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Life Chats: Disclosure, Weather Changes, Geological Shifts, and Choices That Will Alter Our Destiny

May 06, 2020 20 min read

"No one will remain untouched or unaffected by the impact these revelations will have on them. It will be impossible to return to “life as usual” ever again."

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on the upcoming disclosures, earth changes, weather effects, inevitable changes in the social order, and the choices we all will make in the near future that will impact our future generations. 

May 3 thru May 5, 2020

An Interesting Piece About the History of Humanity

Michael:  Not sure where to begin. There is so much that has transpired in the last month. Volumes of information are being put out daily, people are waking up to the underlying motives and who the real players are.

The truth is being censored repeatedly by big tech each time a new piece of the puzzle gets exposed. The players are obviously running scared. Tactics appear to be escalating.

Be that as it may, what I am interested in understanding now is about the transition phase we are in, going from the way life has always been to the way life will be in the New Era.

You have said from day one that this is going to be a permanent reordering of life on earth as we know it today. I am now hearing this from several other intuitive sources as well, some from as far back as the late 70’s and before.

How will life on earth change? What are the steps along the way? What can we expect to happen from here forward, and how can we best prepare?

Oversoul: To begin with, life on earth has been changing and shifting into the New Era mentality now for several centuries, so what you are about to learn is nothing new. It will just be new to some who have not delved into the subject prior to this.

(A momentary interjection from a collaborative group involved in the oversight of human evolution):

We are a council of 12 assisting in this communication, as you have requested the input of benevolent souls whose primary focus is on the common good of all life everywhere. We will not be speaking to you directly, but through your oversoul, of whom we have great respect.

You have asked for those with knowledge of human affairs to participate, so we are disclosing our presence during these communications in the event you feel the frequency of your oversoul shifting from time to time when needed to answer your queries with some detail and precision.

Michael: Thank you for sharing this, as I am very protective of this time of communication and desire only truth, accuracy, and grounded, usable, trustworthy information in a language we can readily grasp.

My gratitude to you, as I sense you are prepared to help provide this kind of information.

The Council of 12 through my oversoul: Yes, this is why we were called forward, for this very purpose.

Michael: I feel your clarity of purpose and mind. Thank you for your input, now that I know you will be behind some of the comments providing details.

Oversoul: So to begin, we would like to share with you a greater portion of the story about earth you may not have read elsewhere. There are several parts to this story, but we want to share only a few pieces that are relevant to the events unfolding today on earth.

There were several great civilizations that came and went over the millennia, as you know, but what has not been shared in any great detail before is the part about earth’s origin and why it was formed in the first place.

“A schoolhouse for emerging souls” is the most characteristic term to describe it. Its purpose was to lay the groundwork in emerging souls for specialized assignments throughout the universe later.

This purpose required that freshly formed souls with specific dispositions, and certain older souls with specific needs surrounding rehabilitation, be given a chance to co-habit a world, develop their skills, each of them, then share their knowledge and experience with other emerging civilizations that have been “wrestled to the ground”, so to speak, during their more lengthy evolutionary phases.

This world was designed to match some of the newest and most innocent with some of the darkest and most diabolical.

The spark of life within both groups are derived from Source, and to bring resolution of dark soul contamination back to Source illumination, the match between the two was considered the fastest and most effective way to draw the light of Source into full blossom within both.

Some may say that to match the seasoned dark lords against the new emerging souls of a most innocent origin was a brutally unfair match.

Yet the greater design included the programs of resurrection within both groups in such a manner that the interaction would demonstrate the power of Love over the power of darkness in the most graphic of ways.

Some may also say that this is a cruel action of “the gods” playing with souls of this caliber. The picture is much larger than this. Let me explain.

Freewill and Preselection

Each soul has a mission – designated at the birth of the soul from the bosom of Source. Each soul is also given freewill to follow this purpose or any other path deemed desirable.

So the players are willing participants in a “game”, if you want to call it that, of forming a mosaic for all of Life to see, one that best portrays the Infinite Love of a Creator Source.

Love is not visible without contrast, so it was deemed necessary to create the most drastic contrast between dark and light possible in order to portray both the depths and the height of Infinite Love, if such could be done.

"The game”, as it is said, would have to match the most innocent with the most experienced at darkness to a showdown.

The endgame would be predestined (if all chose to play their roles) to bring the revelation of Love’s finest qualities forward though “real life” choices and ultimate resolution through the actions of Love.

The “players” on both sides were carefully selected and brought into being. Their paths were imprinted in each one’s soul matrix as a predestinational draw toward the healing and resolution of all participating souls, both dark and light.

When it came time for each participant to play their parts, freewill was insured and carefully monitored so there would always be in place the ability for participants to design and implement revisions to the “plan”, as well as to the process of “healing” all that was likely to happen.

The growth of character became the central focus of "the game”, with qualities and attributes of Love being the highest aspiration set forth for the participating souls as the time came for souls to begin their journeys back home to Source.

Each and every soul was on their own related set of paths. Each path incorporated new qualities into the soul character with each incarnation and with each experience. Both dark and light experiences were planned for every soul involved.

A path of choice was given to each participant at critical junctures along the way within each incarnation. Dark or light. Love or that which is other than love. The choice remained, and the choice remains to this day.

For some this choice meant to be an overt instrument for either the positive or the negative. For others the choice was between one of forgiveness or revenge.

These two fundamental choices remain in all circumstances on earth today – the dark path or the light path.

Which one you choose will impact your personal life the most. Others affected negatively will be given a choice as well in each instance. It is a choice of response, with each circumstance being an opportunity to progress along one’s path.

These are life-changing choices, for the path chosen will mark your personal soul evolution and decide the opportunities that open up to you in your future.

Nothing will be cast aside. Every choice will count and either accelerate you toward the return to Source (in consciousness), or deter you, resulting in another trip around the mountain.

The Choice You Make Now Will Impact Your Future

Now is a good time to contemplate the paths of your future, for as circumstances progress over the next few months and years you will be faced with challenges you never thought would be necessary in your current life.

The tide will turn toward a massive sizing down of the earthly population through geological, pathogenic, and other causes, both man-made and natural. There will be weather disturbances of the magnitude not seen before. Fire, water, wind, solar, and geomagnetic forces will activate the waves of destruction in magnitudes not seen before on earth.

There will be civilizational collapses of the magnitude not expected by those tied to the security of current social structures.

This will not happen all at once, for with each event, humanity will choose again how best to respond. With each choice new avenues of potential will open up.

As you go down each road of choice the experiences you gain from the journey will build different sets of character traits within the soul matrix, both individually and within the collective soul matrix of humanity at large.

This is not happenstance. You are preparing to be teachers to other civilizations crossing the same bridge you are now crossing. 

Remember, there is a grander plan. You are included in that plan. Your choices prepare you to fulfill your roles in the greater unfoldment of this plan.

What happens on earth from now forward will move the goal posts further away or nearer to you from where they are today.

Why the Carnage?

Michael: While what you say makes sense, I still question whether it is necessary for such carnage and suppression to exist for Love to shine its brightest.

Even though I appreciate the insight about contrast that makes the true power of Love stand out, I have seriously questioned the value of a universe that creates such oppressive dynamics, and is it really worth continuing the participation in it.

Oversoul: This is a concern of a multitude of souls across the expanse of life, some who are simply observers of your trials, and some who participate in trials of their own.

What can be said about the nature of life is that its long range objective is to restore the Original Pattern where Love centers and commands all activity.

Yet you cannot have Love without free will. So when aspects of creation took a side path, a restoration operation was needed that also fulfilled the character of Love. This is one of many such operations.

Population Reduction By Ascension and Other Causes

Michael:  You mention the devastation wrought by man-made and natural disasters and resulting reductions in population, but what about the souls that will leave for other reasons, such as ascension, or a visit to our friends from the stars?

Oversoul: There will be many causes for populations reducing in number, but the most dramatic changes will come from the sources mentioned.

Yes, there will be those that shift dimensionally (with the option to return at will), and there will be those that die of unrelated causes from simply being a part of life on earth, then there will eventually be a larger number that will be taken to other worlds to finish off their incarnation in this 3rd dimension. Another portion will seek to explore other worlds and may or may not return to earth. 

So for statistics sake, the majority will pass from disease and earth movements, with a smaller segment of the population choosing to travel to other worlds, while an even smaller element within your current population base will ascend and explore the next dimension of earth. 

What is not fully understood by your current teachers in the spiritual aspects of ascension is how the merging or splitting of dimensions will work. This is better left for a time when more energy can be devoted to the subject, but for now, it is enough to know that the major dimensional shift that all are speaking about will not be taking place before humanity takes responsibility for their involvements in the current creations, and decides as a human people to fulfill the laws of Universal Co-creation by welcoming a reign of peace on earth as well as peaceful co-existence with your friends and neighbors from the stars. 

The Crossroad and Disclosure

Michael: It is obvious we on earth are at a crossroad. Not enough of the public are awakened to the bigger picture for us to pull together and act in unison, yet the truth about so many things that would wake us up and pull together remain hidden to all but those willing to look deeper than what the media reports.

There is still among some a sizable irrational trust in “official sources” who have for decades played the naive public like a fiddle to accomplish their corrupt agendas.

Fortunately, I see evidence that some of the former sleepers are finally starting to question the “official” narrative, but will this be enough to curtail the inoculation programs and satellite launches that are slated to further this diabolical agenda?

Apart from a complete awakening of the public, how is this situation going to be turned around before millions around the globe are taken down by these nefarious plans?

And what happened with the Solar Flash Event that gives all of humanity a moment of gamma wave illumination? Seems such an event would help stem the tide here before the chaos has a chance to take hold.

I understand that it is humanity’s function to overcome entropy as part of our evolution, but is it not in the rulebook for more participation from the sun to help us out in this capacity?

Removal of the Players and the Balance of Power

Oversoul: I understand your concerns, for the attempts at oppression have been getting more dire by the week and there are no signs of it letting up anytime soon, at least until a critical mass is reached and certain actions are taken by the people to end the destructive agendas.

The people of the earth are growing wiser by the day, but there is more at stake here than even you are aware. The human civilization represents several other civilizations in existence now, each of which have genetic ties with those on earth. When the earth heals, these other civilizations are set free from their karmic ties and can progress themselves.

This you know, but what is little understood as of yet is the degree of their involvement in the removal of certain players from their own civilization that have participated in humanity’s enslavement.

Each civilization is responsible for their own. So when removal actions are taken by their own home worlds, the events on earth are further catalyzed toward making positive steps forward .

Such events have been and continue to take place, yet timing in some instances is critical, and not yet ripe for further actions to be taken in this regard.

Michael: Is humanity responsible for making things more ripe for a continued removal?

Oversoul: Yes and no. Your efforts to move forward with disclosure will accelerate these events, but there is a particular need for some of these individuals to remain “in the game”, so to speak, for they hold a certain balance of power that keep choices alive until such choices are no longer relevant.

When your society has reached a point of consciously deciding your own fate together as a team, such interference will no longer be tolerated and the final removals will take place. 

The Solar Flash Event, and How You Can Create Your Personal Event

 Michael:  Can you enlighten me a bit on the nature of a Solar Flash to awaken the populace and what the rules are on its implementation from a universal perspective? 

Oversoul: Several points to make here. The solar flash event is both universal and personal. You can catalyze your own solar flash event, and many have already. The collective is preparing for an Event of their own, yet these do not happen as frequently.

A solar flash is merely a concentration of accelerated waves that trigger certain psychic centers in the brain to open. Then more than just the physical is recognized at both an intuitive and visual level.

There is more to this, but will be saved for another time. It is important to know that the collective timing and one’s personal timing are two separate events. You can catalyze your own with enough attention to the right places inside.

Doing so will help you personally, and indirectly the collective, due to your connection to humanity as one of its own.

There is more to this than can be discussed briefly, so I will just state that to concentrate on your heart, mind, and emotions simultaneously until they blend as one is the fastest way to catalyze the awakening within yourself.

Anticipate layers of conscious debris to flow out of you in the process, and when you have reached a certain point of clarity the event will catalyze to degrees at first, then in waves of blissful joy. 

Michael: (I focused on the center of the brain while becoming aware of my mind space beyond my brain and beyond my thoughts.

I then focused on just below the navel (the womb chakra) while feeling my magnetic creative energy there relax and expand outward. 

I then became aware of the open sensations in the chest where the physical heart is located and where the oversoul is felt the strongest.

Those familiar with qigong will recognize these as the three dantians.

I asked for assistance to help in this process and noticed large swaths of energy that began surging out, triggering several deep breaths and deep yawns, each followed by a greater state of peace & stillness inside. 

My head cleared up, my eyes watered, and a tingling took place all over. I feel more alive!)

Wow, that was powerful. Thank you for the assistance!

Oversoul: This is a beginning. Practice this meditation several times a day and the bliss will build, the consciousness will continue to awaken, and your intuitive skills will sharpen.

A crescendo will build in your life until you reach an apex in the experience causing you to cross a threshold of consciousness where you will then experience your personal solar flash.

This one is not derived directly from the solar sun in this case, but is patterned after the type of awakening that will eventually take place among the collective when such a peak is reached among those that remain on the earth at that time.

While the sun will assist at times, the real action that triggers a collective group to awaken to their next level is actually a horizontal experience. One awakening triggers another close to their threshold point, and then another until a critical mass is achieved, and the whole society transitions into their next level of consciousness.

The earth, Gaia, will have preceded such an event and holds the space for the many to follow.

Michael: I would like to continue this conversation at the next opportunity to answer my remaining questions posed at the beginning. My gratitude to each of you. 


How Will Life Change On Earth?

May 4, 2020

Michael: With these insights as a foundation, I would like to go back to my original questions: How will life on earth change? What are the steps along the way? What can we expect to happen from here forward, and how can we best prepare?”

Oversoul: As the collective consciousness awakens to the darkness that has infused their lives from birth, and grapples with a response to the revelations, the decisions made at that point will decide the true fate of humanity as a whole.

Your response will form the most pivotal aspect determining the future of humanity. Will you choose to lash out with vengeance in an effort to assuage your grief and self-condemnation for not seeing this, or for not taking action sooner?

Or will you seek to understand the role these revelations play in your personal advancement as a soul?

A time may need to be set aside for processing the intensity of the emotions that will surface, both toward others and towards oneself. 

The revelations will shatter illusions of safety & security in institutions of the highest levels on earth.

No one will remain untouched or unaffected by the impact these revelations will have on them. It will be impossible to return to “life as usual” ever again.

Faith and trust in institutional power will forever be destroyed, leaving individuals with a range of options to choose from in response. 

Most will choose to opt out of institutional support systems and begin to take the matters of their livelihood and future into their own hands.

Pandemonium will result as billions realize they do not know how to be responsible for themselves without the helping hands of government and corporate jobs.

Chaos will ensue.

The few that have prepared for this day and have taken steps to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient will find themselves withdrawing from the pandemonium developing in main society everywhere.

A growing sense of intolerance will be strengthened and will build among the masses worldwide.

Those that feel themselves to be victims of the revelations will look for ways to get vengeance, seek “justice” through violence, and strike out at friends and family members who have long been known to participate in the dark deeds, yet left unconfronted over the years for fear of reprisal.

With the growing public awareness, a momentum of rage will rise up from within, and with a feeling of strength in numbers, the “victims” will wrestle with the desire to enact their own form of “justice”, and thereby become the next wave of perpetrators of harm to others.

Some will see this as just “balancing the karma”, but will merely be perpetrating the repetitive cycle of harm and be harmed, solving nothing in the end.

That which is condemned from a victim’s point of view, becomes instilled within the victim, only to be acted out as the new perpetrator at the next opportunity.

The net result of that choice is a step back in evolution and another trip around the mountain to gain the deeper understanding of personal complicity in all things behind the events of the past and those of today.

A Choice Between Two Paths

Those that have found their way to these deeper understandings already will hold insights that will pave the way for healing and the final transformation of dark patterns into light.

These individuals will be recognized by their composure and the absence of slander at critical times of decision-making surrounding the fate of the participants in dark rituals and economic enslavement.

Their understandings will be sought by those wise enough to notice, but ignored by those who step blindly onto the path to their own degradation through vengeance and self-condemnation.

The choice of a society will be made group by group, and the survival of that society will be determined by each set of choices.

There is a lighter path and a darker path. The outcome of the civilization as a whole will be decided by the summation of its constituent societies.

How you decide to treat those exposed on the dark path will set the stage for future outcomes on earth for generations to come.

This is not the end of civilization, even though it may appear that way to some experiencing geological aftermath.

The survivors will carry forward with the evolution of the human people, only the path toward the light will be easier once those bent on destruction and vengeance have caused their own demise. 


May 5, 2020

Geological Changes and Weather Events

Michael: So, we are entering a time of disclosure of the dark path on earth in a manner that is finally visible to the whole planet, with a serious life-altering choice to make regarding how we react to these revelations.

What can we expect to see in the area of geological changes and weather events over the next few years and decades?

Oversoul: Weather events will increase for several years then subside. As institutions diminish in influence, the electronic manipulations will also diminish, thus a calmer weather pattern will ultimately emerge.

However, since weather is closely related to the emotional and mental constructs of those above and below the earth’s surface, expect to see ongoing disturbances reflective of the chaos expressed by the populace.

Until humanity on the surface and other participants within the earth find ways to unify their purposes, the weather will reflect this discord.

Earthquakes and volcanic activity are more directly mixed in what causes them. Much of what you have seen thus far in this regard has been caused by, or encouraged by, man-made devices. Not all, but several, and enough to say that until this form of weaponry is disbanded, no living being above or below the earth is safe from that influence.

The Solution and Unity

Now, to address the way humanity at large can calm all that has just been mentioned, I will liken this to how there will never be a rainbow unless there is sunlight and moisture in the sky.

In contrast, you are capable of casting shadows outside, but are you able to move the location of the sun?

The point being made here, is that there are greater forces at play than the parts of humanity bent on destruction have the means to control. The final say in the matter will always be the greater power. That power is Love.

The futility of a path bent on dark agendas in the hopes of eventually reigning supreme over a conquered universe becomes obvious when the realization dawns that Love brought forth the manifest universe, and Love infuses the universe to its core foundation.

Darkness is merely a phase established by Love, a phase that will inevitably be conquered by light, just as the sun rises to reveal and nurture all in the light of day.

The solutions that you seek to the impending chaos in the world is one that recognizes the Ultimate Power and the inevitable end result – unity.

Fight against this unity, and you will do so to your own peril.

Nothing can withstand the power of Love to transform all, and all will ultimately find their right place within the unity of Love. Both dark and light have a place in the Grand Mosaic. 

Michael: There are profound depths to this simple truth. It feels meaningless to question you further about the geological events that may show up in our near future, because I get the sense you will merely say we can change the timeline at will – if we become conscious enough to draw our forces together as one and heal the divisions that live within us all.

The Greatest Transformative Experience This World Has Ever Known

Oversoul: The purpose for that understanding was to lay the foundation for what needs to be said next. The path of human life on earth has taken a turn for the better in the last 6-12 months, though by looking at the current events and listening to the news one might not think so.

You are on the verge of the greatest transformative experience this world has ever known, and the movement of human voice and heart has reached a crescendo. You are already operating on a level that is accelerating rapidly toward this transformative event. The end game is near.

The New Era has dawned in the hearts of many on this planet and has no way of being stopped. You have passed a threshold and are now permanently within a new paradigm. The dark agendas are on a collision course with the voice of the human heart.

The Voice of Humanity and the Voice of Gaia in Symphony

You are speaking up and making known what you see and know to be true. This tide cannot be turned back at this point, try as they might to censor your voice, nothing will stop this momentum of exposure and change.

At this moment in time, Gaia will raise her voice in symphony with your own. She speaks in the voice of the wind, the volcanos, the movements of the earth, and the magnetics of gravity.

Fluctuations are to accelerate in the coming months. As humanity raises her voice to cry out against the dark agendas, Gaia will be matching your voice with weather activity, volcanic activity, earthquakes, and polar movements.

You are both raising your voice, shattering the systems of old, and clearing the way for the New Era to be built.

A new civilization will be born, first within the hearts of those present on earth today, then within the lives of the children to come. But first the entrenched structures of the old paradigm will have to be dismantled.

This is where your voice, in harmony with the voice of Gaia, will play its most powerful role. For where you speak your truth, Gaia will speak her own and protect your future generations from the harm inflicted upon the generations of the past Era.

Her movements will destroy much of what was built to destroy the earth’s inhabitants. The rest will fall upon the hands of humanity to dismantle, and then build anew.

As Gaia speaks, despite the apparent carnage, understand she speaks on your behalf. She is working to clear the earth of the dark strongholds as you clear the earth of institutions and laws and social hierarchies that no longer represent your lighter path.

The old will pass away. The new will be built of your own design.

Clarify your soul now, for what you build will reflect the contents of your own hearts and minds.

Nothing more need be said, for you have much work to do to set things right.

To be continued...

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