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Comparison of Our Mineral Products and Their Primary Uses

October 24, 2019 11 min read

Over the years, several valuable mineral sources came our way. With time and experience we discovered just how they were best used to create a synergy of benefits.

With so many mineral products, some of which have similar ingredients, the question is often asked "When is one product used over another?", and rightfully so.

The following information is an attempt to answer this question.

Index of Topics

Pink Sulfur Salt (AKA Black Salt)

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Sacred Clay 

Sacred Clay is our primary clay for internal use as a mineral supplement, clay baths, body slurries, foot baths, clay body packs, facials, mouth swishes, and as a tooth powder.

Acts as an effective detoxifier of heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, and as a way to reduce pathogen proliferation in the body due to the way the clay absorbs the toxins and metals that pathogens feed off of, thus breaking up biofilms congregating around the toxic elements in the gut.

Sacred Clay contains naturally occurring sulfur (ranging from 1-4%) and its balancing opposite, iron, (ranging from 3-5%). (Nature is not uniform.) Be advised of this fact in the event you are sulfur sensitive. See My Personal Experience with Sulfur and Iron to understand the value of balancing opposites within the mineral kingdom. 

Note: Mineral Manna is composed of about 60% Sacred Clay

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Ancient Mineral Blend 

A naturally occurring ancient plant mineral source that is primarily calcium & magnesium with a spectrum of trace minerals and a very small amount of Humic/Fulvic Earth to increase bioavailability.

Ancient Mineral Blend is used primarily for its laxative and muscle relaxing effects (especially when muscles are cramping or restless). 

For those who are sensitive to magnesium, or are already taking a magnesium supplement, adding Ancient Mineral Blend to your supplement regimen can result in loose stools.

It is not recommended to take two magnesium products at the same time, especially if the other product is an isolated magnesium compound. This can result in excessively loose stools as a result of getting a magnesium excess (which can produce some serious additional side effects with extended use). 

Isolated mineral supplements can throw off your overall mineral balance in the body by providing too much of the mineral without the essential complementing mineral elements from a comprehensive earthen mineral source created by Nature.

It is for this reason that we suggest sticking with whole earthen sources that are comprehensive in their mineral profiles.

Taking Mineral Manna together with Ancient Mineral Blend will increase the effects of magnesium and its laxative properties, if such is truly needed, yet provides such a broad spectrum of other minerals that balance out the magnesium, that an excess would be difficult to attain, if not impossible to attain at normal serving amounts.

There are a few individuals who are extremely sensitive to magnesium, such that even 1/4 teaspoon (1.25 ml) will trigger an overly laxative effect.

For those who get overly laxative with a small amount of Ancient Mineral Blend or Mineral Manna, it is best to scale back the amount taken to a more comfortable level and eliminate all other magnesium supplements, especially those that are mostly just a simple magnesium compound. 

Note: Mineral Manna is composed of 35% Ancient Mineral Blend.

Ancient Mineral Blend Product Description


Mineral Manna 

Mineral Manna was originally designed as a "one stop shop" mineral source of macro minerals, trace minerals, and ormus elements.

Mineral Manna is composed of about 60% Sacred Clay, 35% Ancient Mineral Blend (including the Humic/Fulvic Substance), a day's dose of Ormalite(3 scoops of 1/32 tsp. per scoop), and about 0.5% Himalayan Salt (primarily for the abundance of trace minerals from the ocean). 

The quantity of Himalayan Salt in Mineral Manna is about 1/32 of a tsp. per tablespoon.

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AquiTerra Clay 

Primarily used for slowing the bowels when needed, and as a facial due to the way it softens the skin. AquiTerra Clay is not as strong in the detoxification department as the Sacred Clay, although it helps in the repair of skin abrasions and cuts in a similar fashion to Sacred Clay

AquiTerra does have some mild ormus effects, though this is not its strong point.

AquiTerra Product Description



Ormalite clay is possibly the most concentrated ormus bearing substance in a naturally occurring form.

Most ormus products available today require concentration techniques to extract the ormus from them. This can result in the distortion of Nature's original balance of mineral elements, thus leading to eventual side effects from an excess of a singular Platinum Group element. This principle does not apply to ormus made from sea water though, just the isolated ormus elements (gold, silver, indium, Iridium, etc).

Ormalite provides a sense of wellbeing that reduces feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety, while enhancing prayer, meditation, yoga, qigong, and martial arts performance.

Clairvoyant intuitives report that the full chakra spectrum lights up under its influence leaving one more in their heart, thus improving communication and compassion.

Ormalite is taken just before bed to improve the depth and quality of sleep, and to promote vivid dreams (an indication of its ability to enhance pineal gland activity). 

This clay assists in promoting hormone balance for both men and women, producing an adaptogenic effect, thus raising low energy levels for some, while calming hyperactive states for others.

Higher than recommended quantities have been known to produce improved libido and performance. 

When focusing the mind on manifesting a specific goal, it is observed that taking Ormalite accelerates the attainment of that goal. The reason for this has to do with the way Ormalite calms and focuses the mind, eases worry and stress, and opens the heart (essential to rapid manifestation of dreams and desires).

Given that a concentration of inner energy is required for manifesting objectives, Ormalite simply assists in this process naturally and goals tend to move toward you more quickly, or you toward them.

Ormalite is simply a clay milled and sifted so as to retain all of its naturally occurring ormus properties. This method leaves Nature as the designer of the mineral and ormus spectrum, thus balanced and safe for use in the body. 

This valuable resource is extracted from thin clay veins in the earth by hand, hand cleaned and sorted, then milled in small batches, and sifted to obtain the desirable clay properties.

The limited quantity of this resource makes it a special prized gift from Nature.

Ormalite is already contained in Mineral Manna and Earthen Ormus. It is also added in tiny amounts to almost all of our herbal formulas to increase the harmonization of the herbal blend and raise the energetic properties of the formula. This inclusion in herbal formulas is in the range of 1/4 to one teaspoon for 5-20 lbs. of formula, which is all that is required for this stated purpose, but is not enough to have the desirable ormus effects when taking a normal serving of 1-3 scoops per day (one scoop is 1/32 tsp., revealing just how potent this clay actually is in ormus properties).

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Vitallite possesses ormus properties similar to Ormalite, only with a lighter concentration, about 1/5th as strong. Vitallite is distinguished by its ability to vitalize the body and mind, while Ormalite excels in promoting a clear meditative space and promotes vivid dreams.

Vitallite is used to gain an instant "second wind" during intense workout, as it extends endurance levels in a surprising manner.

This was discovered at one point while drinking Vitallite clay water during an intense garden soil making operation and while moving tons of fresh clay by hand in the mountains.  

Now, when I have to move 2-6 ton of clay with shovel and bucket in a few hours, I make sure to have my mixture of clays in water handy to keep a steady pace for the whole day.

It can also be used to extend alertness while driving and improve mental focus during office work, problem solving, or reading. 

The sense of wellbeing derived from Vitallite is similar to that from Ormalite (with a subtle difference) when Vitallite is consumed in the greater quantities suggested.

For those struggling with adrenal fatigue, Vitallite may keep you awake at night if taken within 3 hours of bed. This sensitivity goes away as the hormonal state is improved through herbal and clay mineral therapies. See Trouble Sleeping? –12 Most Common Causes of Sleep Disorders and 6 Secrets to Sleeping Well for more information on this subject.

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Earthen Ormus 

The primary focus of Earthen Ormus are the two ormus bearing clays, Ormalite and Vitallite, that evidence higher than normal levels of monatomic elements (detected by observation of their effects on the body).  

Earthen Ormus also contain lesser amounts per serving of Sacred ClayAncient Mineral Blend, and Humic/Fulvic Earth. These components are in the formula, not to provide their typical daily recommended quantities, but to round out the ormus effects and complement the mineral profile of the two ormus clays, adding additional dimensions to the effect. 

The formula is not designed from a quantity point of view to be a complete mineral supplement, as Mineral Manna might be, but instead to provide the increased measure of ormus properties, both calming and energizing, in a single blend.

While the Mineral Manna recommended serving is 1 tablespoon (15ml) per day, the Earthen Ormus recommended serving is 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) 1-2 times per day.

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Friendly Flora

Friendly Flora is primarily composed of Humic/Fulvic Earth with SBO's as a medium for the preservation and development of a well designed, non-competitive blend of soil based organism probiotic strains.

Added to the blend are a group of herbs and mineral sources that act as prebiotics (food sources for the probiotics).

Because Humic/Fulvic Earth is fundamentally a mineral source, Friendly Flora is added to this list. The quantity of Humic/Fulvic Earth is highest of any of our products, possessing nutritive and detoxification properties unique to the mineral kingdom.

Friendly Flora contains naturally occurring humic acid, fulvic acid, olmic acid, and other "ligands" common to a humate. Ligands function to escort nutrients and minerals through the cell wall, thus making the mineral, vitamin, or phytonutrient "bioavailable". 

Coupled with any of the above referenced earthen mineral sources/blends the beneficial properties of both are magnified.

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Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is a very minor component (0.5%) of Mineral Manna to serve as an additional source of trace elements. It is a mined salt that remained buried for approximately 250 million years, so it has not been contaminated by modern ocean pollutants, thus one of the reasons for why we prefer to use it over sun-dried ocean salts.

Given its concentration, as with most natural sea salts, it is high in sodium, so for those that require a low sodium diet, it is not recommended.

Insufficient sodium, as can happen from drinking too much water (as from diabetic thirst), can be life threatening. Too much sodium can cause the body to swell or burst cells within the body.

(See below for a description of the Sodium-Potassium Pump that plays a central role in managing electrolytes, like sodium, across the cell wall, which may help decide how much is beneficial for you.) 

The oceans are rich in all trace elements, many of which have beneficial properties for the human body that have yet to be discovered by modern science.

By including Himalayan Salt in Mineral Manna, or using it as a table salt when desired, we are giving our bodies a small amount of the near total spectrum of trace elements, plus valuable electrolytes essential for muscle, brain, and organ functioning. 

Caution is advised when adding it to dishes, as Himalayan Salt is saltier than typical sea salts, and too much sodium will upset the potassium balance at the cellular level. 

Sodium is naturally the body's most abundant electrolyte and is therefore essential to proper cell function. Sodium draws water to itself, whether outside the cell or inside the cell. Too much outside the cell and the body swells. Too much inside the cell and the cell swells and bursts. 

Too little sodium causes another set of health issues, so the correct balance is important to maintain.

Potassium plays a significant role in maintaining the balance of electrolytes both inside and outside of the cells. This action is called the sodium-potassium pump.

The sodium-potassium pump manages a constant exchange of electrical charge across cell membranes. "It trades positively charged sodium ions for negatively charged potassium ones and allows the transfer of substances across cell membranes. The sodium-potassium pump also generates the electrical impulses necessary for nerve signals."

So it is important to obtain both sodium and potassium in a proper balance from the diet daily, though either one in excess will cause health disturbances. Both are naturally obtained from fruits and vegetables (assuming the soil is abundant in the minerals).

Sea salts help the body maintain a proper electrical balance across nerves and cells, along with minerals and electrolytes from plants, yet moderation, as with all things, is the key.  

Himalayan Salt Product Description 


Pink Sulfur Salt (AKA Black Salt)

Pink Sulfur Salt comes from a Himalayan region near Nepal. There are numerous ways to mimic the natural version of Black Salt, but this one is simply the mined mineral ground to a fine crystal in a fair-trade facility operated by a Nepali chapter of the Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to sustainable global care by uplifting distressed communities.

Nepali-Children.org sells the salt. It is naturally high in sulfur (and smells that way). It is lower in sodium and higher in sulfur than Himalayan Salt. The benefits of sulfur are described this way on their site in an article entitled SULFUR: A MODERN DEFICIENCY, A SIMPLE SOLUTION By Adiel Tel-Oren, M.D.: 

"Occupying two grams per kilogram of body weight (similar to famous potassium!), sulfur is present within every human cell and any reduction in its activity or availability can be critical. Necessary in the processes of cellular repair and regeneration, sulfur enhances the health of all tissues and organs, and strengthens the structure of skin, hair, nails, joints, and gums. Additionally, sulfur plays a crucial role in the activities of proteins (e.g. metallothionein) and enzymes that contain sulfur-bearing amino acids, which bind heavy metals for safe removal from the body."

Similar to Himalayan Salt, moderation is the key, as the taste that Pink Sulfur Salt gives to food is so delicious, it is possible to want to overdo it.

Here is the recount of my experience with this salt, and over consuming it, that left me with chronic fatigue, yet was corrected in 30 minutes with Sacred Clay and Earth & Sea GreensMy Personal Experience with Sulfur and Iron

Pink Sulfur Salt Product Description


Like all herbs, clays, minerals, and superfoods, listen to your intuition to gauge where to draw lines when it comes to how much and how often.

With everyone's body presenting different challenges and needs, more so today than in the past, the skill of following your own intuitive leadings is an invaluable asset for navigating the complex world of health and nutrition. 

What is presented above is a guide to help you discover the primary uses each of the mineral products was designed for so you can best decide which ones you want to include in your personal health maintenance program.

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