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System Builder Protocols: The Immune System

March 04, 2020 7 min read

How to Strengthen Your Own Natural Immune Response Powers

The following formulas are referenced because they each provide support for the human immune system in various ways. 

You may notice that some formulas are also recommended for several other protocols.

There is overlap by design, since a single herb can have multiple benefits to the body at once, thus a single formula may have a specialty emphasis, but still benefit several other systems in the body. 

The reason for this because any one body system (digestive, immune, hormonal, etc.) is not an island unto itself. Each body system is always dependent upon, or interrelated with, a number of organs and body systems. 

Nature built most herbs in such a way that each one will support a balanced effect throughout the body in recognition of the synergy, or symphony, played by each organ or gland in the performance of its daily requirements.

Where a certain herb may produce a stronger effect in a specific direction (like reducing heat and inflammation), when combined with other herbs, some of which will possess actions that are opposite in direction (like the Yin with the Yang), a more well rounded effect is the net result, one that both lifts (yang) and circulates (yin), for example.  

So, what is shown below are the formulas that are more directly targeted for immune response at the top, with formulas tangentially supportive of immune function listed below. 

Organs & Glands Associated to the Immune System: 

Thymus, spleen, lymphatic glands, bone marrow, intestines, adrenals, liver/gallbladder, blood.

Primary Immune Boosting Formulas

  • Immune Power: Builds immune response powers to help the body address all forms of pathogens. Supports the liver/gall bladder, intestines, spleen, lymphatic channels, thymus, adrenals, and bone marrow.

    Immune Power is designed to eliminate the herbs that many immune compromised individuals experience difficulties with (like immune stimulants, ragweeds, sea vegetables, etc.).

    It does not have known detox effects, nor generate die-off symptoms. It can be taken in large amounts for the first few days (even 8-12 caps per hour) to boost immune response powers of the body to peak performance levels.

    By boosting the body's innate immune response powers, all forms of pathogens are able to be dealt with effectively: viruses, bacteria, amoeba, parasites, mycoplasma, etc.

  • Black Seed Combo: A stronger mixture which contains immune stimulants, ragweeds (often beneficial for immune response), sea vegetables, and herbs that tend to create detox effects when consumed in large amounts. It is generally taken at the rate of 4-6 caps twice per day as a preventative, and in addition to Immune Power when compromised, if tolerated well. 

  • Herbal C: Large doses of vitamin C are well known to be effective against most all forms of pathogens. Rather than rely on citric acid by itself, which is missing the balancing components bioflavonoids and numerous other compounds found in whole food sources, it is better to obtain your C from whole fruits and vegetables. 

    Herbal C is designed to provide some of Nature's most abundant whole food sources of vitamin C and can be taken in large amounts. 1 teaspoon twice per day is for maintenance purposes, whereas 1 tablespoon every 1-2 hours can be taken when feeling stressed from a pathogenic invasion. Herbal C has a pleasant taste and can be added to green drinks. 1 tablespoon = 12 capsules.

  • Lung Support: Serves as a potent adjunct to Immune Power with a targeted emphasis on the respiratory tract when needed. Lung Support is a favorite formula anytime phlegm or insufficient oxygen exchange within the lungs is in play.

    The formula is commonly taken in the high level range of 6-12 at a time, even hourly, and before bed, based on strength of the need. Lung Support also makes for an excellent preventative formula taken at the rate of 4-8 capsules per day. 

  • Friendly Flora: A high percentage of immune responses are derived from the intestines and provided or supported by friendly bacteria.

    Friendly Flora contains Soil Based Organisms that are protected and enhanced by Humic/Fulvic Earth along with prebiotic herbs for stability and proliferation upon entering the small intestines. The probiotics do not require refrigeration, nor are they diminished by stomach acids.

    The humates in the formula also support detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals, as well as promote pathogen reductions naturally.

    Maintenance levels of Friendly Flora are 4-8 caps per day, whereas, when under pathogenic stress, 12 to 16 capsules once or twice per day supports the immune system more powerfully. 

  • Licorice Root Powder: Licorice Root (not the candy), supports the adrenals in producing cortisone & anti-histamine effects. Licorice is used in 75% of all Chinese Medicines to assist the body manage detox reactions, allergens, and reduce inflammation.

    To be taken in small amounts, like a pinch or 1 capsule at a time, no more than 4-6 times per day, with the larger amounts only for brief periods to manage the immediate crisis.

    You will find Licorice Root in several of our formulas as an undercurrent support and harmonizer to the whole formula.

    Licorice in the larger amounts, or with regular usage, does have the effect of expectorating (clearing the lungs) of phlegm.

    Daily consumption for several weeks in the larger amounts can result in the excretion of potassium leading to temporary high blood pressure. This goes away by stopping the intake or sticking to the lower maintenance level amounts.

  • Spleen BuilderThe spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and associated lymphatic glands manufacture over 100 trillion antibody types capable of targeting and memorizing any pathogen signature. This is the basis of your immune response toward pathogens and creating immunity to any pathogen it successfully defeats.

    Spleen Builder can be taken in small or large amounts during the day as well as before bed. Maintenance level amounts are 8 caps per day. High level amounts during peak stress periods, or to restore normal spleen functions, can go to 24 capsules per day for faster recovery. 

    Most everyone today deals with a compromised spleen from sweets, stimulants, alcohol, and excesses of congesting foods that generate phlegm, increase nighttime snoring, or cause cold extremities, among many other symptoms, including a depressed immune response capability.

      Supportive Formulas

      • Deep Earthen Cleanse: Since the immune system is deterred, suppressed, or overburdened by toxic byproducts, like chemicals and heavy metals, detoxification becomes central to any immune system building protocol.

        While all of our formulas tend to promote detoxification in one way or another, Deep Earthen Cleanse specializes in this one function. It can be taken at the rate of 4-16 caps per day. 

      • Three other products that specialize in detoxification include: 

        • Digestive Bitters: Bitter herbs stimulate the production of bile fluids for the digestion of fats in the diet and throughout the body. When the liver generates bile, it uses the bile fluids to encapsulate toxic compounds (chemicals and heavy metals), and pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.) inside the bile liquid, using this as a mechanism through which to pass them out of the body safely. This process eases the strain on the lymphatic system and the immune system by eliminating two causes of immune system weakness, toxins and pathogens.

        • Sacred Clay: One of Nature's most potent detoxification resources accomplished by bonding with the toxins, thereby neutralizing its free ionic charge until it is safely passed from the body.

        • Mineral Manna: Due to the inclusion of Sacred Clay in Mineral Manna, this has become a favorite effective detoxification formula that frees the immune system to target pathogens by reducing toxic overloads. 

      • Green Superfood Blends: Any complement of chlorophyll-rich superfoods, adaptogens, mushrooms, and nutritive herbs will support the building of a stronger immune system. These are essential for quickly moving the body into an ideal alkaline state, therefore improving oxygen & nutrient exchange at the cellular level.

        Proper alkalinity, broad spectrum nutrition, and oxygen are natural deterrents to pathogen development. 

      • Three formulas that specialize in providing chlorophyll-rich superfoods are:

        • Vital Cleanse & NutrifyContains Earth & Sea Greens, Fiber Blend, and maintenance level amounts of Deep Earthen Cleanse, Friendly Flora, and Herbal C (each of which will need to be taken in larger quantities for therapeutic purposes).

        • Earth & Sea Greens: Focuses on green superfoods, adaptogens, mushrooms, and nutritives

        • Sea Vegetable Blend plus Moringa: Focuses strictly on sea vegetables to derive the most potent effect from these powerful nutritive plants. Moringa, a potent nutritive herb from the land is added to complement the formula. Be aware that the smell and taste of this formula is ocean-like and might take some getting use to, yet its therapeutic value for boosting immune response powers is very high!

      • Kidney & Adrenal Builder: The adrenals manufacture antihistamines & cortisone used to target allergens and reduce inflammation. The adrenals also manufacture cortisol used to manage stressful situations.

        When cortisol remains high due to constant stress, or artificially stimulated by caffeine, the body's immune system remains suppressed for as long as cortisol remains high.

        Balancing out the adrenal function helps to lower cortisol when not needed and raise cortisol if it is too low, thus indirectly improving the immune response powers of the body.

      • Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend: Adaptogenic herbs have the function of balancing both high and low hormone output in the body. Mushrooms are widely proven now to boost immune response powers and lower toxin levels.

      • Two other adaptogenic formulas are:


      The purpose of immune system building herbal formulas is to restore and strengthen the body's own innate immune response powers sufficient to resolve pathogenic compromises quickly and effectively. 

      In conjunction with a sound herbal program, the detoxification of interfering chemicals & heavy metals from the body, along with an improvement in the diet or brief periods of fasting, the natural workings of your intrinsic immune response powers will be released to keep you healthy through even extreme periods of biological stress. 

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      Michael King

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