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Life Chats: True Freedom Defined

July 04, 2024 12 min read

"These are just a few of the experiences that will attend the autonomous soul.

There is more, much more—for the life that serves the common good in this way, enters a life of ​​​​​ever expanding potential."

This dialogue is a repeat of a Life Chat from 2020 that speaks to the changes taking place at all levels of our global society today.   

The 75+ prophesies listed in the "Summer of Change" post speaks to the wave of changes likely to happen over the next several months, beginning this week and going forward—unless the people wake up in sufficient numbers, set aside their differences, and band together to solve the problems as they arise.

Because this is the 4th of July, I felt it appropriate to repeat this message about "freedom", to remind us what it means in the true sense, and what we can expect in the future to take shape as we develop into a global society of autonomous souls. 

The current dissolution of the social order that has been in place for thousands of years is at the heart of this message.  As governments, infrastructure, and social norms disintegrate into the dustbin of history, what are we going to replace it all with? 

The "Great Change" is now inevitable.  Yet what rises from the ashes is to be determined by the freewill choice of every soul remaining on Earth. 

Do you want to be truly free?  Here's what true freedom looks like and what we will have to change in order to make it a new global way of life...  

Life Chats with Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on current events surrounding the destruction of historical icons, the supportive roles of light and dark path souls, and what it really means to be free as an autonomous soul. 


June 27, 2020

The Disintegration of Our Former Way of Life

Michael: Much has transpired globally since our last communication. With Spring and the planting of the garden, soil modifications, keeping pace with steady business growth, client sessions, family events, and following the emerging events worldwide, has left few windows of time to contemplate the deeper ramifications that I hope to glean from our conversations over this next few days.

During our last communication on May 20th, you made the following comments about the disintegration of our former way of life:

“If the light path souls do not let the current system disintegrate, nothing will truly be replaced, just modified.”

At the time, demonstrations were already taking place worldwide in a mostly peaceful manner. Medical, police, and military professionals were speaking out in larger numbers about their observations and convictions.

Then on May 25th the George Floyd events took place followed by an escalation of protests and the escalation of violence.

There is a clear orchestration of the violence by professional organizations. The violence and destruction of businesses is clearly not initiated by the peaceful demonstrators calling for a sane revamping of the way we approach the inevitable transformation of our society, but by various organizations dedicated to causing division and promoting violence, supplemented, of course, by the usual paid protestors and crisis actors

Their stated focus at the moment is on the destruction of long standing icons of not just racism or simply history, but also of American freedoms, like the statue of George Washington, Ulysses S. GrantAbraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial, etc.

I found these actions a bit shocking, yet I couldn’t help but connect them to your previous comment, “If the light path souls do not let the current system disintegrate, nothing will truly be replaced, just modified”, and then what you said after that:

“Destruction is accomplished effectively by dark path souls. This is their fundamental role, thus the reason why they are so few in number. Their focus insures self-destruction along with all else they destroy.

Yet in Nature, the disintegration of former life is part of all cycles that ultimately birth new life, whether in the soil (as compost), in the heavens (as supernovae), or in the body (as in digestion).

So, if you find it difficult to promote the disintegration of familiar systems, the dark cycle souls have this function as a natural course of their evolution. They serve the greater good in this manner.

Yes, many of them will disintegrate in the process, but this is merely a known part of their cycle, from which new life will be birthed as the light cycle again emerges.

So, a cycle through the darkness is not to be feared, for it will bring to light what is necessary for future life to be shaped into existence. 

It will also cast the shadows aside through disintegration, like leaves falling to the earth to become fresh soil, clearing the way for new life and new ideas to be born in the light.

The cleansing purifies the soul and consolidates the will to move forward in life.”

I know, from repeated past experience and the wisdom from a few sages, that the dark path souls, unknowingly, operate in concert with the greater Divine Order by challenging the light path souls to look deeper inside, clarify their own darkness, and remember the oneness of all life everywhere.

Yet, I did not grasp the depth to which you spoke of in reference to promoting the “the disintegration of familiar systems”.

Does that really mean the destruction of values we hold dear as represented to us by such historical icons as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Paul Revere, and other icons like the Statue of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia?

Personal Autonomy & True Freedom

Oversoul: There are several reasons why the icons which you reference will do little to enhance your path to true freedom from slavery to the current system – the most obvious being that they were all birthed during an era ingrained with that very type of slavery, and their ideals became incorporated into “the system” in a fashion to present to you the kind of “freedom” that the controllers wanted you to believe in.

What the controllers of that era did not share with you were the tenants and principals ingrained within “true freedom” associated with genuinely sovereign individuals.

You want to believe that your Founding Fathers were just in their desire to create the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, and that such mottos would give you the inalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, yet, you are more enslaved today by the current “system” than those in their day were to the system they had created for themselves.    

What they offer you is an example of what it took for them to free themselves from what they saw as an oppressive way of life, so they grouped together and formed a new set of bylaws more akin to their liking.

Yet, did it set all inhabitants of the new land free? Are any of their descendants truly free today? Clearly not in both cases.

A multitude today at the top of the financial system are enslaved by greed and the quest for endless amounts of power over other nations and other peoples; truly, any “other” besides themselves.

They lack any true sense of self-empowerment, which is only accomplished in the recognition of the sovereign nature of all life everywhere.

The sovereign nature of all life everywhere is a Natural Law. It does not need to be written into law, it always is, and is simply recognized by those enlightened enough to see its foundational truth.

Those under the tutelage of the power seekers are enslaved by the system created to train them and keep them at the beck and call of “the system”.

Laws written in books is how the slavery system is enforced.

Are you free of such laws written in books yet?

The Laws of Life Written Within the Heart

Have you developed an in-depth awareness of the Laws of Life written within the hearts of all life everywhere?

Do they need to be written down? Or is it better to teach each young soul how to “sense” the truth of these Natural Laws and the importance of abiding by them, so as to gain the most benefit from them, and thereby accomplish the greatest benefit to others in the process?

So, you say pandemonium will exist if we have no laws written down, and crime will flourish if we do not enforce these written laws with harsh to light punishments according to the deeds and infractions.

For those immature in the Ways of Life, such “rules” will be necessary to “control” the behavior of portions of society that do not want to “follow the rules”.

Of course, once written, more can be written to serve the interests of the power seekers and those that know they are not subject to those “rules”, because they wrote exemptions into the rules for themselves.

The point here is, that written codes of ethics can be guidelines, and they can be helpful when a society is not taught how to feel the Ways of Life and grasp the importance of living by that inner knowledge to promote the greatest benefit to themselves first, and thus to others in the course of living by those very precepts.

When codes of ethics become twisted into control systems of punishments and rewards, the entire society degrades into what you see today.

The events of these last few months are just the symptom of a society struggling to free themselves from the system of slavery to laws and religious edicts that defy the Natural Laws of Life written on the hearts of every soul; yes, beneath layers of unconscious guilt and fear, in most cases here on earth, but written there none-the-less.

Natural Law, the Laws of Life

So, you say that the violence promoters destroying the famous edifices are not driven by the lofty goal of seeking to abide only by the unwritten Laws of Life. Consciously, no.

But understand something about the Natural Laws of Life: all extremes are balanced by an equal and opposite.

This is a Natural Law. Push in one direction and an equal and opposite push takes place in the opposing direction. The pendulum swings according to this Natural Law.

The pendulum of your societies have swung excessively in similar proportion to the excessive attempt by the controllers to clamp down on the natural movement of society toward social freedom and true sovereignty.

The Push for Freedom

So, you say that it is the controllers themselves that are promoting and paying for the violence, not the peaceful protestors. Yes, so true, yet again, how many of you are using this as an excuse to express your suppressed anger toward a system that is inherently unjust and oppressive?

Do you not see this as an opportunity to speak out and vent your feelings, even when you are not being paid to do so?

How many are going along with this orchestrated agenda because they actually believe it will set them free?

And from what?

Subconsciously, the people are rising up against the tyranny of the oppression orchestrated upon the people of the earth now for thousands of years.

Yet, the uninformed believe they can point the finger at one politician or another, one corporate head or another, one military figure or another, and say, “You are the oppressor that I am fighting to free myself from. I will destroy the system you have created and replace it with my own now. I will destroy everything because I am angry and I want to be free.”

Free from what? Free to do what?

More rules written down to define your new control system? A new set of rules suitable to your liking, yet still just another experiment in hopes of creating a society better than the one your Founding Fathers created for you, and which you now want to destroy?

How about acknowledgements? What if your new written works were a set of acknowledgements?

“Acknowledgements of what?”, you might ask.

Acknowledgements of what you feel written in the depths of your own heart that reveal the Ways of Life upon which the planets rotate, the sun shines its life-giving warmth, the flowers sprout endlessly from the ground each Spring, the infant is born, the mother sings her joy, and the father feels his heart burst open wide with love.

What laws govern such things? What Laws of Nature make such things possible?

Acknowledgements of what is.


June 28, 2020


Michael: On May 21 under the heading Natural Cycles of Light and Dark, you mentioned, “You will ultimately achieve levels of autonomy never seen before among humanity as a single group.”

Now you are talking about developing personal sovereignty, as if this is the norm among more advanced civilizations.

You are also associating the gaining of this sovereignty to the dissolution of our social norms, and now even the icons of our current civilization, even those that we have believed were centered around freedom and social equality.

You also indicate that those that develop personal autonomy will find their way to a more fulfilling life, certainly better than the current state.

Here is the complete quote:

“Seeing that all former ways have eroded, the clarity and commitment toward positive change will consolidate even further. A threshold will eventually be crossed, leaving no return to former ways of dependency on social norms and trust in political leadership.

You will ultimately achieve levels of autonomy never seen before among humanity as a single group. Not all will follow this way, but for those that do, there will be no turning back. The joy and freedom given to oneself will outweigh any desire to restrict oneself to the care and provision of an outside source.

You will co-create your own future in ways unimaginable in the moment, but certain to be more fulfilling than your current existence.”

What does such a state of autonomy really look like? What does this mean in terms of our everyday life?

Oversoul: Well, of course this state will vary from person to person, but in general it means you will decide for yourself what is true and not true, what apples to you or not, what path of occupation best suits your soul’s purpose for showing up on this planet at this time, and you will recognize the connections you share with all life everywhere.

There will be balance and harmony in each endeavor you undertake because it becomes an expression of the deepest soul yearnings felt within, not one dictated by government, religion, parents, or a corporate structure.

This is the source of your fulfillment, living the purpose for which you came and which best expresses your unique role in the mosaic of all life, especially among those with whom you live and those in your local communities.

You will not lack for joy, for your soul will be expressing freely. You will live in a state of enthusiasm about your life and your future because you will recognize the purposes you share with others, and will always have before you the fulfillment of your future goals.

This experience will not be the same for everyone, for it must be a choice to live with autonomy, not relying on the state to approve your endeavors, your contracts, your marriages. Not relying on the provisions of others, especially your government, for sustenance.

Recognizing a responsibility to live independent from the control system, you will grow your own food, supply your own sources of power, warmth, water, etc.

You will not let others encroach upon your freedoms. You will not engage in political debates, for they become meaningless to the autonomous soul.

You will live with wisdom, with a close connection to nature, and share a relationship with those that share this similar mindset.

Your current religion will morph into a recognition of the Foundational Principles of Life. The Golden Rule, for example, is based on these Principles, yet when expanded, will include all life everywhere.

These are just a few of the experiences that will attend the autonomous soul.

There is more, much more—for the life that serves the common good in this way, enters a life of ever expanding potential.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished, given the willingness to work with souls of like mind and a desire to strive to advance your inner potentials to match the dreams you want to manifest here in the physical.

Life progresses forward and you remain in step with its constantly changing nature. Periods of change, like the one you are now experiencing, will be embraced and wisely prepared for in advance.

There will be little you will lack, because your desires will be simplified. Accumulation of things will be limited to what best accomplishes the furtherance of your soul’s objectives.

Home life will be simplified, yet technologically superior to your current residences. Your home, as well as your business activities, will be constructed in ways that harmonize with the Natural Order.

Your relationship with animals and plants will evolve. Your psychic capacities will continuously expand. You will communicate more regularly with the plant and animal kingdoms to learn of their functions and purposes. You will live in harmony with both, and therefore be supported by both.

Nothing will be left inaccessible to you, providing you reach your goals in harmony with the Great Principles of Life that undergird the very foundations of existence.

You will hold a close relationship with these Principles because you will discover them written within your own heart, and they will guide your life activities. They will influence your future creations.

New technological inventions will abide by the Principles discovered to exist within your heart.

You will know what is right because it will feel that way with a knowing deep within your being. It will resonate harmony and peace and vitalize your actions. 

Such is the life of one that has chosen the autonomous path, independent of control structures of any kind. Not a life without limits or discretion in how you go about your endeavors, but one that minimizes the meaningless pursuits of wealth when it does so at the expense of building a future in harmony with Life Principles.

Respect for all of life, and respect for the Natural Order, becomes the central themes for all on the path of autonomy.

To be continued...

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