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How & Why the Detox Superfood Drink Works Better than Intermittent Fasting

January 06, 2020 16 min read

The Dangers of Calorie Restrictive Diets and Food Abstinence Fasting After Living in a Highly Toxic World

Regaining Health Requires More Than Just Not Eating for Awhile 

The world we live in today is not the world of our forebears 100 years ago.

Our waterways, our farmland, our food (especially restaurant food), our "medicines", our dentistry, our cosmetics, our atmosphere and air supply, our homes, our household cleaners, our methods of mobility, our communication devices, our sources of energy, etc. have polluted today's world beyond anything experienced by previous generations. 

This has not been done by accident. Wiling participants have designed and implemented these pollutants and presented them to us as an "advanced" way of life. 

Be that as it may, the effect on our bodies has taken its toll in many ways, more for some than others. The most chemically & EMF sensitive individuals are also those with the greatest exposures to heavy metals, chemicals, medical treatment, EMFs, and mold. 

Fasting, calorie restrictive diets, and strong cleansing programs are no longer safe for a growing segment of our population due to the way they trigger the release of toxins beyond the capacity of the eliminative organs to rid them from the body. 

An already overburdened liver, lymphatic system, subcutaneous fat (your second liver), overworked kidneys, deficient spleen & pancreas from concentrated sugar use, and toxic bowels deficient in probiotics from the use of antibiotics, do not need the additional burden of a rapid release of toxins currently being stored within the liver, bones, and other organs.

Fasting, even intermittent fasting for some, will begin a cascade of toxin releases, which under normal circumstances (without an excessive toxic overload), would not pose a challenge.

Today, however, this is a serious consideration for a growing segment of the population. 

Toxic Buildup as the Cause Behind Ultra-Sensitive Individuals

I know of several extremely toxic (vaccine induced with some, mercury filling removal induced for others), bedridden individuals who cannot even tolerate a light clay bath without dropping their energy further than it already is.

The movement of toxins from the liver to the bloodstream (that flows around and through the brain & body roughly once every minute) on its way to other eliminative organs, can make life unbearable for an extremely toxic person if a cleansing program or fast triggers more toxins than the body can safely handle at once. 

Fasting Can Also Be Life Threatening for Seemingly Healthy Individuals If Once Exposed to Chemicals, Mercury, or other Toxins in the Past

The danger of excessive release of toxins beyond the body's capability can also apply to typically healthy individuals undergoing an extreme cleansing program, like a water fast (which increases the release of toxins) or a dry fast (which concentrates the toxic waste through dehydration).

Life threatening situations can be created, not so much due to the cleansing program or fasting protocol itself (which a less toxic person might survive intact), but due to the quantity of toxic waste building up in the blood with nowhere to go but back into the liver and other cells of the body due to already overwhelmed elimination channels. 

Numerous people have ended up with chronic health problems they did not have before the water fast or dry fast began. This can easily happen if a flood of mercury from former tooth fillings or vaccine toxins get pushed into the bloodstream in too great of an abundance at once.

Mercury shreds the nerve ending of their myelin sheath protective coating causing shingles and neurological symptoms like MS, ALS, and CP. 

Former chemical abusers, like with cocaine, can experience a life threatening release of the drugs (still buried within the tissues of organs and bowels) during a detox program, even a mild one, and, even if the individual had been sober for 15 years (as in 2 cases I am aware of). 

Some have even died from organ failure due to the acidosis from dry fasting or orange juice fasting, or due to heart failure from muscle catabolism.

What isn't mentioned is how the flood of toxins entering the blood and a weakened immune system from electrolyte imbalance is followed by the proliferation of bacteria and viruses to consume those toxins.

Viruses, in particular, find toxins to be one of their favorite food sources (second only to excesses of fat in the diet (like nuts). The excretion from pathogens is an acidic, toxic waste product, often a neurotoxin. Thus one of the reasons consuming a high fat diet results in a steady acidic condition that is difficult to turn around, even for the high fat vegan dieters where nuts, avocados, and oils are the prime fat source. 

The rapid loss of excess cellulite (that, in some cases, is used by the body to isolate toxic waste it cannot process) can also trigger this same toxin buildup challenge to the blood and body organs, resulting in heart failure from extended fasting. 

Toxic Waste Fat

One of the reasons the body builds stores of fat around and in the organs is to house toxic waste in a manner that protects the organ from the harm chemicals and heavy metals pose until sufficient nutrients are taken in to neutralize the toxins through chemical bonding.

This well known fact points to the importance of clay, humate, and superfoods (sea vegetables and nutritive herbs) to be consumed regularly to provide the body with mineral & phytonutrient bonding opposites for neutralizing toxins safely. 

Famine Response Fat

A malnourished body builds cellulite stores for a second reason as well – to store lipids to be used for energy during the next famine event (like during a fast or calorie restricted diet).

This is the fundamental reason why calorie restricted diets that cut the fat temporarily commonly rebound with even more cellulite once normal eating is resumed.  

A restricted diet on superfoods along with detox supportive fruits and vegetables prevents the above challenges to organs & glands and allows for a safe, gradual reduction of cellulite and body toxins.

Why the Detox Superfood Drink Works Better than Intermittent Fasting

The function of intermittent fasting is to ease the strain on the digestive organs long enough for the body to:

1) recover from the previous meals consumed

2) trigger ketosis to burn fat in place of glucose

3) repair damaged cells

4) detoxify the body

Intermittent fasting is popular with the Keto world, and rightfully so. A high protein, high fat diet is so heavy with hard to digest proteins (animal proteins and nuts) that a daily rest aides in the more complete digestion of these foods before more is added to the body's digestive burden. 

The keto promoters even suggests that consuming more fat with meals will result in the burning of more cellulite – which is true. Absolutely. 

Why? Because fat entering the small intestines triggers additional production of bile from the liver and subsequent release of concentrated bile from the gall bladder. 

Bile places a demand for more cholesterol (fat) to make more bile. 

The Function of Bile in Preparing Fats for Assimilation

Bile is made of bile acids & salts, bilirubin (from the spleen or liver), phospholipids (a fat-based molecule), water (97%), alkalizing electrolytes, and cholesterol (about 0.5%). Not a lot of fat there, but a steady demand is created with increased fat intake, thus greater bile production. 

The function of bile is also to act as a detergent to emulsify fats, thus preparing the fat for absorption into the blood, an important function to insure that the fat consumed is properly utilized.

Bile is also used by the body to encapsulate water soluble toxic waste from the blood and liver – then ideally, safely transport those toxins through the bowels and out of the body.

This is an excellent safe vehicle for removing chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens, and parasites.  

For bile to be effective, however, the body attempts to maintain a bile pH of about 7 to 8 pH (neutral to slightly alkaline). 

Now, here is the catch with high protein, high fat diets and intermittent fasting

The proteins and fats consumed (primarily animal flesh, dairy, and nuts), all promote an acidic constitution. 

In addition to this fact, the longer a person goes without eating (as in intermittent fasting), bile in the gallbladder becomes more acidic. This is more true with one who is active and less so if sleeping or lying down. 

When the body is acidic, by nature, bile gets thick and pasty, not thin and runny needed to get out of the small gall bladder duct in time to deliver this important fluid into the duodenum when fat leaves the stomach.

Fatty Liver, Elevated Enzymes, and Gallstones

The result? Well, the potential for gallstones for one, as the thick bile paste hardens into into stones due to the acidity. Fatty liver is another. Liver cell injury is another.

The children with epilepsy that made the high protein, high fat diet popular found a number of the cases (5.7%) also developed elevated enzymes indicative of cell injury, fatty liver disease, and gallstones, thus pointing to the fallacy of such an approach. (Besides, epilepsy is primarily caused by chemical and heavy metal toxins, not the absence of fat.)

"Long-term ketogenic diet treatment stimulates liver parenchymal injury [elevated enzymes/lesions], hepatic steatosis [fatty liver disease] and gallstone formation."

Second, due to the clogged gallbladder, the fat from the stomach enters the blood without the detergent properties of bile, thus clogging the arteries with a milky, off-white thick fatty fluid, further reducing capillary circulation whose function is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 

It is a common occurrence, to find 25-35% milky white or chunky fat globules in a single vile of drawn blood following a high fat meal, even 8-16 hours later.

This same event is a significant contributing factor behind sticky heart valves leading to irregular heart beat, and eventually, heart attacks.

In addition, oxygen and nutrients fail to get delivered to the cells due to fat blocking transport to the cells. 

Toxins from the cells fail to get out of the cells due to a lack of nutrients needed to trigger this detox effect.

Glucose cannot fully enter the cells due to the excess fat inside the cells interfering with sugar assimilation. 

The sugar from any starches, fruits, or concentrated sugars consumed end up back in the bloodstream providing an added burden on the liver to store that sugar into fat around the liver (fatty liver) or pancreas (fatty pancreas), and other organs (like muscles), until they can be utilized effectively once the fat in the cells is burned off or purged from the cells.   

This explains why the Keto Diet was invented in the first place, to prevent the much needed glucose from carbs from causing severe health problems due to fat interference with glucose assimilation, while forcing the body to convert fat for this purpose instead. 

Yet, the Keto approach is the backwards method of reducing symptoms that are better resolved by paying attention to an important food combining rule: "Do not combine foods that provide sugar to the cells with foods that contain high levels of fat."

How the Detox Superfood Drink Solves These Problems

Recall the 5 benefits of intermittent fasting:

1) recover from the previous meals consumed

2) trigger ketosis to burn fat in place of glucose

3) repair damaged cells

4) detoxify the body

1) If you are not consuming hard to digest foods in the first place your meals will be efficiently digested before the next mealtime arrives. 

2) When the body is fully nourished with superfood nutrition and clay minerals the body gets the signal that the famine is over and naturally burns off the fat that was stored there for that rainy day when the next calorie restricted diet would be undertaken. Ketosis from fasting is then not required to burn fat excesses.

3) The repair of cells and tissues require silica, collagen, and many other nutrients.

"Particular vitamins and minerals will chemically assist in enhancing the healing of an injury, while their deficiency will hinder it."

Superfood nutrition is essential for providing all that the body needs to do what it normally does anyway in the department of repairing cells naturally. Ketosis is not essential when sufficient nutrients involved in the process already exist in the body.

4) When quality nutrition enters the cell, toxins are naturally kicked out of the cell. This is why a high nutrient diet can often trigger a detox reaction.

Super nutrition (like Vital Cleanse & Nutrify) and clay or humate minerals (like Mineral Manna and Friendly Flora) that can only be obtained from whole plant superfoods and whole earthen resources, is all that is needed to catalyze effective detoxification, unless so much fat is stored inside the cell or in the bloodstream so as to block such nutrient assimilation.

In such a case, a steady amount of Digestive Bitters with meals coupled with a reduction in the protein & fat in the diet until the body can clear out the excesses inside the cells, is a wise maneuver to prevent harm to the liver and improve nutrient/oxygen/glucose delivery to the cells where it is needed most. 

Once the excesses are cleared from the cells and the glucose can once again safely enter the cells to activate energy from ATP, then apples, wild blueberries, and other fruits can be safely consumed (with all of their amazing benefits) without triggering a "keto flu or carb attack" caused by the former excess lipids loaded up inside the cells interfering with the sugars. 

Not mentioned in the above link is the way the excess fat buildup in the bloodstream and inside the cells triggers a viral feeding fest responsible for many of the symptoms associated with "keto flu".

Purpose and Benefits of the Detox Superfood Drink 

The following is a brief summary. The more comprehensive list is spelled out here: Gentle Detox Superfood Drink for Post Holiday Cleansing

1) Provide maximum nutrient variety from superfoods, nutritive herbs, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, earthen minerals, and fiber from the Vital Cleanse & Nutrify

2) Provide enzymes, apple pectin (for bowel cleansing), fiber, and phytonutrients from key liver/kidney supportive vegetables and fruit (carrot, cucumber, apple, beet, and wild blueberries)

3) Provide detox promoting and detox symptom mitigating live foods (lemon, beet, and apple)

4) Provide omega oils in small enough quantities, and with the seed fiber, to avoid a conflict with the fruits (chia and flax)

5) Provide digestive enhancing spices for complete nutrient assimilation and daily regularity throughout the cleansing period

One could live on this better than the average health food diet (completed my 14th day on this Superfood Drink as my central nutrient source, plus whole fruits, and an evening bowl of spiced veggie broth or veggie soup, or a grain like amaranth, oats, or rice, plus a small amount of avocado or coconut oil), though the Superfood Drink could be combined with a normal diet with excellent results as well. 

Every morning began with a quart of water with a tablespoon of Mineral Manna, 1/2 a lemon squeeze, 1/4 tsp. ginger, 1/4 tsp. turmeric, 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon, and a dash or more of cayenne pepper. 

Note: What I learned from the 14 Day Superfood Fast was that a small amount of fat taken as part of the daily menu is important. Around day 10, before adding 1-2 tablespoons of avocado or coconut oil per day, I started feeling deficient in fat, though satisfied in all other nutrients, except starch. My afternoon energy began to wane. This is when I began adding the rice, amaranth, or oats, and the avocado or coconut oil into my evening veggie broth soup, which brought the energy back. 

Other bulky foods were not interesting. I desired less food overall (saving a great deal on other food and restaurants).

I had good energy, could stay focused through a long day of writing, Private Sessions, and email followup/research into the evening.  

The principle is to provide the body with a vast storehouse of nutrients from whole food, superfood, herb, and spice sources that also improve digestive powers and nutrient assimilation. 

This was not about starvation. It was about eliminating food excesses typical of the standard 3 meals a day diet. I continued to take an assortment of herbal formulas throughout, especially Digestive Bitters and Herbal C to insure quality digestion and daily bowels movements 2-3 times a day.

It was also about preventing the conflict between sweets and fats (integral to all heath food diets) by reducing the fat content to less than 10% of daily calories (1-3 tablespoons per day). 

I saw clear signs of detoxification at the skin level (slight itchiness, and a slight heaviness overall), the answer for which was a clay bath plus clay body slurry, or an infrared sauna sandwiched between two clay baths plus body slurries. 

When fed abundantly with concentrated, but naturally occurring phytonutrients, the body knows what to do with these whole foods to break them down and reassemble them (according to its own wisdom), and thereby make its own medicines. 

So the formula 1) detoxes, 2) nourishes to the max, 3) strengthens weakened body systems, 4) improves nutrient assimilation, and 5) helps to improve on the typical health food diet (with its many pitfalls). 

These are several of the key elements of my foundational approach to restoring health, regardless the issue one may be dealing with, listed here: The Truth About Building Physical Health

Why the Detox Superfood Drink Works Better as a Way to Regain Health

Fundamentally, after having explored water fasting, dry fasting, intermittent fasting, high protein/high fat, fruitarian, carnivore, and vegan diets, the purpose for developing this protocol is, I wanted a green drink that would provide a superior alternative to my former fasting/cleansing approaches.

I noticed they did not work as well as I had hoped, were more difficult to set aside time for due to loss of mental function during the early days, and required a long recovery time.

Those that appear to live the longest with great health also tend to be light eaters, mostly plant based live foods with some cooked food, and even some meat (although I do not consider that to be an essential component once one passes a specific point in consciousness where higher vibrational foods become naturally preferred).

So a modified diet that includes superfoods and system builder herbal formulas makes the most sense.  

A Superfood Fast rather than Intermittent Fasting is the most effective way to approach this subject without harm to the liver from over detoxing (which in today’s world is a serious consideration), or placing your body into starvation mode from nutrient deficiencies. 

Yet, I wanted more than just the superfoods (sea vegetables and herbal nutritives) and system building herbs.

Live enzymes are an essential component of high levels of health and a steady, gradual detoxification of the body. 

Live Foods

Live foods that support daily detoxification in a gentle fashion, along with digestion-supportive spices, are essential for steady elimination and rebuilding to take place during the entire process. 

Because fruits are a significant portion of the Detox Superfood Drink and can get a bit uncomfortable and cooling for winter days when consumed all day long, I find the perfect balance to offset the fruit is the intake of warm vegetable broth seasoned with your favorite spices and possibly with nutritional yeast

Add Starches and Vegetables to Balance Out the Detoxifying Effect of the Fruits

Starch from a veggie-rice-potato broth soup can be part of the cleanse, as the warm starchy food balances out the starkness of fruit, yet still supplies soluble fiber for the probiotics and valuable glucose for the brain and cells (to maintain mental focus and high energy throughout a cleansing protocol). 

Contrary to popular belief, the starchy root veggies and certain grains (like rice) are not the cause of weight gain (although even the favored Einkorn wheat, the most original wheat, does create some belly fat, yet remains a safe grain in moderation for those that can tolerate it).

The real issue causing the increase of cellulite is actually a food combining mistake.

This Food Combining Mistake is Behind Most Cellulite Gain and Chronic Health Conditions

Body weight increases as a result of the inability to get glucose from fruits and starches into the cells due to the blocking effect from a diet excessive in fat.

It is this combination of foods that provide sugar to the cells with foods high in fat that is causing the buildup of cellulite (the liver has to find some place to store both the sugar and fat excesses).

Other factors include the use of concentrated sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, malnutrition, and junk food, of course. Hormonal imbalance from chemical and heavy metal toxins is another contributing factor.

However, it is the combination of starches and fat that more commonly triggers cellulite development and chronic health conditions.

What is a common topping to a starchy potato? Sour cream, butter, cheese, or oils. 

What about all those vegan recipes with fats and sweets combined?

Nut crust with a fruit filling. Nut based salad dressing with honey. Granola. Nut cheese eaten with a fruit salad. Nut milks in a fruit smoothie.

A prescription for inflammation, viral feeding, and digestive complaints.

Not only is this a food combining conflict, the nuts feed the herpes strain viruses in a big way due to their hard to digest nature, high fat, and the arginine content (a viral feeder).

Pea protein will do the same, as will most typical high fat diets. 

How often do we eat rice or pasta (except for the keto folks) with meat or with a salad with lots of olive oil, cheese, and avocado?

Actually the avocado with rice or potatoes works surprisingly well because the two are whole foods, and if the overall dietary proportions of fat to starches in the daily diet is around 10% or less, this does not present a conflict. 

Add an oil concentrate like olive oil in volumes beyond just a small amount, and the conflict begins to form.

Many other factors enter into this equation too, like how much fat has been consumed prior, or how acidic is your body at the time, or how well is your bile functioning, how many antibiotics (diminishing digestive powers) have you taken over the course of your lifetime, etc. 

How to Make the Detox Superfood Drink Work to Clean House and Build Health Naturally

Commit to a gradual change in diet away from the high protein-high fat diet, or high fat vegan diet, to a low protein-low fat diet, adding a superfood blend rich with sea vegetables and nutritive herbs to replace the loss of that extra protein in the former diet.

I use Vital Cleanse & Nutrify for this purpose to satisfy food cravings. The reason this works is because sea vegetables contain a spectrum of proteins and other nutrients from which the body derives every amino acid required to build its own protein requirements (which, by the way, include more than what animal protein provides).

Add the Detox Superfood Drink to your new dietary selection as a central part of daily nutrition. Consume more or less additional food as desired. 

Complete superfood fasting is not required to obtain good results, although you may find that once stores of superfood nutrition build up in the body, lesser quantities of bulky food will be desired naturally without effort.

An occasional period of just the Detox Superfood Drink, additional fruit and raw veggies, plus vegetable broth soups will provide an acceleration to your cleansing and rebuilding program.

If you are feeling fat deficient (your intuition will tell you), then include more flax and chia seeds, or consume a small amount of homemade coconut milk or avocado apart from your fruits (once they have digested, 1-2 hours later). 

This is not about starvation, this is about superfood nutrition and restoring balance to the body in a gentle, natural way.

After a period of weeks or months on this program your inner guidance may suggest a more intense type of fasting or movement toward a more fully vegan or raw diet. 

Do not get caught up in the religious fervor that all raw, or all anything, is the only way to go for everyone.

Follow a middle road of balance and be willing to explore new options, yet go back and test the waters of your previous diet regimens just to learn which program is right for you in this moment in time. For this will vary from day to day and year to year as your body clears out the old in rebuilds with the new. 

Many blessings of health & success.
Enjoy the many gifts from Nature! 

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