a moderate to suicidal depression, than at any other time of year.

The cause is obvious in most cases, as each instance can usually be traced back to a brief or extended excess of nuts, nut butters, sugar, chips, breads, corn, alcohol, canola oil, and/or food combining mistakes (like raw butter on an organic squash, or on other starches, or fruits and nuts together), or simply too much coffee during a stressful period.

Such dietary side effects can also be compounded by the side effects of flu shots, antibiotics, meds, dental work, alcohol, recreationals, and personal or family crisis moments (also prevalent during holidays partially provoked by side effects of the diet). 

So, how do we survive so many holiday celebrations arriving so close together? Here are a few tips we have found to be successful during the holidays and throughout the New Year:

One: Prepare in Advance - Build Health Now!

1. Build health in advance, so as to go into the holidays with greater resilience. Watch the diet more carefully, pay attention to food combining rules, reduce the coffee and sugar, take more clay baths, increase the amount of superfoods and immune support herbs (Immune Power).

Note the wisdom mentioned in this article: When is the Best Time to Start a Health Building-Cleansing Program – Before or After the Holidays??

2. Alkalinize the body daily with Earth & Sea Greens (or Vital Cleanse & Nutrify 5 Way Superfood Blend) and Ancient Mineral Blend two or more times per day.

3. Consume Digestive Bitters with or before every meal to insure digestion is at peak performance prior to the holiday meals. Taken again just before bed helps with the more difficult digestive situations, especially if food combining mistakes could not be avoided, or constipating foods are part of the diet (meat, nuts, cheese, sugar, bananas, eggs, refined flour breads, pasta, etc.).

Bitter herbs and foods taken daily assist the liver to protect your health from pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, excess sugars, and excess fats.

4. Do a Liver Flush with Bitters before and after the holidays. Celebration foods will place additional burdens on the blood purification powers of the liver. Best to flush the liver before and after the holidays to ease the strain and speed the recovery from celebration foods.

Be sure to take clay baths in combination with each liver flush with bitters so as to ease the strain on the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system responsible for eliminating the toxic waste stirred up from the flush.

5. Before a big meal consume Earth & Sea Greens, or Vital Cleanse & Nutrify 5 Way Superfood Blend, or Sea Vegetable Blend to reduce the cravings for snacks and minimize the tendency to overeat.

The typical diet includes 10 times the quantity of food required for optimal health. Longevity is known to be extended with periodic fasting and a lower daily volume of food bulk, but high in nutritive value, like sea vegetables and superfoods, or forest prana for the breatharians (who tend to be among the healthiest people in the world).

Consider fasting, or reducing food intake, a few days prior to celebrations and again after. This one choice alone may well prevent a more serious health challenge.

6. Knowing that celebration foods will stress your blood sugar and splenic functions, it is wise to increase your resilience by strengthening your blood sugar regulators (pancreas and adrenals) with Blood Sugar Balance and Kidney Adrenal Support. Strengthen spleen function with Spleen Builder.

7. Eat more cultured foods to build your digestive powers (kefir, sauerkraut, shiso, miso, other cultured vegetables, raw milk whey, & Friendly Flora), but avoid Kombucha, jun, and honey mead - which is basically sugar, caffeine, and alcohol – the three main food groups that harm the spleen and adrenals (key digestive & immune system organs), and thereby promote viral & fungal overgrowth. 

8. Build immune system strength in advance with daily amounts of Immune Power. (Other formulas which build the immune system are: Black Seed ComboLung Support, Purify, Licorice Root Powder, and Spleen Builder.) Keep these in mind if any one of them are all you have when a crisis starts to build.

9. Prepare a Travel Spice Kit (with small jars) in a case to bring with you to restaurants and for travel. Ours includes organic black pepper, Himalayan Salt, Pink Sulfur Salt (aka Black Salt), Curry Spice Blend, Fire, Digestive Bitters, cayenne pepper, and I bring extra fennel or cumin to help with gas, common to restaurant food).

Two: Foods to Minimize (or eliminate if you have the willpower)

1. Anything containing an artificial or concentrated sweetener (even the natural ones), especially if the sweetener is a glucose or sucrose type sweetener, like honey, agave, granulated sugars, maple syrup, or molasses. While not as sweet, yacon root powder is a safer alternative. Honey, while natural, needs to be treated like a fruit (consumed on an empty stomach, or at least consumed apart from meals containing oils and fats, but can be acceptable with starches & grains).

a. Sweeten with Licorice Root Powder (not the licorice candy) and Stevia Green Leaf Powder instead (not the stevia drops or white concentrated powder), cinnamon, or other spices. Use fruit, or sweet potatoes, or coconut water where appropriate (i.e. when fats or oils are not added).

Licorice and stevia do not contain fructose, glucose, or sucrose and can be combined safely with oils and fats. 

b. One reason concentrated glucose and sucrose sweeteners can be a dietary risk has to do with the need for insulin to metabolize glucose and sucrose. The conversion of glucose and sucrose to ATP causes a lactic acid buildup when oxygen levels are low to begin with. This increases body acidity and strains the eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, bowels, and lymph system).

c. Concentrated sugars (cane sugar & liquid concentrates) compound this problem, as high sugar levels in the blood also reduce the ability of acids to be excreted from the body via the urine.

The body becomes over-acidic, thus thickening/reducing bile flow (used to digest fats). Use whole foods and herbs to sweeten beverages or dishes.

d. Undigested fats in the blood (caused partially by the over acid condition that thickens and slows the flow of bile fluids needed to digest fats) make it even more difficult to metabolize sugars resulting in a sugar spike. Undigested fats in the blood promote insulin resistance. 

Yeast in the body consumes the excess sugar in the blood from the combination of sweets and fats, resulting in a fungal bloom, along with viral and bacterial proliferation, followed by fuzzy brain, digestive bloat, over-acid stomach, interference with hormones, and an aggravation of many other conditions in the body.

e. Unconcentrated fructose (as in fruits and yacon), on the other hand, does not require insulin to be converted to energy for the cells, thus no lactic acid buildup.

When consumed apart from oils and fats, fruits, yacon, and potatoes (white, yellow, red, purple, and sweet) are able to feed the energy producing ATP in the cells without acidifying the body.

Just keep in mind that fruits and fats/oils are best not mixed in the same meal. Eat each food group within separate meals.

2. Breads, cookies, pastries, and other candies, (beware of the "natural" ones). "Organic" does not always mean safe for you. Read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis to understand why this is so). Consider making your own with Einkorn grain, the original unhybridized grain with a much simpler gluten molecule.

3. Sweetened chocolate, due to the concentrated sugar ("organic cane sugar") in combination with the cacao butter, cream, nuts, or a few ingredients which cannot be pronounced. The least compromising chocolate treat uses raw fermented cacao, dates or yacon, sea salt or spices, possibly some green superfoods, and very little else (assuming such a chocolate could be found or made). 

4. Meat of all kinds combined with starches/sweets (because meats are exceptionally hard to digest, acidify the body, and place an undue strain on your digestive system at a time when the digestive system will already be taxed by celebration foods).

Because meats typically contain fats, and most celebration meals will also contain starches, the fungal overgrowth and strain on the digestive tract is compounded further. 

5. Nuts (also hard to digest, and way too easy to eat too many). Do not eat nuts with fruit, sweets, or starches (granola bars & trail mixes are classic food combining nightmares). Also, unless you take the nuts out of the shell yourself, the chance of beginning levels of mold and rancidity is great.

6. Nuts and concentrated sugars are two of the greatest viral, fungal, and bacterial overgrowth promoters in the health food world.

7. Chips (fried oils are often rancid, and oils should not be combined with starches like corn or potatoes). Most fried food is fried in canola oil (especially at restaurants), a GMO oil, rancid and chemically polluted.

One new way of making a chip is with coconut oil. This is the least problematic way to combine an oil and a starch due to the fact that coconut oil is a partially predigested oil (so less bile is required to digest it). If an oil is desired with a starch, this is the safer way to go.

8. Other fried foods (clogs the arteries, acidifies the blood, and interferes with sugar metabolism). Most all restaurant fried foods are fried with canola oil, a penetrating lubricant. This oil will always be rancid by nature, causes painful swollen joints, digestive disturbances, and a toxic condition in the body.  

9. Pasteurized cheese, cream, yogurt, and milk (all pasteurized dairy products are congesting, acidic, and toxic). Raw dairy has advantages in moderation. 

10. Soy products and byproducts of all kinds (soy over-estrogenates the body and is most likely GMO, even if it is organic). Soy acts as an estrogen replacer that interferes with normal estrogen production and delivery.

11. Coffee, especially if sweetened, or with pasteurized milk/cream. Black organic coffee in moderate quantities may have some (questionable) health benefits, although there are several downsides to coffee as well.

Decaf coffees are more likely to contain mold than regular coffee due to the longer soaking time required for extracting the caffeine. The coffee plant is one of the most chemicalized food plants in the world, so stick to organically grown beans from trusted sources. 

12. Colas, even the "natural" ones (usually loaded with sugars and acids). Most non-organic colas are made with phosphoric acid, and have a pH close to 2.0, causing great strain on the kidneys.

Of course, "diet" sodas are sweetened with toxic chemicals that contribute to numerous diseases, including obesity.

13. Alcohol does not have the health benefits that media and (industry funded) research reports have led us to believe. Alcohol depresses the immune system by weakening the spleen (a major contributor of antibodies whose job it is to tackle viruses and bacteria in the body).

Alcohol also degenerates the brain similar to coffee (as per Dr. Amen's brain scan revelations shown in the article). 

Kombucha & jun are gentler than the above, but can still worsen candida overgrowth and blow out the spleen due to its sugar/caffeine/alcohol content.

Alcohol produces a serotonin response in the body, thus providing its mood elevating effects, offset, of course, by its reduction of inhibitions and motor skills, endangering lives in many ways.

14. Important! Remember to minimize liquids with and after meals so as not to dilute essential digestive juices.

Best time to take your nutritional supplements is before or during a meal. If you forget, just minimize the amount of liquids consumed to get them down.

Three: Foods Best Not to Combine Together

1. Sweets with oils.

2. Foods that convert to sugar in the body (like grains and starchy veggies) with oils.

3. Meat with starches (rice, potatoes, grains, etc.).

4. Fruit or jams with nuts and nut butters.

5. Nuts or nut butters with breads, rice cakes or sweeteners (yes, even agave and honey).

6. Eat fruits, honey, and sweets on an empty stomach.

7. Best not to eat desserts at all, but if you must, try eating desserts 1 hour before a meal, or 2 hours or more after a meal, and consume bitter foods or bitter herbs (Digestive Bitters) and blood sugar regulators (BloodSugar Balance) with the meal, and again between the meal & dessert, to reduce or prevent the side effects of viral, bacterial, and fungal overgrowth from this food combining error.

Most desserts are made of a combination of sugars, starches, and oils which make them a contributing cause behind many health complaints.

8. Study the Food Combining Rules along with a listing over 100 foods you CAN eat (with certain considerations) for optimal health and effective digestion: OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?.

Four: Common Herbs and Spices Which Help You to Digest the Following Foods or Improve Digestion & Well-being.

1. Black Pepper (oils, dairy)

2. Ginger (all kinds of foods)

3. Cardamon (dairy and oils)

4. Hawthorn Berry (meat)

5. Alfalfa, (contains digestive enzymes for all major food groups)

6. Fennel (oils, gas, and indigestion)

7. Coriander (oils, gas, and indigestion)

8. Red chili pepper (oils, gas, and indigestion)

9. Rosemary, (oils, starches, mental alertness)

10. Onion (oils, proteins, starches)

11. Chamomile (gas and indigestion)

12. Peppermint (gas and indigestion)

13. Entire mint family (gas and indigestion)

14. Lemongrass (gas and indigestion)

15. Radishes (oils and proteins)

16. Cumin (oils, beans, and proteins)

17. Turmeric (all kinds of foods)

18. Yarrow (oils and proteins)

Many of these are also found in Digestive Bitters, Spleen Builder, Fire and Herbal Oxygen.

Five: Common Herbs and Spices Which Help You to Assimilate Sugar:

1. Bay leaf

2. Clove

3. Cinnamon

4. Turmeric

5. Black Tea

6. Coriander

7. Cumin

8. Fenugreek

9. Licorice

10. Stevia

11. Most mineral blends created by Nature, not a laboratory: Ancient Mineral Blend, Sacred Clay, Mineral Manna, Earthen Ormus

Many of the above herbs are also found in BloodSugar Balance.

Six: OK, so this will help maintain my physical health, now, how do I maintain my happiness?

Holiday and post-holiday depression is one of the most common emotional side effects of the above dietary compromises. Pathogen overgrowth causes the body to slow down to conserve energy for fighting the pathogens. 

Brain fog is most commonly caused by pathogens in the brain caused by these same food combinations.

Stresses on the hormonal system from these compromises result in adrenal fatigue and spleen weakness which affects all other hormone producing glands (thyroid, hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary, etc.).

The spleen empowers the adrenals. The adrenals are the most prolific hormone producers of the entire endocrine system (manufacturing over 50 different hormones and over 50 different forms of adrenaline based on the current mood).

A week spleen leads to chronic fatigue. Depression, feeling wired, insomnia, sluggish mornings, spaciness, and sugar or "protein" cravings become more prevalent, among numerous other symptoms.


1. Consume more Ormalite (a "Happy Clay" which helps to reduce stress).

2. Keep in mind that the after-effects of sugar, alcohol, coffee, black/green tea, yerba mate' and recreational drugs are major causes of spaciness, hyperactivity, depression, and insomnia (they deprive the body of valuable jing essence, which is a subtle energy stored in the kidneys, the loss of which impacts the spleen and deprives the person of motivation).

3. The kidney jing and the spleen are absolutely foundational to your health, vitality and the ability to feel joy. Kidney/adrenal exhaustion and spleen disfunction (from sweets, stimulants, and alcohol) are behind most types of fatigue & depression (before the meds get involved).

Simply rebuild these glands as you improve the diet, then notice how energy climbs & happiness returns.

4. Often depression and lethargy are brought about from viral, fungal or bacterial overgrowth triggered by the diet. Restoring immune health and correcting pathogen loads can result in an overnight surge in energy and sense of well-being.

5. The immune enhancement preventative measures mentioned above, when taken in larger than normal quantities, can result in the rapid restoration of immune health.

These primarily include: Immune Power & Sacred Clay. These two alone in large quantities for 1-3 days is often enough to reverse a crisis.

(Other formulas which build the immune system are: Black Seed Combo, Herbal CEarth & Sea Greens, Lung Support, Sea Vegetable Blend, Purify, Licorice Root Powder and Spleen Builder.)  

6. When the adrenal glands become exhausted from life stress, sugars & stimulants, nourish them back to health with Kidney & Adrenal Builder and Revitalize for Men/Women

7. Choose to approach life stress with less attachment to outcomes, as an observer with both curiosity and a smile, then watch how outcomes improve and your world changes!

8. Note the reflections of yourself in others. Once we own our reflections in others we immediately access the power to change things within.

The world around us is merely a mirror of our own perceptions. As our perceptions improve, we readily access the insights necessary to shift events in our world or respond to them in more powerful, effective ways

9. Question everything with: "I bless this reflection of my inner self." (The world is our mirror. The reflections we see reveal aspects of our own subconscious).

10. Follow this blessing with the question,"What is the True Nature of Life in moments like these?" (referring to the grand universal, unconditional love perspective). Feel your answers rather than attempt to think them through. 

11. Then take 3 or more deep breaths slowly until you enter into a state of deep stillness and peace (usually takes about 1-3 minutes, unless the cause is much deeper).

12. Notice immediate relief to an increasing degree with each application. See Emotion Packed Imagery and The Gentle Art Of Self Healing DVD - How To Manifest Material Dreams and Desires  for a more complete process on inner healing.

Many blessings of health & success,
Enjoy the simple gifts of Nature.

Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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