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The Power of the People to Change the Course of History

December 26, 2016 13 min read

The True Deciding Factor is Not in the Hands of Any Elected Official
The Real Reason Why Nations Rise and Fall May Surprise You!

The collective society of America has already determined its own outcome.

Long before an election takes place, and regardless of who is chosen, good or bad, the fate of that society is decided.

Who decides this fate? None other than... the masses within the society itself.

The true controlling force in any society, is the collective intent of the people of that society.

Leadership merely reflects the combined intent of the masses.

Even though numerous forces exist today to sway America's outcome from the course chosen by the people, they cannot succeed without agreement from the masses. It has always been this way.


The Choice of the People

Why have the last several US presidential elections left us with only two frightening options, while discouraging media attention on the several third party options that only spoke of the highest ideals for America and its people?

Because the sleeping masses failed to insist otherwise.

Why have the elections left us only with choices between the compromised, bought out, and corrupt, rather than candidates truly skilled for the office with proven track records of selfless service to the people?

Because the sleeping masses chose to get behind these self-serving, compromised choices fed to them by the political machine, rather than propel into office the most qualified, high integrity members of society with ideals that work in the best interest of all people on earth.

With each election, the masses would even become emotionally wrought, or gleeful, over their candidate's loss or win in the election, even though their preferred choice was steeped in corruption, acting merely as a figurehead doing the bidding of hidden hand agendas. Such corruption would even be excused, by the masses, as if it didn't matter. “That's just politics”, they would say.

Did we really have no other choice but the lesser of two evils?

Wise, selfless options have always existed, but did we choose them?

Why have systems remained in place that permit the true vote of the people to be altered by several million votes in each election?

Because the sleeping masses have failed to insist on changing the voting system to a fair and accurate one, even after several elections with proven voter fraud.

Could this not have been corrected at any point in the last 25-50 years?

Of course it could have, but the sleeping masses failed to rise to the occasion.

The representatives ultimately chosen have merely been a reflection of the true state of the masses. Corruption in leadership reveals the corruption residing within the masses.

We receive what we are choosing to be as a whole. This is the Law of Reflection at work. Even the opposing voices will be represented within the elected and unelected leadership in approximate proportions, whether publicly obvious or silently hidden.

Fortunately, the corrupt machines dictating the rules for society are providing the masses with enough hardship and enough visible corruption to awaken more and more of the people to the realization, that if the people do not take action today, the political, economic, military and religious machines will destroy us, the planet, and our future generations.


A Gradual Awakening Has Hit Critical Mass

A gradual awakening of the masses since the 1960's have formed a few foundational unifying agreements, evident from the polls and the actions of the many.

The majority have stopped trusting the mainstream media propaganda machine.

The people have decided the corruption of elected officials and the destructive effects of the mega corporate structures have to go and are beginning to hold them accountable.

The people are speaking up in unison like never before with public demonstrations, alternative investigative journalism, blogs, social media, alternative educational seminars, etc.

We have crossed a threshold of critical mass insisting on genuine change by the people.

From this point forward the hidden hands behind government corruption and corporate travesty are the minority voice, one that is out of step with the true deciding force.


A Brighter Path Has Been Chosen

Fortunately for America, long before its most recent election, a brighter path was chosen. A new, more optimistic future was charted by the people.

How did the people chart this future? By imagining a better world, by desiring a change, by getting involved, by improving something, by simply holding an image inside of where we need to go, and committing themselves to its fulfillment.

A momentum of change has been building all along. Once a threshold was crossed there was no turning back.

We have crossed this threshold. It can be felt inside. The evidence is showing up all around us. The masses are waking up.

They are showing up enmasse to speak truth to corrupt power, to change the tide of environmental destruction, to lead the way to caring for the disadvantaged, to open source free energy technology, to choose natural therapies over chemical medicine, and in numerous other ways.


The Catalytic Benefit of Negative Events
Certainly what we have chosen is not a future without hurdles to jump, or challenges to face, for these are the necessary catalysts needed to awaken more of the sleeping masses.

These challenges are still needed to inspire the courage necessary to implement the very changes now on the horizon.

Until the pain and hardship hit home, the sleeping masses are less likely to turn off the ball game and take a sober look at what's been going on.

We have not fully awoken, but a growing number are choosing to face every challenge, every inconsistency, with truth, wisdom, compassion, and justice.

Those who are awake, and are committed to a better world, have chosen to question the decisions of elected representatives with a more critical assessment, and to call them to account if they fail to operate in the interest of this country and its people.

When the elected officials fail to implement the changes needed, the people have simply banded together to do it themselves in the best way they can with what they have.

As a result, the people have gained enough ground to cross a threshold of momentum. A critical mass has been reached, a new future has been chosen.


How Was this Future Chosen?

Are you not aware that your own intentions, your voice, your longings, hopes and dreams possess a power that plays a part in determining the collective future?

You and the many that preceded you, as well as the many that now eagerly await their arrival as soon as the proper moment unfolds on earth, have all played a part in the formation of this future.

No one needed to hold a meeting and take a vote. Just look into the recent past. The decisions made by the masses across the globe are self-evident.

Remember these?

  • the worldwide Occupy Movement
  • the worldwide March Against Monsanto
  • the advent of the Whistleblower Era
  • the explosion of thoughts, feelings, opinions and actions on social media
  • the Crowd Funding approach that sidestepped the banks
  • the vast array of individuals and groups initiating healing solutions for the planet, for others, for oneself


The Movement for True Change is Upon Us and is Gaining Momentum.
The sleeping giant has begun to stir. Every day the movement is joined by the newly awakened. Every day the momentum builds.

Energetically, the people of the earth have decided the fate of humanity, and it is a movement toward peace & prosperity for all.  

There is a growing unified voice present among the people to abandon corruption at all levels and install fair systems capable of insuring the good of both the people and the planet simultaneously.

In due course, if the people stay true to their own visions and more of the sleeping masses awaken, the elected representatives will have no choice but to comply, or risk being removed from office to be replaced by ones that will.


Actions Visible Today Are Shaping the Content of Our Future

It is clearly evident that the people have chosen a better path.

The masses, by their intentions, and by their actions, are showing us today what they have committed to.

When members of opposing factions/countries/races choose to join together in friendship, a future that gives life where life was once taken is chosen.

When the people of many nations show up to provide aide to a disaster zone of another nation, a future that prepares for the needs of each and every member of our global society, regardless their class, gender, race, or affiliation is chosen.

When several thousand people of all races stand in solidarity with an indigenous tribe against a heartless corporate machine that seeks only profit regardless the cost of life or the destruction to the environment, a future that nurtures the earthly environment back to health is chosen.

When millions across the planet hold demonstrations against Monsanto and the genetic manipulation of our food, compelling national leaderships to ban engineered foods from their country and burn contaminated crops, a future of wholesome, nutrient dense food for our future generations is chosen.

When the people stop buying their meat & produce from large commercial farms and switch to free range, grass fed, small local farmer, organic sources, a future holding a wiser, more compassionate approach toward the care of our animals, our land, and our food sources is chosen.

When the people seek out natural therapies and refuse today'spharmaceuticals &vaccinations because they have come to realize that the true agenda behind disguising chemicals & heavy metals as medicine is toeliminate large segments of the global population and weaken the immune systems of the rest,a future of health care with genuine integrity is chosen.

When a single brave soul (and there are now many) speaks out, at risk to his or her own life, to reveal hidden corruption and perversion, a future that holds elected, non-elected and corporate representatives accountable, demanding integrity in the performance of their duties for the people is chosen.

The masses have spoken, and thus it shall be.


How the Masses of Past and Present Chose the Disastrous World We Have Been Living In

Do not think that a politician, elected or appointed to an office, has the power to change the trend already established by the people.

The hidden hands of political and religious forces know that they must first convince enough of the masses to believe their lies and follow their self-serving agendas in order to affect the future.

Without the will of the people their agendas will come to nothing. This is why they announce in advance what they intend to do, and what they are doing, through movies, books, news reports, etc.

They then use a method little known by the masses to see if their propaganda succeeded in shifting the future toward their agendas. If not, they try again in a more aggressive way.

Without the will of the people on their side, they know they will not succeed.

It was the people then, that long ago confirmed the former trend of corruption and the abolishment of human rights:

  • by choosing to be employed by the corrupt machines and by choosing to carry out their orders;
  • by naively believing, without question, the teachings and philosophies of religious, educational or elected officials;
  • by choosing a male dominate/female suppressive stance in their daily lives;
  • by choosing bigoted, elitist philosophies (remember how we treated the indigenous & minority populations in early America, and still do today?);
  • by believing the propaganda spewed forth from the media machine;
  • by failing to get actively involved in the formation of ideals to live by;
  • by choosing entertainment over spiritual advancement;
  • by not looking deeper than just the surface ;
  • by naively believing in the spoken ideals of their candidates for election,
  • then going back to sleep after the election, trusting that their candidate would do it all for them in fulfillment of their spoken promises (in spite of the fact that such has rarely happened in the past).

The masses, asleep at the wheel, failed to do their part.

  • They failed to monitor every action of their elected representatives.
  • Failed to hold them accountable for their promises.
  • Failed to remove them from office when the corruption became obvious.
  • Failed to state their case loud enough, and in sufficient unison, to correct the error.

The masses have always held the power. They still do.

An elected official, even if corrupt, will be compelled to support the visions held by the people, or face removal from office, assuming the people state their case loud enough, and in sufficient unison, to correct the error.

Iceland is a prime example of this.

The real reason humanity has been decimated by the political, economic, military, and religious machines is because the masses have allowed themselves to believe the divisive propaganda spewed forth by these very machines.


Divide and Conquer. A simple and effective strategy to weaken and control the masses.

In order to succeed at this deception, political parties were formed with opposing ideals.

Religious persuasions were formed to pit one part of society against another.

Science was divided up into several disciplines to prevent the masses (and the scientists) from making the innate connections between spirit, mind, body, physical matter, the multidimensional universe and Natural Law.

Rather than focus on the Natural Laws of Life that govern all of the affairs throughout existence, bigotry & elitist philosophies were taught, and believed, even promoted, by the gullible masses.

A media machine was created to implant divisive, bigoted, warlike, greed-driven, perverse ideas into the minds of the sleeping masses.

Political and hidden hand individuals would then hire mercenaries to turn peaceful demonstrations by the people into violent confrontations, start wars with false flag operations, fund insurrections within governments that tried to escape the clutches of the political, economic, military and religious machines.

The masses, even though they far outnumbered the few controlling voices, allowed themselves to be enslaved by these same social structuring machines.

They slowly gave away their capacity to think for themselves. They relinquished their freedom to decide their own fate.

The masses gave their innate power of self-determination to the social structuring machines of the hidden hands deciding their fate.

As the masses slept, the machines grew in power and influence.

Every representative elected by the sleeping masses fulfilled the intent of the people to remain corrupt and asleep.

The masses preferred to focus on the meaningless and the irrelevant.

The masses preferred the male-dominant, feminine-suppressive agenda, sought high paying, stressful jobs at the expense of their home life, and set aside spiritual advancement to pursue material wealth & prestige.

They preferred to march in step with the bigoted, divisive, war-promoting agendas of the political, economic, military and religious machines.

They preferred to sleep, to not get involved in changing the system, and so the machines continued to grow in power and influence.

Since the beginning, the collective power of the masses have always determined the outcome.

The masses controlled the outcome by giving control of the outcome to the social structuring machines.


Tired of Giving Away Your Power?

Are you finally ready to add your own momentum to the current movement for change?

Then ask yourself some serious questions:

  • Is the world you see around you the world you choose to create? Is this the destiny you choose for your children and grandchildren?
  • Are you still willing to give your power of self-determination over to elected officials or corporate machines?
  • Are you still willing to obey religious edicts that fail to align with Natural Law and Unconditional Love?
  • Are you still willing to remain slaves to an economic system, whose sole purpose from its origin was to distract you from your higher purposes, to burden you with meaningless work, and enslave you with debt?

Do you know that advanced societies throughout the universe do not use money in their societies? – They simply work together for the common good.

Only the lowest echelons of totalitarian type worlds use money, and they do so simply because it is an effective control mechanism.

The earth is one such world.

The masses agreed to let this happen. The masses even promoted it against their own good. The masses saw it as a way to control others, and enjoyed the power it gave them.

The masses did not want to change the system because they had become the system.

Now you know how the masses have controlled the outcome from the beginning.

The power elites and elected officials have always fulfilled the collective will of the people.

It is just that the will of the people was scattered across so many ideologies, philosophies, doctrines, economic classes, caste systems, and other willful persuasions, most of which were deliberately opposed to one another, that the influential had no difficulty leading the collective wills of the people in all of those directions at once.

Divide and conquer – in this case, by the preference of the people being conquered.

Is this who we now choose to be – a divided people bent on destroying everyone but our own little clique?


The Awakening is Happening – The Pain, Misery & Destruction Can Be Stopped – But the Change Must Come From Within

Look around. The sleeping masses are beginning to wake up. We are beginning to realize that the path we are on is a self-destructive one.

If allowed to continue, this path will annihilate our future generations. It has already, and will annihilate many more who are living today unless we do what it takes to change its course.

Many are on board with the change. Many still sleep.

Is staying asleep and uninvolved really worth all of this destruction, war, engineered famines, floods, weather warfare, disease, poverty, and food that is not food?

Is this the world that we prefer?

Is it worth the suffering, pain, and misery necessary to eliminate or ostracize those who do not look or think like our own special group?

How many will remain standing if such bigotry continues to be supported by the masses?

The Laws of Nature are such that the destroyers will certainly be destroyed by the very energy they put forth.

Are you choosing to be among them?


Do you not understand the most basic of Natural Laws?

Cause and effect. Intend to destroy and you will be destroyed by the very energy you put forth. Intend to embrace and you will be embraced by Life in the grandest sense.

We are each the recipient of what we put forth.

We are the cause. The effect is merely our reflection.

Don't like the image in the mirror? – Can't stand the evening news, the decisions of your politicians, the crime on the streets, the poverty, the sickness, the war, the drugs, the frivolity, the drudgery of a J.O.B.?

Then take responsibility for being one of the masses that let it all happen.

Until you can own the reflection, your power to change will lack the roots, the grounding necessary to be effective.

You want the world to change? Then change your inner world.

Don't feel like 'lonely you' can make a difference? Wake up!

The reason our world is not in better shape than it is, is because countless individuals forgot that they hold the power to at least change the small corner of the world they live in.

They felt the victim rather than the cause.

They preferred to criticize others and complain rather than change where it counts the most – inside themselves.

Tired of standing on the sideline with your hands in your pockets?

Anyone, alone at home, without saying a word to another, is able to affect changes both locally and globally.

How is that possible?

Click on this article to access the power to do this:

What Anyone Can Do to Promote a Positive & Peaceful Outcome to Global Events Today
How to activate the most powerful force for change and transform the world we live in

Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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