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Life Chats: The Gegenschein – Heralding a Shift Toward Freedom and Massive Change

April 27, 2022 9 min read

"We are entering a new season of human development, one that requires an upgrade to the consciousness of an individual to continue to participate."

Today’s Life Chat focuses on a recent shift upward in a pervading planetary influence that enhances our capacity to see and feel what isn't spoken. The hidden is innately being revealed to everyone simultaneously. The positive timeline is now secure.

April 24, 2022

Michael: I am directing my questions to the Council of Light Focused on the Common Good For All Life Everywhere, yet directly connected to the oversight of Earth’s evolution.

I have questions about the twelve days prior to and again after the 24th of April, 2022. Some are saying the 24th will be a peak in a positive cosmic wave that raises consciousness another notch, and that it could be detrimental to the dark agenda souls on earth.

I have been feeling this energy climb during the first 12 days, and I anticipate it will descend a bit over the next 12 days. Today is particularly peaceful, yet with a power that is unmistakable. There seems to be an atmosphere of joy and coherence about it. 

Some are relating this experience with a solar gegenscheinCan you address this event?

Alaneah (a spokesperson for the Council): The “event” that you speak of is a combination of interplanetary dust fields, a solar reflection, and a greater, less common cosmic influence that intersects briefly within the solar system, and in so doing, activates the conscious of those affected.

It raises the awareness levels of those that are prepared to see more of what lies beneath the surface, and it saturates the soul with a frequency that feels closer to “home” on the other planes.

You are most certainly feeling its qualities and may want to make some personal decisions regarding your life direction within the aura of this event. This time will be a very important period for meditation and inner questing.

Michael: Will this bring about a solar flash spoken of previously as being associated with the often spoken of “Event”, whereby some souls ascend, or experience the other dimension momentarily?

Alaneah: Not in the full sense of that description, but there will be some mild similarities for some. Others will find the experience rather unsettling, if not down right disturbing, for they will see themselves in ways they have yet to recognize.

It is a time of revealing. It awakens the consciousness to see more of what isn’t spoken.

Michael: Thank you. I have been feeling a gradual climb in resonance over the last two weeks, but did not think much of it until Kim Goguen mentioned this cosmic event, (monthly membership required to view), relating it to a gegenschein, which, after looking it up, is the effect of sunlight reflecting off of a cloud of interplanetary dust floating in the solar system, resulting in a form of cosmic radiation hitting the earth.

“The gegenschein isn’t an object. It’s a play of light on the solar system’s interplanetary dust disk. The gegenschein is a diffuse path of light that lies at the antisolar point, the point exactly opposite the sun.”

Is our sun going to be involved in activating some of this awakening, besides simply reflecting off of the solar system’s interplanetary dust disk?

Alaneah: It will be nearly impossible for our sun to not be involved in such cosmic interplays, for the sun is the most attuned and sensitive of the solar bodies. Will the sun provide a solar burst that you are calling a “flash”?

Not in that sense, but there are resonances from the sun that penetrate our planet on a daily basis and bring a variety of influences to the people and the earth body herself.

Not all is reserved for special events, such as the one you are asking about. In this case these frequencies will simply be amplified by a larger cosmic event.

Michael: Are you referring to the photon belt?

Alaneah: Not in this case. There are times when that will apply and has applied, but not in this instance.

This interplanetary dust cloud event produces a varying amount of influence on the consciousness of life on earth. This time it is being accelerated by additional shifts galactically due to a “changing of the guard”, so to speak.

The entropic forces of life, that you call “dark”, have subsided, thus making way for a “new dawn” galactically speaking. This has amplified even the most subtle energy shifts or influences that serve to increase light (truth, awareness, etc.).

This is why you are seeing your thoughts and intentions manifesting more dramatically than previously known.

Michael: The claim is that the positive timeline for the inhabitants of earth is now secure as a result of this upward shift in resonance. Can you comment on this?

Alaneah: Yes, there are several ways to look at this subject. First it is never too late to achieve a higher state of consciousness, although it will still become necessary to repair the damage and heal the old wounds. 

The world has gone through a time of consolidation of old memories and traumas of the past. They have repeated themselves in recent years.

It is time now to heal the old wounds and bring some light to the subject. 

So we begin with the certainty that we have finally entered a timeline in which we are able now to begin the restoration of the planet and of human civilization. The damage done has been immense, yet we have survived and we will continue forward from here. 

The more each soul wakes up to the true facts of human history on earth, the more prepared they will be for this journey ahead – which is the restoration. 

The new resonance, now permanent, will assist us to see things more clearly and make better choices.

There is a lot of work ahead, so it will behoove each one of us to prepare for the cleansing soon to follow, and lay the groundwork for the new format for social interaction considered ideal for us.

We join you in this effort, for our own civilization has undergone similar atrocities to the ones that the surface population has seen. Yet we freed ourselves of this control system and have been engaged in the cleanup ever since.

Humanity at large also has a responsibility for each to do their own part in this restoration, for we are one in mind and heart as a result of our common past. 

Today you have set yourselves free to the degree that you now see and feel, yet this is only the beginning. We still have much work to do if humanity is to be spared further grief from the final actions of the dying control matrix. 

Michael: Thank you. It is time we took more responsibility for our own future. 

I sense this increasing resonance of planetary energy which has been building noticeably over the last two weeks, and realize this to be an ideal time to consider the future and envision an ideal path forward from here.

Researching the subject, and to summarize comments from others, this event appears to be related to a significant change happening throughout this galaxy simultaneous with this gegenshein event.

Every solar system in the galaxy is said to be going through an upgrade similar to the one earth is now going through, and that it is related to a turning point upward in our gradual shift in resonance from 3rd dimension to 4th dimension as an overall resonating influence throughout the galaxy.

Dimensions and Densities

There are many dimensions within a density. Earth is a 3rd density planet, yet any individual within this density is able to lift his or her consciousness to higher dimensional levels as a result of healing unhappiness and traumas held inside, replacing them with higher perceptions, like forgiveness, understanding, gratitude, etc.

It is the freewill choice to shift our perspectives and grasp higher truths of life that give each soul the ability to operate within 3rd density reality at a higher dimension of experience.

So what appears to have happened is that the galaxy, and particularly our solar system, now has a new matrix of influence pervading our atmosphere.   

The significance of this, from what I can discern, is that shifts of this nature happen from time to time naturally, much like the bud of a rose expands to give birth to the expanded petal version of itself, thus expanding itself outward into a new dimension of expression. 

Each progression then also represents a more comprehensive, or more expanded, resonance/frequency.

This shift toward a 4th dimensional resonance is represented by the geometric shape called the "tesseract". 

The claim is that the 3rd dimensional energetic platform, or matrix of influence, is dissolving to make way for the tesseract platform of influence, and that this matrix exists on a galactic scale.

The whole of the Milky Way galaxy is said to be undergoing this same transformation.

In an attempt to make sense of this, the following is my best representation of what it all may signify:

Geometrically speaking, the point represents no dimension, or the zero dimension, and symbolizes an all-inclusive potential in the unmanifest form, reflective of the seed.

The line is the expansion of the point and represents the 1st dimension, or linear thinking, reflective of the sprout.

The square is the expansion of the line and represents the 2nd dimension, or a more grounded, foundational understanding of life, reflective of the birth of the 2 dimensional leaves on a sprout.

The cube is the expansion of the square and represents the 3rd dimension, or mental and emotional maturity, reflective of the bud and flower.

The tesseract is the expansion of the cube and represents the 4th dimension, or meaningful and purposeful expression, reflective of the fruit, the gift of one's service to the whole.

A progression of consciousness, and therefore soul resonance, follows this same natural geometric progression, thus the influence of the new tesseract matrix assists us to resonate to a more advanced level of consciousness.

Tesseract – a cube within a cube

The tesseract (drawn from "Theosophy and the Fourth Dimension" by Alexander Horne) is a smaller cube inside a larger cube, with all corners of both connected with additional lines, as if the more expanded cube had duplicated itself from the smaller one in a greater sense, and remained connected.

This, to me is symbolic of a New Era being built from the foundation of the former age, as if one is the expansion and improvement of the former.

I realize that this geometry is more than just symbolic, it also has an influence on life energetically and biologically.

It represents a shift in consciousness, and that not everyone will welcome this shift upward, so it initiates a cleansing of the old and the emergence of the new in many areas of life simultaneously.

I would like to hear the Council’s perspectives on this subject since you are intimately involved in protecting and supporting human evolution during this transition.

(A pause in the communication.)

Alaneah: OK, we have discussed this question amongst ourselves and have a way of describing these events that may make sense to the majority of your audience.

First, it is most important to understand that the kind of changes you are feeling and reporting on today have been part of human history for many thousands of years.

There is a constant shifting of energetic influences throughout time, much like the changing seasons on earth. There are seasons galactically and universally as well.

We are entering a new season of human development, one that requires an upgrade to the consciousness of an individual to continue to participate.

No one is required to stay, and no one is being forced to change. However, like when winter turns to spring, this new galactic season will have its effect upon each soul participating in the endeavors of earth today.

Each soul is deciding today what role he or she desires to play in the upcoming age. Some will leave, and some will stay to play a part in its formation.

You personally must decide this as well, for options remain available to each of you that go beyond your daily living expectations. Creativity and growth opportunities are numerous.

You will each be designing your future with every thought from this day forth, and the combination of thoughts, ideals, and aspirations, will determine how your new world unfolds.

Michael: And the 24 of April this year is a turning point relative to this change?

Alaneah: Yes, in some sense, but not in all. By this I mean that the new energetic matrix will establish a new quality that will permeate your daily lives, just like the former ones have for each generation of such shifts throughout the ages.

It is as if the sunlight is now shining more brightly, or with an effect that brings you more joy.

What has not changed is your freewill. You will still need to make the choice to align with this New Era, or turn away from it.

Michael: I see. Thank you for sharing you perspectives on this subject. Some food for thought.

To be continued...

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