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21 Ways to Build Vital Energy

by Michael King June 16, 2017 7 min read

Prime Secrets to Youth, Longevity and Health  

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CC - 21 Ways to Build Vital Energy

Session Overview
The Session Overview below is provided as a courtesy to those who prefer to read than listen, yet on each call additional insights are given which round out the subject.
Vital Energy
Your "vital energy" is directly related to your overall constitutional strength. Your basic constitutional strength affects every aspect of your health, including immune response, mood, hormone balance, muscle strength, endurance, back & bone health, allergic response, heart & lung health, etc. 

Your vital energy (also referred to as "jing" in Chinese Traditional Medicine, TCM) is stored and delivered by 3 major systems of human physiology - the neural system of the heart, the endocrine (hormonal) system with an emphasis on the adrenals, and the renal system (kidneys). (This definition is my own take on this matter, not strictly TCM.)

Vital energy is more subtle, and more influential on overall health, than the chi. Vital energy is essential to life itself. To the degree that vital energy leaves the body, the body slowly dies. To the degree that vital energy increases in the body, the body thrives.

The Energetic & Neural System of the Heart

The neural system of the heart is the physical link to the soul. Its function is to distribute Life Energy from the universal to all areas of your human experience on earth. The physical body is only one of the many aspects of your nature that receives Life Energy from the neural system of the heart. The purpose of the physical body is to reflect in physical matter the nature of your chosen relationship with "Life" (in the grandest sense of the word).

Perceptions, attitudes and beliefs have the greatest influence on this "relationship" with Life. They are fundamentally responsible for determining the nature and distribution of Life energy through the neural system of the heart. Note that all three of these, while influenced by social conditions and education, are determined solely by each individual's freewill choice.

Your Definition of Self

The most central perception impacting an individual's life and health is their own definition of self in relationship to all else – who and what they perceive themselves to be, what is perceived to be possible, etc. A sense of well-being, a sense of freedom, or a sense of stress is all directly attributed to one's own choice of self-definition.

The obvious point here is to choose wisely what you believe to be true, for the rest of your life will conform to reflect this belief back to you.

The Endocrine System (Hormone Producers)

Hormone production from each of the primary endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, and reproductive glands) and other hormone manufacturers (fat cells, liver, pancreas, etc.) perform the many regulatory functions necessary to keep your body at optimum health.

A decrease or excess in hormone production will quickly erode a state of internal balance, felt mainly as a loss of well-being. The more severe the loss of hormone balance, the greater the loss of well-being. The most abundant hormone producing glands within the entire endocrine system are the adrenal glands, producing well over 50 regulatory hormones.

The Kidney-Adrenal Team

In the body, the adrenals sit on top of your kidneys (described medically as the "suprarenals"). They function as a dynamic team, and are extremely intertwined in their functions. The kidney areas, in addition to their normal blood purification functions, store the vital energy for the body. The adrenal glands, influenced by this vital energy, provide its physical counterbalance by producing a large array of hormones that support the vital functions of the body.

The kidneys and adrenals play significant roles in practically every area of human health from hormone levels, to immune response, to physical energy, to mental focus & memory, to life stress response, to toxic element response, to a host of physical conditions.

In my opinion, the kidneys and adrenals together are the second most significant area impacting human health.

The Spiritual-Physical Relationship

The first is clearly the condition of the energetic and neural network associated to your heart (reflecting the degree of unconditional love present in your perceptions of life and definition of self). While the condition of your energetic heart affects everything related to your soul path (and subsequently expressed through the neural system of the heart, then passed on to the kidney-adrenal team), the condition of your kidneys and adrenals impact every area of biological significance.

The flow of Life energy goes like this:

1. freewill choice -
2. the energetic heart -
3. the neural system of the heart -
4. the endocrine system at large -
5. including the kidney-adrenal team -
6. overall physical health.
Kidney Jing
Within the kidneys is found the vital force referred to as 'kidney jing". Jing is the foundation of your physical vitality. More subtle than the chi (associated with normal meridian flow), the jing provides the basis of your overall constitutional strength. As the jing becomes depleted, health compromises increase. As the jing builds up (primarily within the kidneys before being distributed to the rest of the body), health compromises decrease and overall health increases.

Some of the things that deplete kidney jing include:
  • life & job stresses,
  • environmental toxins,
  • dietary compromises: sugar, colas, coffee, processed foods, fried foods, GMO foods, breads, etc.,
  • an over acid condition in the body (largely caused by the above),
  • candida overgrowth (caused initially by the use of antibiotics),
  • medical treatments and diagnostic measures: radiation, X-rays, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs (made mostly of petrochemicals and heavy metals)
  • recreational drugs: tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, etc. (as evidenced by the high followed by the low, with subsequent addictive consequences).
    The most obvious indicator of jing depletion is adrenal fatigue. Signs of adrenal fatigue include:
    • swings between high & low energy  
    • high & low blood sugar
    • sugar cravings, munchies, cravings for salt
    • elation & depression 
    • asthma and lung conditions 
    • heart palpitations & other irregularities 
    • insomnia & difficulty getting up in the morning 
    • kidney weakness causing frequent or insufficient urination (and in extreme cases, almost none) 
    • allergies 
    • low level immune response 
    • followed by a host of symptoms that literally look like a medical encyclopedia
    Adrenal Fatigue
    Adrenal Fatigue (hypoadrenia) is the second most prevalent condition in America (candida overgrowth being the first). Low adrenal function is involved in almost every health condition.

    Why such a broad range of symptoms related to one basic condition? Hormones are the body's most predominant means of regulating bodily functions.

    The adrenals are the most prolific hormone producer of the entire endocrine system. The adrenals manufacture over 50 hormones. These hormones play a role in regulating a significant number of life-critical functions: heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, mood, mental clarity, memory, sleep, physical energy, lung health and oxygen exchange, estrogen and testosterone levels, allergic response, immune response, fat metabolism, and many others.
    If the adrenals are unable to perform these functions effectively, a significant link in human physiology becomes absent. It then becomes obvious just how easily health imbalances can show up.  
    Here are 21 Ways to Build Vital Energy 

    1) Earthing (get your body in contact with the earth).

    2) Sun gazing (best time is on cloudy days).

    3) Energy gathering exercises – Chi Gong, Tibetan 5 Rites, yoga, breath & sound work.

    4) Replace individual mineral supplements with whole earthen minerals (Ancient Mineral Blend, Mineral Manna, Sacred Clay).

    5) Keep alkaline, (Earth & Sea Greens, Vital Cleanse & Nutrify, Ancient Mineral Blend).

    6) Take Adaptogenic herbs regularly (Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend, Kidney Adrenal Builder, Revitalize for Women/Men).

    7) Improve the digestion, diet and food combining practices (Digestive Bitters  OK, So What Foods Can I Eat?).

    8) Spend more time in natural, ion-rich settings (forests, rivers, mountains, etc.).

    9) Pursue your life purpose, follow your passions, become a living example of what you believe in.

    10) Make new friends. Surround yourself with those that support and share your visions.

    11) Communicate your way through to changes in job & close relationships until you are happy.

    12) Work through conflict and repressed feelings in private meditation first by facing the issues with loving intent
    (The Gentle Art of Self Healing DVD).

    13) Reduce commitments to the most essential and most central to your life purpose (learn to tactfully say no).

    14) Improve your living and working environments:
    • Lighting (eliminate fluorescent and halogen lights, including the squirrelly "Eco Friendly" bulbs)
    • Air quality (get as close to forest air as possible, reduce or eliminate carpets in the house, do what is practical and possible to filter or improve the air you breathe)
    • Water quality, (use Sacred Clay to remove chemicals from bath & drinking water, get the best spring water possible)
    • EMF's (reduce wireless technology, cell phones, wireless computers, Smart Meters, Blu Tooth, etc.) 
    • Natural fabric & clothing (cotton, wool, linen, etc. for bedding and clothing)   
    • Fragrances, cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, laundry/dryer, etc. (use only "Unscented" products in all areas. Most "natural" scents are just chemical scent imitations and serve as hormone disruptors). A growing number of people are becoming sensitive to even the essential oil fragrances.
    15) Get recharged. Schedule quiet time alone every day, every week.

    16) Give yourself brief periods of horizontal time with eyes closed during the day (especially helpful when lying on the ground in the sun, as in earthing).

    17) Exercise (preferably in nature rather than a gym).

    18) Allow yourself to be inspired from deep within. Be an inspiration to others.

    19) Grow a garden. Let Nature heal you.

    20) Bless every area of your life every day
    (The Blessing Transformation).

    21) Cultivate a grateful heart.

    Many blessings of health and success,
    Enjoy the simple gifts from Nature!
    Michael King

    Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build - Three Essentials for Vibrant Health" and the Vital Health News Updates - a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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