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15 Ways to Balance Sugar Levels & Increase Libido Naturally

February 06, 2020 9 min read

Reduce Sugar Cravings, Improve Sugar Assimilation, Increase Digestive Power, Build Stamina & Performance (and Why These 4 are Intimately Related)

Throughout my 20's, 30's, and 40's I struggled with chronic fatigue, low blood sugar-related shakes (if I did not eat meat by 10 AM), poor digestion, constipation, and uncomfortably low stamina/libido.

All of this changed as I began to uncover just how diet affects digestive strength, sugar levels, sexual performance, and physical drive (both during the day & during physical intimacy). 

Even though I began my quest into natural health as far back as 1976, the revelations I am about to share came slowly over the course of several decades, most of which was learned during the last 20 years while focusing on developing herbal formulas to resolve my personal health issues. 

I am going to share this as briefly as I can (not an easy task for me as we already know), so as many as possible can benefit from these revelations without wading through a lot of extra biological explanations (since the science is thoroughly discussed in other articles on this site, which I will reference). 

I am going to discuss the topics of:

  • sugar
  • fats
  • digestion
  • bedroom performance

and how these are all related. 

In a nutshell, sugar assimilation into the cells throughout the body are inhibited by an excess of fats in the diet, (leading to pathogen overgrowth, immune system compromises, impaired digestion, and lowered libido). 

When the diet includes more fat that the body can digest and utilize efficiently, the fat enters the bloodstream causing a thickening of the blood, an increased acid state in the blood, and a blocking of sugar assimilation at the cellular level, among many other side effects. 

The cascade of side effects from this one seemingly simple event, fats interfering with sugar assimilation, are numerous; so numerous this one article will not be able to list them all. So I will just list a few that relate to the four important areas of health mentioned above: 

  • Sugar Cravings
  • Sugar Assimilation
  • Digestive Power
  • Stamina & Performance

I will also list solutions to the above (some of which will likely not be popular with a few, but need to be mentioned as food for thought).

What you may want to know, is that the clients that have followed all of the advice, and had a quality exercise program going simultaneously, regained their health, libido, stamina, and performance to a level that exceeded even their high school and college days, even when over 60 years of age! 

Need I say more? 

What are some of the side effects to sugar assimilation being impeded by fats? 

The short list includes seven areas of importance: 

Sugar Excesses in the Blood Feed Bacteria & Yeast

First, this leads to free sugar floating in the bloodstream having to be disposed of by the liver, meanwhile feeding two forms of pathogens well known to feed off of excesses of sugar in the body: bacteria and yeast.

So, excesses of fat lead to excesses of circulating sugar in the blood, which in turn lead to the overgrowth of bacteria and yeast (like candida, among others), which in turn lead to digestive bloat and poor nutrient assimilation. 

The use of granulated and liquid sugar concentrates in combination with fats (like in most desserts) multiplies this food combining conflict due to the shear volume of sugar battling to get inside the cells (where they will be safely utilized), but find the fat inside the cell (and inside the blood itself) blocking sugar assimilation. 

Concentrated sugar floating in the bloodstream, especially a bloodstream already loaded with undigested fats, leads to bacterial and yeast overgrowth (in addition to viruses which we will discuss below).

Why? Because the spleen is detrimentally affected by sugar excesses (as well as by stimulants and alcohol, also explained below).

Since the spleen manufactures a high quantity of your antibodies needed to fight off the bacteria, yeast, and viral pathogens, the net result is a mechanically depressed immune system. 


Immune System Overwhelm Depresses Libido and Testosterone

Second, this bacteria and yeast overgrowth that leads to an overwhelmed immune system, also naturally depresses less critical (and energy expensive) functions like those related to bedroom performance.

Why? To preserve energy for fighting the proliferation of bacteria, yeast, and viruses. 

Low libido is a natural result. Low testosterone is another side effect. 


Fat Circulating in the Blood Inhibits Capillary Circulation

Third, excesses of fat circulating in the blood cause the blood to become thick and viscous with a whitish fatty paste, which then inhibits one extremely important function that is essential to maintaining a high quality of health: Circulation of the blood through the tiny capillaries (because the fat makes the blood too thick to get through the tiny capillary passageways).

Several other essential tasks associated to blood circulation (and lymph drainage) are subsequently interfered with when blood circulation is impaired, and therefore cannot perform efficiently. 

The body then becomes less efficient at:

  • Delivering oxygen to the cells
  • Providing glucose to the cells for energy production
  • Delivering minerals and nutrients to the cells
  • Detoxifying the cells via the lymph (which requires nutrients and minerals)
  • Alkalizing the body (with oxygen and minerals)


Fat in the Blood Reduces Circulation to the Extremities 

Fourth, notice the reference to 'oxygen to the cells' in this list. When fat thickens the blood and circulation slows down, oxygen also fails to get delivered to critical areas of the body, mainly extremities.

This feature is behind toe fungus, neuropathy, brain fog, Alzheimers, cold hands and feet, and... loss of oxygen to the genitals during intercourse.

Critical to success, wouldn't you say? 


Fat Blocking Sugar Assimilation Results in Sugar Cravings

Fifth, when sugar floats in the bloodstream, or is captured by the liver and converted into fat cells, or is purged from the body via the urine or bowels, the sugar is going everywhere but where it can do the most good: inside your cells where it is used to make energy (through ATP). 

The body is still craving sugar (at the cellular level).

Sugar cravings are the natural net result. 


Viruses & Mycoplasma Love to Consume Fat Excesses

Sixth, viruses and mycoplasma have two primary favorite foods: lipids (fats) and toxins (heavy metals & chemicals). Viruses love antibiotics because viruses do not have a cell wall like bacteria do.

The action of an antibiotic is to disrupt the cell wall, but has no effect on a virus (which is why Lyme cases that take antibiotics end up with worse symptoms than before, since Lyme is fundamentally a viral problem more than a bacterial one).

A high fat diet that exceeds the 10% of total calorie intake needed for the making of fat soluble vitamins, steroidal hormones (like estrogen & testosterone), and fatty acid functions (for energy and other metabolic activity), triggers a viral feeding frenzy. 

This viral overgrowth eventually results in chronic fatigue, brain fog, an overwhelmed immune system, and a variety of herpes strain conditions (like EBV, cold sores, herpes, and shingles). 

This is why after eating a daily or weekly amount of nuts, nut butters, nut cheeses, nut milks, nut crust pies, sunflower seeds, tahini, and the like, can result in herpes, shingles, and systemic inflammation (partly due to the fats that go rancid in a constipated, slow moving gut, and partly because of the arginine in the nuts. Arginine is a known viral proliferator). 

Add other fats to this lipid overload, like dairy, liquid oils, eggs, and animal fats, and the overgrowth is compounded even more. 

Why is all of this mentioned? Because an overwhelmed immune system will depress the energy of the body to prevent the loss of vital fluids, and preserve energy for survival.  


Caffeine Acts as a Viral Proliferator

Seventh, add caffeine to the mix, especially coffee (although all caffeinated beverages push this next piece to varying degrees), and this viral feeding is compounded even further. 

The net result is a further depression of libido (except when under the direct influence of coffee). Yes, coffee has proven to temporarily increase desire for intimacy, yet over the long haul, reduces performance power, especially after the 12 hours are up.

Chocolate acts in a slightly similar way, only to a much milder degree. It is the combination of the typical sugars in the fat-based cacao that generate a food combining conflict between the two, and thereby disrupt digestion by feeding the bacteria and yeast mentioned above.  

How does this caffeine thing work to lower libido?

Caffeine stimulates an artificial, prolonged production of cortisol, the stress hormone, (lasting 12 hours in the case of coffee). Cortisol is a steroidal hormone. Steroids are built from cholesterol (fats).

Excesses of cortisol result in a viral frenzy consuming the cortisol fats, further overwhelming the immune system while contributing to systemic inflammation.

Low libido and systemic inflammation from a depressed immune system do not make for happy bed partners. 


OK, enough of the bad news, what's the good news?
How do we fix this and regain our health, libido, and performance?

1. Reduce fat intake to less than 10% of daily calories (about 1-3 tablespoons per day). Your fruits and vegetables contain sufficient fats, if balanced appropriately, to require very little additional fat sources to meet daily needs.

2. Drop nuts and seeds from the menu temporarily until your immune system can get ahead of the pathogens that they tend to promote. 

3. Reduce proteins to 10% of daily calories preferably from plant based sources. (I told you some people were not going to like this). So, gradually reduce your animal proteins to once a week, then once or twice a month (similar to some of the longer lived societies). 

4. Increase satiating foods, like beans, lentils, rice, potatoes, avocado, mushrooms, amaranth, gluten free oats, etc. to replace the cravings for animal products, dairy, and nuts until the transition is sufficient to feel comfortable with the new diet.

Let this take time, adjustments need to be made gradually (unless you want fast results). Then go back and test the former diet every now and then, to see how you feel and where you can make improvements. 

5. Reduce or eliminate granulated and concentrated sugars (that were boiled down to a concentrate to make the natural source sweeter than Nature first created). This gives the spleen a break, which in turn, builds strength in your immune system. 

6. For the same reason it is important to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake. It impedes spleen function, lowers immune response, increases pathogen overgrowth, impairs judgement, and while it may increase desire for intimacy, it also reduces intimate performance powers. 

7. Take BloodSugar Balance to reduce sugar cravings (works within 20 minutes) and help improve sugar assimilation through the cell walls. 

8. Take Immune Power in higher than maintenance amounts to help the immune system get ahead of the pathogen overgrowth. 

9. Take Digestive Bitters in normal amounts to improve digestive powers, nutrient assimilation, normal laxativity, and sufficient bile production to emulsify (digest) the fats that you are consuming, so the fat that is consumed poses less of a problem in the bloodstream and is less likely to interfere with sugar assimilation at the cellular level.

In fact, with a diet that is less than 10% fat by calories, Digestive Bitters is more likely to purge the fat from the cells throughout the body, thus cleaning house of fat excesses everywhere. 

10. Add Herbal C to further increase digestive powers, nutrient assimilation, immune system strength, and glutathione production (the master antioxidant). 

11. If you find yourself breaking a few of the food combining rules, or if the former diet is giving you any of the symptoms discussed above, then take all of the above to help the body reset itself. 

12. To begin the process of improving constitutional strength that gives rise to increased libido, stamina, and performance, add significant amounts of adaptogenic herbal formulas to your daily routine:

These three formulas climb internal strength gradually at first for those not on a low fat, plant-based diet, but still provide a boost to bedroom performance early on.

The longer you take them and the greater the quantity consumed (they are tolerated well by most in high quantities), the stronger the libido and the faster the recovery. 

13. As pathogens are reduced by improving the diet and taking larger amounts of Immune Power temporarily, energy levels will climb again, as will libido and performance. It is all about getting a few steps ahead of the pathogen levels to see the inflammation subside and the energy levels rise. 

14. If you combine the above with a regular exercise program (to keep the lymph system clear and fuel the cells with higher levels of oxygen), the results are accelerated and magnified.

15. Side note for increased potency: Just prior to an enjoyable evening together take an extra serving or two (1/32 tsp. each serving) of Ormalite to open the heart, reduce worry and stress, and improve meridian flow over the whole body.

Works a mild amount of magic in the bedroom, enhancing the whole time together! 

Many blessings of health & success.
Enjoy the many gifts from Nature!

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