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20 Simple, Effective Virus Remedies and Common Sense Protective Measures

February 13, 2020 25 min read

Develop Ironclad Immune Response Powers!

How to Strengthen Your Body’s Innate Immune Response Powers to Provide the Greatest Possible Chance of Surviving a Pathogenic Storm

There is not a single pill or vaccine that will insure 100% protection from a pathogenic invasion, yet there are several methods and practices that, when combined, will build ironclad immune response powers internally.

Some you already know of, some you will be surprised at just how simple they are, and some you may find shocking (because it goes against the grain of all you may have been taught recently).

If you rely on medical advice and drugs, there is very little chance of surviving a true pathogenic invasion (as demonstrated repeatedly by the utter failure of chemical medicine to improve overall health, resulting in the obvious steady decline in human health worldwide).

Why is this? Simply because a single chemical, or any group of them, will not work harmoniously with your body’s organic makeup.

The Innate Immune Powers of the Human Body

The human body is a natural organism. The remedies it requires to correct an imbalance or protect from an invasion of pathogens, must naturally come from its own organic systems designed to do just that – heal, balance, and strengthen.

What follows are several ways to work compatibly with your body’s natural immune response network of organs, glands, and innate processes to insure the greatest readiness possible to protect you during times of extreme stress, such as that which the world has recently woken up to.

The following effective practices are based on sound science and the natural workings of human physiology.

Proof that your own innate body systems are capable of performing great feats of protection and survivability can be seen everywhere by how much stress we have placed on our bodies in the opposite direction of health, yet amazingly still survive, until a certain tipping point is reached, each one having a different tipping point.

We see extreme abuses in areas of diet, chemical drugs (both pharmaceutical and recreational), extreme pollution, warfare psychological stress, and physical abuses of all kinds. Yet many continue to survive, (not necessarily thrive), but amazingly, are still present with us.

Imagine what powers you would possess physically to survive, even thrive, against the pathogenic invasions we are experiencing today, if you nurtured your biological self to heights of protective strength beyond the norm?

What if you raised your immune system powers to its true peak performance?

We have already demonstrated it is possible to survive under extreme levels of toxic stress, what if we perfected our inner immune system to such heights (through improved constitutional strength) that it becomes able to withstand extreme biological attack as well?

If you believe such is not possible, view these sites for short videos or descriptions of how others have done so themselves by simple applying their innate powers of healing while following practical advice on health and fitness.

Re: ChiLel Qigong Healings

Re: Wim Hof: How to Boost Your Immune System


Build an Ironclad Protection Within

Your best defense is innate protection. Build within yourself an ironclad protection by strengthening your immune system to peak performance.

As demonstrated through the events in China, the mask will not save you from viruses. Viruses are too small, and can enter through the eyes.

Viruses are about 1/100th the size of bacteria. They generally range in size from 20-300 nanometers. This means they can be as small as 0.02 microns to 0.3 microns. A good mask typically goes down to 0.1 micron.

But what about the air gaps on the sides of the mask?

Viruses can enter through the eyes as well. This is why you are seeing complete headgear on doctors in Wuhan, China.

Viruses have always had an airborne infection ability from breath alone. You are picking them up daily. Your natural immune system is destroying them daily.

Only when you get under sufficient stress (from several factors mentioned below) do you begin to show symptoms, then falter.

Below you will learn several practices, that when combined together, will build an ironclad immune system.

Some will take time and repetition to gradually build the power that we speak of. Some will require a radical or subtle change of diet, depending on your current practice.

Yet, the choice is yours, and your life may well depend on getting ahead of this with what time you now have in front of you.

The viruses in China and the bacterial infection ravaging parts of Africa today are not the only engineered crises that the world may face. What about a significant geological event that devastates a major metropolitan city, or entire coastline near you?

Is there reason to begin now to make a few changes that will improve your chances of keeping the upper hand when faced with a crisis yourself in the potential near future?

With a little understanding of human physiology and what you can do to optimize your innate powers, a few lifestyle changes and new skills can optimize your ability to withstand these stresses.


20 Simple, Effective Virus Remedies and
Common Sense Protective Measures

We will start with a powerful, proven practice you can begin today, that costs nothing but your time and effort.

1. Increase Oxygen to the Cells

The first thing to know about viruses and other pathogens (bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions, mycoplasmas, mycobacterium, etc.) is that they will generally not survive well in a highly oxygenated environment.

There is one innate ability we all have in common that gives us to power to counter pathogenic invasions – our breath

Deep breathing is the most natural, and least expensive, way to accomplish a thorough oxygenation of the body all the way down to the cellular level.

It involves a simple deep breathing exercise taught by “The Ice Man”.

Re: The Wim Hof Method

While this method will not entirely overcome a bad diet, it will certainly start you off on a path to improvements in all areas of your life.

Breathing in outdoor naturally-ionized air whenever possible is an important part of this exercise, especially when practiced near the ocean, near a forest, or around pines and cedars that produce more negative ions than most other trees.

Indoor air is typically more toxic than outdoor air. If weather does not permit lying down or sitting outside, then crack a window and bury yourself in blankets, if need be, to be comfortable during the breathing practice. Or simply fill the room with fresh outdoor air before closing it up again for the exercise.

Another option is ionizing the room with a negative ion generator first, then turn it off and let it settle before spending time in the room (an excess of ozone can be harmful by triggering free radicals), so study up on this first. I do not have a best recommendation in this area.


2. Gradual Exposure to Cold

As described by Wim Hof above, and proven by medical investigation, exposure to cold invigorates the human immune system. Yet, be wise about how you begin this process. Begin with brief and gradually increasing exposure to cold so as to prompt the body to develop brown fat (the type of fat that burns white fat for heat energy).

The best way to start is to take a warm shower, then turn the water to a tolerable level of cold for 10-30 seconds. Increase the time and coldness of the water as tolerance allows, slightly pushing the envelope each time when you feel ready.

The purpose for sharing the above is to show just how simplistic it can be to invigorate your immune system naturally, effectively, and without cost.

To enhance this success and take immune bolstering to greater heights, some additional measures will need to be considered and added to your program.

A little understanding of human physiology will reveal how Nature has not left us without resources to battle even extreme exposures similar to what the world is facing now.

It does mean, however, we each have a responsibility to measure up to what is required of us in order to achieve the heights of innate protection that has been demonstrated by numerous others before us.

Here are a few more suggestions.

3. Increase Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight is antimicrobial. It kills pathogens.

Need I say more?

Get as much sunlight as you can.

4. Keep the Body Hydrated

Crucial to all cellular function is the steady use of water to hydrate and cleanse the cells of toxic waste. The importance of water is well known, although where to get the most pure, most hydrating, most therapeutic water source available is the real question.

There are many options in this area, some more costly that others. I will just mention a few and let you do your own research on these.

Quantum Age Stir WandsWay Back WaterHydrogen Water (several machines exist)John Ellis Water, and Brown's Gas Water.

I consider the Brown’s Gas water machine to be the top of the line and the Way Back Water to be one of the most potent cleansing waters. The Quantum Age Stir Wands are the simplest to use with proven results as well, and milder on the detox effect.

Follow the instructions carefully on all of these, especially the Way Back Water, building up slowly. 


5. Increase Capillary Circulation of Blood

Capillaries are the very thin branching blood vessels that make the transition between arteries and veins. Arteries carry oxygen from the heart to the cells throughout the body. Veins carry oxygen-depleted blood from near the cells back to the heart.

Increasing blood circulation through the capillaries is crucial to tackling any pathogens. The delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies to the organs and cells, as well as toxic waste removal is dependent upon the fluid movement of blood through the capillaries.

If you can get more oxygen to diseased areas of the body, especially close to any pathogen, the more successful you will be at reducing their numbers or improving a condition.

Certain foods, like high fat foods, inhibit blood flow in general due to the thickening and acidification of the blood from the fat, thereby reducing capillary circulation.

Some of the side effects of poor capillary circulation include cold hands and feet, toe fungus, diminished brain function, memory loss, cells of the body dying prematurely, nerve dysfunction, increased pathogen development, and tumorous growths (that depend on an oxygen-deprived, anaerobic condition to form and propagate).

Certain spices and herbs increase circulation naturally and immediately. I take these several times a day, especially before deep breathing, qigong practice, saunas, and clay baths.

The purpose of this is to increase capillary circulation to improve the delivery of toxins to the skin’s surface where the breath, sweat glands, and clay can deliver them out of the body.

Here is a list of some helpful herbs and formulas to boost your circulatory powers:

  • Hawthorn Berry, Motherwort, Prickly Ash Bark, and others included within Heart, Circulation & Nerves herbal formula

  • Cayenne Pepper and other hot peppers (hotter the better)

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon (mild, but effective)

  • Bitter herbs (that assist in the digestion of fats), thus the Digestive Bitters formula to help clear cholesterol from the blood

I can hardly overemphasize the importance of circulatory stimulants and the reduction of fat presence in the blood. Great immune strength is derived from this simple practice alone (as you will discover from what is revealed below).

6. Keep the Body in a (Slightly) Alkalized State

In addition to the deep breathing described above (which effectively alkalizes the body), other measures will generally need to be applied depending on the daily diet of each individual.

If you are on a high protein, high fat diet (whether vegetarian or omnivore), drink coffee, eat lots of citrus, or eat nuts, you will have a great difficulty keeping your blood pH level at the ideal 7.4 pH without assistance from sea vegetable superfoods (that I strongly recommend) or non-food sources like baking soda (one that I do not recommend for long term usage).

Re: 9 Best & Worst Ways to Alkalize the Body

As you will learn further on, food and drink (even if organic) that feed pathogens and stress the blood pH toward the acidic side of the spectrum, produce an unexpected side effect that inhibits restoring an alkaline state.

This may explain why it is difficult to maintain an alkaline state on an alkaline diet of just foods.

A steady production of acidic by-products are excreted in the form of lactic acid and toxic waste by the pathogens themselves that feed on aspects of this food and drink (commonly the sugars and fats when combined, and the farm chemicals that find their way to even some organic foods).

For this reason, typical garden vegetables will not always make you alkaline very fast (some say 1-2 years), and if you are on a high fat vegetarian diet, probably not at all, except periodically.

Carnivores have no hope of maintaining a 7.4 blood pH without lots of daily assistance.

The fastest and best ways I know of to maintain an alkaline state is through the above breathing exercises (especially when combined in a toned down version with qigong), and the dark green alkalizing sea vegetables (seaweeds and algae).

Sea vegetables are amazing at how quickly they can raise the pH of the blood to the perfect 7.4 without pushing it too high (which can result in another set of problems).

Best Sea Vegetable Superfoods:

7. Boost Your Innate Immune Response Powers

Boosting your innate immune response powers is central to overcoming any pathogenic invasion. The human immune system knows how to recognize pathogens of all forms and attack them with the precise weapon needed to destroy them.

Nature has equipped the human body with a powerful “identify, self-build an ideal weapon, and destroy it” capability, sufficient to tackle any invading pathogen.

This innate immune system power is dependent on four factors:

  • a clean diet

  • a positive life approach. A high state of unconditional love with a recognition of the unity of all life makes one immune to all disease by enhancing thymus production (which produces your T cells that generate your powers of natural immunity)

  • a high level of constitutional strength (which can be built up with qigong and adaptogenic herbs, discussed below)

  • a relatively low toxicity load (which is also discussed further below)

Herbal formulas that directly support boosting a strong immune system include:

Re: Secrets to Building a Powerful Immune System


A Word of Caution About Herbs that Contain Berberines.

Golden Seal, Barberry Root, Oregon Grape Root, and Bloodroot are the most famous berberine containing herbs. They act like broad spectrum antimicrobials, and might be helpful for periods of 2-3 days, beyond which, harm begins to take place in the digestive tract due to the loss of friendly bacteria needed for proper immune and digestive functions.

Use them with discretion, as long term use will diminish your natural immune response powers and disrupt normal digestive processes, making food of all kinds difficult to tolerate.

It is OK to begin an immune boosting program with them, but it is important to switch to non-berberine formulas like Immune Power, Herbal CBlack Seed Combo, and Friendly Flora to provide the main, long term immune boosting support.

8. Detoxify the Body (Gradually)

Toxins are the prime culprit behind many ailments and early death. Our society is involved in so many chemically designed products that they are now infused in all of our waters, soils, foods, and homes.

A week or month of cleansing will not rid the body completely due to the pervasive nature of toxic chemicals and heavy metals that have been accumulating in our bodies for decades and passed from one generation to the next.

Detoxification today has to be taken gradually due to the extreme levels of toxic waste that has accumulated over the years, that if released too fast, can result in a severe detox crisis.

Mercury in our tooth fillings and vaccinations are among the most prevalent cause of a wide range of neurological disorders. Yet, purging the mercury vapors from the system, especially after “safe” dental removal, can result in such an extreme release that the nervous system can again be severely affected.

I see this frequently in those who have had their fillings removed then developed serious chronic fatigue, immune compromises, digestive disorders, and nervous disorders within 6 months to 2 years.

Mercury shreds the ends of the nerves, as can be seen in this video from University of Calgary, explaining why mercury toxicity is behind so many physical health complaints, from mood and neurological disorders to digestive and immune deficiencies, among many others.

The safest and most effective way to withdraw heavy metal and chemical toxins from the body is through clay intervention therapy, meaning clay baths, clay body slurries, clay packs, in internal use of clay and humate combinations.

Re: Detox Baths, Facials and Clay Packs with Black Beauty and Sacred Clay

The most potent clay and humate sources that I am aware of for the purpose of bonding with chemicals and heavy metals include:

9. Take Adaptogen & Tonic Herbs to Build Constitutional Strength

Constitutional strength is foundational to immune system effectiveness.

What is constitutional strength? The inner capacity to withstand stress from a variety of avenues. It is typically felt in the gut, its central point of reference is just below the navel, referred to in qigong as the lower dantien.

The lower dantien is the place in human energetics in which life energy, or jing essence, can be stored and built. When completely depleted, the body typically expires.

You can do all the right things, have the best diet, detox on a regular basis, and hydrate effectively, but if your history includes things that deplete your constitutional strength, your immune system will struggle even more during pathogenic invasions.

Your constitutional strength is intimately involved with your ability to counter pathogens and withstand the effects of toxins, life stress, or a poor diet.

What depletes constitutional strength?

  • Pharmaceutical treatments and diagnostic measures

  • recreational herbs or chemicals

  • concentrated sweeteners

  • coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages

  • alcohol

  • chemicals (like RoundUp) on your food

  • extensive chemical, heavy metal, or mold exposures

  • a high stress job or family life

  • wireless electronics

  • and similar factors.

What are the best ways to build constitutional strength?

There are three ways I have found that build constitutional strength most effectively.

A. Mild to Increasingly Vigorous Exercise (especially those with an emphasis on building energetic/meridian flow):

  • walking

  • running

  • strength training

  • yoga

  • martial arts

  • qigong (discussed below)

B. Adaptogenic & Tonic Herbs

Adaptogens and tonics are special classifications of herbs that naturally build constitutional strength. They became famous due to their ability to balance and enhance hormonal production.

The human endocrine system (hormone producing glands) is truthfully the central process through which your body monitors and regulates virtually every major physiological action that takes place within the body.

Powerful and balanced hormone production is central to physical health and your innate ability to withstand pathogenic invasions of all kinds.

The best adaptogen and tonic herbal formulas I am aware of today include:

C. Deep Breathing in Conjunction with Qigong & Inner Healing (mental/emotional/spiritual transformation)

Breathwork, inner healing, and qigong are three powerful methods for building your biofield constitutional strength. When combined together their benefits are compounded and magnified.

Inner healing is done by simply focusing on the issue at hand, holding both palms a few inches away from the body over the area where the greatest tension of distress/disease is being felt, and practicing deep breathing.

There are other things that can be done to enhance this process, but the simplicity of what was described above is all it takes to begin feeling improvements in about 1-5 minutes.

Re: How to Transform Fear, Regain Your Power, and Speak Truth in the Moment with Love

10. Eliminate Food & Drink that Suppress the Splenic Immune Functions

The three most important considerations in this category are concentrated sugars, alcohol, and caffeine.

The spleen is one of the organs that produce your fighting power (antibodies) to tackle pathogens discovered in the bloodstream.

The spleen is also the central lymphatic organ, so when toxins from the bowels and blood are dumped into the lymph system for disposal through the sweat glands, urine, lungs, etc., the spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and lymph glands move in concert to produce the antibody’s necessary to eliminate the pathogenic threat to health now resident within the lymph system.

Concentrated sugar and alcohol depress the spleen’s ability to produce an abundance of antibodies needed to tackle the proliferation of pathogens within the lymph channels.

(It need not be said, for those who have performed the slightest amount of research, that artificial sweeteners are entirely harmful and need to be eliminated entirely.)

The spleen is a delicate organ. Extremes of all kinds detrimentally affect the spleen. The spleen requires a small amount of sweetness to be effective. Concentrated granulated and liquid sweeteners depress spleen function due to their excess.

An excess of fruit (an amount which will vary based on the quantity of fat still stored inside the cells of the body), like more than 1 or 2 dates for some, several oranges, pears, grapes, etc. will cause a similar harm to the spleen (although not as serious as a granulated or concentrated liquid sugars). 

This detrimental effect is more pronounced when one is on a moderate to high fat diet, including the vegetarian and raw food approaches. 

Fruit grown today does not have the mineral profile it had 1-200 years ago. Bred for high sugar, yet low in the minerals that help us metabolize that sugar, results in fruit intolerance with volume, along with subsequent harm to the spleen.

Re: The Little Known Impact of the Spleen on Daily Life

The third one on this list, caffeine, is also a pervasive habit within our culture and deserves special mention.

Having grown up with a deficient spleen from birth, a major sugar and caffeine addict, with a mild stint with alcohol, I have a keen insight into the depth of harm that can be caused by sweets, stimulants, and alcohol (and made worse by a moderate to high fat diet).

So these recommendations come from both an abundance of personal experience and the known science. To develop a powerful immune system you will need a well functioning spleen.

Continue reading to learn why.

11. Reduce Caffeinated Beverages & Caffeinated Supplements

Caffeine raises cortisol levels in the body artificially for a period of hours. For coffee this is about 12 hours. Unless you plan to work out for the next 12 hours, which would use up this cortisol, the abundance of cortisol circulating in the blood unused will trigger a viral feeding fest.

Why is this true? Because cortisol, and other steroidal hormones, are constructed of cholesterol (fat). Any excess of fat in the body will result in the feeding of pathogens, specifically viruses and mycoplasmas, both of which are lipidors (fat consumers).

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages, followed by a sedentary lifestyle or office work, will work against you (just like sugar & alcohol) by suppressing the antibody production powers of the spleen. Coffee is also known to reduce blood flow to the brain by 50%, resulting in long term detrimental effects on the brain and nervous system.

Re: Is Coffee Really a Health Food???


12. A Note About Chemical Antimicrobials and Drug Resistance

Mycoplasma (a microbe) is related to respiratory conditions (like walking pneumonia) and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Mycoplasma is a form of bacteria that do not have a cell wall, so antibiotics (that work only on bacteria with a cell wall) are not effective against them.

Viruses also lack a cell wall, so only antivirals work for this category of pathogens.

Chemical antimicrobials (antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and antiparasitic drugs) are all capable of creating mutations in the body that result in drug resistance.

The herbs that Nature has developed to assist the body to tackle pathogens of all kinds do not create pathogen resistance.

This is why it is important to look to Nature’s solutions before reaching for a chemical-based alternative with known side-effects.

It is not as though the medical versions have no place in treatments, they are necessary when the person does not understand what to look for in the world of natural remedies, or their diet is so far off the mark from the Natural Order of Life for the human that only an emergency measure will work.

Yet, then there are the side effects that will have to be dealt with later on and repaired to regain normal health.

Some of these side effects can be very costly.

One client with an eye infection for several weeks, fearing natural treatments would not work, took a strong antibiotic. The antibiotic did nothing for his eye, but caused the calcium in his teeth to drain out leaving them a translucent blue.

Finally, returning to Nature for his solution, involving clay and immune boosting herbs, his eye infection disappeared within a few days, and over the span of about 6-7 months, the whiteness in his teeth grew back out beginning at the top of each tooth and gradually descending to the tip until they were all filled back in with white dentin/enamel again.

13. Improve the Health of Your Lymphatic System and Thereby Boost Antibody Production

Improving lymph flow is critical to maintaining high levels of health, as the lymphatic system is your sewage system (in addition to assisting in the delivery of nutrients to your cells).

The lymphatic system is where many of the pathogens are sent (or populate due to the toxic sludge there, being that toxins are a favorite food source of pathogens).

This is something like funneling pathogens through the chute so as to target them more efficiently by antibodies produced by the lymph glands.

In addition to Immune Power, one formula to help regain the innate powers of your spleen is:

14. Exercise to Improve Lymph Drainage

Exercise is essential to lymph flow. Two minutes once or twice a day on a mini trampoline is sufficient to trigger lymph drainage, although you can be your own trampoline by simply standing and bouncing your heels up and down vigorously.

Taking a walk (ideally in nature as often as possible) also helps to drain the lymph system. Lymphatic massage can help as well.

Forest Bathing (walking in nature) and Earthing are now a science, proven to reduce inflammation, thereby assist in building immune powers.

Hyssop Mint Tea is a deep organ cleansing tea that also supports the spleen, thus lymphatic drainage. Best to be combined with clay baths or body slurries with clay to keep the lymph near the skin clear as more toxins are being drawn out by the tea. More on this below.

15. Reduce Fat Intake to Only What is Needed for Metabolic Functions

Viruses have two primary favorite foods, toxins and lipids (cholesterol, oils, and fats). Contrary to the popular high fat diet approach, consuming excessive amounts of fat will not improve your immune response powers.

In fact, a high fat diet results in a viral feeding fest, congests the blood and lymph channels, and overloads the immune system with more than it can handle, making one more susceptible to viral attacks from the outside.

Typical fat intake that produces the greatest amount of health without over-stressing the immune system is about 8-10% of caloric intake, although the Kitavan culture (that shows almost no chronic health conditions) is a bit higher than this, with most of their fat intake derived from coconuts.

Re: Insights into Keto and Weight Loss – Why it Works, and How It Can Become a Time Bomb!

16. Reduce Nuts, as well as Nut and Seed Butters

Nuts and seeds are high in arginine. Arginine is a viral proliferator. Arginine is used in laboratory experiments to insure viruses multiply more rapidly in petri dishes.

Arginine does produce benefits in the body by supporting the removal of excessive ammonia from the breakdown of animal flesh, however, excessive amounts of arginine will result in the promotion of viral replication.

Again, everything in moderation.

Nuts, seeds, and their butters are more problematic. Once a nut is removed from its shell, the nut oils begin to turn rancid. Within a few days this turns the nut fat into a toxin that attracts viruses.

Converting a nut into a nut butter aerates the butter, triggering the beginning development of rancidity.

Freshly ground seeds tend to be easier on the system over the store bought versions (like tahini) that may have been on the shelf for days or weeks.

Seeds, freshly ground, are easier to digest than nuts, although both will be constipating in volume (except for chia and flax), and both can feed the viruses when consumed in excess.

I have seen numerous cases of shingles, herpes, chronic fatigue, inflammation, and EBV conditions developed from eating nuts, nut butters, sunflower seeds, and tahini, especially when combined with fruits, honey, or sugar.

I have not seen that happen with flax seeds or chia seeds, by the way.

Re: 15 Ways to Balance Sugar Levels & Increase Libido Naturally (which discusses in greater detail the other side effects from consuming nuts and a high fat diet)

17. Reduce Liquid Oils to a Minimum, Eliminate All Deep Fried Foods

Once removed from the plant source of the oil, rancidity begins to develop due to oxygenation. Because a liquid oil is a concentrate, missing the fiber that Nature built around the oil in its original plant form (olive, avocado, seed, nut, etc.), the oil concentrate taxes the digestive processes of the body, leading to respiratory congestion, an oily congestion of the blood, sluggish circulation, and viral proliferation.

This is particularly true of dairy concentrates: cream, cheese, butter, and ghee (being an even more concentrated form of butter, which is a concentrate of cream).

Concentrates, in most all cases, serve to stress the body’s digestive and sugar regulating powers (thus the immune system which is affected by both).

To correct this, two formulas can be taken to speed recovery form fat and sugar concentrates (frequently taken together in the form of desserts):

18. Reduce or Eliminate Animal Flesh, Dairy, and Eggs from the Diet

I fully understand the challenges this presents to many reading this advice. Up until about 12 years ago, I too was a regular carnivore. At some point I simply lost interest in animal flesh, except for fish and eggs. It simply stopped feeling as good to me as my vegetarian alternatives. Then over a few more years the fish and egg interest waned also.

Even though we have our own chickens (for their manure and bug eating gifts to us and our garden), I have discovered through trial and error that eggs can readily increase inflammation to a surprising level with regular usage (like three days in a row).

All animal products contain components which will aggravate a viral condition, or make you more susceptible to contagion.

Just be advised that this is simply a fact of life, not just some ecological or religious preference.

So, when faced with wanting the greatest advantage possible to fight off a pathogenic invasion, reducing animal flesh, dairy, and eggs from the diet can take you several strides forward in that direction for a number of reasons mentioned above, and which I will outline here with a little more detail.

Animal flesh, dairy, and eggs present the following complications:

  • Typically acid-promoting, thus counterproductive when seeking the alkaline state that is important to be protective against pathogens.

  • Harder to digest, thus constipating. Slow moving animal flesh, traveling at 98.6ºF through the 20+ feet of the human digestive tract (over the course of 1-3 days, for some), form a superior breeding ground for parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, all there to break down this fleshy, sinewy material.

  • Higher in fat, thus easy to cross the line between meeting body lipid requirements and adding more fat than the body needs, thus promoting viral and mycoplasma proliferation.

  • Dairy is especially counterproductive when facing respiratory conditions due to its congesting nature.

  • A high protein diet leads to levels of protein that are more than what the body actually requires, thus lending to diseases of protein excess.

“The adverse effects associated with long-term high protein/high meat intake in humans were (a) disorders of bone and calcium homeostasis, (b) disorders of renal function, (c) increased cancer risk, (d) disorders of liver function, and (e) precipitated progression of coronary artery disease.”

  • For every 50 grams of protein, the risk of diabetes increases by about 8%. (One chicken breast is about 172 grams, thus raising your risk by almost 24%). 

  • A high protein diet would include one that recommends more than about 54 grams of protein per day for one that is close to 150 lbs (68 kilos). 

  • 54 grams of protein per day equates to about 8-10% of caloric intake. More than that and the health problems begin to stack up as a potential.

  • The moment an animal dies, the carcass begins converting itself into soil. Several things start happening at once:

    • Viruses proliferate to perform the function of decomposing the flesh and fat 

    • fats begin going rancid

    • parasites morph from within the flesh to consume it

    • bacteria and fungi do their job of breaking down the remaining fleshy material

Your immune system is designed to manage a certain quantity of pathogen development from the foods that you eat. When the quantity of food exceeds the capacity of your immune response powers, illness and physical debility begin forming. 

A portion of the excess pathogen development is passed from the intestines to the blood (adding more strain on the liver to purify the blood).

Some of these pathogens are passed on to the lymph channels (adding more strain on the spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and lymph glands that produce the antibodies designed to fight back against the invaders).

This strain can become overwhelming in the face of an additional external viral invasion.

Herbal assistance can boost immune response powers to help, although a greater quantity may be needed to overcome the internal pathogen load that grows daily from dietary excesses in addition to what will be required to tackle the external invasion effectively. 

Herbal formulas that assist in boosting immune response powers of the body include:

19. Electronic Influences

One of the most insidious and destructive influences present in our society today is electronic wireless technology (cell phones, cordless telephones, computer monitor screens, WIFI, baby monitors, 5G, etc.).

The influence of wireless technology acts like a catalyst for the promotion of bacterial and viral conditions (like Lyme symptoms and Epstein-Barr virus), the disruption of oxygen uptake by blood hemoglobin, and the suppression of the body's normal detoxification processes in the removal of heavy metals.

It has now been proven that wireless radiation prevents detoxification of heavy metals in the brain, and enhances the detrimental effects of glyphosate while promoting pathogen development.

Society is dependent on the use of computers and cell phones now, yet these very technologies are instrumental in diminishing our spiritual development, which would otherwise advance the human abilities beyond the capacity of even the fastest super computer in the world today, if fully developed.

Wireless technology and the transhumanistic movement (blending machine with human biology), is designed to thwart our individual spiritual development that would take us far beyond all of the electronic tinker toys so prevalent in our world today.

While we ubiquitously use computer technology out of necessity to communicate and entertain ourselves, make the effort to spend as much time as possible in Nature, without your cell phone, and do your best to implement the following:

  • Keep the cell phone at least 6 feet from your body to minimize its influence whenever possible. Turn it off at night and keep it outside of the bedroom. Don't let your children sleep with their cell phone!! Shield your cell phone in a faraday pouch to reduce emitting signals, then close it inside the pouch at night to prevent sleep disrupting signals from affecting your sleep. 

  • Eliminate WIFI from your home, or make it so that you can turn your WIFI off and on easily when needed for brief periods.

  • Cord your computers with internet cables.

  • Reduce computer time before bed. 

  • Get a landline phone and use it for those long phone calls.

  • Eliminate your cordless telephones (they are constantly sending signals out searching for the phone, just like a cell tower).

  • Eliminate baby monitors, like cordless telephones, they pose a serious danger to your child and to yourself.

  • Eliminate your Smart Meter, or, if not possible, then shield it in a faraday cage device. There are many offered in the internet. 

  • Say NO to 5G (now in many hospitals) until the regulations require the use of only frequencies proven safe (not possible at the ranges near 60Ghz that are responsible for the hypoxia symptoms mistakenly associated to the current virus). (See: To Link COVID-19 To 5G Is Not ‘Complete Rubbish’ Published on April 18, 2020 

    20. Practice Qigong Once or Twice Per Day

    Strengthening your energetic biofield (the basis of your constitutional strength) is the most effective measure you can take to offset the constant bombardment of electronic radiation, chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens, and other influences humanity is being subjected to today.

    Your life is on the line. These bombardments are no accident. Take heed.

    In addition to the above mentioned methods of oxygenating the body, improving the diet, detoxing the body, reducing life stresses with inner healing, exercising, and taking adaptogenic and tonic herbs, there is one practice that deserves repeating here that will cost you nothing but your time and focus, and will build strength in your constitutional biofield faster than any other measure.

    This is qigong.

    There are simple standing practices that begin to bolster constitutional strength within 2-5 minutes, that when practiced daily for as long as is practical in your schedule will steadily strengthen your biofield, turning it into a protective force field around you, thereby increasing your chances of warding off any pathogenic invasion.

    It will take time to build your biofield to such a level, it does not happen with a single day’s practice, though some benefits are immediate. Yet, to gain complete protection, daily practice over time is required.

    There are two materials that I recommend looking into to take the practice to greater levels:

    Robert Peng’s “The Master Key” and “Qigong Ecstasy” videos and his book “The Master Key”.

    Heart Balance Qigong that I personally teach to provide simple standing qigong postures that clear and build meridian energy naturally and powerfully.

    They are designed to be used in conjunction with deep breathing and inner focus on fear, sadness, pain, disease, or any other troubling issue in your life for rapid resolution.

    Qigong practice was used effectively in China to improve the health of 95% of patients entering the Medicineless Hospital (until they applied to build a larger facility in 2001, and the government closed down the existing one instead, given that it was too effective, similar to what happens in other ways here in America).

    Re: The World’s Largest Medicineless Hospital



    Combine a daily practice of qigong, deep breathing, and inner healing, as you build constitutional strength with the health and supplement recommendations mentioned above, and you will be giving yourself the greatest opportunity possible of protecting yourself during the highly transformative period of human history we have all just entered.

    Re: Life Chats With Oversoul on 2020, the 'Year of Transformation' and Beyond eBook
    No one will be left untouched. No one will go away unaffected. This is to be a permanent reordering of life on earth as you know it today.” 
    (Oversoul communication October 19, 2019)

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