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Two Pivotal Choices Anyone Can Make That Will Influence the Fate of Humanity During These Turbulent Times

January 06, 2017 15 min read

The world appears to be getting crazier by the day. What can any one person do to affect a positive outcome to current global events?

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Clarity of Heart

The Success of an Action Voice is Determined by the Silent Majority

Not There Yet? Then Go Inside.

The Power of One Person to Influence the Outcome

How the Momentum Builds

Personal Rewards and the Common Good

The First Pivotal Choice That Will Ultimately Transform Our Society

The Consensus Perspective and Its Field of Magnetic Power

Alignment With the 'True Thought' Visions of Our Ancestors

Magnetic Power, Emotions & the Manifestation of a Vision

Which Do You Prefer?

The Second Pivotal Choice That Will Ultimately Transform Our Society

Deeply Felt Convictions Build a Strong Magnetic Field

Technological Evolution and Spiritual Evolution Must Remain in Balance

The Difference a Single Positive Contribution Makes

The Choice Before Us Today

Q: Can a single person really make a difference amidst a monumental tide of negative events?

A: Yes, not just make a difference, but accelerate an ancient momentum already established, one that has consistently produced positive results stemming the tide of negative events and raising in its place a memorial to those who became the action voice for that very change. Remember Ghandi, Rosa Parks, Tesla, Schauberger, and many others of the past along with a vastly growing number of action voices participating in changes today (like the Standing Rock Sioux Indians and reporter Amy Goodman, William Tompkins, Simon Parkes, the people of Iceland, and thousands more)?

Prior to any big change, millions of people participate in the quiet of their homes alone and in small gatherings, holding a vision, or offering a prayer, for a better world. In so doing they unknowingly create the essential magnetic space supporting the action voices to speak out and sway the greater populace to join them in promoting the vision. This is Natural Law at work.

The secret to such successes require that each supportive participant hold their vision in alignment with Natural Law. The Law of Cause & Effect, for example, the Law of Magnetic Accumulation of Like Thoughts, the Law of Imagery, Emotion & Outcome, and other Natural Laws, all of which are summed up in a single word – Love.

The True Heart of each soul already knows of these laws and lives instinctively within their guidelines, so study is not required to begin making a difference, but clarity of heart is. A healed and clearly focused heart is essential for Love’s inspiration to rise clearly to the surface of physical life to provide proper guidance and to be heard effectively.



Clarity of Heart
Gaining such clarity is a lifelong process, but not essential to begin as a participant for change, for clarity of heart is formed throughout the very process of taking the first two simple steps, then continues naturally as the successful attainment of the goal takes shape. (For even faster progress see this article/audio and a DVD which describes a deeply proactive approach to gaining clarity of heart).

Anyone can join the momentum already established by the many great souls that have preceded us, along with the many who are now holding the vision for the most positive of outcomes to our global situation.

You do not have to join a group. While joint visioning further empowers the process, a single individual can simply join the minds and hearts of millions also holding the vision alone from the quiet of their own homes.

While synchronized meditations are effective, but not essential to support a change, a changed heart, a mind committed to a particular vision on a continual basis is essential for true change to materialize.

A predominance of people certain of their position, clear about their vision and emotionally committed to its attainment is sufficient to open the magnetic space for action voices to rise to the surface and speak publicly on their behalf.

Why do we see such a swing in popular preference for third party type candidates for political office today? Because the majority of the populace have formed an opinion that the status quo candidates of history are not serving the interests of the people. They have been quietly envisioning a change all along.


The Success of an Action Voice is Determined by the Silent Majority
Action voices like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Jill Stein of today, Ross Perot at one point, John Kennedy at another, Ron Paul more recently, and many others over the centuries became the action voices in our country because of the multitude of unheard dreamers holding an image alone at home of a better world. They are the ones that created the essential magnetic space for these action voices to speak out.

Without the hopes, dreams and prayers of millions, such third party persuasions (regardless their true agendas) would never have found their voices. The action voices are merely symbols created by the people.

Look at the most outspoken individuals of today and you will find a representative symbol of just how healed the hearts of the people really are. Frankly, it reveals we still have a long way to go to affect the type of change that is truly for all the people. Yet, it still reveals we are making progress toward a better society. It reveals that we are waking up. It shows us that the majority are no longer willing to accept business as usual.


Not There Yet? Then Go Inside.
If you see that we are not yet choosing, as a people, the highest path for the people, then the suggestions in this article will help to refine your heart and vision as needed to match the utopia that most would prefer (but barely believe possible).

Regardless of who you are, regardless of your training or spiritual persuasion, you are able to affect an outcome to some degree. Your thoughts and emotions, your visions and joys, add to the sum total of magnetic powers currently defining the content of the new future.

You are not alone in this endeavor, you are joined by millions within both the past and present whose visions are still alive, growing in power with every new thought and image of a better tomorrow.


The Power of One Person to Influence the Outcome
Do not think that one individual cannot sway the final outcome, for one individual committed to the betterment of society, even in a small local way, adds momentum to the whole & final outcome, without which the outcome would be diminished to that degree.

Do not feel that a single positive thought or act cannot lead to a positive change in the overall picture, for a single thought of a positive, wholesome nature has a momentum of its own with a life-reinforcing magnetism that continues to attract thoughts & experiences of like kind to itself, ultimately empowering the attainment of such an objective with an accelerating force.

You are not alone, and every thought impacts the formation of events, as well as the awakening of the whole. Your special role in this awakening, whatever it be, is a compounding force - magnetizing other awakening forces to itself, and its own power to the power of others of like kind.

Be sure of your stance. Be clear about the power you have to support overall change. Take actions, especially small ones, that are clearly inspired from the heart and consistent with this primary guiding ideal – the common good of each and every soul on earth.


How the Momentum Builds
Small kindnesses, tokens of appreciation, words of comfort, a quiet word of wisdom in an appropriate moment have a greater impact on promoting national & global well being than may be obvious to the casual observer.

Make note of the fact that, because such acts are typically drawn from the soul through the heart when expressing them, their impact is capable of reaching to the deep recesses of the heart of others.

Such changes within another, while subtle at first, build a momentum that ultimately reaches the conscious being and alters his or her outlook, and thus actions.

How many stories have you heard or experienced in which a single small event changed the perspective of a young child, like a teacher or parent that told a young one that they could become any thing they set their heart on. As a result the child set his or her sights a bit higher and accomplished great things in life.

Such a momentum continues through eternity, growing & evolving as it expands. Such a child will share their success with many children in due course, inspiring them to do the same. Such a pattern may well become the standard someday in our future.

It is partly for this reason that the ultimate outcome for all life is exceedingly positive. Negativity and self-serving choices are eventually recognized as senseless in light of the greater personal good achieved through a joint focus on the common good.


Personal Rewards and the Common Good
A choice to focus on the common good of all produces effects on the individual that include a greater sense of well being (therefore greater health), less stress, a quiet feeling of joy, greater peace, and a satisfying feeling of happiness and fulfillment, among other enjoyable emotions. (If you have not already experienced this correlation yet, I suggest giving it a try to see for yourself.)

Isn't this what everyone is really after in the final analysis? Peace, happiness, fulfillment? In light of such wholesome rewards, once this is finally grasped, negativity simply dies away through inattention.

Compassion, kindness, and a joint commitment to the good of all build a momentum and strength forever, for these are in perfect alignment with Natural Law.

Love, expressed through small tokens, magnetically attracts the love of others, building in strength & intensity. This is love striving to return to its source, an inevitable outcome some day.

Ultimately, as the hearts of the people heal, a world will lay down it's arms, work devotedly for the betterment of every inhabitant, and promote a lifestyle for everyone that best inspires spiritual evolution.


The First Pivotal Choice That Will Ultimately Transform Our Society
What will it take? It begins with the choice by a growing number of individuals within a single community or nation, and ultimately every culture on earth, to embrace a vision committed to the common good for all earthly inhabitants. Simplistic, but powerful.

This is the single most important foundational choice required to be made by humanity at this point. It is not to decide now how to go about such a change, but to agree in simplistic principle that we choose to uphold the creation of a society devoted to the good of all earthly beings. Any law, organization, or principle contrary to this one ideal must be renovated, or disappear entirely forever.

For the greatest of success, it is this one consensus choice of humanity at large that is the foremost determining factor capable of affecting the outcome of upcoming events, for it channels the focus of all future decision-making to be all encompassing (an essential point for a vision to remain in accordance with Natural Law, which is also all encompassing).

A negative, self-serving preference by a single individual will also have its own influence and magnetic power. Yet limited thinking is, by its very nature, self-destructive. The bigoted, elitist vision we have been subjected to now for thousands of years is falling apart today. Such negative thoughts and visions will continue to wilt amidst a great magnitude of souls choosing positive outcomes which benefit every participant within the whole, regardless of race, religion, class or gender.

To the degree that the greater percentage of human and non-human societies on earth agree to this one common ground – with committed emotional (magnetic) intent to implement such an ideal in full – is to the degree that the vision of a healthier, more supportive human existence will come into full focus. Nothing more need be added. The necessary details will all follow this original foundational image in due course.

The Consensus Perspective and Its Field of Magnetic Power
The thoughts, expectations & preferences of each soul on the planet already play a role in developing a consensus perspective of human interest at large. Any individual or group within the whole that forms a new vision affects the combined perspective to the degree of its magnetic (emotional) power compared to the magnetic power of the consensus perspective of the whole planet.

To achieve the positive change desired in the collective, the individuals with the highest ideals will want to remain within the tenets of Natural Law (where the greatest power to affect change exists), and build a magnetic force around their vision strong enough to become the dominant magnetically charged vision.

To the degree this is achieved, through natural sympathetic resonance an awakening takes place within the hearts and minds of others where similar hopes and dreams have been held buried beneath layers of hopelessness, despair and fear. Awakenings of this nature bring the magnetic power within them to the surface to add to the magnetic power of the original vision.


Alignment With the 'True Thought' Visions of Our Ancestors
True Thought is always consistent with Natural Law, and therefore lives on forever fulfilling its purpose. The True Thought of our ancestors continues to exist today. A vision today in keeping with Natural Law and True Thought (Love) will be emboldened by the magnetic power of our benevolent ancestor's visions.

It is important to note that we are not alone in our desire for a positive change.

Like thoughts attract and empower each other, regardless their sector of origin in the universe. When our visions are in keeping with Natural Law, the whole Universe of positive thoughts joins our own to empower our vision's successful implementation.

If our visions have not already been fulfilled it can only mean we, as a society, have yet to fulfill the Natural Laws that support such an endeavor. Our diversions and distractions, hopelessness and despair have prevented us from aligning with Natural Law to the degree necessary to fulfill our own visions. The purpose of this article is to help us get back on track and succeed this time.


Magnetic Power, Emotions & the Manifestation of a Vision
Power and emotions go hand in hand. Emotions empower the vision.

Visioning alone goes nowhere without feelings to open space for its manifestation. Electricity flows through the wire because of a magnetic field. A child (the vision) is conceived and made physical because the male and female (the mental and emotional) combine.

Both the mental and the emotional are essential for physical manifestation to take place. Knowing the power of the feminine, and fearing it, the dark (unhealed), power seeking individuals throughout history have desperately tried to suppress the feminine nature to every degree possible.

Suppressing a woman's right to vote, religions that subjugate women, unequal pay, violence against women, and many other ploys have sadly been a part of our history for thousands of years.

From this simple explanation you can now see why it is important to generate the dominant magnetic (emotional) force, over a negative collective magnetic force, if ultimate success is to be achieved.


Which Do You Prefer?
Our society has voluntarily been building magnetic power around the elitist, divisive, warlike agendas by believing their fear-based propaganda. Fear is an emotion that gives magnetic power to their self-serving visions, thus the importance of police blotter newscasts and the promotion of constant war. The collective has allowed themselves to be entrapped with fear, feeding these self-serving visions which have been the dominant magnetic force on the planet for thousands of years.

This is all changing today. Humanity is waking from its slumber. The positive visions of our ancestors, and of the multitudes of today, are being brought to the surface. Now we each must decide which side will we choose to be on: fear or love.

The option to hold a commitment to the common good of all life is on the table now for all to choose if they want to see a change to the current paradigm. Since this vision aligns with Natural Law and is supported by our benevolent ancestors and benevolent souls throughout the universe, we are in a great place to succeed this time.

But there is one more step required to accomplish this goal.


The Second Pivotal Choice That Will Ultimately Transform Our Society
Actions committed to its full implementation is the second most important determining factor impacting the future outcome of events.

Actions do not have to be publicized to make a difference. One does not have to be the action-taker on the front lines to empower change. For foundations are best laid in secret before outward voices play their parts.

A single act of kindness, a simple smile of acceptance offered to those of another race, a single man refusing to participate in demeaning sexist remarks, a small business with a novel idea to house the homeless, parents that encourage their child to follow his or her own interests & passions rather than “climb the ladder of success”. These are all positive actions that build a momentum and add to the persuasive power of the silent majority.


Deeply Felt Convictions Build a Strong Magnetic Field
The sum consensus of quiet background preferences & actions within a neighborhood or a nation build the magnetic field in which the outward spokespeople eventually gain the liberty to speak and sway the greater masses.

For example, a simple choice by a tired Rosa Parks after a long day's work to sit in the first available seat on the bus paved the way for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to become the focal point for change in racial acceptance. Did Rosa realize the magnitude of her choice at the time? Not likely. She just did what she felt was right in the moment.

The more strongly you “feel” about a vision or ideology, the stronger the magnetic field supporting the vision's manifestation.

It is for this reason that the current political influences prefer to incite division among races, religions, political & financial classes, ideology, and any other way possible. Their goal is to prevent the obvious growing consensus opinion among the people now building that we must shift our current elitist approach to one that supports the good of each inhabitant on earth.


Technological Evolution and Spiritual Evolution Must Remain in Balance
With a primary focus on spiritual evolution, technological advances remain in balance as a society matures. The likelihood of nuclear destruction, for example, will not even become a consideration because the hearts of a spiritually advanced society are sufficiently open to recognize the folly of such use of technology. Instead it is used for safer, wiser purposes, like a self-contained endless source of lighting the roadways, for example.

When the ideal of a Great Unity of all life becomes the central focus of any one society, such a society progresses rapidly through necessary phases advancing intellectually, emotionally, spiritually & physically until the One Heart bonds the whole of that society in perfect harmonious accord.

Conflict is readily settled by comparing each option against the Grand Standard of what best promotes the common good of all affected by the choice, from the smallest to the greatest.

Rule by war and might are senseless philosophies to a society as advanced as this.

Heaven will be achieved on earth to the degree that each & every society realizes the wisdom of such an approach and implements the necessary changes, inwardly first, then outwardly, to actualize this ultimate outcome.


The Difference a Single Positive Contribution Makes
Do not feel that the small contributions that you can make today toward such an ideal will fail to bring about this eventual utopia, for your thoughts and actions today never cease to bond with the thoughts and actions of others that preceded you and those that follow.

The inevitable effect of this compounding magnetism is that all of life everywhere will eventually recognize the greater wisdom of such a powerful vision and join the creation of it.

Why is this? Because Natural Law established on Love rules the outcome, not the futile attempts of a few ignorant, self-serving souls.

If we have not already accomplished utopia on earth it is only because we, the people, have not yet met the conditions of Natural Law for its manifestation.

How much longer will we tolerate the false ideals of the self-serving before we take responsibility for being the ones that have supported such insanity all along and change our ways.

Today we have a grand opportunity before us to do just that.

This ultimate creation of the Great Unity has already been written. It already exists. It is now within the Alpha & Omega that are a single source point. The beginning and the end are the same moment. The illusion of time provides an opportunity for each soul to choose to play a role in this eventual outcome, or not.


The Choice Before Us Today
This setup is all about free will. How & when a person chooses to enact his or her destined part in the creation of the Great Unity is the choice before each and every soul on earth today.

We can accomplish the Great Unity in our lifetime, or pass the responsibility on to our future generations, should they survive our miscreations of today.

I prefer to take such a responsibility now and spare the world the unnecessary pain and hardship.

Commitment to the common good of all, followed by simple inspired actions consistent with this love-filled objective, is all that is required. In so doing, your heart is healed and becomes alive again. Your heart, the closest connection you now have to Source, then guides you in the details required each and every day.

You will not need to worry about how to implement such a grand plan, for the heart already knows the details and will inspire you on a moment by moment basis.

Your first task is to commit yourself to the One Vision and prepare to take action when inspired by love. All else will be revealed in each moment of importance to that goal.

The end result is inevitable. How and when you capture this experience for yourself is up to you.

Choose wisely, for your personal future hangs in the balance awaiting your choice. Your part in its creation is essential for you to experience the Great Unity that already is.


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Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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