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Life Chats: Choose Your Future 2: The Character of Love and Important Prerequisites for Successful Timeline Modifications

September 28, 2020 28 min read

How Timelines are Modified and Dreams Are Made Real: Part 2

Today's chat focuses on how to identify the best potential from among several future possibilities, and even improve on that possibility over the course of time.

September 26-28, 2020

Michael: Observing current events that are forecasting the future for the timeline we are currently on today, my hope is that humanity will eventually (as things get bad enough) band together and work as one to improve on this timeline's potentials. 

We have a tendency as humans, to put off change until the situation becomes blatantly dire, then under the adrenaline influence of last minute efforts, do what it takes to correct things and complete the task. 

We are nearing that point of no return where, if we do not stop our divisive bickering and naive denial of an underhanded plan designed to eliminate the vast majority of the human race, living circumstances for the majority may soon become an unbearable nightmare.

One factor setting the stage for this potential (among numerous others), has to do with solar activity.

So far over 75% of the days in 2019 & 2020 have produced zero sunspots, signaling the fact that we are embedded in a solar minimum. Several consequences are potential.

Sunspot activity warms the planet and extends the growing seasons. During solar minimums weather goes cold, growing seasons are shortened, food production is reduced, famines increase.

Every 150 to 250 years the sun has historically produced extended low levels of sunspot activity resulting in colder temperatures for parts of the Northern & Southern hemispheres. The mid-point of the last significant solar minimum (the Dalton Minimum that lasted over 50 years) was in 1815. 

Martin Armstrong predicts:

This wave should be a 13-year decline [in global temperatures] from 2015 making it 2028 at best [before reversing to another warming period]. The outside projection calls for a 17-year decline and that lines up with the peak in the ECM 2032 (referencing Martin Armstrong's Economic Confidence Model computer database).

Coupled with the programmed loss of food production over the global lockdown measures and mass exodus from major cities due to loss of jobs and increased crime, it is clear we each need to find innovative ways to grow our own food, or many of the least prepared will simply starve to death in the coming years.

We could realistically see famine [coupled with pandemics triggered by the cold weather] reach the 33%–50% mortality level after 2032.95.

Interestingly, there are direct correlations between the typical 11-year solar cycles of high and low sunspot activity with civil unrest, similar to what we are seeing today, called “human excitability” by Alexander Chizhevsky (also spelled Tchijevsky) (1897-1964), the first to study this relationship.

Following a Period defined by civil unrest, the transformation of a social order to a new way of life and governance is the defining experience of Chizhevsky's 3rd Period, that may well be the Period we will enter into in 2022, by my own estimates.

This is "the strongest period of mass riots and revolutions in which major problems are solved", according to Chizhevsky. It is a period of greater social unity than the Period we are currently in.

Whether that new social order will be in humanity's best interest or one of increased slavery and Big Brother tracking & control mechanisms is what is at stake here today.

We are in the eleventh hour, and likely at the 55 minute mark. It is past time to wake up and get involved.

Humanity has the power to shift the outcome of any astrological or human-caused influence to one that serves the greater good of the whole – but only if we work toward that goal as one unified force.

This is the objective behind modifying a timeline of possibility. The engines may propel a ship through the waters, but it’s the human hand that steers the rudder and determines the ship’s direction.

“What can we do today to steer this social unrest toward a positive transformation?” is the real question to ask as we watch the activities of the day.

If one person cannot determine the direction for the whole, one person can certainly determine the direction that he or she takes personally by selecting timelines that meet that person’s positive goals and aspirations.

With enough personal shifts onto positive timelines, the world will take steps in that direction as well.

While we may not fix the world entirely in our lifetime, we can certainly improve our personal experience amid anything that the rest of the human populace chooses for themselves.

Thus the purpose of this quest for wisdom is to discover how best to accomplish such a task.

The world events we face today are merely the clay in our hands from which we hold the power to shape our joint future.

A Few Significant Challenges We Face Today

Election time is looming, being just over a month away. Every country in the world is focused on the outcome of this election. If it goes one way, worldwide vaccinations will move full steam ahead under the Gates international bribery program. If it goes the other way the vaccine program (may) be modified significantly and be voluntary.

Bill Gates (with financial ties to vaccine development) in a CNBC interview, suggested that over 700,000 (1 in 10,000) of the human populace could potentially be injured or killed from side effects of a properly “amped up” vaccine, yet such numbers are considered by the industry to be a justifiable collateral damage (including the destruction of the world’s economy, of course) to save a few lives from a supposedly natural common cold virus.

The current COVID-19 vaccine trials are triggering a serious side effect common to other vaccines currently in use today – a condition that strips the myelin sheath from the nerves: "The Intertwined History of Myelitis and Vaccines".

However, one good thing has come from this year's lockdown measures: "Infant Deaths Decrease 30% During Lockdown, Coinciding with a Sharp Drop in Vaccinations".

And “something strange” is happening worldwide, despite more tests indicating greater numbers of COVID infections – actual death rates are at all-time lows.

Since the COVID agenda is not working so well for this psychopathic industry (not enough people are dying), their next attempt at global dominance is a bacteria currently being laced into our food supply, yet with a background false narrative that blames the contamination on raw food and organic farming practices.

The agenda? They want to sell lab-grown meats and fake food GMO alternatives in place of natural farm-raised foods. Billions in investments are at stake.

The media is their usual medium for shaping public opinion on their diabolical goals. Yet fewer and fewer of today’s awakening souls are falling for their deceptions.

Fortunately, there is a team of conscious souls who have already taken steps to stop this bacterial contamination ruse in its tracks as well. (Listen to the Life Force Meeting 9/13/20 beginning at 1:09 to the end for this update.)

Then on 9/27/20 Kim’s Intel Brief (URGENT MESSAGE - The Rebellion) revealed that in addition to the above referenced vaccine agenda, the current plan on the part of the dark path souls is to cut the water supplies to farmers worldwide, and use weather manipulation and locusts to trigger global famine.

There is plenty of evidence to support this intelligence. It is already being implemented in several countries today. 

Since early June, thousands of farmers in Mexico have been protesting the lack of water releases from the La Boquilla dam. This manufactured drought has devastated their crops, now coupled with the blocking of rail shipments of produce into the US for the last several weeks.

Add the floods and locusts on China’s farmlands, locusts in Africaweather-generated crop losses in the US, and programmed water shortages elsewhere around the world, and the stage is set for a global food shortage:

Other World Cities at Risk
Already, droughts in recent years have helped spark famine and unrest in rural nations around the Arabian Sea, from Iran to Somalia. But water crises are also threatening massive cities around the world.

Already, many of the 21 million residents of Mexico City only have running water part of the day, while one in five get just a few hours from their taps a week. Several major cities in India don't have enough. Water managers in Melbourne, Australia, reported last summer that they could run out of water in little more than a decade. Jakarta is running so dry that the city is sinking faster than seas are rising, as residents suck up groundwater from below the surface.

Best advice is to stock up on food reserves, enough for yourselves and as many others as you practically can, until this dark agenda is turned back as well.

Plans to grow your own food in the future is also a wise step to take, since the quality of food and availability will continue to be questionable from now on.   

After the election, there is the possibility that disclosures surrounding corporate corruption, human trafficking, ritual abuses, and similar may go mainstream, finally.

If so, the world will rock from the revelations, and life will never be the same as it once was when we slept in naive denial of such horrors, despite the disappearance of close to 800,000 children in the US and 8 million people worldwide every year that remain unaccounted for (according to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and those who are now telling their stories of what is was like to be subjected to such unimaginable horrors).

How Do We Change the Future?

My objective is to be more proactive in understanding the true history of humanity, both its seedy dark side, as well as its beauty and brilliance, then consider how we can promote potential futures that follow more positive timelines.

Ignorance and denial of the facts will merely allow this dark history to continue unchallenged. Our informed and joint proactive stance makes true change for the better possible for everyone involved.

So, I want to comprehend how we, as awakening souls, can make a difference in the future landscape of human development – in spite of current events and our joint human history.

I realize that we will each follow the timeline of our choosing (consciously, or by default by not making a choice), whether pleasant or otherwise, so I want to know how to identify the best potential from among the several choices of future possibilities at my disposal today, and even improve on that possibility if such can be done.

Oversoul: Alternate possibilities exist for each soul, yet the choices made today set the stage for the life events to follow.

For instance, a person could choose to stay in a region with a future that takes a turn for the worse, or the individual could move to a location that fares better during turbulent times.

Another opportunity exists for the same person to participate in forward motion, positive, constructive events that guide his or her community toward a more stable, positive future as turbulent events calm down.

Alternatively, he or she could also choose to be part of the making of the chaos, for either positive or self-serving reasons. The unique set of future experiences will track according to the choices made.

Along one timeline of choices, that person will survive and track toward a peaceful setting in the country. Along another timeline of personal choices that person will succumb during a violent outbreak (a setting agreed to in advance by the soul).

Along another timeline the individual cowers in fear at home, follows all state and national guidelines, and contracts a disease fostered by the fear hormones pulsing throughout the body day in and day out.   

You see, events within the community, or the nation, or across the globe are less impacting on the internal experience of the individual than the set of choices made by each living soul in the midst of chaos or freedom, plenty or bare survival, disaster or re-creation.

Life events will go well for those that cause their personal life to track along a positive timeline (as defined by themselves).

What is deemed to track positive for one, could be seen as disaster for another.

Yet, within every circumstance outside of one’s direct control, opportunities always exist to follow a positive timeline, as defined by that individual.

Possibilities exist, even into the realm of “miracles” in any given circumstance, yet you will have to qualify for each possibility (as you have already done so for the circumstances you find yourself in today).

Not in terms of “being good enough to earn the attention of some higher being waiting to rescue you”, for that is not how it works in “real life”.

You qualify with your personal attitude toward the possibility, and with the proactive steps that you take personally (and in concert with others), to build a dream and make it real.

No more whining and complaining that life has dealt you an unfair and non-opportunistic hand. You will make of it what you will.

Make the most of the golden opportunities that exist within each set of events, or withdraw to the safety of living in the shadows of public opinion, letting others dictate your future – the one they want you to have.

Not making a choice is a choice of its own kind.

Michael: Alright, I see the wisdom of remaining proactive regardless the circumstances I find myself in. What about those that find themselves at the mercy of government, or family, or other forces due to disability, financial limits, work, or obligations?

Responsibility for the Past – Recognizing the
Golden Opportunity Within Every Circumstance

Oversoul: Prior choices made over the course of a life play a role in developing the picture one finds oneself in. This is the context of your “opportunity”. How you work those circumstances for the benefit of yourself and others is where further choice-making comes in.

Taking responsibility for your past choices, and the circumstances they brought about, is the beginning of recognizing the doorway to a future that turns all things into a positive outcome.

What appears to be negative today does not mean it has to be negative in the final analysis.

Within every circumstance is a golden opportunity to improve yourself by honing your decision-making skills, refining your true motives, purchasing time to alter circumstances for the better, or beginning the process needed to track a whole new timeline of possibilities.

Michael: What does that entail, “beginning the process needed to track a whole new timeline of possibilities”?

How to Track and Enter New Timelines of Possibility

Oversoul: Heart and soul need to come together as one. Purpose and intent need to converge on the same path.

Your reason for birthing at this juncture in history needs to be recognized and applied to your current circumstances, regardless how hopeless that may seem in the moment.

Michael: How exactly does one accomplish this beginning, if one hasn’t already?

Oversoul: By choosing an outcome and wholeheartedly immersing themselves in the process of making that “dream” come true, regardless of whether the possibilities seem likely or not.

Michael: And if the possibilities seem unlikely given the surrounding events?

Oversoul: This is where one’s vivid imagination plays a key role. You know by now that all manifest creation begins with an image in the mind coupled by a feeling that lays forth the scope and context within which a dream is able to manifest.

Michael: Wait. “Scope and context” that define the outcome. Would you elaborate on this a bit? I am aware that emotions “create space” for material events to exist, so I am interested in an elaboration of this concept in light of our subject of converting dreams into reality.

Oversoul: It is well known in the science of electricity that the magnetic field that surrounds the movement of electricity through a wire influences the strength and speed of the intended effect.

What is not widely known is that the magnetic field is multidimensional in its context, meaning, it permeates space time in more than just the 3 dimensions that are measured by scientific observation today.     

Michael: I had to look up the true meaning of “context”, because I first saw your reference to the “context" of a dream to mean “the circumstances surrounding the event”, or “one’s personal definition of a group of circumstances”.

Yet what I hear you saying now is that the magnetic influence of feelings impact, or arrange, a multidimensional field of potential “space” that could limit or expand a potential outcome.

From the New Oxford American Dictionary, the origin of the word "context" is from the Latin word “contexus”, meaning “to weave together”.

So you are saying how we “feel” about something “weaves together multiple dimensions of opportunity in which a dream can become a material set of events”.

Oversoul: That is correct, the dream is defined in its scope of influence by the extent to which your feelings/emotions are free to expand through multiple layers of space-time.

Fear limits the scope of influence, and a “confident passion to move into the dream” opens dimensions of opportunity not possible without the passionate pursuit of a future (yet presently felt) destination.

What is not well observed by most within the earth today is the potential that "images coupled with emotions" play in creating the contextual field of opportunities, meaning, what ends up being possible is expanded by unseen doorways of opportunity that only open up to the “traveler” when the emotions match the field of possibilities that lie behind that door.

The “dream” defines the end result. Yet a dream’s fulfillment requires traveling through doorways that are not obvious to the dreamer until the moment arrives along the journey that this “turn in the road”, or “passing through a doorway”, becomes part of the path to the fulfillment of the dream.

It is at this point of juncture where you will decide upon either the left path or the right path. Emotions, or “how you feel about your possibilities of success”, will make one path or the other more appealing.

Each path is a different timeline.

If the path to the right is the only path to the full manifestation of your dream, how you feel about that doorway will determine whether you measure up to the potentials that lie along that fork in the road.

If your optimism wanes at this point, the other path may seem more attractive. You may settle for second best, a partial fulfillment, or none at all.

If you hold fast to the “context in which your dream lives”, meaning the feelings you get when you imagine yourself “living the dream”, you will recognize the right path as the right move to make at that juncture.

What will be discerned by a growing number of your earthly population in the near future is that each timeline possibility resides in a very slightly altered dimensional frequency from the other – directly because the emotional “context” is different along each path.

This is why it is so important to “live within the context of your dream” now and always, so you will recognize each necessary turn in the road – each upgrade to your emotional frequency – that you will have to make in order to materialize your full desire.

Michael: Thank you. This has added a new dimension of understanding for me with respect to my former “Emotion-Packed Imagery” process.

OK, going back to where you began:

Within every circumstance is a golden opportunity to improve yourself by honing your decision-making skills, refining your true motives, purchasing time to alter circumstances for the better, or beginning the process needed to track a whole new timeline of possibilities.

In order to track to a whole new timeline of possibilities, heart and soul need to come together as one. Purpose and intent need to converge on the same path.

Your reason for birthing at this juncture in history needs to be recognized and applied to your current circumstances, regardless how hopeless that may seem in the moment.

So how do we “purchase time to alter circumstances for the better”?

How to Purchase Time Needed to Improve on Your Life Circumstances

Oversoul: There are a number of ways in which “time” is purchased. When circumstances make it appear impossible to materialize a certain “dream”, doorways of possibility remain present, but hidden to the observer. You could say “miracles are waiting in the wings” that would pave a pathway to the dream’s fulfillment.

Not always an easy path and not always within the conscious reach of the soul, but where intent and positive expectation are strong enough, the miracle solution will reveal itself.

Keep in mind that life is about making choices, having the experience of those choices, and choosing again. Alternatives can track in a number of ways when one door of possibility closes.

Granted, in some instances the track will take one into another lifetime, when circumstances are such that the “miracle” cannot be embraced by the individual in their present set of circumstances.

Yet, while it may be that the individual cannot perceive a “miracle doorway”, this in no way invalidates the presence of that “miracle possibility”.

Consciousness is the true basis behind the formation of material events. What you perceive is possible determines the horizon of what you can manifest. As you grow in consciousness, the horizon expands as well.

When your horizon envelops the “miracle doorway”, that possibility becomes available to you.

Intuition and mastery play significant roles in this “making of dreams”.

Intuition and Mastery in the Making of Dreams

You already know (intuitively) what lies within the scope of your horizons. These are the expansions and limits that you place on yourself. These parameters are able to be felt. This is where your intuitive senses guide your efforts.

Those that “fly by the seat of their pants” are doing so based on how one option feels differently from another option. For example, one future possibility gives the intuitive self a sense of foreboding, while another option brings a feeling of relief and positive expectation.

These feelings are your guideposts that reveal future possibilities.

Now comes the time to make a choice based on how you feel when entering one timeline or another. Those who ignore these feelings and guiding lights find themselves suffering the most from poor decisions made.

Mastery, on the other hand, can be developed as a result of developing your personal skills, or through the skills of one you trust to have accomplished more than you have in areas. This can be personal friends that you seek for counsel, professionals with a specific expertise, or the mastery of an advanced soul on a high spiritual path.

Your trust in the skills of another can open up “miracle doorways” to future possibilities. You believe that the doorways they can see clearly, and have already walked through, can make things happen for you in ways that you cannot yet see. Your trust in their skill and mastery then makes the seeming impossible, possible to you.

Many have called upon a saint or master in times of danger and found relief. You may also simply be guided by your intuitive self to take a seminar offered by one that has mastered a certain science, or obtained a certain insight into financial success or physical healing. In each case you are developing your own mastery.

The latter then becomes the ideal path for succeeding in the full manifestation of your future potentials, for a true “master” will not be doing everything for you, but will teach you to master yourself, and therefore the environments you enter into.

Michael: So relying on those with greater skills to assist us in time of need is not as beneficial as learning to do the same thing for ourselves?

Obviously there are times when we do not have the time or means to learn a skill sufficient to prevent a catastrophe.

How does that fit in here with respect to asking a “master to save us in times of danger”, yet “a true ‘master’ will not be doing everything for us”?

Oversoul: Your context here is one of co-creation, not one of dependency or sloth at applying oneself. To master a skill, there are times when it becomes necessary to first see the mastery at work, like an apprentice learning a trade. 

To request assistance is not sloth if you are committed to grow in self-sufficiency and mastery from the example.

When a person decides to simply ask for help and not develop themselves in self-reliance with respect to the parts of the matter that they are able to put together themselves, then assistance from a master would merely diminish that soul’s growth toward its own mastery.

It goes back to motive. Intention to progress in one’s own skills involves doing all you can do on your own before asking others to step in and assist.

Exhaust your personal potentials first. This is how mastery is born within each individual.

Co-creation is at the core of human existence. This is not to be denied. It is to be applied in every circumstance possible, for through the assistance of others focused on a common objective, the possibilities expand.

Timelines of even greater potential are able to be manifested with group effort, especially when the skills of masters from a variety of walks of life are incorporated.

Michael: OK, I recognize the importance of staying in control of our personal manifestation process, even when we are learning from others who have mastered an aspect we are learning about.

I also realize it is important to co-create where possible in order to both learn from the example of those with special skills, as well as expand my own mastery by continuously pushing to develop what skills I currently possess to new levels. In this way I will be of greatest assistance to the overall group effort.

Now, to go back to your several points on how to shift our personal timeline:

“Within every circumstance is a golden opportunity to improve yourself by honing your decision-making skills, refining your true motives, purchasing time to alter circumstances for the better, or beginning the process needed to track a whole new timeline of possibilities.”

In addition to what you have just referenced, what other roles do our motives play in the successful accomplishment of our dreams, and what insights do you have about how best to refine these motives?

Motives are Central to the Process of
Manifesting a New Timeline

Oversoul: This is actually the crux of manifestation, for Life and its parameters for expression (recognized by some as the Laws of Nature) work the same for one with poor intent as for one with pure intent.

There is actually no judgment on the nature of your future creations, contrary to what many religions tell their followers (in order to gain control over their minds).

The Parameters of Life that govern manifestation also function based on laws of harmony, cohesiveness, unity, power, love, wisdom, and the common good of all life.

Those most successful at manifesting their future potentials are those that slip into the mode of these life-affirming characteristics.

A failure to live in total union with these principles results in the self-harm seen by so many on your planet today, much of which is derived from failing to define their concept of “success” in alignment with these universal characteristics.

Individuals that choose motives which live in harmony with the same Universal Principles that formed the many material universes rise quickly through the ranks of self-accomplishment to achieve mastery over many facets of space-time reality.

The slightest deviation from harmony, cohesiveness, unity, power, love, wisdom, and the common good of all life results in a disturbance in the psyche of the individual, which in turn mandates a reflection of that state within the image they see in the material world that surrounds them.

Mass numbers of individuals choosing the same deviation will result in a corresponding discord within the fabric of the image they each see in the material world – thus the formation of weather events, social chaos, regular violence in cities, war, gang skirmishes, crime, and deception by those who know about these principles and use them to control the minds of others for their own benefit.

What is not understood well by those whose motives lack the cohesive power of Love, is that the Principle of Unity among all life forms results in an equal measure of harm to self that an individual promotes toward another or among the masses.

The impact of harm done to self when afflicting harm on another is temporarily unfelt due to the immaturity of the heart that fails to blossom when motives are poor, and which would otherwise inform them through their feeling-intuitive natures.

As a result, the harm to self stacks up, so to speak, and a reckoning day eventually dawns when the consciousness of those they harm rises above their own and achieves thresholds of spiritual attainment impossible for an impure motive to attain.

Such is the state of affairs among the populace of earth today. The people who have been under the control of the self-serving have had to grapple with limitations to their universal freedoms.

This opposition and suppression compels deep soul searching and growth, thus the achievement of heights of spiritual and physical mastery that develop only when being challenged by those with self-serving motives.

Those with motives that are more pure, out of necessity advance spiritually more rapidly under times of duress. Love compels a motive, or drive, to seek answers.

These individuals fulfill the Laws of Life spoken of previously by imagining a better outcome and driving themselves devotedly toward its attainment.

The same is true of the self-serving. However, to maintain this path people must deny the Universal Truth of Unity, thereby closing themselves off to subtle sensations of the heart essential for guidance through the difficulties of time-space reality.

Their replacement for the intuitive knowing of an open heart is artificial mechanical enhancements, increasing advanced technology, and a reliance on those superior to themselves in depths of depravity to provide them with power and influence, thus the “selling of their soul”.

Meanwhile, those whose intent is pure and seek only to serve the common good, have access to the Mind of God, or Good, which empowers them to travel the path of accomplishment more rapidly and more purposefully toward their dreams which fully align with Good.

Michael: Frankly, I am not seeing this to be the case among many of those who feel they are following a positive path. Quite the opposite. Many spiritually minded are quite limited in their ability to manifest their most sought-after dreams.

Most of the light workers that I know would also say they live in concert with the characteristics you have referenced that take us through to the ultimate success of our dreams: harmony, cohesiveness, unity, power, love, wisdom, and the common good of all life.

How do you explain this dichotomy?

The Character of Love, Complete Success,
and Complete Fulfillment – Always Found Together

Oversoul: Rest assured, people that truly succeed at the incorporation of each of these characteristics, and the many sub-characteristics related to each, will find themselves climbing rapidly toward their stated dreams.

Do not feel that following only a few of these will work to provide a 100% attainment of a desire. They represent the Character of Love, and cannot be without one or the other to attain the most complete characterization of Love manifested through material form in the form of your dream.

In every instance of failure there will also be an instance of the diminishment or absence of one or more of these characteristics.

The same is true for those that succeed at a portion of their dream, but remain unfulfilled in the overall context originally sought, or subsequent failure of portions of the dream altogether.

The most important indicator of complete success is a welling up inside of the feeling of complete fulfillment.

To the degree that fulfillment is incomplete, a characteristic of Love is diminished or missing.

This is so because the material world is constructed from – and infused with – Love; so to gain fulfillment from the manipulation of physical matter and events, it can only be accomplished when all aspects of Love are integrated into the making of the manifestation.

Total fulfillment and union with Source are one and the same, meaning, where one exists, the other is present also.

Yet, how many wealthy, “successful” people do you know that are also unhappy and unfulfilled to the point of always striving relentlessly for that next greater goal, hoping to find fulfillment there, not realizing that true success is found by following the experience of fulfillment throughout the whole journey from day one to its complete attainment.

To live within the Character of Love is to feel contentment and fulfillment simultaneously.

Do you love yourself wholly? If not, then complete fulfillment will elude you until the day that you do.

Michael: That in itself is a profound thought. So how does this tie into refining motives? Are you saying that motives for striving toward a dream and the Characteristics of Love are basically the same principle?

Motives and the Character of Love

Oversoul: No, but the motives that you choose, whether for good purposes or not, are fragments of these qualities, if not wholly drawn from these qualities.

What drives a mother to care for her child under extreme hardship and poverty?

She is motivated by love, the good of the child, the unity of the family, knowing the power of her loving presence in the child’s life, and the natural bond between mother and child (cohesiveness).

Are these motives always pure? Is it possible for fear and guilt to drive her to extremes of control over the child’s behavior? Or to exhaust herself to a detriment in an effort to be there for her child always? Or to give in to the child’s unruly demands so she can have some peace?

What drives a father to go off to war in a distant nation?

He is driven by a sense of duty (cohesiveness), commitment to an ideal (the common good), a sense of power that he can make a difference, a love of country, and as a job that pays the bills to support his family (wisdom).   

Are these characteristics “pure” in the identical sense to the Original Source of Love? Not often, for it can easily be driven by ideologies that seek the good of one at the expense of another. It may be based on fear of the loss of that job, or on a commitment to an ideal that is flawed in its basic core tenets.

Will he find himself wholly fulfilled by his desire to provide for his family and pursue these “goals”?

Only to the degree that his motives for choosing the experience in the first place are wholly aligned with the Character of Love.

Refinement of one’s motives is a central practice to be taken seriously if you are to fully achieve your dream in its greatest potential and find a sense of fulfillment in the process of turning the dream into material events.

Understand again that there is no judgment on the path chosen, whether service to the self or service to the whole, for both paths serve the greater good.

Success and degrees of an inner sense of fulfillment are the guiding experiences that test the motives of those that seek the light, thereby refining the depth and character of those very motives.

At the same time, among those that follow the self-serving path, the challenges and constant striving for a satisfying success will demonstrate, through the ultimate failure and deep sense of nonfulfillment associated inseparably with a life of diminished love, that Good lives within the nature of Truth, thus Truth will always prevail over deception (which is a central tenet of the life devoted to self-service).

Yet both sides will ultimately awaken from their lesser dreams and find themselves together pursuing the greater dream of wholeness, unity, and love. This is the inevitable outcome.

The beginning and the end are the same point in “time”. On this day the duality will end and the two will find a mutual balance, as the two extremes (service to others at the sacrifice of self and service to self at the expense of others) become one.

The pursuit of self-interest will balance the sacrifice of self for the common good to the point that the best interests of both self and others finds a perfectly balanced expression.

In this moment the heart will finally be fully open and whole, thus providing the long desired experience of fulfillment and peace.

Michael: Interesting. The necessary inner work and varied experiences of both the dark path and light path souls have a beautiful conclusion. They each serve the evolution of the other.

I realize now that the next point you mentioned regarding mastery over our personal timeline, “honing decision-making skills”, is also important to discuss if we are to shift our personal timeline for the better over the next 16 months of turbulent times.

At first I was thinking this one is obvious to the casual observer, and not worth covering, but based on the previous descriptions, I sense there is more significance to its practice than meets the eye.

The Significance of Honing Decision-Making Skills

Oversoul: That is correct. While not the most important concept to master in order to master time-space reality and change the timeline you face today, it is an essential component of daily living that cannot be left out without generating disastrous consequences.

Understand that each soul is on a unique path to the same destination as all other souls. The paths taken are intentionally designed to be different and to be subject to the whims of freewill choice by each individual.

So to think that a path is cast in stone before arriving on the scene in the physical is failing to understand the purpose of evolution and the essential component of free will in the making of choices toward the fulfillment of an aspiration or “life purpose” made prior to incarnation.

Nothing can be absolutely certain when dealing with the freewill of a civilization of 7+ billion awakening souls.

Therefore, wise and prudent decision-making in the flux of the moment is a critical skill to develop, providing one wants to avoid falling into the trap of simply going along with the enormity of global events while being enveloped by a sense of hopelessness of having no power to change things for the better.

First, to be skilled at driving toward a selected destination, it is important to be able to identify the signs along the way that guide you onto the best roads as you travel.

“Sign post watching” is in itself a skill. Many souls, too self-absorbed with the worries of life to look for signs of an escape route, tend to miss the “golden opportunities” that lie along the path toward their intended destination.

While this seems simplistic to mention (the subject of good decision-making as you march toward your goals), the complexity surrounding how to make wise, effective decisions that are laser pointed toward your chosen destination cannot be glossed over.

It is to be taken seriously, for your ultimate success is tied to this critical function.

How to Make Wise, Effective Decisions

So allow me to explain, in as concise detail as possible, how to insure that your decision-making is honed to that of a fine, precision instrument.

First, it is important to consider alternatives of several kinds during your initial decision-making regarding a singular ultimate objective, the one that will bring you an experience of the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment throughout this incarnation.

This means to walk through each potential future as you move forward in life that is obvious to you today until you can identify a singular objective that ties it all together and brings you both joy and contentment if fulfilled.

These are the major decisions you know you will be making, some of which are common to most people on earth today.

One is the course of education, skill development, and employment. Another has to do with your place of residence – in the city, in the country, near or within a bigger city, etc. In some cases a potential move to another state or country will be on the table for examination.

Your choice of life partner is one that will obviously play a significant role.

As you get older, how to care for yourself, retirement options, pension alternatives if the primary sources fail in the coming years (which most of them will), health plan options, caring for your heath today so as to minimize risks in later years, etc.

Partnership, children, grandchildren… the number of considerations would be truly overwhelming if attempted to digest all at once, so take one major decision at a time and make this a regular, if not daily, practice so as to gain clarity on the most important immediate decisions for today, and covering others over time as their importance in the moment appears to place them front and center in your life.

I say, “appears to place them front and center in your life” because the necessity of a decision is orchestrated primarily by life events, but your choice to contemplate them is such that you only notice those things that captivate your attention.

Did you fail to notice that insurance bill until receiving a late notice? The late notice got your attention; the original bill did not.

So pay attention to what becomes a pressing directive felt within. Do not miss the opportunity to dive into the alternate future option list on a subject once it is “felt” to be important today.

There is a reason for this sense of urgency. Make time for it.

Michael: Interestingly, two days after you mentioned this, that very event took place – with an insurance bill, no less.

I would like to continue this subject with a deeper understanding of how to examine the several alternate future possibilities and select the one for my life purpose and long-range personal goals.

Oversoul: Gladly. There are possibilities upon possibilities that – should they all be seen at once – would weave a tapestry that would surprise even the most advanced student of metaphysics.

Fortunately, however, we do not to have to consider them all.

This is where a magnetic attraction or basic distaste felt toward each possibility plays a significant role in reducing the number of options worth spending time on during the selection process.

You possess an inner compass that can cut through the chaff and guide you to the most important possibilities to consider in this process. 

This is what we will focus on next: how to know which alternate future works best for you. I will also introduce the subject of how to begin a healing process that improves even those potentials.

You will then learn how to detect future "rough spots" that surface during your timeline observations. Then, in subsequent discussions you will learn how to heal these rough spots long before you approach those moments in future "time". 

To be continued…


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Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of "Detoxify, Nourish & Build – Three Essentials for Vibrant Health", the Vital Health News Updates – a periodic newsletter documenting the most life-building natural resources on the planet, The Blessing Transformation, and the co-author of Life Chats with Oversoul – an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.

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