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Life Chats: The Secret to Exiting the Matrix

December 21, 2020 10 min read

A Conversation With Solar Self on the Dec. 21, 2020 Solstice

Today's chat focuses on exiting the game early vs. staying in the game to the end, and explains how to free yourself from the enslavement hooks of matrix life.

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Preface: The Solar Self is that part of you (which may be described as one of your future selves) that has built a solar body of light over the course of many lifetimes, and typically resides within a star with a community of others who have accomplished the same.

These are clearly not 3D aspects of ourselves. There are numerous dimensions present around and within each planetary body. Our elemental kingdom is one such dimension. Another dimension is the realm of beings within our sun who govern activities related to our solar system.

This conversation resulted in an internal shift that left me with a new level of lightness and freedom in my heart that seems permanent – a solstice gift from my Solar Self. 

Michael: Where are you? I am not sensing you in the sun.

Solar Self: I am visiting earth today for this special conjunction and solstice. You are on my mind, so I wanted to be especially present for you as you focused on your future plans and projects.

We are a council of 25 that have arrived here for monitoring purposes – to see what humanity will do with this unique time and opportunity.

We can certainly share our thoughts and minds in moments like this, so go ahead and present your ideas. I will listen and interject where it seems appropriate.

Michael: I realize this period of time on earth is a transformative one, and it will pass, though there are times when I feel as though I may have flunked the course.

I know that setting foot on the earth came as a shock to many souls who saw a need and wanted to share the burdens of earth life in hopes of lightening the load, but then had to step back and question their choice when they encountered so much willful unkindness.

Being here to work with humanity at this time does not have the same appeal it once had in my early years, or prior in the soul plane when I first chose this incarnation. Yet I marvel at some who have lived a tortured or heavily burdened life and successfully plowed their way through. 

The chores and limitations of life on earth can quickly weigh a body down. A desire to be of service can result in an overwhelming amount of responsibility with little spare time to get it all done.

At the same time, you know I am not one to let go of things for fear of letting someone down, or missing out on the big lesson or the potential accomplishment. Yet there are times to simply draw a line, say "no more", and chart a new course.

I am still drawn to heal and to learn, and to be of service when asked. This is my most fulfilling, driving force. Yet, it feels as if something more needs to be done today – and something else is not making sense here.

I see that humanity is now at a crossroads. Is there a reason for me to continue on this path?

I sense the need to change tracks – in keeping with the entrance into a New Era today. I feel as if I am on a slow moving train.

Solar Self: Well, I see your state of mind, and want to share a bit about my own journey to the solar state in a solar body.

You remember several times in your own life when surprising turns took place that changed the course of your future forever.

Once you embark upon a certain path, it is not easy to go back and make that other choice. So there has to be some commitment to a path with the will to turn the events into something beneficial in the long run.

I did not see my future as bright and glorious the whole time I was evolving to get to this point.

I also struggled and found myself in pits of despair at times. Yet these did not interfere with my hope that it would all work out for the better some day.

However, today I look back on the efforts and struggles during those lives and realize that they played a pivotal role in getting me to where I am now.

Were it not for that turn in the road following moments of despair – motivated by the despair itself – I would not have taken the path that led me to the teachers – and therefore, insights – that made this life possible today.

I sought understanding. That understanding changed the course that my life was on at the time.

Michael: OK, I see that. Fundamentally I believe I am actually questioning the nature of this reality as a whole.

Why did creators cause this type of human experience to exist? What value is there in it if the truth of the matter is that it’s all an illusion?

It doesn’t really represent the Truth of Life.

It doesn’t reflect the Prime Source expressed as Itself in physical form.

It’s just a game (an experiment) that some creators made up to see where it might go some day.

If we are going to play this game into infinity, what is the sense of it all?

Is it just to spend millions of lifetimes experiencing the likes of what is happening here on earth today, or (for the greater part of the universe) some partially illuminated state – but not the whole of it?

What is its real purpose? To forget who we are so we can remember gradually over millions of lifetimes, making countless mistakes along the way?

Solar Self: A life on earth is far from the Reality of the Source of All. True. No doubt.

The game is just that – a game. It is/was just an imagination of creator beings who wanted to play around with all options, both high and low (and everything in between). Nothing more, to be honest.

Yet it has a foregone conclusion – a positive one – an accelerated path to the rapid evolution of the soul and a happy ending. That I can confirm.

Prime Creator’s First Law: The will must be free  to choose. Experience is central to the Creative Spirit

Bottom line, we have each been created as an outgrowth of a Universal Principle that endorses freewill creations – regardless the nature of the creation.

Life as we know it is not perfect in the most Original sense, but it is an acknowledgement of Prime Creator’s First Law: The will must be free to choose.

Experience is central to the Creative Spirit.

If you are not free to experience your every potential, how can you truly express yourself as Original Source – from which All That Is emanates?

What those on earth now experience is simply one of those potential options.

Michael: And if a subset (like myself), of the co-creatorsthat built this reality decided to opt out of their own matrix, how is that done, given the First Law: The will must be free to choose?

Solar Self: Opting out, regardless of any degree of despair, cannot be successful with a primary attitude of avoidance – given the stringent requirements that you and I must fulfill if we were to pursue a goal as final as unity with Source.

You and I could certainly choose to opt out. Yet once you are given life within a system, the only successful way out is to climb the ladder of consciousness more quickly rather than slowly – by accepting more challenges, not less.

To be completely disentangled from the matrix you will first prove—toyourself—that you are of the same mind as Prime Creator—Source. That means you will choose to be all that is characteristic of Source.

Such an accomplishment is the true meaning of "returning to Source".

There is no other option. It is not like you can suicide the body to get away from the earth plane, or offer to give up the body in favor of a soul switch, then not have to face your benevolent mentors and Council of Elders on the other side to account for your decision.

If you could just meditate your way to that “place” of unity with Source, then this would be simple, but that is not how it works.

However, if you are serious about following that path, this is the first step: get out of the body.

The second step, once you are facing your Council of Elders during your life review, is to ask for an accelerated path out of this grand illusion (because getting out of the body alone does not qualify you to step out of the matrix).

If you could just meditate your way to that “place” of unity with Source, then this would be simple, but that is not how it works.

Remember: This new realm is a state of being – not a land of plenty that you travel to.

You will not only need to grasp the heights and depths of the Ultimate One, but demonstrate your “knowing” by living that state of being in the face of your greatest fears.

When you pass the test (so to speak, for no one is going to grade you but yourself), you will enter into the next realm, which is one step closer to unity with Source.

Remember: This new realm is a state of being – not a land of plenty that you travel to.

Once there, you will find a need to discover even greater depths of who you are as an Infinite Source. What was once thought to be All There Is will then be seen as just a partial awakening to your True Self within an Infinite Being.

You will continue to discover more of your potential with each climb and exploration.

Michael: OK, so this is just a game of earning your next higher frequency as a soul at the same time you are escaping from this matrix of illusion. Is there no alternative more direct than this?

Gary Renard’s teachers say forgiveness of all is the key to this, and is the fastest way to "atonement" (at-one-ment). Is that true?

the faster path is one of forgiveness, yet how many judgements do you still hold?

Solar Self: Forgiveness is certainly central to the path out of the illusion. It is key, for that is how you free yourself from the enslavement hooks of matrix life.

In the process, you are working your way through the numerous paths of your former incarnations and unweaving the untruths that bound you to physical existence in the first place.

Now, you are correct in saying that the faster path is one of forgiveness, yet how many judgements do you still hold? How many soul memories do you still have that share even other attitudes that would not be held by those who are fully representing themselves as Source?

Source is embedded within all that is, yet to recognize this part of your own nature means denying all that opposes that “knowing”.

Do you see the unwinding that has to take place in order to “return to Source”, as many call it?

Allow me to share a bit of truth that your planet has seen very little of so far.

Source is embedded within all that is, yet to recognize this part of your own nature means denying all that opposes that “knowing”.

You are not just Source, just like you are not just a soul. You are a soul that has taken on a configuration called the body. That configuration holds the memories of countless generations of human experience.

You are not just here to transform your own soul’s disharmony. You are experiencing your human history with all others now on the planet.

This is what you are transforming.

When you exit the body, you are dropping part of your experience – the physical part – but not the consciousness that you drew from the experience.

In some cases, the healing, or “transformation”, of that part of your nature (depending on freewill) could take several thousand years of repeated incarnations.

This does not sound appetizing to a soul that just wants to “get the hell out”. Yet wherever you decide to go from here you will bring this “hell” with you. It is a perception of life that you are holding inside. 

So your journey back “Home” will include discarding any and all unconscious perceptions that you built up over the course of many incarnations.

When you have forgiven yourself for all of your unconscious thoughts, words, and actions you will be free to reside in the “place” referred to as God, Source, Prime Creator Being – or “heaven” to some.

The well is deep and the water can be both cold and hot. Your journey Home is fraught with memories to be recycled – while “remembering” that you are Source in each one of them.

When you have forgiven yourself for all of your unconscious thoughts, words, and actions you will be free to reside in the “place” referred to as God, Source, Prime Creator Being – or “heaven” to some.

Again, it is a state of being. Not a place to travel back to.

Wherever you “go”, you take that “place” with you also.

It is nestled deep inside, waiting for the day that you honor its presence within you, and as you.

Each time you revisit a “state of being” in your past that denied this place of Love and Acceptance within you, and then replace it with your personal Source Nature, you escape that part of the matrix.

Michael: OK, I get it now. I still have a choice. Yet the game does not end just because I do not want to play anymore.

These concepts have been said in many ways by many teachers. But it has finally reached a deep part inside of me.

It is not about “getting out of here”. It is about being my True Self here and anywhere else I choose to go.

If I accomplish this, then I am free. Until I accomplish this, I continue to live in the matrix.

It is the only way out. So it is in my own best interest to commit to completing this very thing while I am here, now.

Thank you, you have helped me to cross a bridge – one that I have faced this entire incarnation, but could not cross until now.

A special gift on a special day.   

Note: Something shifted within me at the end of this conversation. I felt a heaviness lift out of my heart. The message finally sunk in. The next morning I still felt that tingling openness all over centered within the heart. I felt lighter. It felt permanent to that degree. Did the solstice energy help make this happen? I suspect so. But I needed this conversation to finally make the shift. For this I am grateful. 

To be continued…

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