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Secrets to Building a Powerful Immune System

by Michael King May 19, 2017

20 Ways to Balance & Empower Your Immune Response

With a Two Part Audio:

True Stories: How People Stopped the Flu in Approximately One Day
& Outline of an Effective Immune Building Program

The following audio files are from prior years and therefore will vary somewhat from the updated program information below. The two articles below were updated on 10-20-2015. 

Web Audio: Click below to listen to the recordings of the calls. To save the MP3 files to your computer, right click on the links and choose "Save link as".

Secrets to Building a Powerful Immune System - Part 1

play buttonTrue Stories: How People Stopped the Flu in Approximately One Day

Secrets to Building a Powerful Immune System - Part 2

play buttonOutline of an Effective Immune Building Program

(We had technical difficulty with the sound during the first and last five minutes or so. We've decided to cut out those portions, but there is still significant information on the rest of the recording.)

Recommended products within the following article are linked at the bottom of this web page.


Preface - If You Have an Autoimmune Condition

The two conference calls above and the following article are devoted to providing a comprehensive outline for building a powerful immune system. There are a few modifications during the early stages of building health to understand if you have a known autoimmune-condition. Immune Power contains adaptogenic herbs and seaweeds, which a few types of autoimmune may find to depress the energy. There are no known immune stimulants in Immune Power. If you are one that reacts to adaptogens or seaweeds, Immune Power can be used down the road to test the immune system's correction, as this overall nutritional program modulates (balances) the immune system to normal functioning.

For those autoimmune conditions that are not sensitive to adaptogens, it is suggested to begin with immune modulators like Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend and Herbal C, (or just Herbal C for those who are) as these are more gentle at balancing immune responses. Medicinal mushrooms are known immune modulators and gentle enough to move sensitive bodies steadily toward normal. Mushrooms must be steamed or cooked, not raw.

A Note About Mushrooms: Mushrooms are not promoters of fungal overgrowth. Quite the opposite, they are known to reduce pathogenic yeast in the body by enhancing immune response mechanisms. Yeasts are always in the air and naturally grow on fruits and certain herbs (and used by culinary artists around the world). Some yeasts are beneficial. Most probiotics are yeast cultures. It is sugar, and foods that convert to sugar, like grains & starches, that become a food source for yeast overgrowth when consumed in excess, or when combined with oils and fats that interfere with normal sugar metabolism.

Your Body Knows What to Do, It Simply Needs to be Nourished Properly

The program outlined below provides a framework for building your immune system to peak performance. In this way specific diseases do not have to be targeted; your body already knows what to do and will simply heal itself.

Given that your immune system is capable of manufacturing over 100 trillion antibody configurations effective at targeting any invading pathogen, your real goal here is not to fight a specific germ, fungus or virus, but to build the entire immune system to such a level of strength that it is fully capable of dealing with any and all pathogenic invasions. 

The following recommended program is therefore not designed to address specifically named health conditions. Read The Truth About Building Physical Health to understand why, in most instances, this will not be necessary. Give your body the nutritional resources it needs to do what it does best, and your body will simply heal itself.

It is also understood that many will not be willing or able to follow all of the suggestions listed below. Lifestyle changes, dietary changes and thorough body cleansing programs generally take place over several years. Some inherent weaknesses can be due to the aftermath of dental work, medical treatment, or childhood/work related exposures to chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, antibiotics, or immunizations, which involve more comprehensive programs to address.

Gut Feelings
There are times when what one is able or willing to do from a natural perspective will simply not be enough. Mother Nature's methods do not fit the soundbite ("only one pill please") mentality of today's world. Seeking professional help when needed from the most knowledgeable practitioners you are able to find is advisable. Also be advised that most of the nutritional advice touted by natural product manufacturers, nutritionists and naturopaths are based on the outdated, isolated megavitamin approach which is typically both costly and ineffective.

Follow your own gut feelings about any prescribed program and never make the mistake of just "giving yourself over" to following blindly professional advice. Be responsible for the approach you ultimately choose, adopting it because you genuinely feel at a gut level that this is the best approach for you at this time, especially when this involves the medical approach, which is not to be ruled out in extreme circumstances.

How I Stopped the Flu in 4 Hours

On the way to dinner I noticed the first sign: a sore spot developing in the throat. I then recalled having an unusual slight headache for the several days prior, but normal energy. I also recalled feeling acidic for the last couple of days from dining at restaurants.

Fortunately, Barbara had our travel kit of herbs and spices with her, so once at the restaurant, I ordered Earl Grey tea (two bags) for the throat (tannins in the tea can knock out a sore throat in minutes), and from the formulas in our travel kit, I began a high level regimen of Immune PowerSacred Clay and Earth & Sea Greens.

After choosing a light dinner of a salad and soup so as not to add a digestive burden to my straining immune system, I went home and immediately started running water for a clay bath and took another hefty round of herbal formulas and clay. In the middle of the clay bath that night, I felt the symptoms completely lift.

Fortunately, I was able to hit it hard as soon as the first symptom was felt. Once a pathogen has set in for an hour or more, several servings of herbal formulas at high levels are typically required to build enough strength in the immune system to turn the tide back in your favor. In some instances results are only seen following a nap or a full night's sleep (the body's regenerative hours).

Getting the body alkaline again is critical to rapid turnaround, thus the importance of Earth & Sea Greens(which can be used as a meal replacement, or with salads and soups, as desired). Reducing food intake to easy to digest alkalizing superfoods during the entire recovery period is a key component of a successful strategy.

If the condition has been in place for a day or more, it may take 1-3 days of an intense herbal program to see results, though progress is generally observed from day to day. This is providing, of course, that the dietary regime outlined below is also followed, the most important of which is to eliminate sugar and drastically alter the diet:

Foods to Eliminate Until Full Recovery: sugary foods, honey, nuts, fried foods, meats, eggs, cheese, yogurt, pasteurized milk, acidic food & drink, grains, breads, alcohol, kombucha, sweet fruits and fruit juices (especially citrus) until recovery has been complete for several days (preventing a relapse). The diet basically boils down to

clay water, tea, salads, soups and your herbal regimen.

Obviously, some of this advice goes against the grain of standard recommended protocols. The biological reasons for these restrictions are explained in greater detail below.

Rapid Power-Up Immune Building Program

To build power in your immune system so your body has the strength to clean house and take care of business, the following program is recommended to be taken every hour or two for 1-3 days, or until you feel stronger, more vital and alert:

Recommended every 1-2 hours:

(Recommended products are linked at the bottom of this web page.)

a. 6-12 capsules of Immune Power (the more Immune Power that is consumed with the first dose and on the first day, the faster the immune system will be able to turn things around. Typically, lots of Immune Power (even 12-24 caps at once) followed by a nap or a night's sleep, seems to give the body what it needs to show improvement upon waking. There is no limit to how many can be consumed over the course of a day & night (even up to 100 caps), yet it is understood that most will have their own self-imposed limitation on what is tolerable to them.

b. 4 oz. or more of the Clay Water Mineral Drink consuming a total of 64-128 oz. over the course of each 24 hour period. The most important part of this regimen is to consume as close to 32 oz. of the Clay Water Mineral Drink as soon as you notice the first symptom (assuming you have not just eaten food, so as not to dilute digestive juices), and again first thing every morning.

c. One teaspoon to one tablespoon of Earth & Sea Greens (consuming 3 to 6 tablespoons in a day)

d. Optionally: 1/4 teaspoon (one capsule) or more of Friendly Flora. (consuming 1-2 tablespoons (12-24 capsules in a day)

e. Consume 2-4 capsules of Digestive Bitters with every meal and again just before bed (liver bile is used by the body to cleanse the blood of toxins and pathogens)

f. Consume ginger-mint and immune building teas throughout the day (as desired). Add lemon only after your body is clearly alkaline, otherwise the lemon will merely increase body acidity

Then take one or two Sacred Clay & Black Beauty Baths (Sacred Soak or Bath Packets) every day (more often as needed during the day or night during extreme discomfort), and as an option: an All Night Foot Poultice following the clay bath.

Take the above for 1-3 days, or as required to feel stronger, more vital and alert.

Two Powerful Natural Immune System Responses that Keep Us Healthy

1. 'Killer' T cells designed to "kill" virally infected or abnormal cells

2. 'Bulldog' B cells (my name for them :) can produce over 100 trillion different antibody configurations in order to neutralize antigens (toxins & pathogens) in the body

The point here is, your own immune system, when nourished properly, possesses the ability take care of ALL of your immune needs. When we are stressed by an immune compromise, our job is to provide our immune system with solid nourishment from earthen sources (herbs & clays, rather than drugs), and to stop feeding it the food & drink that weaken immune responses (i.e. sugars, acid food & drink, fruit juices, breads, nuts, most medical treatments, etc.). The purpose of a solid nourishing program is so your immune system can power-up and maintain maximum health.

That being said, a skillfully crafted natural program can be complementary to an allopathic treatment (with a few exceptions) when time and knowledge of what to do naturally is in short supply. Thus modern medicine, even with all of its risks to overall health in the long run, is not to be ruled out during an extreme health crisis. 

About Flu Shots, Immunizations & Antibiotics

The immune system does NOT need the introduction of artificially-introduced pathogens (such as what you will find in a vaccine) to generate antibodies (the body's own version of an antibiotic). Normal environmental influences are sufficient to trigger the immune responses of the body. Each trigger will add new antibody configurationsto its memory database which can then be rapidly reproduced in high volumes upon demand. This memory database is how your body remains immune to future exposures to the same pathogen.

Your job is to power-up your overall immune system with solid herbal & clay nutrition, so your body has the resources to respond to any and every threat to your overall health.

If you follow the suggestions in this article, follow clean diet principles, adhere to proper food combining principles, and spend time in the sun often, your immune system will gain in strength naturally. Your body makes all the antibodies it needs to counter any and all pathogens.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics weaken the digestive powers and the immune powers of the body for years and decades to follow. If at all possible, build your own natural immune response powers on a daily basis, rather than reach for a round of antibiotics. 

How I Managed a Personal Crisis Moment (Broken Femur Bone)
Following a forklift accident that broke my femur bone and did nerve and tissue damage to both ankles and one knee (from impact with the asphalt under 6,000 lbs. of fork lift), I refused painkillers, antibiotics, tetanus shots and blood transfusions (getting saline instead). Because I had been taking superfoods and clay minerals for several years, I surprised the medics with my very low levels of pain (a 4 on a scale of 10), when femur bone breaks are traditionally a 10, I was told. My body had the resources already inside to begin the healing process, so pain was not needed to get my attention, I assume.

I opted for a rod placement and surgery with anesthesia, feeling I would be able to clean up the chemicals later with herbs and clay. With a clean break, rapid mobility was my priority, as my garden was waiting!

Within 9 weeks, after driving most of the way from Oregon to Texas and back on a 3 week trip, I was back in the garden digging garden beds and moving buckets of dirt, clay and water (with the help of a cane, of course). At 12 weeks, X-rays showed the bone to be 100% healed. At 22 weeks a gave up the cane. Today (3 years later), I move 1-2 ton of clay in 50-60 lb. buckets, two buckets at a time without discomfort.

I never got an infection, required no painkillers, my blood loss was restored naturally and rapidly on its own, and the nerve and tissue damage has mostly repaired (though still in process).

I took lots of herbs and clay, placed clay packs on affected areas at times, watched my diet carefully, and kept moving (to what degree was possible).

My philosophy is to trust Nature first, question science, and use discretion when faced with my own limits. I blended natural and allopathic approaches by remaining in full control of the decision-making process.

If I had known how to apply the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people who heal broken bones in one day, I would have used that method instead. If I knew of an acupuncturist who knew how to permit surgery without anesthesia, I would have used that instead. But given my limited knowledge, I chose the wisest path for me which accomplished my most important objectives. 

You have the choice to do little on a daily basis to build a positive nutritive storehouse and immune response ability (only to be caught off guard some day), or you can act in a more aggressive, preventative way to power-up your immune system, build high levels of body nutrients, and maintain a clean diet such that your body is fully capable of addressing any and all invading pathogens as needed at any time. Doing so daily will also make 'short lived' of any exposure that gets out of hand due to common life stresses and comfort foods.  Here are a few power-up suggestions:

 Twenty Things You Can Do to Build a Powerful Immune System

1. Cultivate an awareness of bodily changes & be prepared with proper herbal support

One way to accomplish this is to take daily preventive amounts of Immune Power (4-8 caps per day), then at the FIRST SIGN of any stress on your immune system, begin the Rapid Power-up Immune Building Program above.

Some of the initial immune stress symptoms may include:

a. Tickle or soreness in the throat (typically indicating an acid condition in the body and weakened immune system typically from concentrated natural sugars, excessive fruits, nuts, chips, coffee, breads, energy drinks, environmental poisons, radiation, etc.)

b. Achy feelings, chills or fever (typicallyindicating toxic liver & lymphatic condition, weakened kidneys, spleen & immune stress)

c. Lethargy, loss of motivation (typicallyindicating adrenal fatigue, fungal overgrowth, blown out spleen, or low thyroid, typically from sweets, stimulants, alcohol, etc.)

d. Fuzzy head (typicallyindicating fungal overgrowth and immune stress, commonly triggered by sugars, breads, alcohol, heavy metals, combining oils and starches, cell phone, cordless phone and computer/TV time, etc.)

e. Slight background headache, or worse (common with overacidity and sugar/caffeine use)

f. Sinus swelling, drippy or stuffiness (typicallyindicating spleen stress from sweets, stimulants &/or alcohol)

g. Bloating, heartburn, acid escape from the stomach (typically indicating fungal/pathogen overgrowth in the stomach)

h. Inflammation in the digestive track (typicallyindicating low probiotic count, typically from former antibiotic use)

i. Fever blisters, canker sores, viral outbreaks, painful rashes/blisters on the skin (typically indicating viral and bacterial overgrowth, often triggered by nuts, peas, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and other acidic foods consumed in excess)

j. Scaly, inflamed patches or discolorations on the skin (Typically indicating fungal overgrowth and liver/lymphatic overload)

2. Envision yourself in a perfect state of health, and then do the inner work necessary to become equal to that vision

Visions and affirmations alone will not work. Decisive inner adjustments are essential to complete success. The Gentle Art of Self-Healing explains how to permanently transform inner patterns in rapid and powerful ways. The image you choose of your desired end result will guide your process of inner clearings and revelations necessary for complete success.

3. Build long term immune system strength with Immune Power

Immune Power includes over 50 potent herbal immune system builders. Whole earthen herbs nourish the immune system into high states of health boosting your natural defense mechanisms for the preservation of health. Daily preventive amounts of Immune Power (4-8 caps per day), followed by the above Rapid Power-up Immune Building Program beginning immediately upon the very first sign of immune stress, will provide the body with the level of immune system support to keep it working at peak efficiency.

4. Maintain proper pH balance

Stay alkaline by reducing the acidic/sugary foods, pastas, nuts, meats, breads and grain cereals in the diet and take regular amounts of Earth & Sea Greens (the fastest way I know to alkalize the body to 7.3 pH and keep it there)

a. A daily dose of 2 tablespoons of Earth & Sea Greens per day (or 4 tablespoons of Vital Cleanse & Nutrify per day) for maintenance purposes (more for therapeutic cleansing purposes). The seaweeds in Thyroid Balance are also alkalizers

b. A high level dose of 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon every hour or two of Earth & Sea Greens until feeling strong and alert builds rapid strength in the immune system

c. Do not drink citrus fruit juices (like grapefruit or orange juice - lemon & lime will be OK for some, though not all). Strong citrus juices will only worsen your symptoms and slow down your progress due to the sugars (which depress the immune system) and acid promoting properties of citrus fruits at a time when your body is already over-acid (low in pancreatic carbonate). In instances like this the fruit juices merely acidify the body and feed the pathogens with their sugars. When you are feeling well, fruits, not fruit juices, are best for you if taken apart from oils & fats by 12-24 hours prior and 2+ hours after (the body digests fats over 24+ hours for some with a sluggish digestive system)

d. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice or consume other bitter berries (like what is found in Herbal C), instead of citrus juices. Lemon and lime are two exceptions if you are also consuming clay and Earth & Sea Greens (which will provide the body with carbonate for the pancreas to use to alkalize the digestive tract and convert the citric acids)

e. If it is Vitamin C you are after, take Herbal C instead – contains the most stable and most potent forms of 'C' in the plant kingdom (Amalaki Berry), along with some of the highest known C sources in the world. (Isolated Vitamin C is imbalanced, and in most cases, harmful to overall health, draining minerals and overstressing the adrenals)

f. Eat asparagus every day to purge uric acid from your system

g. Avoid sugary foods, fried foods, breads, meats (except homemade chicken soup with bones, if desired), nuts, eggs, cheese, yogurt, coffee, colas, energy drinks, etc. which will depress your immune response and acidify your body

h. Eat light & sparingly

i. Drink 64-128 oz. per day of the purest, most highly restructured water you can obtain

j. Spend as much time as possible in the sun, even if it is through the windows. Follow the example of the animals who will naturally eat lightly, or not at all, and sit long hours in the sun when not feeling well

k. Breathe fresh air deeply for 5 minutes several times a day. If you have a pine or cedar tree nearby practice deep breathing under them, otherwise any tree or group of plants will do. Plants and trees give off negative ions (the good kind) which boost the immune system of the body. Evergreens are more prolific at negative ion generation. Deep breathing alkalizes the body.Shallow breathing and closed home environments acidify the body (due to carbon dioxide & toxin buildup)

5. Detoxify on a regular basis

Take the Clay Water Mineral Drink daily for internal detox and to help neutralize pathogen loads.

a. A daily dose of one tablespoon (12 caps) of the Clay Water Minerals per day for maintenance purposes

b. A high level dose of one teaspoon or more of the Clay Water Minerals every hour or two in water, lime or lemon juice, or in your Earth & Sea Greens, until feeling strong and alert

6. Enjoy clay baths for a whole body flush of toxins

Take a Sacred Clay & Black Beauty Bath (Bath Kit or Bath Packets) to detox and keep the body warm. Noticeable improvements are often noticed from a single clay bath. Toxins leave from every pore of the skin. Electrolytes enter through the skin boosting immune responses:

a. 1/4 cup or more of Sacred Clay in the water and

b. 1/8 cup or more of the Black Beauty (or just add one or two of the premixed Bath Packets in place of these two items)

c. Stay in the bath for 45 minutes to one hour or more, or as long as needed to feel better

d. OK to take two or more baths per day if necessary to move things forward, especially during peak crisis times

e. Best way to reduce detox reactions from an herbal cleanse or toxic exposure is to take a Sacred Clay bath with Black Beauty in it (the additional electrolytes in Black Beauty speed the movement of toxins out of the body)

7. Sweat Therapy

Sweating is one of Nature's most powerful cleansing mechanisms. Sweating, in combination with clay as an absorbant, takes this natural mechanism to new levels of effectiveness

a. If you drink ginger tea, or other diaphoretic – sweat promoting – herbs (like our Fire! seasoning, if you dare) before or during your bath, this will improve circulation and sweating; both of which are powerful ways to detoxify the body and shorten any recovery program. Strong circulation is essential for the distribution of nutrients, oxygenation of the cells and the removal of toxins/pathogens from the body

b. The famous "Cold Sheet Treatment" (Listen to the audio of this article or Google this for instruction) causes eight hours of sweating for a powerful detoxification experience. Add an All Night Foot Poultice to the Treatment to enhance its detox potentials

c. Add an All Night Foot Poultice following any other sweat therapy method to enhance the removal of toxins stirred upby the therapy

d. Infrared saunas with a 15 minute Clay Bath both before and after the sauna, is an ideal way to draw more toxins to the surface during the first Clay Bath and the sauna, then draw them completely out of the body with the second bath

e. Sweat lodge, or repeated dry/steam saunas interspersed with a cold shower (or dip in the river/pool)

8. Utilize Clay Foot Poultices (foot packs) (even when not performing Sweat Therapy

Do an All Night Foot Poultice with Sacred Clay (it is like an 8 hour foot bath, only more powerful)

9. Get your sunshine and touch the earth

a. Spend as much time as possible in the sun (similar to what the animals do when they are sick) and eat organic mushrooms to get the maximum amount of Vitamin D.

Caution: Vitamin D increases calcium absorption in the body and can result in leg cramps and restless leg as your calcium levels (used to contract your muscles) overpower your magnesium levels (used to relax your muscles) causing restlessness and cramps. So, when increasing your Vitamin D through sunlight, reduce your high calcium foods like milk & cheese, and increase your high magnesium foods like Ancient Mineral Blend and sea vegetables.

b. Lie down on the grass or ground or walk barefoot (or sock footed) on the earth in order to ground and move static energy out of the body; this also brings vital healing energy from the earth into the body and helps to calm restless leg at night.

10. Eat lightly but provide the body with complete super-food nutrition (Immune Boosting Soup recipe included)

Ease the load on your digestive system to provide more energy to the immune system. Modify the diet to reduce acidic & hard to digest foods and increase alkaline foods.

a. Stop all citrus fruits and drinks, tomatoes, coffee, colas, sweetened beverages, fried foods, pastries, breads, grain cereals, nuts, eggs, cheese, meat and other acid food and drink

b. Consume Earth & Sea Greens (for complete alkalinity & super-food nutrition), salads, cucumbers, celery, organic mushrooms, avocado, veggies, brown basmati rice, red and black rice, soups, chicken & vegetable broths, Ancient Mineral Blend, and Himalayan Crystal Salt seawater brine solution (sole)

c. Consume 2-4 Digestive Bitters capsules (1/4 tsp. each capsule) with every meal – and, optionally, one capsule between meals to further increase the digestive powers of the body. This helps the body consume pathogens and undigested food. The Liver Flush with Bitters protocol is an excellent flushing program (do not do the olive oil/fruit juice liver flush as this combination increases fungal overgrowth in a big way)

d. Also as an option, add Fire! to your meals to increase digestive and circulatory power. Strong circulation is essential for the distribution of nutrients, oxygenation of the cells and the removal of toxins/pathogens from the body

Here is an example of an Immune Boosting Soup recipe:

Immune Boosting Soup

 1 red onion, minced

 1 green chili, minced

 4 garlic cloves, minced

 1 inch piece fresh ginger root, minced

 2 medium sweet potatoes, diced, skins left on

 4 ounces shiitake mushrooms, sliced

 6 leaves kale, stems removed & shredded

 ¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped

 ½ teaspoon thyme

 ½ teaspoon oregano

 1 tablespoon nori or gigartina flakes

 Vegetable stock to cover the veggies

 Salt & black pepper to taste

(Chicken meat and bones can be added to this for those OK with meat, but best to remove the potatoes in this case to avoid the fungal problems with a meat/fat and starch combination)

Add all ingredients to a crock pot or large pot. Simmer until vegetables are tender. Adjust seasonings to taste.

11. Follow the natural laws of wise food combining practices

(See "OK, So What Foods CAN I Eat?".)

a. Don't mix oils with sweets or starches

b. Don't mix fruits and nuts or nut butters (a sweet with and oil)

c. Don't mix nut butters with bread or rice crackers for the same reason. (Truly it is best to drop nuts from the menu altogether as they tend to contain pathogens, promote herpes outbreaks, acidify the body, increase fungal overgrowth and increase constipation)

d. Take Digestive Bitters with every meal, and again just before bed for maximum benefit

e. Eliminate coffee, alcohol, sugar, bread, nuts, cheese, meat, pasteurized dairy & fruit juices when you feel like you are "coming down with something", as these add digestive burdens to the body which take energy away from the immune system

f. For that "pick me up", replace coffee with SumaRaj, Yerba Maté, Kidney & Adrenal Builder, Rejuvenation for Men/Womenand/or Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend. Black tea will help reverse a sore throat (due to the tannins), yet a daily consumption of black or green tea can reduce friendly flora in the gut and disrupt the digestive powers of the body. Tannins also interfere with iron absorption which can lead to anemia

g. Eat more avocados, medicinal mushrooms, pollen & sea vegetables as superior protein replacements. Mushrooms require drying or heat to break down their cell walls for assimilation. Do not eat fresh raw mushrooms. (FYI: Mushrooms do not cause fungal overgrowth. Fungal overgrowth is caused by an excess of toxins, undigested foods, heavy metals, breads, alcohol, nuts, liquid oils and high sugar levels. These are the foods that feed candida. Candida is a necessary body fungi. It is there to save your life by consuming high sugar levels and undigested foods. When you reduce its food sources, candida naturally falls back to background levels.)

12. Build the quantity of Soil Based Organisms (Friendly Flora) in your body

SBOs strengthen the body's immune responses, modulate autoimmune activity, improve digestion and help to reduce heavy metals & pathogens. Your intestines should hold over four pounds of friendly bacteria for ideal digestion and immune response capability.

Slowly build up to 12-18 capsules (1-1.5 tablespoons) per day for 7-30 days to help reset the biological terrain in the intestines.

13. Eat Cultured Food with every meal

Cultured (fermented foods) build probiotics in the intestines assisting in digestion and immune health.

a. Cultured foods (sauerkraut, kefir, raw milk whey, coconut water kefir, coconut water vinegar, umeboshi plum vinegar, cultured papaya, rejuvelac, miso, etc.)

b. Best to avoid the soy based products like soy based miso (use the non-soy miso pastes instead. Check the ingredients carefully)

14. Take adaptogenic herbs, nutritional mushrooms and SBOs to modulate the immune system (Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend)

Adaptogenic herbs and nutritional mushrooms nourish the immune system providing resources needed by the immune system to normalize immune responses in the body (whether over or underactive)

15. Mineral-rich water – pure and simple – make it oxygen rich

Add some Sacred Clay, AquiTerra, Ancient Mineral Blend,OrmaliteVitalliteEarthen Ormus, Clay Water Minerals, or Mineral Manna to your water to mineralize and purify it, then shake and swirl the water prior to drinking. Turbulence increases the oxygen content of the water and swirling restructures the water. 

Also see the Vital Health News Archive: Clay Water Mineral Drink

16. What about MMS and Colloidal Silver?

a. MMS has short term benefits (like hydrogen peroxide), but does not nourish the body's immune system sufficiently to cause it to be strong on its own over the long term. Nourishing super-foods, mushrooms, SBOs and herbs build immune strength with long term benefits due to their profound nutritional qualities.

b. (Colloidal) Silver is only one mineral out of the 90+ that you need to create mineral balance in the body. Taking a single mineral of any kind can seriously imbalance your mineral profiles. Better to consume whole earthen resources like Sacred Clay, AquiTerra, Ancient Mineral Blend or Earthen Ormus and Immune Power. Earthen resources provide multidimensional benefits and uniquely designed nutritional compounds which tend to upgrade the vital performance of every necessary organ or gland.

17. Exercise – Take a brief walk, or a brief bounce on a mini trampoline, every day, which will provide:

a. oxygen

b. circulation

c. lymphatic drainage

d. quieting of the mind

18. Practice Heart Balance Qi Gong or other energy building exercises

A few simple Qi Gong exercises, even for 5-1- minutes activates the meridan energy of the body resulting in the vitalization of the organs and glands each meridan is associated to. By moving stagnant energy, increasing oxygenation and building energy reserves through Qi Gong, the overall health of the body improves naturally. Greater resistance to disease is the common outcome.

19. One who sees nothing but the oneness of all life becomes immune to all disease

Why? Because this perspective can only be obtained with a completely open heart; opening the heart produces an active thymus gland (the source of your T Cells!). To perceive the unity of all life takes one back to the origins of the soul. It also involves a recognition of our original innocence and the innocence of all life. Stepping away from judgement frees our soul from guilt. Each step we take back toward original innocence causes an automatic upgrade to our immune powers. Ultimately we become immune to all pathogenic attacks. There are many children on the earth and a number of adults in various civilizations today that are immune to disease for the very reason outlined here. In order to understand this phenomena in greater detail it will be helpful to read the Disappearance Trilogy by Gary Renard. 

20. How to get there from here?

a. Quietly connect with the Source of Life through your heart center

b. Ask youself "What is the True Nature of Life in moments like this?" (Innocence, Infinity, Presence and Love)

c. then take 3 or more deep breaths! Notice the deep calm and peace that begins to develop inside within the first minute or two!

To understand how the Gentle Art of Self Healing can benefit you in all areas of life read the articles and listen to the audio archives onEmotion-Packed Imagery & The Blessing Transformation

Many blessings of health & success,

Enjoy these remarkable gifts from Nature!

Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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