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What Anyone Can Do to Promote a Positive & Peaceful Outcome to Global Events Today

January 07, 2017 9 min read

How to Activate the Most Powerful Force for Change and Transform the World We Live In

The world is changing rapidly. There is reason to hope that the change will be enough to catalyze an ultimate peaceful outcome, though some turbulence is still in the collective mindset of humanity, so this will have to play itself out to gather the momentum desired among the peacemakers of the world.

Once a certain threshold is reached, a catalyst naturally arises to trigger a cascade of events that unwittingly reverses the trend and opens the door to a positive outcome none would have expected at the beginning.

The Awakening Moment

This threshold event is not one that consists of physical actions alone, for the actions of a few that lead to the greater action by the multitudes are made possible by, and utterly dependent upon, the lifting of human thought to a certain trigger point (an awakening moment).  

Everyone on the planet today is playing a role in forming the collective mindset (consciousness) that is affecting the outcome and timing of global events. Both positive and negative thoughts play a role in determining the outcome as well as the timing.

For example, fear, coupled with complacency among the masses, lead to abuses by greedy or power-seeking, dark (unhealed) souls. As the greed and abuse climb in atrocity, the public finally realizes that their personal survival or livelihood is being threatened and begins to speak out.

A revelation of the atrocities provoke both compassion for the sufferers as well as the greater action by the masses. Apart from the atrocities, the silent majority would remain silent, unaware of their own impending doom.

When the awakening moment is reached among the multitude (triggered by a series of preceding events outlined below), those with purpose to be physically involved in making change for the positive are both inspired and empowered (in a not so commonly understood way), to play their parts.

A threshold is then crossed. The events that follow unfold naturally, even relentlessly, and sometimes effortlessly toward the predestined conclusion.

How is this possible? Why do you see this as true? Because the choices of those compelled to speak out and take action are supported by, literally empowered by, the vision, compassion, inner clarity, and emotional support from the masses who favor the action-takers standing on the front lines of the confrontation making the change.

The inner mindset of the entire group drafts the blueprint, for which events then follow accordingly.

The Inseparable Roles of Both Fear & Love

Both fear and love play roles in the success (or not) of any peaceful, unifying outcome. Two forces – a fear for oneself and a love for a higher vision – become the strongest influential forces determining this outcome and its timing.

However, one key event must take place for success to be guaranteed. Fear must first be transformed by love, for only then will fear be modified to release the two most essential tools required for ultimate success – discernment & wisdom.

Once released, actions and words, guided and empowered by love, then become the transformative power on events.

For some, the actions will be on the front lines. Others will play supportive roles, and still others, typically the greater number, play the most crucial role of all, one that actually decides the outcome long before it takes place in the physical.

The Power of a Collectively Agreed Upon Image

An image of the desired outcome held in the minds and felt in the hearts of the greater populace is the guiding force that structures events and inspires participants to play their roles.

This image decides the outcome. Once the blueprint (image) of the outcome is in place, the participants are fed, literally empowered by, the emotional energy put into that image by the populace.

The participants are then unconsciously guided by the blueprint to play their unique roles in its fulfillment.


Freewill still rules. Anyone can withdraw in fear, or choose to be motivated to action by love. When one with "the calling" drops out, the next suitable replacement will simply feel drawn to fill that role.

The choice remains for all, however, to either preserve themselves in safety, or step forward to protect their future generations at all costs.

It has been said that "perfect love cast out all fear". 

The souls motivated by love to step forward with actions to protect and defend will naturally, in the process of doing so, bring their love through their own fear, thereby transforming their fear into something new.

The paralyzing effects of fear cease to play a role, while the fear itself is modified by love.

What does the fear become? As love enters fear, an awakening occurs, new insights dawn, discernment emerges, which then opens the way for wisdom from the soul to inspire both words and actions.

How do we transform our fear with love? Many ways. In every instance it involves the perfecting of love. What stands in the way of love's true expression is set aside. What fulfills and empowers love's true expression is nurtured and developed.

One way to transform fear with love is to share thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams with other active participants (not naysayers and skeptics) and let these visions all evolve through the sharing.

Another is to lose attachment to an outcome, even to lose attachment to life itself if it will preserve the future of those you love. 

Fear is born when one believes something could be lost. When attachment to this that could be lost is released, both gains and losses can then be approached with the same attitude – acceptance.

Wisdom and discernment are then free to flow freely in the making of decisions.


Attachment is a fear-based choice. It seeks that same kind of control over events and over others that are sought by the dark (unhealed) souls.

Releasing attachment frees one from the grip of things having to be a certain way, which would otherwise cloud the judgement.

As attachment is dropped, the unexpected outcome of possibilities (drawn from the ingenuity of love) are then free to unfold naturally.

The Most Powerful Force for Change

There is one very effective way to release attachment and thereby promote the most powerful influence on the successful fulfillment of any image ultimately desired. What is this way?

Bless the situation.

Bless both the positive and negative aspects of the situation. Bless everyone involved, especially your opposition.  

Why bless my opposition? Because to bless another changes you. 

To "bless" means to give goodness (Godness) to a person or situation. Such a gift, freely given, changes both the sender and the recipient.

Try it and you will understand quickly just how this changes something deep inside. A new sense of freedom settles in inspiring a different kind of reaction.

It may not be easy at first. There will be resistance inside in most every instance. 

Just step back and observe the resistance, then begin to breathe deeply and slowly (pausing briefly between breaths) until the resistance subsides.

After a few breaths, notice how different you feel. Subtle to significant changes can be felt after only a few minutes of this simple "blessing and breathing" process.

As long as we harbor resistance to another we entangle ourselves in their drama. We become co-conspirators in the making of their negativity. Why? Because "what we resist persists", yet "what we bless dissolves inner resistance" – a fundamental Law of Nature. 

As resistance grown out of fear dissolves, the way is paved for love to rise forth and empower the ability to speak our truth with love.

Love inspires us to take actions designed to promote growth and reconciliation, to walk away from the unwilling, and even to take a life in order to protect the lives of others.


Wisdom is needed here. Turn the tables on the resistance by blessing them sincerely – from the depths of your heart. Nothing need be said to them directly, unless inspired. Simply bless them and breathe fully and slowly until you no longer feel any resistance.

If you are not yawning deeply (a symptom of deep release) during this process, you have not felt deeply enough.

Keep blessing, feeling, and breathing until you enter into a place of deep stillness and peace. For most this will only take a few minutes.

Now your power to speak truth with love has returned. Your attachment is diminished. Your mind is clearer. Your discernment is once again available to reveal when and how to speak or act in order to be most effective. Wisdom guides your every move.

Keep peeling away the inner layers until this powerful place becomes second nature. This part will take time and attention, but with every minute spent on this inner quest, your power to affect change increases.

Why Bless Our Enemies?

There is a reason why we have been admonished to bless our enemies – it changes us. Only changed people can change the world. Gandhi understood this principle implicitly. It was the true secret to his success. 

Alignment With Love

Transforming fear with love also catalyses another event, one more beyond the physical.

With Love being the pervading quality that threads in and through all existence, an alignment with love connects us to the infinite resources, ingenuity, and power of Universal Love. Fear blocks this access, love opens the door to its many possibilities.

So do not think you can go out there, kick butt, and expect the world to become a more peaceful, enjoyable place to live. The world will always reflect back to you what lives inside of you.

Anger, fear, revenge, empathy, compassion, love. If it lives inside of you, it is already there in front of you now, just look around.

Is this the world you wish to see? Is this the life you choose to live? Is this who you choose to be?Question your former take on these individuals or events, then breathe deeply a few more times.

Make a new choice, then transform the old inner self into a new inner self by seeing the two merge into each other. Then breathe deeply a few more times.

Peel through the many layers necessary until you can now smile in the face of the thing you once feared. This is true healing. In most cases this can be accomplish to a significant degree in less than 15 minutes. 

Then spend another 5 minutes to reach even deeper levels of peace. The process can be extended as far as you are willing to to go.

Evidence of the Prerequisite Inner Change

To the degree you accomplish this inner transformation to your liking, is to the degree your world will reflect it back to you.

This is why we must bless our perceived enemies if we want the most positive outcome possible. This is also the secret to achieving the awakening moment that allows us to cross the threshold and catalyze the events that will ultimately bring about the change.

Blessing each of the events in motion produces a twofold increase in consciousness – one for the giver of the blessing, the other for the recipients. This is instantaneous and can shift the balance toward the positive in a single catalytic moment.

A dark (unhealed) soul is more mind programmed than a healed (light) soul. The unhealed are unknowingly more susceptible to subtle influences from a positive, powerful mind, yet less so to the obvious outward attempts (like debate).

Blessing another envelops that person in a positive, comfortable influence. It can have minor to profound awakening effects upon them.

Their decisions will be mollified by this pervasive influence (as well as by your comfortable smiling presence).

When someone feels confronted (by your fear, anger, or revenge, for instance) they are more likely to respond with confrontation.

When one feels comfortable (surrounded by the effect of the blessings and your clear, unattached, but focused inner self) they are more likely to react with a level head.

A Single Vision Shared by Many

A multitude of souls seeing a given situation in a better light has a transformational effect on the outcome. When the multitude sees the same vision of a positive and peaceful outcome, AND does their personal inner homework necessary to heal all resistance, the awakening moment arrives quickly.

The threshold is then crossed energetically, triggering an unexpected catalytic event to unfold in the physical.

Due to the direct influence of the transformed mindset of many causing the awakening moment, the subsequent inspired events are now empowered by the emotional support and inner clarity of the masses, as well as guided by the vision (blueprint) of a positive, peaceful outcome.

The action voices and players flow in sync with the vision. The eventual positive and peaceful outcome is then inevitable because it was envisioned and created long before the physical players took the stage.

IN this way we meet the conditions of Natural Law for change to take place in our world.

The Transformation

Now, when enough of us do our parts in meeting these same conditions for the collective world we live in to change, the awakening moment will arrive, the threshold will be crossed, the catalytic event will take place, and the change will materialize before our very eyes.

So what are we waiting for?

Since the process for how change happens has all been made clear, do you now know what you can do to support a positive and peaceful outcome regarding the Water Protectors now standing on the front lines blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline from polluting our soil and water across thousands of miles, potentially affecting millions of lives and future generations, quite possibly your own?

A Special Report On Standing Rock: The Environmental and Social Justice Consequences of Fracking and the Dakota Access Pipeline
Posted on: October 28th 2016
Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group

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Michael King

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