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Life Chats: How to Navigate the Changes of the Coming Year As We Reshape the World We live In Today

December 29, 2021 14 min read

What will you do to reunite family and friends where disunity has separated you from your former loving interactions? 

Big changes are on the horizon! It is time for us to be creative, to draw upon our own genius from within, and to solve the disunity problem facing all life on earth today.

Today’s Life Chat focuses on an advanced perspective of the plight of humanity on earth, and the importance of our personal input in resolving the conflicts we face, both personally and globally.

December 31, 2021

Michael: We are clearly in a time of great change. We will not be returning to the world we once lived in, and I for one am looking forward to the improvements!

The questions I have are:

1) What are we likely to see transpire during this coming year that will help us to prepare and to navigate the changes? 

2) What guidance do you have regarding how best to approach constructing the new world we prefer to live in as our future unfolds? 

I welcome the insights of my oversoul and mentors, and members of the Earth, Solar, Galactic, and Universal Councils of Light who support the common good of all life everywhere, to be shared through my Oversoul as the guide and focal point of the information (or direct if appropriate).

The Observers

Council of Light: Welcome. We are of a group mind. Our hearts are one and our minds are single-focused on the good of all life everywhere, as per your request.

Today is certainly a time of change and transformation in your world, for your lives have already been drastically altered by the current restrictions placed on your lifestyles.

We are observers of your choices. We have no opinion as to where you should go or how you should act as the caretakers of your current paradigm, yet we observe with a keen interest in the directions you take yourselves, as these choices will affect outcomes for all generations to come.

We will observe and modify our own choices accordingly.

Because you have asked, we will reply. The changes before you, are first of all, of your own making – collectively.

You will be our guide in that respect.

The degree of responsibility that you each assume for the current paradigm is of your own choosing as well, yet to say that you share no responsibility for its making, or for the conditions of your current lifestyle, is to miss a central truth regarding the Grand Nature of Life, of which all are subjects of, and subject to.

This central truth is – unity.

Earth As A Proving Ground

We find your planet a worthy proving ground of the power of love and unity to overcome all.

If you succeed the entire Universe will glean wisdom from your success. If you fail, we will still learn. 

The generations that follow you, and those of us among the many stars, will have greater knowledge and wisdom with which to pattern our own futures with. You will be our guide in that respect.

Ultimately life in totality will gain sufficient wisdom, through varied experiences, to willingly and passionately abide within the Way of Life that undergirds all existence.

No one escapes the influence of the Principles of Life that support the grand expression of All That Is. So it behooves each soul to look for opportunities to learn about these Principles and apply them in whatever situation they find themselves in.

We are not sharing these moments with you to guide you in the ways of our personal cultures, but to share the Truths of Life that have aided us to live a happy and free existence, free of disease, and free of the pain and misery caused by the limitations that beset your world.

Wisdom From the Experience Is Your Foundation

When trials and troubles occur, they are not the mistakes in and of themselves that cause you the most harm, but the attitude with which you choose to approach the trials and difficulties is that which ends up taking you down the river of unhappy experiences, disruptions to your joyful expression, and the end of fulfilling dreams.

Doubt, discouragement, and dismay will trouble the soul that loses the vision of his or her best aspirations.

You will process, you will learn, and you will apply.

Yet, during times of difficulty, a single thought of courage and firm conviction, resolute on the final outcome of your dream, will take you through to the other side of the challenge; and in your hands you will carry the gifts of wisdom drawn from the experience, which then serve as your foundation to greater successes in your future. 

You will process, you will learn, and you will apply. Once the wisdom is instilled within your being you are ready to take the next step toward higher attainment.

The experiences will have become your step ladder to success, and the character of the wisdom achieved will serve as a foundation within you for greater achievements in the future. 

The Challenging Times Ahead – Opportunities to Solve Our Greatest Problems

You are looking at the challenging times. Some now view these times with fear, some with sadness for all that is disappearing, and some with joy, for the change to come will open new doors and liberate the creative powers of Life to flow more freely throughout the earth.

Your hearts will sing with each new healing, each new freedom, and with each new soul assisted to climb free.

Some will pass away from this plane to move onto their rightful journey, appropriately designed for what serves that soul the best.

Others will remain to carry on the task of restoring peace and establishing the freedom to explore new ways of living. They will implement new technologies that work in concert with the Principles of Life and Its Ways.

They will establish new inner ways of being that lend you to live in harmony with each other.

You will progressively attain new heights of cooperative venture, working together to solve the greatest problems that stare you in the face today, both personally and globally.

Your Own Genius From Within

We look to you to be creative, to draw upon your own genius from within.

You are not alone in this venture either. Your brothers and sisters of the earth and of the stars, that are not of your human genome, and some who share theirs equally with yours, are part of your future as well.

Your lives are on the verge of both collapsing and expanding. No solutions exist on the horizon that you are unable to discover and apply on your own, yet our experience and wisdom remain available during this time of change, should you ask to share in it.

We look to you to be creative, to draw upon your own genius from within. We observe with interest to learn how you choose to solve the plight of disunity among your people.

Will you recognize the wisdom of co-creating in harmony?

Will you assemble your differences together to satisfy all angles of a solution?

Diversity in Perspective Will Be Seen As Indispensable

We anticipate that your world will not be the same in a year’s time because you will make differences stand out, this time not to divide, but to see how they can be joined together most effectively.

In order to fulfill a goal of the common good, diversity in perspective will be seen as indispensable.

You will ultimately see for yourselves how cooperation for the common good solves your most challenging circumstances. You will know your neighbor as your complement, as two that can add their strengths and skills together to improve life for both, and for others.

You will no longer fear your neighbor, for you will find yourselves now on the same team for the common good.

Each one’s perspective will be seen as necessary to consider for the greater picture to be understood.

In order to fulfill a goal of the common good, diversity in perspective will be seen as indispensable.

New perspectives will be sought, and no longer shunned.

When two people meet, each will be recognized for their participation in the grand mosaic of life on earth, and no longer as a foreign, separate island.

Each one will be admired for their contribution, even if it is one that presents the disharmony, compelling the real underlying issues at stake to be recognized so that they can be addressed thoroughly, and finally, for the good of the whole.

Like Clay on the Potter’s Wheel

You will find yourselves in a new world, not because it will be put upon you against your will to tolerate in the best way you can, but because your contribution helped make the new world take on the shape it will be in.

Like clay on the potter’s wheel with many influencers adding finishing touches to the spinning, moldable clay, your personal contribution will leave its mark.

What will it be? Will you be proud of the imprint that you leave on your world, or will you be the obstinate and challenging one, leaving others to solve the problem without your contribution (or because of it)? 

How do you intend to survive the coming days if you remain like a stiff branch when the world is bending in a new direction? Some will be broken, some will soften and move in stride with the changes, and some will not survive.

Which do you intend to be when the changes come your way?

More On Our Future

Michael: Thank you, this gives us food for thought as we begin to solve our problems on our own, or in concert with wise souls within the earth and among the stars.

Will you share what you see in our future that would be wise for us to consider how best to prepare for, both personally and collectively, in order to navigate the changes effectively?

The Council: There are a number of options still remaining on the table for humanity to select from with respect to events that are potential and probable. Yet some are already cast in stone as a result of past choices made collectively and singly.

The Unity That Will Put an End to This War

You will not know peace until after the populations of nations recognize the warfare of the times and the solution of unity that will put an end to this war – which is a war that pits the leaders against the people in a conflict to the death.

New leaders will arise from within this conflict that will carry the flag of unity and revelation. Many already have, and many more will join this contingent with each passing day.

Exposures and revelations will lead the charge to open the eyes of the global citizens still unaware, for without this revelation, your world would be consumed by a fire that would affect each and every soul on earth today. 


As you heal yourselves, the power to heal the most wounded and abused will rise from within you to meet that challenge as well.

Yet many who simply do not want to know that global tyranny rose out of the ocean on their watch, will continue to share a common voice to silence the revealers rather than the tyrants.

Be prepared for opposition until such time that the light shines so bright, even the most skeptical will easily see the true nature of the conflict at hand, and join the fight to end separation from one another.

Power to Heal the Most Wounded

Yet the battle will not end there, for the players seeking your demise are the wounded ones in the most need of your growing body of wisdom and healing powers.

As you heal yourselves, the power to heal the most wounded and abused will rise from within you to meet that challenge as well.

You will find numerous ways to band together, support each other, and be supported. You will grow in a familial way and extend your acceptance to a larger and larger group of souls – until the whole earth is surrounded with loving arms.

The Family of Oneness Expands

Yet it does not stop there, for you will also be challenged to accept the many races and beings abroad beyond your earthly sphere. This will come in time, but first you must be able to share each other’s differences with joy, and place a value on those most unfamiliar to your own ways of life.

As the family of oneness grows, each one’s own talents will shine as they find their right place within the mosaic that you are collectively designing and modifying.

You are Formulating Solutions to Disunity

You are designing ways today to bring the people together. Your individual and collective thoughts, wishes, and deeply felt yearnings are bridging the gap between those seeing, and those not wanting to see.

For in the course of envisioning a brighter more peaceful world, you are looking (or hoping) for ways to bring the families and the countries together in peaceful dialogue.

This hope is formulating in your minds solutions for compelling each other to work together, to find common ground, and to open each one’s heart again to the other.

If you could see the imaginings of how this new world is being redesigned by some members of your own tribe, you might shrink back in shock and dismay. For these wounded souls still see the earth and its people as simply a resource to be exploited for personal gain.

Yet your input matters as well, one which must take into account the views of these self-centered souls if you are to set yourselves free.

What will you do with those who see your world so differently from yourself?

Wisdom Is Available From Cultures That Have Already Dealt with Times Like This

You are not alone, but only the ‘collective you’ can decide how to go about this change on earth.

But you are not alone in the design of your future. You have the wisdom of other cultures beyond the earth that have preceded you in transformative tasks of the very kind you are facing on the earth today.

Their successes and failures are at your disposal, yet the inhabitants of earth today will be the final decision makers regarding the construction of your future.

You are not alone, but only the ‘collective you’ can decide how to go about this change on earth.

The Unity That Strives For the Good of the Whole

Michael: From your perspective, what revelations and events are we designing that we hope will draw us together more closely?

Council: The same issues that cause you to unify for a cause today. The plight of the children, the animals, the disadvantaged, the impoverished, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. Disasters, military takeovers, and displaced peoples.


But what is most surprising to us is that the pending plight, or the unseen disaster does not compel a unifying voice to prevent the harm, or to get involved in solving the problems before they grow into a larger one.

Only when the cries of the wounded reach your personal ears, or reach close to your own neighborhood, or within your own home, is there sufficient motivation to speak up and take action.

This is a symptom of disconnection, or disunity – the very cause of your current war – the war of the leaders against the people – leaders promoting their own self-interests that appeal to people seeking to protect their own interests, even at the expense of others. Disconnect.

Unity and Synergy Is the True Source of Bliss

The pain of another is felt throughout the whole as if it is their own. This is unity.

The unity that strives for the good of the whole recognizes that the good of the whole fulfills each one’s own best interest in the greatest ways possible.

It is a function of synergy. Group energy focused on a singular objective grows exponentially with each joining member’s intent.

The pain of another is felt throughout the whole as if it is their own. This is unity. The joy of another is equally felt as one’s own, thus multiplying the power of that enjoyment.

This is the true source of bliss. It is found in the recognition of the unity of all life everywhere, and in discovering your own ideal place within that unity, along with your own unique contribution to the Grand Mosaic of Life – your own color, your own sparkle, your unique set of experiences, and the wisdom collected as a result of your experiences.

And Those Who Commit Atrocities?

What form of justice prevents future atrocities, yet also prevents you from becoming like them?

You face another challenge as well that deserves to be addressed. That is the plight of the leaders that are committing the atrocities against the people, both individually and on a large scale across the planet.

How are you going to treat them as your world wakes up to the depths of their atrocities?

What will be the appropriate response that resolves the atrocity and addresses the perpetrators in a way that does not entangle you in acts of revenge? 

What form of justice prevents future atrocities, yet also prevents you from becoming like them?

What choice of response toward them will defend the weak or affected, yet also become a lesson to all in the future in a manner that prevents a reenactment, one that heals both the “victims” and the “perpetrators”?

Mirror Reflections and Mutual Attractions

A magnet is drawn to some metals but not to others.

Michael: Drawing from my personal experiences, I feel part of the answer here involves seeing both sides of any conflict as contributors to a co-creation.

Opposites attract. Each one is magnetically drawn to the other. Each one chooses to show up for the enactment of their chosen roles.

The events then reflect the pre-established patterns held within each participant.

A magnet is drawn to some metals but not to others.

If the patterns were not mutually attractive, one or the other would not have shown up for the enactment.

A perfect reflection of inner states takes place during the events, giving each an experience of his or her own inner patterns.

From the experience, new insights, thus new choices, are able to be made, thereby cementing a change within the individual.

If the patterns are recognized and resolved within the individual, the magnetic forces that drew the two together will then be extinguished and replaced with a new perspective – therefore a new magnetic attraction, resulting in a new set of choices, causing a new kind of experience in the future.

If these inner choices move in a positive direction, then the healing within will ultimately become complete, no punishment required, no guilt need be assumed, for all participants will be recognized as equally complicit in the construction of the events.

Truth & Reconciliation

So it seems that the best way to solve the conflict is to bring both parties involved (or affected) together in a type of Truth & Reconciliation Tribunal so each can recognize the co-creative role they have played in promoting the events.

Love still rules in the treatment of even the worst of the offenders.

Perpetrators that refuse to recognize and heal their own traumas that motivated them to these actions of harm, will need extensive time alone to provide time for reflection, or in extreme obstinance, extinguishment as an act of defense to prevent future harm on Earth.

That soul will then be freed from the physical constraints of the body and released to face the soul-healers in the afterlife, along with any subsequent karmic interactions needed to further that healing.

Love still rules in the treatment of even the worst of the offenders.

Recognize Your True Power

Those remaining on Earth that are still traumatized (after playing the role of ‘victim’), are best assisted with healing methods that also involve taking full responsibility for their own part in the co-creation – not from a perspective of accepting blame or guiltbut from the realization that patterns within hold magnetic forces, and that those attractive forces can be resolved by recognizing the truths and powers of Life within all, which correct the misperceptions of weakness and limitation.

True power is then regained. The voice to speak one's truth and take action in the right moment with love is restored.

These recognitions, and other like them, lead to deep healings and a renewal of the inner self.

Revenge – We Become What We Judge

Clearly any preference for revenge will have to be addressed as well until it is recognized as a fruitless operation, otherwise the world is still not safe from the inevitable turnabout from “victim” to “perpetrator”.

Revenge is born from a judgment. We become what we judge, thus perpetrating the same problem, only this time by the hand of the former “victims”, now "perpetrators".   

To own the reflection portrayed by the enactment, and forgive oneself for harboring inner patterns that led to participation in the events, is the solution I perceive to be one that sets each person free from this karmic circle.

Only a willingness to be open to new concepts more aligned with the Foundational Truths of Life will provide an escape from the horrors of one’s past.

It also appears that a world with a victim mindset has attracted a proper reflection of perpetrators to serve as a perfect match for a disconnected view of life – failing to see the unity of all life, that you speak of, and failing to recognize the power of co-creation in support of the common good.

Council: You are correct in this one premise that life is a series of mirror reflections, for no one will find an experience that fails to match their inner-held beliefs, expectations, and perceptions.

Only a willingness to be open to new concepts more aligned with the Foundational Truths of Life will provide an escape from the horrors of one’s past.

One Final Thought

So with that said, we leave you with this one final thought: What would you do to resolve a conflict that happens close to home, or within your home/family, where disunity has separated you from your former loving interactions?

When you find the answer to this question, you will know the answer to solving the global disunity as well.

To be continued...

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