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Life Chats: Election Integrity, Disclosure, and the Shift From Chaos to Unity

November 19, 2020 14 min read

Truth and Freedom – How this election is paving the way for open disclosure and the first steps toward New Era living.

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on election integrity, the solution to chaos, and what must take place first before we can cross the threshold into the New Era lifestyle.

Our Freedom Is Intertwined With Vote Integrity

As a personal note, I have not voted since my early military days over 40 years ago.

I do not attach myself to any political party because it became obvious to me back in the early 90's that the major parties had been controlled by the same deep state players for many decades, and likely since the founding of this country.

What I am in favor of is human freedom.

When decisions are made by votes, the maintenance of our freedom is dependent on vote integrity.

This election has pushed vote integrity, and therefore our freedom, to the forefront of our minds.

The entire world is watching America’s response to the threat of losing our right to free and fair elections, for many countries have also suffered the same.

This election is revealing the exact mechanisms through which votes have been manipulated in probably every election where voting machines have been installed.

It is also revealing to the world how the counting of ballots by hand can be easily compromised as well.

A Summary of the Evidence of Vote Manipulation

Several key elements have abridged vote integrity worldwide are now coming to light: 

The Hidden Hands Behind the Choice of Candidates

Every election that I recall has always been a choice between two evils. We have in the past selected some of the worst offenders for Congressional and Executive leaders.

What many do not know is that a person is rarely placed in prime positions of leadership without coming from a corrupt family lineage. The more corrupt one is, the more controllable.

This has been a long-standing practice, which explains why individuals like Ross Perot, Ron Paul, and other third-party candidates never stood a chance when they ran for president.

Three things have become obvious to me by looking back through history:

  1. Corruption in the family lineage of presidential candidates appears to be a prerequisite (with a few exceptions).

  2. Elected officials have always been pressured from behind the scenes to follow the instructions of hidden financiers.

  3. Any candidate that fails to tow the party line gets vilified endlessly by the controlled media.

This is not merely a coincidence. There has been "a Plan" in place longer than many imagine possible, long before America came into existence. 

Because we are at a transitionary point in human history shifting from a dark era to a brighter one, several "Counter Plans" are also at work, both at the grassroots level within America (explained in brief by Simon Parkes) and at the pinnacle of global governance, explained by Kim Goguen in the link below.  

The History of Humanity Holds Many Secrets

The world will be shocked when our true history is finally revealed.

This history is being revealed today from many sources, yet two stand out with true authority, having worked daily with the players at the highest levels of world governance and beyond.

One is Kim Goguen. The other is commonly referred to as Viking (aka, "the Destroyer" and "the Reaper").

Both individuals provide information in this fascinating and complex overview of how the structure of the world hierarchy used to be and how it is structured today. (Begin at the 26 minute mark, unless you also want to know what Life Force Assemblies are doing (now consisting of over a million people worldwide), which precedes the interview with Kim and Viking).

Kim speaks regularly with world leaders, including Trump, Biden, military generals around the world, politicians and religious leaders, as well as central bankers.

They are continually asking her for funds and positions of influence that are unknown to the general public. 

She sees the true story behind the scenes. She knows whom we are dealing with and what their true goals are – which are not pretty in most cases.

Viking has recently joined the Life Force Team with a mandate to clear the irreparable souls from the playing field.

The interview is the most accurate and revealing insight into the hidden hands behind past and current events that I have come across.

Worldwide Attention and Disclosure That Leads to Unity

I am definitely saddened for this country by what is happening today, but I see that much of it is necessary for an outcome that is ultimately favorable.

Penny Kelly has published a 20 minute video, 18 Nov 2020 Update: An Opening in the Clouds, that shares a brief glimpse into the future – which is beautiful and peaceful, the possibilities for which have apparently been put in place in just the last week or so.

I believe the work of Kim, Tank, and Viking shared above are playing a role in this new possibility, or have certainly accelerated it.

We are transitioning to a New Era, and the exposure of corruption is simply part of what must come up first.

Trump is playing his part in this. So is Biden.

They are galvanizing world attention on one pivotal issue – election fraud –which leads down a deep, tortuous rabbit hole that reveals many other areas of long-standing corruption. 

A deep descent will show why the human race as a whole has been unable to thrive freely and abundantly.

This clear evidence of election fraud raises many questions, such as:

  • How long has this been going on?

  • Who are the players behind this fraud?

  • What are their agendas for doing so?

  • What else do they have their hands in?

  • How many other elections have been compromised?

  • Why have we not made this a central focus of worldwide attention before now?

  • How can we trust the results of any election in the future?

  • What is the solution?

After focusing on elections, we will likely then follow the rabbit hole to uncover and tackle even bigger issues, such as:

  • ending the corrupt two-party system and lobby influence

  • purging corruption and perversion from both Houses of Congress and elsewhere

  • making it easier for the people to recall corrupt leaders from office

  • ending media monopolies and restoring true journalism

  • addressing an endless number of other subjects that will change human existence on this planet for the better.

The rabbit hole will not end until we have created a New Era society.

If actions are taken to permanently eliminate election fraud, the American people stand a chance of having their voting voices finally heard and counted for the first time in an unknown number of decades.

As more and more issues get exposed, the people will draw closer and closer together. This is a worldwide condition. We will solve it together.

Unity will be the eventual outcome.

But first we must clean house. 

Disclosure, Civil War, and the Takedown of Hidden Control Systems

Michael: What are the chances that our country will be engulfed in a civil war over this election?

What are the chances that we will see genuine, long-awaited actions to free the people of these hidden control mechanisms, and to finally rid the planet of all who will not support human freedom?

Oversoul: There is a concerted effort by numerous sectors of your human society to rid the planet of the slave masters.

There is not a timetable for the end of this activity, however, for there are many freewill decisions yet to be made by the people at large and the leadership in key decision-making positions around the planet – too many to be certain of an outcome yet.

Yes, the chance of more riots and chaos taking place is certain at this point, but remember what the real purpose of chaos is – to bring attention to an issue that needs a remedy

This is much like the pain surrounding a wound that draws healing energy to the site. The pain and discomfort also gets the attention of the one responsible for supporting the healing with other therapies.

How humanity addresses the cause of the problem is the crucial point to be made here.

It can be ignored, as it has been in the past, causing the issue to fester and grow. Or it can be directly addressed, removing the need for such outbursts in the first place.

In cases such as the ones you are faced with today, the solution includes removing the influencers who are behind the promotion of chaos.

This action is the one that faces the greatest opposition from the deep state loyalists, for to do so will deteriorate their deeply-seated infrastructure supporting the long-standing suppression of human rights.

This infrastructure has been used to promote chaos in order to divide and weaken their unsuspecting human subjects longer than history records.

Information Manipulation and Corruption in the Courts

Ignorance of the hidden hands orchestrating current events, partially through the media’s participation, is what keeps the people unwittingly playing the needed parts to ensure that chaos and war continue.

This is at the core of the discord today – information manipulation.

So to remedy this wound within society, it will be necessary to address the information distortion and constraints.

How can this be done?

By concentrating your efforts on tracing the flow of money and instructions to the organizers of the violence and discord, and then erasing all capacity to do so.

It will be necessary to expose the hidden players behind the corruption.

This is common sense. Yet the will to do so, and the power to make any court actions stick, is where the breakdown occurs in many instances.

Your courts have been infiltrated with corruption, which is why the previous actions remain unchecked.

Now the tables have turned. Every action out of character with the progress toward human freedom is being noticed by certain segments of the populace.

This will vary from group to group based on the group’s specialty of interest.

The people are speaking up more loudly and more prolifically than ever before. This has caught the deep state players off guard, for they are used to compliance – not opposition directed back at themselves.

So, the way to calm the waters among the divided public is to ensure that everyone choosing to listen is receiving the same disclosures and reports.

The truth about the human condition and the control mechanisms in place have to be made known through established media sources.

Control of the Media Narrative

Michael: What are the chances that we will actually be given full disclosure of the activities of the deep state players through mainstream media channels in the near future? Seems to be a tall order.

Oversoul: The likelihood is growing stronger by the day. Several factors are converging to make this possible. One is increasing exposure of the way the media gathers information and reports a storyline.

When media outlets select stories for public consumption they are relying on material from the large newswires, like the Associated Press, that are sure to deliver the narratives designed to alter, guide, and filter public opinion in ways that support the background agendas.

Truth is commonly part of the storyline, but with a distorted point of view designed to steer the narrative.

Guidance of the public mindset is the goal – not honest, factual reporting. You will see this clearly by verifying the number of stations that repeat the same narrative verbatim.

The exposure of this controlled narrative, one that leaves out the voice of truth, or slices the message up to deliver one slant to one group and another message to a different group, will reveal the true agenda of orchestrating public opinion. 

How the Chaos is Being Manufactured

This is the crux of the problem. Your media’s deliberate choice to present one train of thought to one group and an opposite train of thought to another group enables its goal of keeping the people in opposition to one another.

In addition to manipulating content to promote division, media and technology companies insert subliminal electronic influences into the messages transmission, and broadcast frequencies across the continent via satellite, with specific intent to elicit a desired set of thoughts and behaviors among the people.

Some are more susceptible to these subliminal influences than others.

These examples are several ways in which the chaos is being manufactured.

There are many other ways as well, such as the creation of poverty through lockdowns. The long-range goal is to instigate a sole reliance on government-sponsored sources for income, setting the stage for a complete control of one’s life and the suppression of individual freedoms.

In other instances, lucrative paychecks are given to those who fulfill the bidding of the corporations seeking to promote violence, chaos, and instability.

Their objective is to breakdown the institutional structures holding a nation together in hopes of stepping in at the last minute with control mechanisms much more stringent than the former institutions would have allowed.

These special interest groups have outlined their plans on numerous occasions and in numerous ways.

Do not think this is failing to promote the ultimate transformation of your society for the better. Old institutions of control will have to disintegrate for true freedoms to flourish.

They were built on the false premise that some beings deserve more rights than others. Enslavement mechanisms were intertwined within and throughout each new development of human “progress”. 

You are now entering the early stages of freeing yourselves from these enslavement models.

The old system does have to disintegrate. But what replaces it is where the battle is at its most fevered pitch.

The War For the Human Soul

There is a war being fought for control of the human soul and for all of the benefits that can be derived from its ownership. This is the view from the dark side of human history.

Yet there is another view that is now operative with a strength of influence never before witnessed on your planet.

This is the combined energy of those who recognize the threat to humanity's existence and are committed to free the planet of its long-time enslavement.

An awakening within the people must precede the successful implementation of a New Era lifestyle on earth.

This awakening is growing within the hearts and minds of every soul on earth today.

As it reaches a specific frequency, or resonance, of both insight and unity, a transformational shift will take place. This event will catalyze choices and actions from the people that will ultimately construct a new reality on earth.

The human race as a whole, in concert with many other non-human civilizations present within the earth, will usher in a New Era society based on the common good of all beings on earth, both human and otherwise.

This will not be “done for you”. You will decide the path of the future yourselves as one people and implement the actions necessary to bring it about.

Why the Current System Must Disintegrate

The players currently seeking to destroy the system in place today are serving a purpose.

They are causing the people to recognize where the current system is at fault.

They are making it necessary for the people themselves to work toward a solution – one that includes everyone in a way that respects human freewill and supports each individual's evolutionary path.

The established system is not built to do that. It was a necessary step in the evolution of humanity, but it cannot take you into the New Era of true freedom.

The old system must disintegrate and be replaced with a more advantageous approach to human evolution – one that supports the great awakening you will soon experience.

Insight And Unity

Michael: You have just mentioned, “As it reaches a specific frequency, or resonance, of both insight and unity, a transformational shift will take place.” How is this to take place if our media are not held to account?

Oversoul: First of all, every soul knows the truth deep within. Yet not all are open to feeling this depth within themselves, preferring instead to look for outside confirmations and the opinions of others for their truth.

Personal biases can also interfere with the recognition of truth, even when that truth is felt deep within.

These biases are formed for many reasons: from the nature of the birth experience, to the programming by the social order at the time, to the person’s genetic lineage, to prior-life soul experiences.

Worldwide Attention on a Single Event

Social events that galvanize public attention on a specific issue is essential to shift the whole mindset of humanity at one time toward their next step in evolution.

The election results have been selected by humanity as the point of focus of worldwide attention, offering the opportunity to expose the hidden hand that has been at work behind the scenes for thousands of years.

This will be brought to the surface for all who are willing to see, and will lead to the disclosure of deeper levels of control influencing every facet of human existence today.

The magnitude of the shift in awareness that this disclosure will bring is enough to catalyze an awakening – first through insight, then through unity.

Heart Coherence Leads to Sudden Awakening

The coherence of the heart (a common resonance among the hearts of a large segment of humanity) sets the stage for the sudden awakening among the remaining populace.

This is the unity I am speaking of – a coherence of the heart among the human community.

Preceding this will be disclosures of human history that very few on earth today even suspect could be possible.

Insight, then unity. This is the path all civilizations take on the way to creating their own freedom.

It is your time now.

Mutiny Among the Ranks of the Media

Your media is changing hands, so to speak. Soon you will hear some announcers break free from the control mindset and speak the truth.

This will set a precedent. Others will follow.

Deals will be made to disclose as little as possible, yet leaks will happen regardless.

Then the floodgates will open as one reporter after the other refuses to participate in the global agenda to silence opposition and promote the complete decimation of civilization as you know it today.

Yes, as you already know, this destructive agenda is referred to by some as “The Plan”.

The "Counter Plan" is also in force today. The realization of vote manipulation in this election is the beginning of a long string of disclosures to come. 

As the realization dawns among the media staff members that the true intent of "The Plan" calls for the elimination of themselves and their own future generations once they are no longer useful, a mutiny among the ranks will begin to form.

Many will quit and voice their own newly found views through other platforms. Most primary media outlets and social media sites will see a rapid decline in viewers.

A boycott of such sites will grow rapidly. Exiting members of these social media platforms will find other sites with more honest reporting and free discussion.

Truth and Freedom

As the hearts and minds of the people join in resonance toward a common objective, idealized as “truth and freedom”, a pivotal threshold in frequency will be crossed and a global awakening will occur.

Everyone will find a place in the emerging New Era world, if they desire to share in it.

Those who prefer not to participate will find a way to exit life on earth, and the most resistant players, still promoting the old order and its “Plan”, will simply be removed from existence on earth.

The people will no longer tolerate them or their "Plan".

The protection of the emerging New Era consciousness and its foundation of truth and freedom will become a priority in the minds of the new global leaders and the people alike.

All remaining on earth will recognize their role in support of the cleanup operation. In time, the earth will rid itself of this long-standing corruption.

The rebuilding will have commenced by then.

Help From the Sun?

Michael: Will we get any help from the sun (as in a gamma burst that awakens the conscious states of many on earth simultaneously)?

Oversoul: Yes, but not as soon as you would like. Humanity has a responsibility to take the first step and commit to the path of ascension as a whole. The help that you seek will arrive soon afterwards.

Humanity herself, holds the key to the timing. 

This is a subject for another time. Now it is most important that you concentrate your focus on open disclosure and the unity of hearts and minds among the people of earth. 

To be continued…


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