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Life Chats: Choose Your Future 1: Can We Really Make a Difference? Here's How It's Done

September 13, 2020 23 min read

How Timelines are Modified and Dreams Are Made Real: Part 1

Chaos, Fires, the Dissolution of the Current Control Structure, and Transition Requirements to Enter the New Era

Life Chats With Oversoul is an ongoing dialogue designed to gain clarity and direction while navigating the immense changes going into the New Era.

Today's chat focuses on the challenges we are facing today and what it will take to make the inevitable transition to the New Era world.   


September 6-13, 2020


Midway through this dialogue the Alameda Fire in Ashland, Oregon broke out less than a mile from home during 90+ degree heat and uncharacteristically high winds for this time of year. Never in Oregon’s history have winds been this high during the month of September (though such is normal for our winters).

Arson is suspected in starting the fire, a suspected homicide found at the fire’s starting location, and an arson was arrested in Phoenix, OR, two towns away caught setting an additional fire there at some point after the Alameda Fire had reached Phoenix, over 5 miles away. Hundreds of homes and businesses were lost, some by friends we know, along with many of their friends.

The police are investigating the possibility of this being a planned, coordinated attack throughout the West Coast.

Over 1 million acres have burned to date in Oregon alone. Similar reports are coming from Washington State and California. Historically, Oregon did not see more than an average of 10,000 acres burn during any fire season. In the last decade alone the average has risen to 500,000 acres per year.

The entire West Coast has been hit unusually hard this year:

Across the West and Alaska, nearly 28,000 firefighters and support personnel are battling 100 large fires that have burned more than 4.5 million acres, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Oregon alone is now over 1 million acres in just the last three months. Arson is suspected in several, lightning in others, yet forest management and the attempt to increase government funds for disaster relief in the state is to account for the majority.

Two fires had already been burning for several weeks (!) on a small scale (less than 150 acres) and allowed to grow to over 300,000 acres combined to justify more government funding. Several homes and businesses have been lost to that fire.

We are breathing heavy smoke continuously. My air quality monitor Dylos DC 1100 PRO indicates the outdoor air is about 63,000 particles per .01 CF at 0.05 microns in the air, which is 21 times the “very poor quality” rating of 3,000 particles. This is approximately an Air Quality Index of 475. Indoor air is about 18,000 with an Air Doctor purifier working full time in the house. 

So, this preface is a fitting contribution to the material that follows. We are in the midst of radical changes to the way life will operate as we go forward.

It is worth noting here that the chaos is being carried out by willing civilian participants, unaware of the long range effects of their actions on themselves and others, nor of the full extent of the hidden agenda they have fallen prey to that will impact them and their future generations in ways they cannot see today.   

There are numerous coordinated attacks being funded by special interest groups of a wide variety focused on sowing as much discord and chaos as possible. Their power base is crumbling and they are fighting back to their last breath.

Yet there is much we, the people, can do to steer the direction of the change taking place before our eyes today in a positive direction. Without question, a better world will eventually emerge from all of this chaos, yet we hold the power to speed the making of this New Era world, or cause it to drag out slowly and painfully.

Fortunately, regardless of our choice, both the antagonists and the protagonists among our numbers will prove to be working toward a positive end result, whether either realizes it or not today.

The lightworkers who are focused on the common good, and those whose life focus is on the negative, self-serving path, are both playing valuable roles in this transformation.

The dark path souls inspire the light path souls to wake up and shake off their complacency. The light path souls inspire the dark path souls to wake up and follow a lighter path.

In the long run both perspectives are destined to wake up and find their unity.

As spoken by my Oversoul on May 5th, 2020:

Darkness is merely a phase established by Love, a phase that will inevitably be conquered by light, just as the sun rises to reveal and nurture all in the light of day.

The solutions that you seek to the impending chaos in the world is one that recognizes the Ultimate Power and the inevitable end result – unity.

Fight against this unity, and you will do so to your own peril.

Nothing can withstand the power of Love to transform all, and all will ultimately find their right place within the unity of Love. Both dark and light have a place in the Grand Mosaic.

Then again on May 21, 2020:

So, if you find it difficult to promote the disintegration of familiar systems, the dark cycle souls have this function as a natural course of their evolution. They serve the greater good in this manner.

 My questions this time center on how we can accelerate the transition phase and direct its course to include more positive events with less carnage. Doing so means shifting the timeline we are in to a more productive timeline than the one we are on. 

The specific techniques I was given for improving timelines turned out to be quite interesting, yet a course in and of itself, so it will be shared in the next Life Chats following this one.

Seeing its length, I broke in and asked some pertinent questions relevant to the urgency of the moment.

The answers I got explained why the next 16 months may turn out to be more chaotic than I first imagined, and exactly why this chaos may be necessary to pave the way for the New Era lifestyle, which will be radically different from the lifestyles we have been living up to this point.

As heartbreaking as it feels to see the familiar pass from our lives, the messages of recent are convincing me that the chaos and losses to come, and the changes we, as a human people, will be implementing, are essential components of establishing an entirely new way of living, governing, and transacting business.

My hope is that humanity will wake up to the importance of our role in guiding the changes to come in a direction that includes less chaos and more unity as a people focused on transforming Earth into a New Era global community centered around the common good of all life everywhere.

——— ——— ———

Michael: The pace of change has picked up. It appears to be accelerating with the anticipation that it will continue through the election in November and beyond.

Desperation is in the winds. Alternative simulations are being gamed out, searching for a way to change an undesirable outcome or push a favorable one to the forefront with chaos, manufactured destruction, and the break up of states, (a momentum that would only lead to the breakup of America altogether). The players are the same ones funding the current violence following peaceful protests.

Germany began mass protests against lockdown measures and masks back in May with thousands hitting the streets. This has now grown to hundreds of thousands, even close to a million at times. London has followed suit and other countries are picking up the pace.

It has since come out that the Center for Disease Control promoting lockdown measures and masks are admitting that "only 6% of the deaths Covid-19 was the only cause mentioned". The remainder were cases where an average of 2-3 life threatening conditions were also present, and a shocking percentage were even attributed to poisoning, accidents, and unrelated events. Such is the nature of manufacturing a fake pandemic with the goal in mind to destroy economic growth.

It has also come out that the “next wave” of pathogens will be added to our food chain to take advantage of the population’s reliance on commercial foods and naivety surrounding the hidden agendas at play today.

Homeschooling has gone parabolic due both to schools going to online classes and to parents pulling their children from public education.

Discussions at the highest levels of global finance recently have resulted in an agreement to pay off all student loans by funds from a trust holding the sum total of the world’s assets – with conditions. The first one being a simple announcement to the public that the loans will be paid off.

Sufficient funds to pay off all student loans were transferred to a major bank for the purchase of the debt, than pulled back due to no announcement and attempts by the bankers to collateralize the funds for nefarious purposes.

I perceive this one event to be a pivotal indicator as to whether we are following a positive timeline on earth or not. If and when student loans get paid in full we will then jump onto a fast track to a better world.

If this event is delayed or diminished, then the battle to free the world from corporate slavery tactics continues to wage.

Stiff resistance is being seen from medical and political factions to paying off student loan debt and releasing knowledge of a frequency machine that is currently being used by China to cure corona virus among their elite, along with numerous other conditions including PTSD.

We, the people, have an opportunity today to rise up as ONE to shake ourselves free of the corruption that has enslaved us for millennia.

Of course, the singular event of paying off all student loan debt would shake the foundation from under the dying breed of past corporate controllers.

If the true source of the funds available to payoff all student debt were to be made public through mainstream channels, life on earth would begin to track rapidly along a positive timeline.

The old system would crumble away much more rapidly than it is now. A New Era would quickly emerge without the people mindlessly battling each other as they are today, for this one act would open the door to the funding of thousands of social and global restoration projects worldwide.

I understand the hesitancy, given the old regime’s self-serving positions, yet I am more concerned about whether we are still tracking positive overall, or has something slipped that has placed us on a more negative timeline since earlier this year when the payment of $2.4 trillion in student loan debt was still seen as a potential within our current timeline. 

Forward looking estimates by a couple of accomplished remote viewers appear rather dismal and chaotic through the end of next year now.

Is this really an accurate assessment of the next 16 months, or is there still an opportunity to shift ourselves, as a human people, to a more positive, less chaotic track of events going into 2022, and still accomplish the establishment of New Era communities, self-reliance, and global organizations that actually function for the benefit of the people?

If so, how would we go about such a task?

How Timelines are Modified and Dreams Are Made Real

Oversoul: In sixteen months time you will find yourself personally [edited]… Between now and then there are a number of turns to take that will decide for humanity at large the nature of the future for the whole. Life will not be what it was a year ago or even a month ago.

The estimates of time track possibilities are multiple, yet certain to conclude on a positive timeline in the final analysis.

Who travels along any specific track is to be determined by each soul alone. No one else can cause a different outcome. Each individual soul determines its own destiny.

Michael: I am looking for an honest assessment of where humanity is at with respect to doing our part to transition the earth to a brighter future of freedom – similar to the freedom of spiritually advanced civilizations throughout the universe.

What do we, as a people, have to do to set ourselves on that path straight away?

Oversoul: The answer to your question is varied and deep. This will not set well with those who have complacently installed themselves in positions of life that support the entrenched system of corruption, for that entire power base will have to fall away into oblivion.

Those who strive to live a forward-promoting lifestyle will find themselves also so intimately connected to the power base of corruption and enslavement, that to make the transition to an era of peace and plenty for all will only come with a time of transition during which each one is required to reinvent their support structures in a more self-reliant manner, no longer dependent on global supply chains for one’s daily needs.

The Control Structure vs. the Natural Order

The existing control structure deliberately separated you from the natural ways of life and replaced it with a profit-motivated enslavement system.

In contrast, a healthy communion with the Natural Order inspires the use of natural resources to free and sustain all on earth with an abundance of both food and materials.

There is no lack or limitation of supplies sufficiently available to feed, house, and clothe a growing population base such as your own, even if you rose to a population of 100 billion.

The control system in place is heavily duplicitous and centralized to the point of insanity. A family of four can live fully sustained within a plot of land that encases less than 2 acres. You will not require the current sprawling markets, malls, factories, bloated governments, nor economic enslavement corporate structures.

You will be self-reliant when this transition is complete. You will walk out of your back door to feast on the produce growing in your back yard in such abundance you will have an extensive overflow to share with others.

Technology exists today, available to all life that seeks to develop it, to construct homes without material walls, to replicate desired objects, to control the weather and insure adequate growing seasons for all.

Water needs can be drawn from the air on location. The entire planet can be turned green. Laborious, unfulfilling jobs will cease to exist. Only the pursuit of one’s interests and life passions need be sought.

Obstacles and Opportunities During the Transition

What stands between you and this bright future possibility is none other than your own complacency, fear, and hidden self-serving approaches. Sharing global resources for all to survive in plenty is central to your future freedom, a freedom that is created and earned daily by all advanced races throughout life.

You need only seek to play your singular, individual role in the movement toward that end, join with the growing numbers that do the same, and thereby earn your right to experience, as a human people, such a lifestyle for everyone.

Do not think that such a task is impossible or overwhelming. Such thoughts are implanted in the collective so as to discourage the simple actions required to dismantle the current control system.

As the control system dissolves, you will replace it with one more suitable to human freedom. You will advance as a society and become a co-creator with other civilizations that have accomplished this same transition and earned the purposeful lives of plenty they now experience.

You can have the same as these advanced civilizations, yet such a task is earned, not handed to you from above. If you do not clear out the self-serving aspects of your own daily living, how will you prevent yourselves from taking those characteristics with you into your next endeavor?

Those willing to evoke violence to promote an agenda of control will not survive the changes to come.

Those who strive to horde wealth at the expense of the common good will find limits to their accomplishments as the energy of deprivation is reflected back to them in a multiplied fashion.

Those who harbor attachments to any aspect of the control system, including the use of money, corporate jobs, pension plans, paper investments, etc. will see times where these can disappear unexpectedly.

Food and clean water will become increasingly difficult to access for those not growing their own food and accessing their own water and energy sources.

Self-reliance is becoming a theme in your society now, and will continue to grow in importance with each passing year going forward.

Some will not survive the transition. The task of becoming self-reliant will be considered too much for them to bear. The rest will be going through growing pains as the urgency for the development of new skills of working the land and building a community will place unfamiliar demands on them to grow and mature in ways that are totally foreign to their former corporate livelihoods.

The transition is not to be considered an event of ease, but it can become a graceful movement if those committed to the change do so without resistance to the new demands of life and pursue them with eager anticipation of the many gifts and benefits that will be derived from it. 

The Dissolution of National Boundaries

Michael: Thank you for that overview. This appears to be a lengthy process. Meanwhile, forward looking insights into our near future reveal a period of chaos and the breakdown of traditional structures that have been the foundation of our social order for hundreds of years.

In addition to the gradual reduction of familiar industries and services, there appear to be even more dramatic changes in the wings which include the breakup of the USA, Canada, and China, all going the way of the Soviet Union in recent history.

Is this really a necessary part of transitioning into the New Era for humanity? Or can a transition be made without such a breakup of nations?

Oversoul: The dissolution of national boundaries has been part of the plan to control the growing masses of humanity for hundreds of years now. This plan, while not new, will serve instead to dissolve major segments of the current control system, disempower significant figures implementing the plan today, and pave the way for a new way of living that is implemented by the people instead.

Due to the corporate influence embedded in all government posts today, the hope that the old institutions would support an endeavor that leaves corporate influence out of the picture altogether, is impractical.

Only through the elimination of corporate influence will you find the freedom to implement the type of agreements that exist in advanced free civilizations across the universe today.

As new states are formed and new nations sectioned out from a larger country, entrenched corporate leadership figures will quickly be removed from office and replaced with members of society that serve the common good of the communities forming their new ways of approaching life.

These new leadership positions, while themselves being temporary as well, will pave the way for a greater series of organizations to arise that unite the various countries together in a concerted effort to solve the major issues being faced across the globe, that of hunger, health, job occupations that benefit life overall, social intervention strategies that insure technology is used to correct rather than harm, and life extension approaches that insure each soul can continue the fulfillment of their life purposes in increasing measures of health as they age.

Spiritual Development in Concert with Technological Development

Spiritual development within society as a whole will take a central position, as it will be clearly seen by then that technological advancements apart from spiritual advancement merely brings destruction and death to a society.

So as to maintain a balance between the two, each social order (among which the variations of community structures will be vast), will eventually establish a central conference center designed for education on practical and spiritual progress.

Instruction from advanced teachers in the area, from abroad, and from among the light civilizations elsewhere will become central to the lifestyles of the major communities.

Michael: What is the anticipated timeframe to get to this point in our future?

Oversoul: About 200 years. Transitions in most parts of the world will be slow due to the degradation of life within the corporate influence and resultant poverty stricken areas.

Religious taboos, rituals, and superstitions will become the greatest stumbling block to implementing the New Era approaches to life. Even though the indigenous cultures and the most poverty stricken areas live in a community mentality already, many remain steeped deeply in survival and a limited perspective on life in the greater sense.

Indigenous Cultures, Technological Advancement, and the Speed of Change

Michael: I am under the impression that many of the indigenous cultures are more spiritually advanced than the eastern and western worlds, and would become teachers to many of us that find concepts of community and moneyless sharing difficult to grasp, let alone implement.

Why are you saying these indigenous communities might be slower to adopt a New Era lifestyle. The concepts seem quite compatible with one another.

Oversoul: This may surprise you to know that the advancement of other civilizations in the galaxy to a New Era community lifestyle did not, except in a few instances, happen apart from technological advancements that went through several stages first before returning to a more simplistic form of technology which is derived strictly from planet, solar, and galactic/universal energy frameworks.

Mechanical and combustion types of technology become relatively non-existent along the way.

Many of your indigenous cultures, as you know, have their origins from the star civilizations. These star cultures have advanced technologically while the earth-based associative societies have not. Bridging this gap is likely to take more time than taking a tech-based society and retooling their technology to work toward benevolent ends and in harmony with the earth.

Technology, while seen by some as a dark force, is none-the-less a part of universal life.How it is used is all-important. Technology developed in harmony with the Natural Order of Life, and for the benefit of Nature overall, is a valuable next step in human evolution.

The Race Between the Controlling Factions and the Awakening Populace

Michael: I see. So, does this mean this next 16 months are not likely to produce any significant movement toward building a New Era world? I am getting the feeling that a lot of falling apart is necessary first in order to pave the way for a whole new way of making life work.

Oversoul: This is partially true. Never before in human history has this degree of control over the lives of earth’s inhabitants been in place. This day has been the dream of the controlling races for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Now that they are on the verge of implementing the final stages of this control system, they are also facing the greatest awakening among the human people than ever before.

This is a race to see who will finish out on top, the controlling factions or the awakening masses.

To be quite clear, at this point a mixture of the two are forming as the likely outcome, indicating that the timeline of change between now and the full implementation of the New Era civilization is extending, not shortening.

Humanity, as a majority, has not yet found their roots in oneness. Self-serving motives among the people at large still keep the social orders globally divided.

Large segments of the human populace have allowed the power and control mentality to creep into their life philosophy. Elitist attitudes have built walls of separation willingly within their cultures.

No one entering the New Era will be able to achieve success with such a perverse, universally-opposed doctrine still at play in the hearts and minds of any social order.

This one philosophy, more than any other, is the reason why the shift to the New Era mindset and practice may take several years, even decades, of struggle and transformation.

If the people as a whole do not address this one tenant of community living, war and conflict will not cease.

The Pervading Destructive Influence of Elitism and Its Cure

Michael: If we do address this central dividing precept, as you point out, and succeed at gaining the majority opinion on this, how will this affect the timelines available to us over the next 16 months and beyond?

Oversoul: Well, this depends on several factors, but the most important one is whether you find yourselves on the side of promoting justice in the form of punishment or rehabilitation.

The vast number of individuals involved in compromising behavior justified by their own elitist philosophy will challenge the minds and hearts of every compassion-oriented soul on earth.

Never has this practice of human abuse due to elitism infiltrated the “lower echelons” of society the way it has today. As the truth of this abuse becomes widely observed, several reactions among the populace will rise to the surface. One being to take matters of justice into their own hands, vigilante style. Another to let the courts decide.

Another still, with this one being the most prevalent, to deny its existence entirely due to the individual’s investment in the comforts that the current control system provides, as meager as they may seem to others that operate free from such controls.

“Don’t rock my boat” is the attitude that will slow this progress of change and convolute the steps needed by the majority to “right the ship and move it in the better direction”.

The simplistic route with regard to shocking revelations is to enact punishments upon all that are “caught in the act”, so to speak, or are complicit in its making. Yet such an approach with your current imprisonment model will only breed more of the same and never solve the underlying problem here, which is one of an elitist perspective toward others that justifies cruel, tortuous behavior toward the “less deserving” members of society.

Your solution will actually come in the form of rehabilitation methods that question the person’s innate philosophy and confront that attitude when facing, first hand, the pain and suffering in the lives of those they have affected.

If this core attitude is not addressed and transformed, your society will always remain prey to a bigger bully looking for a feast.

This same attitude pervades the way animals are treated in the public domain. Common aspects of the food chain, like chickens, cows, and pigs, are examples of how the “less deserving” are looked upon and treated. This parallel extends to the many caste systems of the human race.

A variety of reasons are used to justify this elitist separation philosophy. Economic class, bloodlines, race, gender, religion, and the list goes on. An elitist does not need someone else to teach them these justifications, any excuse will do. It is a cancer that grows inside of the psyche and knows no bounds.

This is why so many of the common class of humans have become infected with this philosophy. It is a convenient way to “rise into the royalty class” without being bloodline associated. At least this is the attitude coming from the common class, certainly not the upper crust of infected souls that look with disdain on all who are not of their own ilk.

Do you see now why the transition may take longer than you would like, and why the destruction of the entire control system with all of its traps of entertainment, wealth generation, privilege, and protections must take place first if a new Era is to be birthed on planet earth?

Transition Time Estimates

Michael: There’s a lot here to contemplate… You estimated 200 years for us to get to a point of placing spiritual evolution in teaching centers as a top priority for the major communities globally.

In terms of transitioning from a self-serving corporate social order to a community based social order without the war and control systems, what kind of time frame are we looking at, and to what degree will geological events play a role in this transition?

Oversoul: As stated before, the transition takes place in measure with the elimination of elitist attitudes among the inhabitants of earth, both below and above the surface, by the way. For there are those who pursue the good of the many, yet still harbor elitism in the foundation of their views of those less conscious than their own civilization and divisions thereof within.

This cancer pervades aspects of your most advanced civilizations within the earth and among the precepts of your most advanced religious orders on the surface.

Do not think you will eradicate this concept as a lifestyle without a serious spotlight being shined on it and vast amounts of attention focused on how to resolve it at a community level worldwide.

This endeavor alone can take several hundred years if left in the shadows. On the other hand, if it is faced early on and dealt with through intense public scrutiny, so as to wake up the masses to its pervasive nature, corrections can bring about a more rapid transition to New Era community lifestyles. You may be able to shorten this part of the transition to 50 or so years. Longer if not aggressively addressed at all levels of current society.

The Role of Geological Events During the Transition Into the New Era

Michael: And what role will geological events play in accelerating or hindering this process of transition?

Oversoul: They are instruments of the planetary consciousness that you call Gaia to reduce the populations and regions that are most entrenched in this and other forms of corruption.

These events are not to be seen as a judgment, for that merely brings on more judgment and no solutions.

There are two basic reasons why geological events take place initiated by the planet herself. One is to adjust to higher states of evolution, thus new electromagnetic flows due to shifts in mountain ranges, rivers, oceans, and continents that act as conduits for these flows (like the electrical wires running through your home).

The other is in response to distortions to these higher states of consciousness. By this I mean, as the planet evolves and circuits move from their original tracks of flow to match the new state, where degraded energy is pooled as a result of degraded or power-centered human entanglements, the distortions disrupt natural flows to the point of collapse.

This triggers the need for a greater adjustment to maintain planetary equilibrium, resulting in a geological movement, whether an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or an extreme weather event. This phenomena is akin to the circulation being cut off while you are sleeping on your arm, and then you subconsciously roll over to restore the flow.

Harmonious living among the people foster harmony in and among the tectonic plates and among the magnetic flows through the atmosphere that affect the weather.

So to address your question, your transition will be sped by both the geological events (and subsequent reduction in the population surrounding areas of greater corruption), and by the establishment of greater harmony, compassion, and commitment to change among those that remain.

Human-caused and manipulated geological events are not mentioned here, being artificial in nature, yet these too can play similar roles along these lines, just not as precisely tuned to the needs of the moment for both the earth and humanity.

Coastline Changes and Insights Into How to Know When They Might Happen

Michael: I understand that all three coastlines of America are likely to change their shape during our lifetime. What are the likely timeframes for radical changes to coastal lands, and what might be the primary causes?

Oversoul: This information is not to be revealed at the moment, for it is not an event of time, but of consciousness, and certain functions of reality within the collective are still forming, making the possibilities of change likely at different periods, or not take place at all for some time to come.

That the coastlines will be altered is a given. When, is in flux at the moment to such a magnitude that estimates can easily change with a sudden shift in the collective mindset. So I hesitate to make a prediction on timing, but will comment on what it takes to change course as a society without major disruptions to life in the process.

Michael: OK, that can be helpful.

Oversoul: First and foremost is that foresight is essential to preparations and adjustments to account for the potentials. If you do not have those in your society with the skills to examine future possibilities psychically and advise the public, the possibility of protecting the populace is not present, leaving it up to each citizen to feel this out for themselves and decide on their most appropriate course of action.

Warning signs are available to all, and with some training and education, any number within the populace will be receiving the same intuitive insights with regard to life-impacting events in their local area.

To rely strictly on scientific assessments of physical and magnetic movements on instruments is sheer folly when it comes to providing genuine assistance to large numbers of those hoping to be prepared for another “big one” or some other calamity.

Geological movements through the heavens are timed according to several factors, including the consciousness of all races of species present. Mood and perception play roles, as does certain factors of self-conscious interplay between the species.

One could not possibly predict accurately a future possibility of such importance as geological movements that would affect massive numbers without taking into consideration the mood and general attitudes present among those that live in the area.

Local inhabitants are the most responsible for affecting the relationships between the earth (and its movements) and the geomagnetic rhythms resident beneath their feet and surrounding them within the air that they breathe.

How do you assess the consciousness of the people in an area without the instruments capable of doing so, unless you are tuned in psychically to the information you are seeking in the first place?

Even if you did possess instruments able to provide this information, they would do you no good without a psychic understanding of the interplay between conscious elements within the earth in that locale and the consciousness of the populations inhabiting the surface lands locally.

Instruments are one thing. Interpretation of data is another thing altogether and is dependent on conclusions drawn from subtle impressions felt within the psychic field of each observer.

Your history is abundant with those who possess gifts of foresight that have shown uncanny accuracy regarding future events. Yet these do not tell the whole story alone, for once a prediction is put forth, the consciousness of the people can rally toward a new cause and thereby avert the predicted event, and have on numerous occasions.

You call this “prayer” in some instances, and “positive visualizations with meditation and soul searching” in other instances, that are known to alter surface events and timing.

So to say that there is only one possibility, and no intervention is possible to avert the possibility, is to misjudge the power of the human emanations that cause and correct disturbances in local geomagnetic flows. 

Michael: Thank you. With that explanation, I want to go back to the subject of timelines and how we can improve on the timeline we are on and how it may play itself out over the next 16 months. 

To be continued…

How to Improve Your Timeline – Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Reality: Part 2 will be posted shortly.

Go to Life Chats with Oversoul article section to read prior messages.

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