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Seven Ways to Improve Thyroid Function (without HRT)

January 03, 2024 8 min read

Earth-Based Nutrition and a Common Sense Approach that Restores Normal Thyroid Production

(This article is in outline format to promote ease of reading and the capture of the essential points.) 

With the number of hormone disrupting influences in our world today, the need for a clear cut method of restoring endocrine production is now central to any health building protocol. 

Here are just a few of the most common hormone disrupting influences in our daily lives:

  • radiation

  • chemicals in our food (with the most pervasive and damaging being glyphosate/Roundup)

  • the use of plastic everywhere

  • chemical pollution in our air, soil, and waterways

  • the use of caffeinated beverages & concentrated sugars

  • unusually high levels of daily life stress

  • microwave technology, wireless electronics

  • a diet that feeds pathogens in the body

  • dental work, mercury amalgam fillings

  • medical treatment

  • heavy metals

all of which disrupt our natural hormone production powers, particularly the thyroid and the thyroid support glands, the adrenals, the hypothalamus, and the pituitary.

The truth is, in comparison to the above, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) itself is the most direct attack on our fragile hormone producing system, as HRT fails to nourish and exercise the glands in ways that compel them to function on their own again. 

The thyroid assists in the management of hormonal excesses & deficiencies throughout the body and the maintenance of homeostasis.  Its proper functioning is essential to basic well being.  

The answer in restoring thyroid health is to eliminate the disrupting influences while providing the body with herbal superfood nutrition of the kind that rebuilds the inherent powers of the entire endocrine system.

What follows are 7 ways to restore thyroid powers naturally, without resorting to Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Seven Step Overview of a Thyroid Building Program

1. Get off the typical vitamin and mineral formulas – including liquid iodine drops (it is missing the other 70-90 minerals your body needs to stay in balance.)

  • Replace them with 100% whole earthen seaweeds, superfoods, and clays. Sea vegetables are your greatest friends at this time.  They promote thyroid health like none other.

  • Formulas that include sea vegetables are:

Earth & Sea Greens or Vital Cleanse & Nutrify

Sea Vegetable Blend plus Moringa

Thyroid Balance 

2. Consume earthen mineral sources –to provide electrolytes and mineral building blocks for your hormonal system to function properly.

They are also effective detoxification resources to bind up heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation that interfere with efficient functioning of your hormonal system:

  • Mineral Manna (contains the three listed below, yet with Himalayan Salt).

  • If you are salt sensitive, then take:

Sacred Clay

Ancient Mineral Blend

Ormalite (a prime hormonal support source of ormus)

  • Learn more about health-building minerals and other earthen resources by going to:

The Happy Clays

Sacred Clay - Instructions for Use

Mineral Manna Update – Instructions for Use

  • Caution: If you are on prescription meds or chemical thyroid meds, separate the taking of meds and clays by 1-2 hours or more.  Clays have the ability to draw chemicals from the body, so you want the meds to have produced their effect before taking the clays.  Then taper gradually off the meds as you see your natural hormone production come back online from a solid nutritional program.


3. Gradually withdraw from all forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  • After 2-4 weeks on a quality health building program, begin to gradually taper off all Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) while continuing with the herbal strengthening program. 

  • Work with a qualified health practitioner to assist in a gradual simultaneous tapering/upbuilding (typically no faster than 10% per week.  Slower if you have been taking meds for several years).

  • If you are not on thyroid glandulars or other forms of HRT, then best not to begin.  Save yourself the disruption to your innate hormonal system and challenges of withdrawal.  Restore thyroid health instead with solid herbal and mineral nutrition.

  • Even Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy will further imbalance your overall hormone levels.  The reason is because hormone replacement gives the hormone producer glands the signal that they do not need to make the hormone, resulting in a weakening of the gland, similar to the way a cast on the leg causes the leg muscles to grow weaker due to lack of exercise.

  • Rather than "replace" hormones, empower the normal functioning of your glands with sound nutrition – earthen minerals, sea vegetables, adaptogens, and superfoods.

  • Learn more about the subject of HRT by going to: The Pros and Cons of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Glandular Extracts

4. Build up your adrenal glands naturally.

The adrenals are the back-up glands for your thyroid.  The adrenal glands manufacture over 50 body hormones, including your prime steroidal hormones – estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, etc., plus numerous forms of adrenaline alone (based on the current mood). 

When the thyroid gets weakened the adrenals produce suitable hormones to fill in for thyroid deficiencies.

  • Nourish them back to health with any of the adaptogenic and spleen herbal resources:

Kidney & Adrenal Builder

Adaptogen & Mushroom Blend 

Revitalize for Women (or Men)

Spleen Builder (a common cofactor organ when adrenal health is low)
( See The 3 Food Groups that Cause Harm to the Spleen )

  • Get off all adrenal depleting drinks, foods, and drugs. This means:

    • All concentrated liquid and granular sweeteners, including the natural ones, except:

Licorice Root Powder

Stevia Green Leaf Powder (not the liquid drops or the white powder extracts)

Smoothie Spice Blend

Yacon Powder

Lucuma Powder

    • Use fruits, raw honey, and sweet starches, like sweet potatoes, sparingly until the spleen is restored sufficiently to manage the extra sugar.

      • The spleen powers the adrenal production of hormones.  The spleen affects mood and energy levels, especially when stressed by sweets, stimulants, or alcohol, and is aggravated by fats and oils that go beyond 10-15% of the diet.

      • To support the adrenals, it is important to support the spleen with a moderate diet and spleen supportive herbs (Spleen Builder)

    • All recreational drugs and alcohol – especially cannabis (quickly depletes kidney jing/adrenal power thus deepening hormone imbalances).  Each of these trigger hormone production excesses leaving the body further depleted from the experience.  Now is not the time to push your hormone levels more than they are able to handle naturally.  Nourish your hormone glands back to health instead with minerals, superfoods, and adaptogenic herbs.

    • All forms of caffeinated beverages – including coffee, green tea, black tea, yerba mate', kombucha, and honey mead/jun).  See Is Coffee Really Good for Your Health??? – 

      Advantages and Disadvantages of the World's Most Favorite Beverage

  • The following foods will also destabilize thyroid functions:

    • modern gluten grains (use Einkorn grains, the original grain, grown in Europe to avoid the prolific glyphosate issue in America and Canada),

    • conventional, non-organic foods (most all are sprayed with RoundUp to hasten early ripening)

    • canola oil

    • corn and corn byproducts

    • soy and soy byproducts 

    • animal products fed with the above

    • farm raised fish

    • for low thyroid folks (an excess of brassica foods). See Health Foods That Lower Thyroid Function

    5. Build probiotics in the gut.

    Consume Soil Based Organisms (SBO's)

    Friendly Flora (the humates in this formula protect the probiotics and promote heavy metal detox)

    Pro-EM-1 or fermented cabbage juice and fermented foods 

    Herbal C (the bitter fruits in this formula support detoxification, digestion, immune response, and the restoration of friendly flora in the gut) 

    6. Reduce systemic pathogen overgrowth(which commonly interferes with normal hormone production) by reducing viral feeders in the diet, while building the digestive and immune powers of the body:

    • Stop the use of occasional antibiotics and daily use of colloidal silver (single mineral sources can cause a mineral imbalance due to the absence of the other 70+ minerals, all of which are interdependent). 

    • Follow wise food combining practices. See OK, So What foods CAN I Eat?

    • Insure your cholesterol levels are high enough to build quality steroidal hormones, but not so high as to cause cholesterol excess buildup (and a viral feeding frenzy).

      • 10-20% fat by calories in the diet from whole food plant-based sources (avocado, seeds, olives, sea vegetables, and a very moderate amount of liquid oils) is sufficient to supply the body's daily lipid requirements for the construction of hormones.

      • Animal fats and liquid oils can promote a fat excess in the body, and in combination with desserts, can interfere with glucose assimilation causing insulin resistance and a cholesterol buildup in the arteries. 

      • Excessive fats also feed the lipid-loving viruses in the body (EBV, herpes, shingles) and mycoplasma. 

      • Animal flesh also tends to promote parasite development (coming from within the meat) due to the amount of time it takes for hard to digest (constipating) foods to leave the intestines, thus breeding viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. 

      • Nuts are your least desirable source of plant-based fats as they are the most prolific at feeding the lipid-loving viruses in the body (EBV, herpes, shingles) and mycoplasma. 

      • Any diet that includes more than 10-20% fat by calories will encourage the proliferation of these same viruses, unless the fats are being burned off through exercise.  

      • Balance is the key.  Plant-based fats in whole seeds, vegetables, and sea vegetables, along with a moderate amount of liquid oils like coconut and olive oil,  are sufficient to meet the body's natural cholesterol requirements.

      • Steroidal hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, adrenaline, etc. ) are constructed of cholesterol recycled by the body from bile flow, so a portion of the fats consumed are recycled by the body, thus reducing the need for amounts beyond the recommended 10-20%. 

      • Fats are important, but an excess of fat will feed the viruses and mycoplasmas whose job it is to consume fat excesses and toxins (a prime cause of chronic fatigue and hormone disruption). See A Shocking Revelation About Fruits, Oils & Fats

    • Undigested food in the gut attracts and multiplies the viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast, whose role in the body is to consume excesses of all kinds. 

    • So the point is to reduce excess food intake, improve the digestive powers of the body, and make sure that the nutrition taken in is concentrated in nutrients (superfood blends, herbs, sea vegetables, and clay mineral sources) since farm grown food is typically depleted of nutrients due to the way it is grown.

    • Build powerful immune responses and improved digestion of foods with:

      • Sacred Clay or Mineral Manna (for minerals, detoxification, and immune system support)

      • Immune Power (for immune and lymphatic system support)

      • 10 Day Immune Boost (for brief potent intervention)

      • Black Seed Combo

      • Friendly Flora (for digestive and immune system support)

      • Pro-EM-1 (or fermented foods for digestive support)

      • Digestive Bitters (for digestive, immune system, and detoxification support) 

      • Herbal C (for digestive, immune system, and detoxification support) 

      • Lemon or lime water daily for hydration, and liver/gall bladder cleansing (to improve the digestion of fats).  Lemon and lime also improve mineral bioavailability and promote nutrient assimilation onto the cells. 

    • Learn more about managing fungal overgrowth by going to: Candida - What Causes It & How to Manage It

    • Learn more about how minerals assist in detoxification and boost immune response powers: Mineral Manna Update - Instructions for Use


      7. Detoxify heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, and pathogens.

      Q: What if I do not have a thyroid anymore, due to surgery or radiation? 

      Work with a qualified health practitioner to guide the process.  Other glands in the body are called upon to provide thyroid hormones when the thyroid is less functional. 

      This is one reason why building the entire endocrine system back to health is critical to success.  Sea vegetables, clay minerals, and adaptogenic herbs hold the greatest hope in this area.  The same suggestions above apply. 

      Many blessings of health & success.
      Enjoy these remarkable gifts from Nature!


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      Michael King

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