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The One Blessing

July 27, 2017 5 min read

A simple, powerful choice capable of radically changing the world in which we live

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CC- 9-1-2009 - The One Blessing


This One Blessing is Able to Change the World!

The Simplicity & Power of The One Blessing

The One Blessing:
costs nothing,
can be shared by anyone,
can be accomplished alone or in a group,
can heal without speaking a single word out loud,
and is effective at any distance, close or far.

The One Blessing:
can be accomplished by child and adult alike,
requires neither money, nor health,
nor physical dexterity or skill,
neither education nor degree,
and requires very little training (just bless and breathe!).

The One Blessing can change the world:
without traveling,
without speaking to groups,
without raising money for a cause,
without demonstrations in the street,
without congress, the military, or the president.
No laws need be passed, no courts required to rule,
and no police needed to enforce,
(yet, as a reflection of changes within oneself, these events will show up naturally and effortlessly to the degree that the deep level healing is accomplished within).

The One Blessing has the power to affect the outcome of everything:
from global events,
to national events,
to state and community events,
to interactions within a neighborhood,
to weather and geophysical occurrences,
to the cleanup of global pollution,
to the reestablishment of ecological balance and its preservation.

The One Blessing spans:
all politics,
all religions,
all forms of education,
every aspect of health,
and the full extent of your Soul's purpose on Earth.

The One Blessing has the power to improve:
the successful pursuit of your purpose in life,
all forms of business and financial endeavors,
all matters with friends and coworkers,
the atmosphere in your own home,
your interactions with family and loved ones (even those at a distance),
and every other conceivable relationship from God to self.

The One Blessing has the power to build:
your personal health,
your emotional well-being,
your spiritual presence,
and takes into account even the most minute details related to your personal welfare.
There is nothing that you are experiencing now that cannot be improved upon with this One Blessing.

The One Blessing can turn:
chaos into harmony,
despair into optimism,
confusion into clarity,
hate into compassion,
anger into understanding,
and fear into wisdom.

The One Blessing can pave the way:
for creative ideas to flourish,
for courage to prompt action,
for new doors to open,
and for small successes to build into grand

The One Blessing takes only one minute to be partially effective in one area of your life, and in one hour, literally hundreds of improvements can be accomplished with profound results.

The One Blessing makes permanent changes in the basic pattern of an issue, and sets the stage for the problem to be healed at the level of original cause.

The One Blessing produces immediate results where it matters most (within), and adds power to the blessings of others.

The synergistic effects of the blessings of many hold the power of producing immediate and lasting changes in the outcome of both local and global current events.

The ultimate success of any blessing takes place to the degree that the one sending the blessing is able to feel the depths of the issue being blessed: Superficially-felt blessings produce light results, while deeply-felt blessings produce deep, profound results.

The One Blessing is completely respectful of free will -
without demand, it provides the missing element of love and acceptance (which caused the original unhappiness in the first place), thereby prompting a more willing, and more positive response from the recipient.

The changes created are permanent, because as the blessing is felt at deeper levels, new aspects of wisdom and love are born within.
______ _ ______

So, what is The One Blessing?

"I bless all of these reflections of my inner self."
(Then take one or more deep breaths.)

How does this blessing produce such profound and permanent results?
It addresses the source cause of all problems, limitations, and imbalances in life.

And, what is this "source cause"?
The inner world of our perceptions gives shape to our outer world of physical manifestations.

Self-perception—Self-perception is the seed pattern, or blueprint, which gives form to the reflections that now surround us.

The world that we experience is nothing more than a reflection of how we see ourselves.

Once our inner world has changed, in accordance with the Natural Law of Reflection, our outer world must conform.

The One Blessing first heals our own complicity (co-creation) in the making of the events. (If you are human, you have helped shape the many forms of current events. Those patterns live inside of you today.)

The world of our tomorrow will improve to the degree that each one of us takes personal responsibility for our individual roles in co-creating the events of today.

Intention, thought, perception, attitude, and belief are all creative forces—because they form the blueprints behind the material manifestation of events.  

The group mind gives rise to the collective experience.

The infinite creative forces of Life are continually giving form to our own perceptions so we can each experience ourselves.  

The purpose? To "know thyself"—and thereby grow in wisdom.

As we reshape our own choice of perceptions about life and self, the world that we experience changes to match that perception.

The One Blessing corrects our chosen perception by increasing the amount of love we choose to include within our view of an event, of ourselves, or of others.

Increased wisdom and love causes inner resistance and judgments to fade.

When perceptions change, feelings change.  When we feel differently, we naturally act and speak differently.

The synergistic impact of many blessings directed toward a single recipient, surrounds that one with an irresistible field of goodness. 

A sufficient strength of unconditional love and acceptance (non-judgmental) being directed toward a tough recipient will soften even the hardest of hearts (or cause them to turn around and run in shame).

When we give a blessing to one of our reflections, we are surrounding it with goodness (love).
Love gives one a feeling of completeness.  Love completes all insufficiency, adding new light (insights) to the recipient's self-perception.

The unhappiness within the recipient is then temporarily altered by feelings of love and acceptance.

Now, feeling a state of greater completeness, new levels of wisdom and love are able to be born within the recipient.

A change in approach from that day forth, simply comes natural.

Love has always been the answer.

The One Blessing is one powerful way to bring this answer to the forefront of our daily lives - and make a lasting difference!


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Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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