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Life Chats: On the Cusp of Change – Our True History and Humanity's Choice

January 19, 2021 9 min read

Disclosure of Our True History Is Central to Our Freedom

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on the urgent state of affairs surrounding a world-wide threat against our freedoms as one people, the people of earth. 

January 17-19, 2021

Michael: We are in the throes of an attempt at global martial law, a rapidly awakening human populace, extraordinary events surrounding the inauguration, a second potential preplanned, inside attack on the Capitol, and the supposed threat of a fake alien invasion (a few remaining weapons in the arsenal of deep state players).

War against the deep state has been declared to counter these threats. (These two videos cover intelligence briefs on current events as of the morning of 1-19-21)

I am inviting my oversoul and a Council of Light I had previously contacted, whose committed focus is on the common good of all life everywhere, and who are also well appraised of earth-related events and the current situation/battle at play.

I am looking for some insight with respect to what we, the people not directly involved in military or political actions, can do to support an outcome most favorable to the unity and progress of humanity into the New Era of peace and enlightenment.

Note: A little background on the Council of Light providing this message. Earlier last year it became apparent that my oversoul was not fully aware of the sum total of events happening on earth.

I went into a meditative state and asked for a council with a variety of skills and connections to provide details about the progression of day-to-day events on earth. This council had to have a primary focus on the “common good of all life everywhere” (in order to avoid dealing with the negative beings who are required to be part of some Universal Council meetings).

As a result, I eventually saw and sensed an assembly of bright souls that fit my intention. At my request then, they joined with my Oversoul to provide some of the information in previous dialogs.

The Message

The Council (14 members, which includes my oversoul): There are events at play that affect the outcome in significant ways, depending on choices made by the current leadership and those on the ground carrying out orders.

We cannot say with certainty how each player will respond to events as they play out, but we can say with certainty that the ultimate outcome will be the freedom of the human race and all others affected.

So we want to reassure everyone reading this, that we see light appear on the horizon; we see the dissolution of darkness, and the birth of a New Era of light, cooperation, and peace.

This display is designed to reveal the power of the human spirit in the midst of opposition, revelations beyond the norm, and a call to unity.

When will these events finally occur? That is up to the decision-makers on earth. Our role is to observe and interact when called upon.

Right now the forces at play have drawn up sides and are preparing for a showdown.

This display is designed to reveal the power of the human spirit in the midst of opposition, revelations beyond the norm, and a call to unity.

You have selected the script. You are playing it out now, as we speak.

Michael: How did we select the script?

Council: (bulleted for emphasis)

  • By entering into the discussion both consciously and subconsciously,

  • by your words today,

  • by your wishes for tomorrow,

  • by your attitudes toward each other,

  • and by the way you end up treating those that have opposed the good of humanity for thousands of years past.

The Script

Michael: Then, what is the script that we have chosen?

Council: To be present during the revelations of the dark deeds and the disclosure of all that is relevant to the upgrowth of human thought and evolution as one people.

What matters now is that each soul on earth select a desired outcome.

Events will arise, reveal some truth, and pass away. Then new events will arise which surpass the previous in revelations, insights, and even purpose.

The scenes on earth will change according to the intent carried forward by the people.

Your awakening and your search for truth has run counter to their plans.

As new revelations dawn regarding the players that have affected your lives, and about the instruments of destruction and control that have been utilized, the scenes on earth will again be altered.

With such a variety of players operating against the people, and the people having become so numerous, the strategies required to control and reduce the population has grown beyond the true capacity of those still seeking your demise.

Your awakening and your search for truth has run counter to their plans.

They will fail, but not without casualties on both sides. This is the part that will be the most difficult for many to accept.

Who Controls the Outcome

We cannot change the script without humanity placing a sincere call out to all life everywhere to support a new beginning on earth – one that excludes those forces now creating havoc.

If you fail to state your own objective, you will fail to influence the outcome

You, the majority of the human race, are truly the ones in control of the outcome – including who plays and who does not.

You can bring to the fight any number of other beings to help you succeed with the dreams that you each espouse.

If you fail to state your own objective, you will fail to influence the outcome – and at the moment, it will result in further loss of life, destruction, and mayhem through starvation, isolation, and strife. 

Do not think you have no say, nor that you cannot employ the kindness and power of influence from your brothers and sisters beyond and within the earth. 

We Are Not Alone

You are not the only species on earth. Nor have you been without visitation and influence from beings from other planets in this solar system and other stars throughout your history.

These brothers and sisters now observe your decision-making and await an opening in human consciousness to participate more openly in the freedom event now taking place.

Yet, we standby at your discretion, or act upon your call to participate.

Michael: Many on earth have been programmed to fear non-human influences and would prefer that extraterrestrial races not be allowed a place in our freedom event. 

Yet, there are those within the caverns of the earth today that were here before your advent.

Council: Do you believe that within the entirety of the vast universe, that there are no souls with only benevolent intent, whose life is devoted only to serving the good of all?

There has never been a day in which your planet has been without the involvement of extraterrestrial, interdimensional, or subterranean beings in human affairs.

Yet, there are those within the caverns of the earth today that were here before your advent.

Have they "taken over your planet" yet? The truth will surprise many.

This is the dawn of your freedom event. Keep that in mind.

What We Can Do

Michael: What can the average person do to counter so many negative and powerful influences?

You must recognize that the battle is one of control over the way you think and the way you act toward one another.

Council: Your force of combined will is both your greatest adversary and your greatest asset. You have used your will to divide into groups and oppose each other.  You have carried out the agenda of those who control your media – and therefore your minds (when you let them).

You must recognize that the battle is one of control over the way you think and the way you act toward one another.

When the numbers of humanity began to grow beyond a manageable size for the controlling factions (who also fight each other for this very control over you), instruments of psychological and biological warfare were implemented in more extreme measures.

Yet they still failed to direct the wave of human sentiment fully toward their desired objectives: reducing the numbers of people to a more manageable quantity, then enslaving the rest using a variety of methods designed to weaken the human spirit and control their minds and bodies.

You know this already, yet what is to be revealed is how this was carried out and who participated in the efforts.


Your role, as one human people, is to decide how and when this disclosure takes place, and who will participate in the disclosure.

As it stands, the disclosure intended by the controlling faction is limited in scope and designed to further divide the human populace.

If your governments will not disclose the truths you are ready to see and hear, you, the people, can decide to bring in other voices into the disclosure process.

You can call upon truth, sincerity, and justice, and require that these be central to any disclosure given.

Define the nature of your own freedom.

(Note: The definition of “sincerity” isthe quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy”.)

You can open the discussion to races who sought your freedom thousands of years ago, yet were held back until this very day due to the lack of a consensus from the human people – most of whom were unaware of their own genetic history and their unseen allies who fight for them even today. 

This day of ignorance of your true history, and the history of all life on earth – not just those that fit into the category of “human” – can be ended by your combined choice.

Define the nature of your own freedom. 

Do you want it to include co-creation and technology-sharing with other benevolent beings that are not exactly like yourselves?

Do you prefer that the interactions be only with other humans, leaving out the entire expanse of the heavens, and excluding those who have, for thousands of years, lived within your inner chambers?


You possess the ability to call upon the truth (even if that truth has never been revealed on earth before). You will draw the truth to yourself by being open to its discovery.

Your ignorance will vanish and your unity as one people will build with every morsel of truth passed out.

“But where will this truth come from?”, you ask.

It will begin with a sincere desire on your part to know the truth, regardless of what it may be.

This then opens the door for truth to arrive from unexpected sources.

If you explore the universe with your mind now and ask, “Is there a suitable party anywhere in this vast universe of both time and space, or anywhere on earth, that is willing to help reveal our joint human history with total truth and sincerity?”, would you not get a response?

You most certainly will.

You need only overcome your fear of what is true. 

If you open the door for that revelation to be made known to the whole of humanity – with a committed intention for such to take place – then you pave the way for responses to come in the most viable ways.

You need only overcome your fear of what is true. 

You have always been in control of the outcome. Your joint human positions of intent and expectation have been weighed since Day One of your race.

You are now uniting in such numbers, galvanized by current events, that your power of thought and intention – and request for outside assistance – has become a formidable force, greatly feared by the former controllers of your minds.

The truth in your hands removes the control they hold over you today. Truth is the key to your freedom event.

Your Greatest Weapon

State your case. Let your thoughts, desires, and intent be made known to all of life on, below, and beyond your home of earth.

This is your greatest weapon against the divisive ploys of those that seek today to destroy your unity and further control your minds.

Consensus is your most formidable power. It can change the tide now swelling in an attempt to consume much of the human populace.

You do not have to gather to speak your intention. Your choice is heard by all of life – whether you speak from the quiet of your home, or with a microphone in front of thousands of people.

We are listening and waiting for your consensus. Consensus is your most formidable power. It can change the tide now swelling in an attempt to consume much of the human populace.

The truth will set you free.

Your time is now. State your case. Define your intent.

Once decided, the way will be made known and the truth presented.

Peace. We are on your side. We seek your common well being. We stand ready to assist you at every juncture and in every effort toward your own liberation.

To be continued…

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Michael King
Michael King

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