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Life Chats: Choose Your Future 3: How to Identify Your Most Desirable Future Timeline

November 09, 2020 15 min read

How Timelines Are Modified and Dreams Are Made Real: Part 3

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

The following is a continuation of the last dialogue “The Character of Love and Important Prerequisites for Successful Timeline Modifications.

Today's chat focuses on a specific process through which you can compare alternative future paths side-by-side and decide which one feels to be the best for you.

Selecting your personal best path forward is your unique contribution to improving the world in which we live.   

Why Knowing How to Modify Our Timeline Is So Important

Michael: If we did not already have good enough reason to work at improving our future, this year's election is exposing broad-scale corruption in what has been believed to be an American right – free and fair elections registering the will of the people.

America is now embroiled in a battle for control of the next administration and both houses of Congress.

On the surface it appears that the people have divided themselves into two camps. The chasm between two seeming ideologies have divided governments and families alike.  

The future of America is at stake. Our personal livelihoods are at stake. Our unity as a country is at stake. Each one of us is faced with making potentially life-changing decisions. 

Some have already lost their homes. Some have lost their jobs. Some have lost loved ones. The world will never be the same again.

Changes will inevitably take place. Decisions must be made. Each one's personal future is in their own hands.  

What is not seen on the surface, is that today's conflict is a necessary condition that is destined to catapult the people toward unity. 

The Change Within That Changes The World

The path you choose for yourself will invariably affect others as well. Your choices will impact the world to some degree.

Even a smile changes the corner of the world you are in, and, in some cases, can have a lifelong influence on its recipient. 

The point is, every decision that changes your life, also changes the world to some degree.

It is wise to carefully weigh the major decisions that you face, for each choice is a different timeline, and with every choice you will change the world to some degree. 

If you know how to modify your timeline in a positive direction, you can make a more valuable contribution to a positive change on earth overall. 

There is no better time than now to make a positive difference, for things will not improve on the global scene until the people join their hearts and minds together and step onto the most positive timeline they can imagine.  

The Current State of Affairs

Nationwide election fraud in the counting of ballots has been a systemic problem in every election for as long as I can remember. 

The manipulation of votes goes back decades, if not hundreds of years, worldwide.

Stalin is attributed to the famous quote, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."

While it may be unclear if he actually said that or not, the voting process in the Russia under his leadership was a perfect example of this concept. 

Today's American election process appears to be living up to the quote as well.  

With the switching of votes by machines, tens of thousands of dead people still on the vote registry (some of which are known to have voted in past elections), and hundreds of thousands of votes with only one name voted for on the entire ticket that show up in the middle of the night, corruption in the voting process is coming to light and will certainly affect the final outcome – regardless who announces winners before these matters have been settled by the courts. 

This matter is just one example, yet revelations pointing to deep-seated corruption practically everywhere are becoming more numerous with each passing day.

A ritualistic practice of the most horrific kind that permeates certain echelons of our global society is ever-so-gradually being revealed to the unsuspecting public.

The sleeping masses are waking up – and standing up to voice their objections to issues threatening their livelihood, their health, and their very survival.

Millions of people around the globe have gathered in the streets to protest the COVID lockdowns and other draconian responses.

Sadly, taking to the streets seems to be the only outlet for the people when their true votes do not make a difference and their elected and appointed representatives ignore their views.

Fueling the fires of discontent, big tech corporations and special interest organizations are censoring opposing views at levels never seen before in America.

Evidently the social media giants feel it is their responsibility to decide for us what is true and what is not true, by promoting their selected agendas while leaving no room for discussion or opposing scientific analysis.

This form of censorship reveals a desperate attempt to hide some ugly truths from the public. It also reveals the fear in hearts of those hoping to subdue the people, of the people recognizing the truth of their agendas at work. 

Those corrupted by power and control motivations have reason to fear.

Tens of thousands of medical doctors and scientists worldwide are now speaking up, and presenting solid evidence that contradicts the official narrative presented by the media and the degenerate souls pushing for the Certificate of Vaccination ID (COVID) program. 

Attorneys are preparing massive lawsuits asserting that the so-called Corona crisis “must be renamed a Corona scandal, and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages."


These conflicts and discussions are awakening more of the sleeping masses, helping them to see the world as they never had before. 

For the first time in human history, conversations about the "pandemic" and other significant global events are taking place simultaneously in every country of the world. We are experiencing this together as one people. 

The result is a greater understanding of the issues and who is really behind the agendas of control. 

With understanding comes unity.

As stated by Oversoul on a number of occasions in prior Life Chats, the real purpose for the conflict is unity. 

Fortunately a growing percentage of the human populace is seeing through the smokescreens and speaking out against the media, the corporate fraud, and the deep state control tactics in numbers never before seen in the world before now.

The sleeping giant has awoken. The people are seeing through the smokescreens and standing up against the control tactics.

The unified intent of the people is causing an energetic shift, making it more difficult for the deep state players to continue with their diabolical plans.

Fortunately we also have a major, highly influential defender on our side (Kim Goguen) with the kind of clout needed to take down the individuals and programs focused on destroying or enslaving the majority of the human race.

Historical progress has been made by the associated Life Force Community in the last 8 weeks alone.

Apart from these actions by the Life Force Defense and the Life Force Community (now totaling in the millions worldwide) humanity would already have been in the grip of a “Global Reset” (designed with one objective in mind: to completely control the financial, medical, political, religious, and even the common daily activities of every human being on earth).   

The growing number of people seeing past the curtain today into the true agenda are saying "No!". They are choosing to protect themselves and their future generations. 

Yet the battle is not over. Everyone who realizes the dangers we face today needs to take action to improve the timeline we are on. Doing so can reduce the catastrophic harm that could happen in our very near future.

For this reason, I feel the subject of “how to modify a timeline” is very important. 

When you choose your own ideal future, you are adding to the momentum of positive change on earth. You are helping to steer the direction humanity takes over time.  

Choosing your personal best future is your unique contribution to improving the world in which we live. A small adjustment to the rudder of a ship now can alter the course by several miles by tomorrow. 

As a confirmation of this pivotal moment we are in, I recommend that those reading the Life Chats also read the recently published books by Sophia Love – Words of One Volume I & II.

The contents of these books and the Life Chats are surprisingly similar. A gradual revelation of what our future holds is spoken of in those pages.

Fortunately, our existing timeline is a positive one and ultimately leads to a beautiful and incredibly enlightened outcome. 

But how we get there from here is still up to us. How soon we arrive, and how smooth the path will be, depend on our ability to modify and improve the timeline we are on. 

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Sep 28 - Nov 9, 2020

Identifying Future Possibilities That Match Personal Goals

Michael: I would like to continue this subject with a deeper understanding of how to examine the several alternate future possibilities and select the best one for one's life purpose and long-range personal goals.

Oversoul: Gladly. There are possibilities upon possibilities that – should they all be seen at once – would weave a tapestry that would surprise even the most advanced student of metaphysics.

Fortunately, however, we do not to have to consider them all.

This is where a magnetic attraction or basic distaste felt toward each possibility plays a significant role in reducing the number of options worth considering during the selection process.

You possess an inner compass that can cut through the chaff and guide you to the most important possibilities to consider in this process. 

This is what we will focus on next: how to know which alternate future works best for you. 

I will also introduce the subject of how to begin a healing process that improves even your best alternative future.

You will then learn how to detect future "rough spots" that surface during your timeline observations.

Then, in subsequent discussions you will learn how to heal these rough spots long before you approach those moments in future "time". 

How to Consider Alternate Futures and Select the Most Important One

First, identify a major decision that you must make (family, job, location, education, etc.), knowing that within each major area, several options exist, each of which will affect your future differently. 

Each major decision fulfills a major timeline, and each major timeline comes with a variety of options which fulfill minor timelines. Together they form a selected life path.

It is important to note here the central role of freewill in the selection of one's future experience. 

Next, feel the importance of this major decision relative to where you are today (inwardly and physically) and where you would like to be at some point in the future (inwardly and physically). 

Identify the final experience you are seeking to achieve by making this change in your life.

Will this choice help you to get to the place or inner state you most desire to be in? How will you feel when you get there?

Step back and look at your life overall. Place this decision in perspective with all you have thus far experienced and what you aspire to become (both inwardly and outwardly).

Give it a ranking (of 1-10 for example) of how important this major decision actually is to you, knowing that it will also impact other decisions you will be making in the future.

Then consider the minor options related to this major potential change in your life.

Consider each alternative path that would take you in a different direction. For instance, if the major decision is whether to go to college, the minor options are choosing to attend one college over another, or none at all.

Each option will open up unique possibilities – the people you meet and work with, the skills you develop, the effect of a new environment on your health, and so forth.

Each option represents a different timeline. 

All of these potentials can be “felt” when tuning into the unique opportunities along a selected timeline.

Once you have identified the spectrum of options with respect to a single major decision (the choice to change careers followed by a choice between two jobs within that career field, for instance), it is time to rank them in order of desirability to you personally.

Which life path are you most strongly drawn to?

This will ensure you begin this next phase of the process while focusing your attention on the most important alternate path, as per your own estimation.

This means, if you are most drawn to this alternate path over the others, then this is the one you want to become familiar with first, for all other options will then be compared to this one.

This task is done without respect to the wishes of anyone else – whether parents, spouse, teacher, spiritual director, or government mandate.

Listen to your inner senses. Decide what is important to you before considering the wishes or edicts of others.  

Get Quiet

Next, it is important to get quiet inside. Still the rush of life before you. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed as you go inside yourself. 

If necessary, recall the feelings of being in a quiet, undisturbed place – a place so quiet that you can feel your heart beat and notice the pulsing sensations throughout your body.

Take several deep slow breaths, deepening the stillness, relaxing the body and mind simultaneously.

As tensions leave the body, focus on looking into the future possibility of your most important major and minor timeline option – the one that, in your opinion, offers the greatest chance of taking you where you want to go.

Your intent is to know the truth about this potential if you choose to pursue it.


When thoughts arise about the possibilities associated with this timeline, simply step back mentally and observe them.

Your intent will guide the process. Your subconscious mind will add structure and substance to the feelings and imagery associated with this timeline.

Let the thoughts and associated feelings run a course of activity through a series of events.   

Do not try to change the thoughts, feelings, or images that are passing through your consciousness. Simply let them play themselves out.

Some scenarios may show themselves as symbols, or events that represent a potential future, or inner sounds, smells, feelings, etc.

Your future will be “felt” more than seen in complete images. It is the feelings that are critical to observe most closely.

Notice how you feel about the events, symbols, or thoughts that appear in your mind, or can be sensed as if surrounding you in the moment, enveloping you with an experience.

This is a forecast of what you will begin to experience as you follow the timeline in question.

As you extend the time of the examination, more images will arise with associated feelings. Trust these and do not question them just yet.

It is more important that you become familiar with these potential timeline experiences before deciding whether to place them in your future or not.

You are merely an observer of possibilities, not deciding anything at the moment.

Take Notes

Next, it is important to sort out the most important impressions observed during this journey through time and future possibilities.

This is where notes may come in handy for remembering these symbols, feelings, and potential events. You will need these reminders to make comparisons with the other potential options that you will be considering next.

Spend as much time as is necessary observing, sensing, and cataloging your inner impressions. You may travel into the distant future to observe long-term outcomes, or stay focused on more immediate outcomes.

In each instance an outcome will be felt, or imaged, symbolically or otherwise, and an overall sense of the future experiences along this timeline will be known.   

When concluded, you will have an overall feeling about the range of possibilities along this path which you can use for comparison when you evaluate other timelines in the same way.

Investigate the Second Most Interesting Timeline Option

Next, choose the second most interesting timeline and follow a similar process to its conclusion just like you did before.

Take notes and remember to merely observe. Do not inject any reactions or judgments into this observation of events. Let each train of events take its own course, as this is what you need to understand in order to make the wisest decisions about your future.

Upon completing this or a similar process for each of the major alternate paths associated with this major life path decision, you will have developed a comprehensive assessment of the possibilities.

Once you have digested the insights received about this first major life decision, you will want to explore major decisions in other areas of your life in a similar fashion. Doing so will give you a big picture perspective of the possibilities as you move into your future.

The Advantage of Timeline Inspection

The advantage of considering timeline options is that you will be able to prevent “time” wasted pursuing uninspected options that turn out to be undesirable. 

Even if a particular option looks good and sounds good upon first impression, what really tells the story is how you feel about this future possibility as it gets played out in your mind.

Remember to remain an observer and let the images come to you rather than force the images to play out the way you want them to.

There is a time and place for imagining a new future into manifestation through conscious intention, but this is not that time.

Every timeline you can imagine already exists, carrying a unique combination of experiences that you can observe in advance through this inspection process.

This is your intuitive guidance speaking to you, revealing the nature of possibilities through your subtle impressions and feelings.

Pay attention to these possibilities and then select the major and minor paths that make the most sense to you based on how they feel.

From there you can piece together a future of your own making along timelines that serve your greater good, knowing in advance how that timeline is predestined to work itself out.

Predestination and Freewill

The future is a combination of predestined outcomes, from among which a selection is made. Thus, there remains a perfect balance between both predestination and freewill. They each support one another, forming a harmonious synergy of opposites.   

Smoothing Out Rough Spots in Your Ideal Timeline

At this point you will have decided on a particular major and minor timeline. Now, as you pursue these insights into your potential future, you may notice areas of possibility that do not feel as good as you would like them to, yet are also on the timeline that feels to be in your best interest overall.

You can heal these “rough spots” prior to entering that timeline.

It is important to understand, that all of your current character flaws or insufficiencies are going to continue to play roles in your development for as long as they remain unaddressed and unhealed.

You will recognize the moments in your future when they will surface by how that point in your future timeline feels as you zero in on those approximate dates.

For instance, if you were to focus your “intent to know what your future holds" between one and two years from now if you follow your selected timeline, then observe what feelings, sensations, and images show up reflective of those moments in time, the overall gist may feel positive, yet intermingled with feelings of discomfort.

Once you are clear and certain about your timeline of choice, then you may want to go back over this timeline with a “finer tooth comb” by using your intent to know further details about this future possibility. Then you can zero in on the discomfort felt when passing by a certain time frame during your observations.

This is where you are able to “smooth out” future possibilities long before you face them in physical fact.

All time is happening simultaneously. Yet for those in physical incarnations, time is divided in sequences of experience in short episodes, instead of all at once.

So if you “imagine” a conversation with a friend with whom you have a dispute, and decide to “see” an ultimate healing and friendship in the final analysis, that possibility in “time” already exists.

Your imagination of it is what makes it possible. The trail is blazed and traveled, the end result already experienced – in the future.

Here, you have switched from timeline observation to timeline recreation.

All you need to do now, is choose to follow that timeline over another that is less desirable to your overall goal of healing and friendship.

The discomfort you feel, as you cross the threshold into that “time” of your potential future, reflects an unhealed area of consciousness already existing within you today.

If left unhealed it will affect your future. Your examination of those moments in your potential future reveals how it may impact your friendship with this person if this part of your inner nature remains untouched by self-examination and correction.

The Next Dialogue

How to alter this moment in your future by healing it today, is the subject of our next chapter in this dialogue.

So, Michael, while it may seem simplistic to you at the moment to just feel into it and question your response to the uncomfortable events, then breathe, there is much more to an inner healing approach that can be added to your basic process.

There are additional approaches that can cover a number of variables for both you and your audience desiring to know how to relieve themselves of tortuousness memories and their future repetitions, such as the hypothetical one we are now discussing. 

The solutions will surprise even you, despite your focus on inner healing for the greater majority of your life and resultant successes thus far.

Michael: Then I look forward to learning something new and more comprehensive in this field.

To be continued…


Go to Life Chats with Oversoul article section to read prior messages.

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